Scam letter(s) from Olga Mishulina to Kent (USA)

Letter 1
I'm sorry I didn't write to you for a long time, because I have a lot of work.
I have a home computer, but it's not connected to the Internet.
Therefore, I am writing you letters from work's computer!
I'm sorry, but I can't write to you every day.
Now more about me - I'm 31 years old.
I live in a small village, 50 kilometers from the city, together with my grandfather. I'm very tired of this life.
I heard from my friends, who went abroad, that you have a completely different life. They say that kind, sympathetic and honest people live abroad.
I dream of this life. And I made a decision that I would definitely leave here.
I was very lucky that I met you.
I received a letter with your e-mail address and the phrase "invitation to dialogue".
May be this is fate?
I know that now it is very fashionable to communicate through social networks and messengers. But the rules for using work's ineternet prohibit use of facebook, vkontakte and other social networks.
I have a telephone, but this is the most common phone and I don't have access to the Internet. Unfortunately, I can't exchange instant messages with you.
But I don't think this is a problem for us.
I will often write letters and send my photos to you from my work computer .
So we can also get to know each other better.
I feel that you are a good person. And I don't want to lose contact with you.
I'm very interested what do you do in your spare time.
Have you hobbies and interests?
I want to know more about you. And I really am very glad to meet you.
Your new friend, Elena.
Letter 2
I am very glad that I can write to you again.
It is not that often, because I have a lot of work .
Today I want to tell more about myself.
I guess my life is not interesting as yours.
I work as a regular cook in school canteen.
And I am writing you all the letters from the school library, because here free internet .
My village is far from the city and there is no internet.
I already wrote to you that the rules of the school library prohibit the use of social networks.
Therefore, I can't use skype, facebook, whats up, viber and all other social networks. I can only write emails.
There is also no webcam, so every time I take my photos from home and bring them with me to send to you.
Since my childhood I loved to cook. So when I finished school, I went to study to cook.
My friends really love it when i cook for them.
I already wrote that I am 31. I have a lot of friends of different ages.
I don’t see a problem in the age difference.
Maybe that's why I work at school?
I spend a lot of time at work and I don’t have time for entertainment.
My height is 165 cm and my weight is 54 kg.
I studied English at school. Sometimes a dictionary interpreter helps me, but I can speak in English. I have a Russian accent.
I have never been married. My last relationship ended 2 years ago.
My ex-man went to live in Moscow. He already has a wife and a child.
I wrote to you about my village, it is in the east of Russia and is called Podkamennaya. This is Irkutsk Region. You can see it on the map.,+Irkutsk+Oblast
By nationality, I'm Russian.
I live with my grandfather, because my parents died when I was 5 years old.
They were in a car accident.
I don’t like to think about it...
My grandfather says that I must leave here. He says that I'm wasting my time.
I agree with him. Live in Russia very difficult. Sanctions and state policy are very aggressive. And I want to see the world.
Now I'm collecting information on how to get a visa to your country.
I already have a list of documents required to obtain a visa.
I think it will take about a week. What do you think about it?
Would you like to meet me?
Tell me more about your city. I am very interested in your life.
P.S. Here is my phone number +79067032263. But I don’t think you can reach me.
In Russia, to take international calls, you need to have a special permit.
This rule was imposed after the sanctions. But I will try to obtain the necessary permits for this.
Letter 3
I hurt a lot. Why did you not believe me and send money? There are tears in my eyes. I feel bad. I am ashamed of having to ask you for money. This is a humiliation for me. It is difficult to realize my helplessness, and your distrust of me. I feel like beggar who stands on edge of road and asks for alms. Believe me, this is very painful.
I think you have never experienced such pain.
If you knew what it is, you would surely help me and send money.
I understand that it is difficult to trust me after many Russian women have deceived men! But understand! I am different from them.
I will really come to you! I promise you!
And most importantly - I don't ask to give me money as gift!
I ask to borrow! I will give you all your money back!
Understand, please, i already paid for most of cost my trip.
Now I need only 30000 russian rubles (this is 320 euros or $360).
I don't think that this is too large sum. I didn't expect everything to happen so quickly. It remains so little before I come and realize all our dreams. I very often present our first meeting.
I think it will be very romantic and ******.
Do you think this is ******?
I made for you some ****** photos.
I understand that men love to look at ***** body.
But please don't ask for ***** photos.
Because I work in school and I am write my letters from school library.
If someone sees my ***** photos here, I will have problems with the police. And I can't come to you. You will look at my ***** when I come. Good?
