Scam letter(s) from Diana to Anthony (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Hello, what's your real name? How are you? I hope you are doing well.
Please do not turn my late response as a disinterest in you or your personality. Much more. Unfortunately, I noticed your message far too late. I would love to meet you very much.
So I can write you a few lines today. I am 40 years old, unmarried, no children. I dont smoke. I live in Russia .. But my recent relationships have not gone well. That's why I'm not looking for a man from Russia. But i speak german. I am looking for a partner from Germany or from another country. I don't think distance is critical in making love. And what exactly are you looking for? A partnership, friendship or just a nice flirt?
So now you already know a little. I have to say right now I'm a little nervous. Try to find the right phrase in the hope that you will write to me again. I would like to know more from you. I've also attached a few pictures of myself, I hope you like it. If we send each other pictures, we can get to know each other better. Will you send me a photo?
Reply to myemail
I hope to hear from you.
Greetings Diana
Letter 2
Hi Tony. Thanks for your answer. I hoped to see your photos. But you did not give it. Why? You have no new photos? Your photos are interesting to me. I hope that you will give some your photos in future letter. You saw my photo in the last letter. But I will try to give a photo in the subsequent letters too. You saw my appearance on a photo. Growth is 1,69 m. Weight is 63 Kg.
I hope that you understand my letters. I can speak English. But I use the Russian-speaking keyboard. I cannot write with English letters. Therefore I am compelled to use Google Translator to translate letters. The translator makes mistakes. But I hope that you understand my letters. I can speak English. Therefore we could speak by phone. But we are badly familiar with each other. Therefore I suggest to write letters soon. Later we will be able to speak by phone. Well?
I studied at University. I chose faculty of foreign languages. Therefore I can speak English. But I could not find work. The profession of the translator is not popular in my city. Therefore I chose the hairdresser's courses. After a year I started working in a hairdressing salon. My experience increased every year. Therefore I became one of the best hairdressers in this hairdressing salon.
I never left the territory of Russia. Therefore I was not in other countries. I many times was disappointed in the Russian men. Therefore I do not want to build the relation with the Russian man. Therefore I made the decision to look for the man in other country. In the modern world there is an opportunity to visit other country. A large number of planes fly between the countries. Therefore the meeting is not a problem. I do not want to build the relation with the Russian man. Therefore I am ready to move to live to other country in the future. But it only thoughts of the future. I understood that the biggest complexity is to find the correct partner. I spent all the life for the sake of it. But I could not find the correct partner. Therefore I made the decision to find the man in the Internet. But on the Internet there are many swindlers. I do not want to fall a victim of swindlers. Therefore I am careful. But I hope that you are the serious man. I hope that it is not entertainment for you.
I temporarily use the computer of my friend. I live in an apartment house. The Internet company ceased to serve our house because of a debt. Therefore we wait for when the new Internet company starts serving our house. Promised us that it is necessary to wait only 1-2 weeks. I hope that soon in our house there will be an Internet. After that I will be able to write a thicket.
I will finish the letter. But I will wait for your answer. I hope that you will answer me soon.
Letter 3
Hi Tony. I again here to see your letter. Thanks for your answer. For me that you do not give the photos seems suspicious. It is correct for you? You hide the face? I hope that you are not a swindler or the criminal.
Today I have good day. I hope that you have good day too. This morning disconnected the electric power.
Most likely did repair work. Therefore I have not breakfast at home. But near my house there is a small cafe. There I bought coffee. Therefore my morning was not spoiled. It was not pleasant. But I try not to pay attention to such surprises from life. Morning cannot always be ideal. You agree with me? You would become angry in such situation?
You are right. I do not know about mexican Americans. But I hope that we will be able to get acquainted better soon. Then I will be able to learn about mexican Americans :)
I want to ask a question. You will not ask my ****** photos after several letters? In the past I was written by men from your country. It was long ago, but unpleasant thoughts remained. After several letters they asked my ****** photos. I was shocked. I ceased to write those to men. But after that I have doubts. Girls of your country give ****** photos on the Internet? I am surprised. I received good education from my parents. Therefore it is humiliating for me. You are pleasant to me. Therefore I want to continue our dialogue. I do not want to be disappointed in you.
