Scam letter(s) from Anna to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
There is no person for me dear?! Hello,..
How about meet?
I''m Anuta..
I''m already 32 years old...
I''m a mature and serious woman.,!
I don''t want just virtual *** or something like that,!, If you are 35+ or older and you''re an interesting conversationalist,!.
I''d love to start communication with you!.
I send my fresh foto for you,!
Have a good day,,,
Will wait your answer!..
Letter 2
Before the job would be so wonderful. Just come in and have some *** before work. The morning hardon is there every morning, I suppose? I'm ***** every morning. ****** to ignore something like that. Or what do you think? Just make sure it is good for us both, right? Then I shine like a sun even in rainy weather, hihi. It's something that I would like so much. Is it also possible to meet at my place if it suits you better? But we can talk about all the details out when we meet for a ****. Do you not think it will be good? I have a lot to do tomorrow, but then it should be fine. What do you sayf? Here you can get my contact info. Go in and I can give you what you use most. Hug. Tatyana Krini Hernandez
Letter 3
Hey! My name is Galilea. I want to find a man for one night. I will pay. I am sending you my photo.
I will wait for you on the site. contact me at and
Letter 4
Thank you for your reply, I thought you might didn't remember me. But you did give me your mail, so I could write you. I don't really know why. We live very close, so it might seem a bit unneccessary to write each other when we can just meet. But I did unfortunately also write others and now my inbox is a living ****! I had to skim through a lot of mails before I found your reply. Same with FB and Skype. Not using that anymore. FB been blocked, as they consider all the messages I have been getting and answering to as spam. Skype just freeze now. Doesn't work. Just loads all the time. A good, professional and anonymous site, where I decide who I want to talk to. I really hope you going to find me there as I am not going to check this mail anymore. Contact me at Tatyana Sunn39
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