I take great risks when I send you ****** photos. But I like to think that you are looking at my beautiful body.
So you can dream of our first ***. Do you want to know my favorite *** position? And my ****** fantasies? I'm upstairs!
You caress my *******. I feel your **** in my ******.
I look into your eyes and see how you like it !!!
I will definitely do this when I arrive. I promise!!!
But first you must help me. And send 320 euros or 360 dollars.
Or my dream will never come true, and we will be not able to have *** when we want.
Today I was in banks. But they refused me again.
They will not give me loan, because I'm leaving Russia.
But I learned how you can help me and send money.
The most popular payment systems around the world are Western Union, WorldRemit, MoneyGram and RIA.
I found all information about payment systems.
Send money is not difficult.
- Choose any of the 4 systems.
- Find nearest office at:,,,
- You send money to Russia, the city of Irkutsk, in my full name - ELENA PUGACHEVA.
If you ask my home address, I already wrote to you - Nagornaya street 9, Podkamennaya, Irkutsk Oblast, 666014, Russia.
It doesn't take much of your time.
Also, the site says that you can use your credit card and send me money without leaving home. I think it is very convenient.
I hope, now you will choose most convenient payment system for you and send me money.
Please do it quickly so that I can pay all my documents and come to you as soon as possible.
I will wait for your reply. I hope you enjoy my photos.
Please don't disappoint me and help me.
Letter 4
I have a good news. Last week, the embassy asked me to take a new test for COVID19. Today I received an answer.
My test was sent to a laboratory in Moscow.
and today I received an answer from them.
I'm not sick. I attached a certificate to prove it to you.
Now you only need to pay for all documents and wait for the end of quarantine. I wrote to you that I am missing 320 euros (it 360 usa dollars).
Please help me out with this money. I have no one else to turn to.
I understand that your country is quarantined. But I told you that I had contact with WU, MoneyGram, WorldRemit and RIA. They work as before.
You can send money through them without any problems.
At the nearest office to you. But if you can’t leave your home, then they said that they accept payment on-line through their sites -
You can do it without any problems. There are all instructions for this.
They assured that it is very simple and will not take you much time.
Understand that I have to pay everything now. All my documents have already been handed in for the citizenship of your country.
And I can’t miss such a chance.
I have to pay for the documents now. And very fast. When all the restrictions are lifted, I can fly the first flight to you. By this time, all my documents will be ready. The whole problem is pay. I have to pay right now. In the next few days.
The embassy is waiting for payment. Help me please. I do not want to miss this chance.
I have already written to you 100 times that I ask you not just to give me money.
I will come, I will work and will return all your money to you.
I really hope for your kind heart. Please help me. Don't be afraid Coronovirus.
Nothing will stop me on the way to you.
Now everything is up to you.
Letter 5
I already wrote to you that I was at the bank and they told me that you can send money through WU, WorldRemit, MoneyGram or RIA without any problems, because they don't have quarantine!
They work. Also you can do this online and you won’t have to leave home. Just go to their website and send the money to me.
Try it please!
I promise I won’t let you down. I will definitely come.
I know that now all over the world quarantine and airports are closed. But understand that the most important thing now is to pay for all my documents. Or in the future they will refuse my visa. And I can’t come to you.
I promise you, as soon as the quarantine is canceled, I will fly to you on the first plane.
Because I will have a visa. I don’t think it will be long.
All doctors say that the pandemic will end in 1-2 weeks.
Imagine that in a few days I will be with you!
Don’t deprive me of this opportunity. Help me.
Believe me, I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life.
My fate is in your hands. I hope I convinced you.
And your answer will be positive.
Most importantly, a visa needs to be paid now these days.
I already wrote to you:
My full name - ELENA PUGACHEVA.
My address: 666014, Russia, Irkutsk Oblast, Podkamennaya, Nagornaya street 9.
My phone: +79067032263
I asked for 30000 russian rubles!
30000 russian rubles - 360 usa dollars or 320 euros.
You can send money through any international system money transfer:
Western Union, WorldRemit, MoneyGram or RIA to my name in Russia.
Letter 6
I will not write a big letter today.
I am very upset and offended! I want to cry.
Why have you not yet helped me? Why did you not send money?
Did you not like my ***** photos and **** dream?
Tell me the truth! Do you want to meet me?
If yes, why don you not send me money?
Is it a game for you?
320 euros is not big amount, so that we can meet.
Several times I argued that I’m real, so I don’t understand why you haven’t sent me money.
Today I will know 100% whether you want me or not.
Because today I send you my completely ***** photos.
