Scam letter(s) from Elena Sergeeva to Terry (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings, Terry!!!
How you? She is Oksana.
I was happy to receive you the message.
For me was the big pleasure to receive your letter.
I have dared to write to the first to whom or through the Internet.
I should be grateful to this to my girlfriend Liza.
My girlfriend Liza has found the good person through the Internet in the French city Le Mans. They are very happy together. Now they have already concluded a marriage and live In France. I am very happy for them. And I as have decided to find the good person Through the Internet. As I did not know the French language, I have decided to search in U.S.A. I not unitary heard about that that Americans very good people and among them is much Remarkable men. I shall not hide I met some men from Russia, But these attitudes were not long as the majority of Russian men are rough in The attitude to the woman. Many have propensity to alcohol. I have the big hostility To men which use too much alcohol.
I had the father which constantly saws and beat my mum. When to me 8 years it were executed has died from Alcoholic poisonings. My mum very strongly cried. But it has carried also she has found good The man which loves her and is not ***** with alcohol. They live together 19 years. It has replaced To me of the father. Certainly they have children: two my younger sisters.
I shall tell to you about myself:
My full name Oksana. As I spoke earlier to me 40 years.
I was born on October, 10, 1964. On a sign on the zodiac I "Balance". My growth is 5 ` 8, weight of 55 kg.
On a nationality I Russian, I believe in the god and I am orthodox the Christian.
I was born and I live in the city of Cheboksary. It is small beautiful small town city. In it it is a lot of Beautiful places: parks, the area. My city to be in 1000 kms from Moscow. As we have time zone of Moscow It GMT+6.
Mine a favourite season this summer. We with family frequently leave for limits Cities. I like to spend time in the summer on the nature. I like to walk collecting beautiful flowers.
Sometimes simply to lay and look at the sky. To observe of clouds. They sometimes accept very amusing figures.
For me summer the best is time. In the winter at us it is very cold. I do not love a cold. I was very bad to transfer winter.
It is necessary to put on in warm clothes. Frequently simply it would not be desirable to leave from the house.
As I have higher education. I have a trade the teacher of initial classes. I have chosen this trade because I very much love children. But unfortunately my speciality appeared Not claimed and me it was necessary to go for work in a kindergarten the tutor.
This work for me has an entertainment. Children of me very strongly like, the some people name me mum.
For me it is very pleasant to feel whose that love, even a nursery.
As I should tell to you, that I have no house of a computer, and I use a computer, Which to be in a cabinet of director of our kindergarten.
It has allowed to use to me the Internet. As I badly address with a computer, they together with my girlfriend Liza Helped me with search of the good person. When I saw your structure, my search has stopped on you.
I have stopped the attention to you. I hope also you will not disregard me? I seem already have written much. I am afraid that there will be no information for the following letter. Attempt of humour!!!
I shall speak you the rest in the following letter. I would like that also you have written to me about yourselves and your city.
I never was outside Russia and it is very interesting to me to learn about your life in America. I put my photo to my letter. I hope you have found its good?
I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you.
Your new Russian friend Oksana.
Letter 2

Hello my friend Terry!!!
Terry I very well understand you, as of me too have taken advantage, only not my money, and my body. I want love and warm attitudes.
But if you will not write to me I all I shall understand.
Today I especially hastened for work. I was afraid that I shall not find your letter in my box. On a threshold of me director has met and informed that to me there has come the letter.
My friend, Terry, I want to tell to you more about myself and my family.
I live together with the family. My mum, the stepfather and two my younger sisters.
My mum call Olga. She works works as the controller in transport service of our city.
Its husband Sergey. It works as the driver at a factory on manufacture of steel doors.
They do not earn many money, but they are happy together. In our family of money never were On the first place. As my mum speaks is not necessary aspires to earn more money, it is necessary aspires To that what happiness and love never left your house. She very good and kind woman.
She has learned much me in a life. Since childhood I never heard from it rough words.
She was for me not only I scold but also the friend to whom I can talk about all experiences. My younger sisters still go to school.
Younger Masha studies in 9 class. And senior sister Vika studies in 11 class she leaves school this year Also is going to enter the university. She wants to become the economist.
Our family very amicable and we are never littered. I very much love my family.
I spoke my mum that have got acquainted with you. She has approved it. As she cares of my future. I already spoke you about my girlfriend Liza. She has found husband Loren in France.
She has gone to it to France and they were together there 3 months then have got married. They very much loving and happy pair.
I am very happy for them and as strongly I envy it.
As I want to tell to you about the work. I like my work.
In our children's home very kind and affable people, except for Katya work.
It is very harmful and not the pleasant person.
I work as the tutor with children of 5-6 years. I very much like to spend with them time. These are very emotional and cheerful creation. When I look as they play This best seems to me that that it is possible to see. I frequently leave with them on walk. Us in group two I and my girlfriend Katya.
I shall well finish my letter. So at our director it is a lot of work and the computer is necessary for it.
I hope that we shall be dialogue with each other? Please inform me the information on you directly more.
I want to know more about you and your country, city. I never was In U.S.A. and it is very interesting to me.
As I want to know more about your family, about your friends.
Greetings to you from my mum.
I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you.
Your friend Oksana.
Letter 3