I live in the city of YELETS. My city is 400 km to the south from Moscow. It is the small city. The closest big city of Voronezh (150 km). You can open the Google card to see my city. You can open WIKIPEDIA to see a photo of my city. I live in an apartment house. I have the small apartment. But I live in loneliness. Therefore to me comfortably to live in such apartment.
I have no sister or the brother. I am the only child in a family. But my parents died. My father died 3 years ago. It had problems with a liver. My mother died 2 years ago. It had weak heart. As a result I remained one. I have the aunt. She is the sister of my mother. But we see each other seldom. She lives in the village far from my city. I visit her about 2-3 times a year. But we often speak by phone. She is the only relative for me.
I remained one after death of my parents. My life very strongly changed. But I have to continue to live. You agree with me? I could not find the happiness. But I will hope that the destiny will help to find love now. I am already adult woman. Life is not infinite. But I want to manage to become happy.
I want to give a photo. It I and my aunt. This photo is made in December. I went to my aunt to celebrate Christmas.
I will finish the letter. But I hope that you will answer me soon.
Letter 4
Hi Tony. It is pleasant to me to receive your letter. Why you tell nothing about the photos? How are you?
I hope that you as it should be. What weather you have? In my city good weather. Today I did vaccination against coronavirus. After the first inoculation passed 3 weeks. Therefore today there was the second inoculation. After the first inoculation I had weakness. But now I have good health. In Russia the inoculation is free. In your country the inoculation is free too? But I continue to use a mask and gloves. I strictly treat the health.
I do not hurry to come back home today. Therefore I have a lot of time to write the letter for you. I want to tell about me. Hobby? Most likely my hobby is my work. I work in a hairdressing salon. I do beautiful hairdresses and hairstyles every day. I like it. Therefore I work hard as the hairdresser years in a row. If we lived in one city, I could make to you a hairstyle. It is a pity for that we live in the different countries. But life is unpredictable. Perhaps in the future we will be able to meet in reality. But it is difficult to predict it.
My work is not the only hobby. I have other hobby. In the childhood I attended art school. Therefore I like to draw. But I draw very seldom. I can show my drawing. But I hope that you will not laugh.
I like flowers. I like any flowers. But my favourite flower is an orchid. Ahhh! I like a smell of these flowers.
I think that any girl receives pleasure from flowers :-)
You like to read books? I like to read. But I read romance novels. Most likely the detective story is your favourite book. I am right? I am accustomed to read the book before going to bed. It helps to calm down before going to bed.
I eat any food: soup, porridge, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit. I like to cook food. I got this passion from my mother. My mother trained me in all secrets to cook tasty food. Russian cuisine very various. I tested different kitchens: French, Italian, Japanese, East. But I can tell you with confidence that Russian cuisine very tasty.
Sometimes I have free time. I can go to movie theater or cafe. My friend is always ready to go with me to movie theater. I can sometimes go to park. I like the nature. But usually I in the apartment. It is necessary to do household chores. It is necessary to make a dinner. It is necessary to wash the dishes. It is necessary to wash clothes. It is necessary to iron clothes. It is the list it is possible to continue infinitely. In the apartment always there is a lot of work. In the evening I come to my friend. We talk and we drink tea. I do not like to come back home late. I try to go to bed in time. The health depends on it in the morning. I am not the young girl. Therefore I forgot about discos and night clubs.
In the evening I can sometimes watch the movie on DVD. I come into hire of DVD after work and I choose the interesting movie. I know that it is not a modern way to watch movies. But what I have to do with DVD?
I try to go to the sports hall of times a week. I do fitness. I like it. But in recent weeks I did not go to the sports hall. But I will improve.
I seldom listen to music purposefully. In a hairdressing salon all listen to radio. But I like popular music. Therefore I know all modern songs :)
I never was in marriage. But I had serious relations with the man. The last relations with the man lasted about 3 years. At first he was the good man. But it was false impression. He started drinking alcohol soon and it ceased to work. He became came back home late. I suffered his behavior. I worked to feed both of us. It used my naive character. But my patience ended. It started meeting other woman secretly. I could not forgive him. Ehhh. I in vain spent 3 years of my life with it. I trusted it. But he lied to me. I cannot suffer lie. In Russia there is a proverb: "The bitter truth, than sweet lie is better". These are the correct words. I agree with these words.