If you ask for more photos or refuse to help me, I understand that you are playing with me.
When you read all my past letters, you will see that I need 30000 rubles (this is 320 euros or $360).
Send me this money.
I already wrote you how to send money -
You must send this to city of Irkutsk, Russia.
You must send money via WorldRemit, Moneygram, RIA or WU. Choose any.
More information you get on their sites -,,,
I don't need more money. I will not ask you.
I promise you. I need only 320 euros or $360.
I already wrote to you that my all trip will cost me 1320 euros.
These are all documents: certificates, ticket and much more.
I already paid 1000 euros. And now I have to pay 320 euros or $360.
I hope you enjoy my ***** photo.
I am waiting for positive news from you.
With love, your Elena.
Letter 7
am writing to you with hope. I hope to convince you.
Today I went to Irkutsk and took a certificate from the agency, where I executed the documents.
I attached a certificate to my letter.
I hope now you will definitely be sure that I am not deceiving you.
The certificate says that the execution of all documents costs 95000 Russian rubles (visa + insurance + tickets).
It is also noted that I paid 65000 russian rubles and this is 1000 dollars.
Now I have to pay 30000 russian rubles - 320 euros or 360 dollars.
Now you know that I'm not fooling you. I paid nearly 3/4 of the cost.
I gave all the money that I had.
Please, understand me...
I don't ask for money for expensive gifts or entertainment.
I ask for help and give me a chance for a new life.
I understand that it is very difficult to trust a person from the Internet.
Yes, we never spoke on the phone...
I know that there is a lot of fraud on the Internet.
I am not one of them! I swear I can't call you.
I was looking for ways, but so far all my attempts have failed.
I'm sorry...But I promise, as soon as I find a way, I will immediately call or write you a text message.
Please believe me.
Because, "once taking a chance, you can stay happy for life."
I am absolutely honest with you and have proven it to you many times.
I promise that I will never deceive or betray you!
You are the only one I have and whom I can trust.
Kiss your, your Elena.
Letter 8
I had serious problems.
You already know that I live with my grandfather.
Now I am alone, because my grandfather died today.
It's too painful for me.
Now you are MOST CLOSE person to me.
I am very glad that I have you.
Only one thought haunts and very saddens me.
Why have you not helped me still???
Tell me truth. Are you serious about me? Are you ready to help me?
You know that I cannot leave Russia without your help.
My heart tells me that you are very good and honest person.
But I don’t understand why you refuse to help...
We have known each other for more than two months and I have repeatedly proved to you my sincerity.
Please prove me your sincerity too.
Rid me of bad thoughts.
I already wrote to you that I need 30000 Russian rubles.
This is 320 euros or 360 usa dollars.
This money is needed so that I can pay for my visa and come to you.
If you are sincere and really want to see me.
Please, I beg you, help me. I have no one else to ask.
I believe that GOD will not leave me, and very soon I will not be alone.
I am looking forward to your reply. Tell me truth.
Once again I remind you how to send me money.
You can send money via Western Union, WorldRemit, MoneyGram or RIA.
To city Irkutsk, Russia.
My home address: 666014, Russia, Irkutsk Oblast, Podkamennaya, Nagornaya street 9.
My phone: +79067032263
Then I can get your money without any problems.
Please hurry up.
I want to tell you again, I understand that the world is in a difficult situation. Believe me, this will not last long. Doctors assure that all quarantines and restrictions on movement will be canceled in 1-2 weeks.
This time is just enough for all my documents to be prepared.
But I have to pay them now. All my documents are now at the embassy.
They are waiting for payment. If I do not pay for it, then they will refuse my visit forever. I know that the authorities recommend self-isolation.
But if you need to go somewhere, then you can do it.
I contacted WU, WorldRemit, MG and RIA. They work as before. Find your nearest office and visit them. Do it for me. You can send money through their website.
Understand, you are my only chance to leave terrible Russia.
I can’t be here anymore. Help me. lend me money. Every day I wake up with the hope of your nobility and your help. I really want to reach your heart.
I want you to understand that I feel bad. Fulfill my request.
I will not let you down.
Letter 9
Tell the truth! You are afraid of me?
Please don't be afraid.
I will come secretly! No one will know about me!
Sometimes, I think that you don't read my letters at all.
You do not want to understand me... I sent you a copy of the certificate.
I was tested for coronovirus! I'm not sick!
Did you get it?
I also sent you ***** photos to prove that I am real.
Did you get it?
I wrote to you many times that I understand that all flights are canceled.
