Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Ivanovna Sibagatullina to Dan (Canada)

Letter 1
Dan, I do not know how to start this letter. I promised you that I will arrive, and that all our dreams will become reality.
YES, I want to be with you, and I want to realize all our dreams into reality. But how to make it now... Forgive me, I don’t know… As I wrote to you, I went to the travel agency today. I discover everything about my trip to you, and what package of the documents is required.
On the one hand, I am incredibly happy, that everything is not as complicated as I am expected… But on the other hand, I feel very sad... On all my expenses for the journey (all necessary documents + insurance + flight tickets in both sides) I need 800 EURO.
I count it into euro by the exchange rate of the currencies of the Central Bank Of Russia. Separately each document and the plane tickets costs are not so expensive. But when these all gather in the grand total, it is the already large sum. Of course, I guessed that this trip will be expensive. But when I've realized how much is expensive! I was in shock as well. I did not expect any way to hear such prices. I thought it was not the truth. I even went to other travel agencies to ask the rates for the trip there. But they got almost the similar prices with little difference. Then I checked in internet and I did not saw a difference. The difference only in the prices of the plane tickets, but it changes every day. I feel myself like overconfident fool...
When I thought that I can do everything without problems... Forgive me for giving the wrong hope of the quick meeting. Looks like that my gift which I wanted to make for my birthday not happened. I send you this letter, and I will wait for your answer. If my cost of travel will be expensive for you too. I will understand that, no doubt in that. Because sometimes you have to cancel some of your own wishing.
Not matter how you wanted it. In any case, we will be the good friends. I do not want, and I am embarrassed to ask the help from you.
But in this situation I am really powerless. I understand that it is the disgrace for me. I do not want to lose the opportunity for our meeting. But I can’t do nothing for our meeting right now. My salary is only 350 EURO a month. Probably, now you understand that it is simply impossible for me to pay for this trip independently.
Sorry that I did not talk about my salary before that. I was a little ashamed of that… I hope you are understand.. Right now I will go home. I just do not know what I want more right now.
That tomorrow will come faster or not happen at all. I’m waiting for your answer.
Goodbye. Yours and only yours forever Yuliya p.s. This is my home address : Prospekt Pobedy 15-12, Kopeysk, Russia.
(12 is number of apartment)
Post number-456625 Yuliya Kaygorodova
Letter 2
Hello Dear Dan, How are you today and how is your mood?
I hope everything is truly fine with you.
I kiss you and keep thinking about you.. I need 800 EURO for the entire trip.
All cost almost goes for tickets.
This is expensive. I will make scan of my passport.
And I will go to my bank to take my bank account details, I kiss you and will wait for your answer. Yours Loving Yuliya
Letter 3
Hello dear Dan, How are you today?
I hope everything is truly fine with you. Tickets cost, it will be about 790 EURO.
VISA cost is 50 EURO, and VISA fee is also 50 EURO.
Also insurance 50 EURO.
COVID test is about 50 EURO too.
And that's all.
it means that full price is 1000 EURO.
I told you 800 EURO,
because I was thinking that I will handle other part of the cost.
But if you are able to help me with 1000 EURO will be amazing. I attached scan of my travel passport, I think this is perfectly suitable, because I will use this for travel to you, and in some urgent case maybe you will need this. My phone number is 7-929-356-7813.
But I already told you that this only works in Russia.
You cannot call this from abroad. Also I visited my bank and took my bank account details.
Bank employees made me sure that these details are completely enough to make any international transfer. So it has to work.
Please be careful with numbers and information. (USD)
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 40817840033406000676 Address (if required):
Prospect Pobedy 15-12, Kopeysk, Russia. This account is named USD, but it can also work with EURO and CAD too. I think that's all.
I hope everything will work. I kiss you and will wait for your answers and lines. Yours Loving Yuliya
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