Hello, Terry!
I am glad to read your letter again.
I like to read your messages. When I read them I I learn about you more and more And your life. So we learn more about us. Probably you want to learn about my hobbies. I have various hobbies. At leisure I like to spend time with close people. We frequently with my girlfriends meet at their place. We walk on park. In the winter we frequently go To skate. This very fascinating employment. In our city there is a big skating rink, Where it is possible to skate for the small sum. I like to spend time on fresh air. I frequently leave for city in the summer. In the summer our nature is simply magnificent. We put tents near to the river. We bathe, we fish and very cheerfully we spend time. And I like when my life is accompanied with good music. I very much like to listen to music. I like when we go to a campaign to listen to songs under a guitar. I like when I am surrounded with music.
I very much like to listen to music. You like to listen to music. I do not allocate what that especially Genre from music. It is pleasant to me that is done really with soul. I listen as well as Russian executors, And foreign executors. Be it that that from classical music or from a progressive techno. It is pleasant to me as various groups. You heard that or about the Russian groups?
Such as "Tatu", " Laskovy Mai ", " Ruki V verh ", "Korny".
As I like to look good films. I like to look films about love, good cheerful comedies. I do not like to look horrors, thrillers. It is very terrible for me. Once I looked cinema at a cinema It referred to " 13 ghosts ", I could not look through it to the end I have left a cinema. When I have told about it to mum she have laughed. I like such films as " Harry Poter ".
" 50 first dates ", "Taxi" and as other good films. You love what films?
You like to read books? I very much like to read books. I read Tolstoy, Chehov, Dostoevsky. As I read modern products. Such as " Harry Potter ".
Sometimes I like to sit one and to dream about something. Sometimes I scroll the life and I recollect the happy moments >From my life. I frequently recollect one moment which forces me to smile.
In the childhood with mum we went to have a rest on the sea. I never before saw the seas. We have removed a small house near to the sea. We were there 1 month and it was the finest month about which have remained pleasant Memoirs. After that I never was on the sea. I frequently dream to see the sea, but now it is very expensive what To go to have a rest on the sea. It is very beautiful when the sun leaves for horizon reflecting a way red color.
I liked to observe of it. You love the sea?
I think that to me is time to finish the letter. As it is time to me to go to work.
My friend, Terry, I would want that you as have written about the hobbies.
I shall wait for your letter and with pleasure I shall write to you again.
With the best regards your new friend Oksana!!!
Letter 4