It is heavy to remember the last relations. I want to forget my last relations. You are the handsome man. Where women in your country look? It is necessary to be blind not to notice you. Surprisingly that it is possible to meet such man on the Internet. In your city there are no worthy women? I was disappointed in the Russian men. Alcohol, drugs, deception. But I want to find the man who will appreciate me. Therefore I on the Internet. But I already managed to be disappointed in men from your country. Some men asked my ****** photos. But you are not similar to other men. You are pleasant to me. I understand that you are the well-mannered man. I want to continue our correspondence. I hope that it is mutual.
Ooo. Forgive me. I wrote the big letter. I hope that you will not be tired to read this letter :-)
I hope that I will receive your answer soon.
Letter 5
Hi Tony. I read your letter with the great pleasure. Thanks for your letter. You please me. I hope that you have good mood. I wish you only good mood. I continue to have good health after an inoculation. I joyful that procedure was successful. But I hope that coronavirus will disappear from our life soon. All people were tired of coronavirus.
You wrote about the bride. Most likely you would not be happy with it. Therefore the destiny warned you about it. But I like that now you try to find the happiness. I want to find the happiness too.
But I have no good mood today. Yesterday late at night I spoke by phone with my friend. She caught a cold. At night it had high temperature of a body of 38,2 °C. This morning she drank medicine. Body temperature became normal. I hope that tomorrow it will be better. Health is the most important in human life. I am ill seldom. If I am ill, I am ill within 1 - 2 days. You are ill often? You have good immunity? I wish you only good health.
After telephone conversation with the girlfriend I long could not fall asleep. I had many thoughts. It is difficult to be lonely. Nobody to take care of you. Nobody will bring a glass of water when you are ill. Therefore I envy those people who could the beloved partner. This huge happiness. But my life experience proves that to find the love is difficult in the modern world. I already made a mistake. But I do not want to be mistaken again. Sincere and mutual relationship is a rarity. Most of women want to find the rich man in Russia. Why? I do not understand such women. Money can decorate life. It is possible to buy beautiful clothes or the expensive car. But it is impossible to buy happiness. It is impossible to buy love. It is humiliating to live with the unloved man for the sake of money. Sooner or later any woman understands about it. Each person at the end of life asks himself a question: Whether "There was I happy during all life?". What do these women answer themselves?
Money is not the evil. No. No. No. It is impossible to live without money. Comfortable life depends on money. It is impossible to live without food and clothes. Money is a part of the life. It is difficult to think of love if you live on the street or at the station. But it is difficult to me to understand women who live with the unloved man because of money. It is better to live in loneliness. Money can be earned. I work. I receive a worthy salary. Therefore I live comfortably. I do not need money. I want to find happiness. Most likely it is a main goal in my life.
Ohh. It was not necessary to touch upon a subject of money. About money it is possible to write infinitely. But I will not delete part of the letter to write the new letter. I write you about my thoughts. I hope that it does not frighten you. We are badly familiar with each other. But you are the handsome man for me. I like to write you. I like to receive your answers. I hope that we will continue to write letters each other.
I will wait for your answer.
Letter 6
I see that you wrote to me. Hi Tony. How are you? I hope that you is good. Today I have usual day. But I read your letter. Therefore my mood improved. It is pleasant to me to read your letters. Today I talked to my friend. It has good health. Body temperature became normal. Most likely it had a slight cold. Now it is not necessary to worry.
I remembered about your question from the last letter. I like pets. My aunt has a cat. Therefore I would like to have a cat too. I often work. Therefore I doubt. But I hope that in the future I will have a beautiful cat.