But it's not a problem! The problem is that I have to pay for my citizenship for your country now! Or they will refuse me.
Here is my plan - I pay for all documents and it will be ready in two weeks!
By then, all travel restrictions will be removed and I will fly to your arms on the first flight! BUT, I SHOULD PAY NOW! The embassy is waiting for payment!
I need only 360 usa dollars to come to you. They will refuse me later!
And all my hope is only YOU! Only you can help me! I tried to find the money, but could not. No one gave me money. Please trust me. I will not deceive you!
I know that now you have to sit at home! I have already written several times to you that you can send money on-line! You can do it from home!
All banks work with WorldRemit, WU, MoneyGram and RIA.
They work and accept all payments.
Just do it! And in 2 weeks we will be together!
I already wrote to you:
My full name - ELENA PUGACHEVA.
My address: 666014, Russia, Irkutsk Oblast, Podkamennaya, Nagornaya street 9.
My phone: +79067032263
I asked for 30000 russian rubles!
30000 russian rubles - 360 usa dollars or 320 euros.
You can send money through any international system money transfer:
Western Union, MoneyGram, WorldRemit or RIA to my name in Russia.
Letter 10
Yesterday I buried my grandfather. I am very sad.
I see God didn't hear me and you didn't help me.
This is very disappointing. I was very sad to check my mail today.
Do you not feel sorry for me. Why do you treat me like a woman of 7the second grade. I haven't done you any harm. Yes, many Russian women were deceiving, but understand main thing that I differ from them.
PLEASE, HELP ME. I am desperate, you are my last chance to change my life.
Do you have no human compassion for another's grief?
And do you not want to help me?
You are very unfair if you think that I want to deceive you!
Yesterday, employees at the bank said that in your country it is not large amount. And I don’t understand why you refuse me.
Understand main thing! - I don't ask to give! I ask in debt.
I will give you money back!
I will come to you! I PROMISE! I get not just a visa, but a residence permit! I can work and will get citizenship of your country!
Just imagine that one your small step will save PERSON! HELP ME!
Trust your heart. I'm sure it tells you - help this unfortunate girl change her life and be happy together. Your deed will be appreciated in heaven.
I'm sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you believe in God, then help. Because He sees that my thoughts are pure.
With sad regret in my heart I finish my letter.
I want to say only this words - SAVE ME! HELP ME!
your Elena.
Letter 11
Today I had contact with the embassy. They again warned me that I should pay all the documents in the coming days, or they would refuse me entry. They said that quarantine due to covid19 will be removed at the end of next week. And I can easily come to you.
But I have to pay for the documents now. I'm in a bind.
and all my hope is YOU.
I have just returned from the bank. I am very worried about us.
Therefore, I went to the bank today to find out all information again.
I again tried to get a loan, but bank refused. And again they said that banks don't give money to people who are leaving Russia.
They can't help me, therefore now all hope is only on you.
Bank employee kindly helped me and explained how you can send money.
You can send money online: on the website or in the app.
There are 4 of the most popular money transfer systems in Russia.
You just need to have a credit card, go to one of these sites and follow instructions to send money. It is very easy!!!
Don't forget that you must send money to city of Irkutsk, Russia.
Also on this site you can download the application to your phone and send money from your phone.
Also, on the site you can find the location of nearest branch to you and go personally.
This is also very simple.
Bank employees also said that you need to have a passport or any document proving your identity.
You can send money in cash or use a credit card.
You have data of my passport (I attached a copy of my passport again, if you didn't save it).
Here is information that can also be used to transfer money.
My full name is ELENA PUGACHEVA.
You must send money to my full name in Irkutsk, Russia.
You know that I live in the village (Podkamennaya) near Irkutsk and there are no banks here, so I ask you to send money to Irkutsk (city near my village).
Here are addresses of branches in Irkutsk where I can get your money:
Bank Uralsib
664003, Russia, Irkutsk region, Irkutsk, Gorkogo street 42.
664003, Russia, Irkutsk region, Irkutsk, DZERZHINSKOGO STR., 20.
AO KB Poidem (Zolotaya Korona), Irkutsk, Russia.
Baikalskaya st., 292, Irkutsk, Irkutsk region, Russia, 664050.
Now you understand that it is very simple. It doesn’t take much time.
Once I saw on TV how one astronaut (Armstrong) said phrase - "One giant leap for mankind".
If you rephrase these words in our relationship - One your small step can connect us!
I hope that this information will help you.
Now I will go home and pray. I hope that God will hear my prayers.
And if he hears, you will surely help me and we will be together...
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