Greetings the my dear friend Terry!!!
I am glad to read your letter. It is very good that we write letters.
>From them we learn about us both more and more and more.
Today I would hasten for work what faster to read your letter.
In me was a lot of pleasure when I saw your letter. Your letters Become the important part of my life. My mum sends the regards to you.
I have told to it about you that I correspond with the man from another The countries, she from the beginning was frightened, as we she many times listened about That as young girls leave abroad and them there force to trade Body. I have told that you good and not capable on such. She is very glad that I communicate with you. You told about me to the parents? Yesterday we sat at mine the girlfriend and looked film on the TV.
It was very remarkable film. It referred to "Intuition".
You looked this film? It is very good film about love.
I shall tell a little to you about this film. Leaging roles of this film play guy Jonathan And girl Sara which casually meet in shop, having extended one glove.
They have lead together fine evening, but it have left not having taken the address each other. Jonathan has written the name and phone on 5 dollar denomination, and Sara in the book. And they have agreed that if they can be together they will find each other.
It so is romantic we with girlfriends very much experienced for their destinies.
Also has passed some years and they already had the pairs and were going to marry.
It was the most touching moment when they have thrown all and have rushed off on searches of the Destinies. And still they have found each other. She has found 5 dollar denomination, and it has found the book.
They have found the love. It so is romantic. If you did not look this film, That necessarily look. I am sure that it is pleasant to you.
My dear Terry, I wanted to ask your phone.
Unfortunately I have no phone. But I can call to you from telegraph.
I very much would want to hear your voice. And you would like to hear mine. I never called abroad. Therefore I should know your international code as. Our director does not allow to use service phone.
As this phone is checked every month and if will find out that there were international Calls that it can be reprimanded. I very much would not like it.
I hardly at all have not overlooked my girlfriends asked to send the regards to you. They are very glad that I have found the good person through the Internet. They good friends. As we with the girlfriend prepared for tasty things. We did a pizza and prepared for a chicken. I am very tasty I prepare for a chicken. I very much would like that you tried it. I would think that very much was pleasant to you. We frequently gather we type the foodstuffs and We watch TV or simply we talk. Sometimes we play various games.
We cheerfully spend time. I very much love the of the girlfriend. They always support me, Help when to me hardly.
I think to me it is time to finish the letter.
The my dear friend Terry, I would want that we wrote our letters every day and that would answer on Each our letter. I concern to this very seriously.
I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Sincerely yours the friend from Russia Oksana.
Letter 5

Hi my dear friend Terry!!!
I am happy to read your letter.
All from us with which it is more and we study from our letters as us more. I like to read your letters. They for me became very expensive.
Yes I wanted to tell still, that I have one hobby, I very much like to read horoscopes and it is very interesting, I read a horoscope this year. There it has affected, that I this year shall be new acquaintance which will change my life. Unfortunately the horoscope is not always carried out. I very much would like all this Was so. I all required life will meet the person who is capable To do me by the happiest which I shall love most of all.
It was the dream of all my life. To me 40 years and I have not found such person.
But now I have acquainted with you, and you borrowed all my ideas. I constantly think about You. Probably it is silly, I actually at all did not see you. Yes I so thought earlier.
I constantly received news from my girlfriend Lizy, that she likes Gans. I did not understand as she Can love, what person never saw. But now I understand, that I was not Rights. As we have started to correspond, has passed very few times, But I feel, that I am familiar with you the whole eternity.
My dear I would like to give you my full name and my address as I am afraid suddenly with a computer, something happens and that I have not lost you. But our post system as not so reliable, is many cases of abduction of mail, especially which goes from such far country.
My full name Oksana Mayorova.
My address:
The Russian Federation,
City of Cheboksary 428006,
St.Yubileynaya 58, apt 49.
I as would like to study your address. Please send to me the address and your full name. I with impatience shall read your letter. And please tell to me more about you.
Please write to me the big letter. I shall read it and To enjoy each word.
I want to wish, that you from me and my family to you are warmer also happiness.
I with impatience with impatience shall wait to receive news from you as soon as possible.
Sincerely yours friend Oksana!!!
Letter 6

Greetings my dear Terry!!!
I am pleased to receive your letter.
How are you doing? How you have lead day?
Today we with children from work go in a puppet theater. Children very much like To go to theatre. They actively participate actions spent there.
Today the next representation with participation known is necessary them Characters from cartoon films. This very fascinating representation for children. We frequently with children visit similar actions. It brings him the big pleasure. I like to look when children are happy. I as become happy together with them. The administration of our city frequently gives us tickets in a circus, a zoo, a cinema on Viewing of cartoon films. And today to us gave tickets in a puppet theater.
For us soon there should arrive the bus. And I will need to prepare children. Children frequently argue when borrow places in the bus. They very much me love also all Try to sit down me. But it all very good. I as love them.
I do not regret that have found this work.
My dear, Terry, I want to be fair with you.Though I not lonely, me surround People close me, but I do not have not enough which that person I try to find in you. You became closer from the moment of our acquaintance. I miss under your letters.
I have feeling that we are familiar with you long time. It is easy for me to communicate with you, I can write to you about all that I think. I yet did not meet such person in a life, To whom could speak about my life. I think that you the good person.
Well, I cannot continue the letter. To me have told that the bus already has approached. It means that it is time to me to prepare for children for trip to theatre.
I shall necessarily write to you about our trip tomorrow. As tomorrow I shall wait for your letter,
When I shall come for work.
Your Oksana.
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