I read your letter. You wrote history from your childhood. The most important that this history has the happy end. Your father is a hero. But I had no in the childhood of such situations which were dangerous to my life. Most likely the reason that I am a girl. But I remember how my parents cared of me. I am the only child in a family. Therefore I received all love and caress of my parents. All childhood I lived in the village. My father taught me to ride the bicycle. Also my father taught me to ride a horse. My mother taught me to swim in the local lake. I will always remember such moments.
I could not fall asleep long time in the last night. I thought of you much. I never wrote such letters to other men. I began to come to the girlfriend every day to read your letter. I rejoice when I see your letter. I write the answer to your letter with the great pleasure. I like it. I want to ask a question. I am the only woman to whom you write letters? I want that you wrote me the truth. You remember that the bitter truth is better, than sweet lie. I do not want that you lay to me. Perhaps you are related with other women? It became important for me. During the first letters we badly were familiar with each other. I treated you only as to the friend. But now my attitude towards you changes. You are pleasant to me. Most likely I have easy love. But passed not enough time. Therefore I am afraid to admit it. But I feel it.
I do not want to hurry. I do not want to draw hasty conclusions. I want to continue to have dialogue with you. What will be in the future? Nobody knows about it. But it is interesting to me with you. I receive positive emotions. It means that to me comfortably to communicate with you. But if I one of many women, I do not have vain hopes. Therefore I want that you honestly answered my question. I am already adult woman. I have no time and desire for games. I want that you could understand me correctly.
You became the important man for me. I want to discuss any subjects with you. I want to ask private matters. I want to trust you. But I do not want to suffer deception. You are pleasant to me. But I have to be sure that it is mutual.
I was compelled to tell my friend about you. I temporarily use the computer of my friend. You remember it? I come to it every day to write the letter for you. In recent days she noticed my pleasure. She told that she watched me. She saw that I smile when I write the letter :) She asked about the one to whom I write this letter. Therefore I told about you. I told that you live in other country. I told that you are pleasant to me. I hope what you not against I told my friend about you? But she does not read our letters. I allow to read nobody our letters.
My friend invited me to a table. We will drink tea. After that I will come back home. Therefore I will finish the letter. But tomorrow I will come again to read your answer. I hope that your answer will please me. I hope that you write only me. I want to be closer to you.
I give a photo. On a photo I and my friends. You will be able to find me? At the left my friend to whom I come every day to write the letter for you. On the right my friend who lives in other city. This photo was made last year. We celebrated Christmas.
Tomorrow Sunday. You will write to me tomorrow? It will be pleasant to me to see your letter :)
I embrace you.
Letter 7
Hi "Dear" Tony. I can use such word??? I hope that you not against. How are you? I came to my friend again.
I read your letter. Therefore I am ready to answer you. I well today. On the street good weather. Therefore I have good mood. I hope that you have good mood too. Now I and my friend drank tea with a pie. My friend found the recipe of a tasty pie in the Internet. Today it had the first attempt. But the pie turned out tasty from the first. Wow. My friend has talent in cookery. If you ate this pie, you would be surprised too.
Recently I think of you and of us much. You are the only man to whom I write letters. I am not interested in other men. You are pleasant to me. Therefore I want to write letters only to you. I hope that you will appreciate it. I thought after the last letter much. But after your answer I understand that I should not worry.
It is pleasant to me to receive reciprocity from you. I do not know how to write about my feelings. I derive pleasure from our letters. Sadly that I cannot be with you in reality. Between us long distance. Ehhh. Why we live in the different countries? Why? I would like to see you in reality. I want to see your smile and a ****** expression. We could agree about a meeting in the downtown. We would buy ice cream. We would walk on
the city. It would be fine. But the Internet cannot give such chance. I can write only letters. I can receive only answers. I can read the letter and understand your thoughts. But I cannot feel you in reality. Sadly. I want to admit to you. I was afraid to create the new relations because of the unsuccessful last relations. But you destroyed this fear. That I again want to feel these feelings of love seems to me. I understand that between
us long distance. But I cannot disconnect my feelings. I hope that you understand it.
Tonight I will think again of you. If I had opportunity to meet you, I would agree. I want that you knew about it.
I will finish the letter. But I hope to see your answer soon.
I embrace you.
I kiss you on a cheek.
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