Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Favorite thanks for that you are next to me
Hello !!!
Have a positive mood!
For me, this is a serious moment, to change my life in the new year and take the first steps towards our communication.
I plucked up the courage for this and I will be glad of your answer.
We have never corresponded to you yet.
You can call me My name is Katharine and I am 34 years old.
I work as an accountant and I earn good money.
I am an active, cheerful and purposeful woman.
I love has a good sense of humor, and my dream fly into space, like Richard Branson.
Dreaming is not harmful. Haha :)))
I have a lot of hobbies, tell me about your hobbies.
I lead an active lifestyle and I like to spend time in nature.
And also I like to cook and I think that it is a woman who is the hostess in the kitchen.
I am tired of being alone and I would like to meet and build a serious relationship with a mature, experienced and confident man over 40 years.
I believe this is exactly the age for a man when he knows what it is to love and appreciates it.
If you are alone and you have a dream to become happy and with a confident look into the future, I will wait for your answer, in which I can learn more about you.
Write, don''t be shy.
Letter 2
Hi, we know each other from another chat and you gave me your email. But then you were suddenly gone and now I hope to meet you again. There we can discuss everything else. contact me at and
Rejoice! Kathryn Gem-Stone
Letter 3
We live close to each other
Hi there. This may sound a bit like you know, but I actually have a fantasy of meeting a complete stranger. Not knowing much about him. Yeah, just need to be sure you're not a maniac, right? Haha, but other than that, so just agree on time and place and then meet and do it and then separate again. Or maybe we can continue. It just depends on what you can do, right? But the most important thing is that I get to try it. You can see me here. If you are fresh, write and then we will arrange a time and place, but do not write too much about yourself. You want to be the stranger, right? contact me at
Kathryn Agathe
Letter 4
good morning My indispensable My my Yummy. I want to sterling talks. What're You looking?
presently I am look up auspicious mister. Im solitary precious Person) My Email box for contact is and, I can reply to You my picture attached! Have a nice day Katharine
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