Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda to Nico (Portugal)

Letter 1
Hello, don't be afraid, I really am a girl, I hope you answer. I got your email address from a dating agency. And I decided to write to you right away ... In principle, I do not have time to communicate on a dating site, and therefore I turned to an agency for dating and they gave me your email address, it is much more convenient for me to communicate here. I do not use social networks or instant messengers, except for mail, at the moment I can only communicate by email. My name is Nadezhda. And what is your name? If it's easy for you, write me your name. I'm only looking for a serious relationship, I'm not looking for friends. I hope they gave me your email address for a reason. I think you are looking for a serious relationship too. I also hope that you are a serious man who behaves appropriately in communication. You will not ask me for a photo of a ***** body, I will tell you right away that I will not send you such a photo, forgive me, but I am here for a serious relationship. I think that since you are looking for a serious relationship, you are not interested in a ***** body. Therefore, I ask you to tell me about yourself and be sure to send your photos. I think if we communicate as often as possible, we will be able to get to know each other faster. I also ask you to read everything that I write to you with the utmost care. I hope you will be interested in communicating with me and giving answers to all my questions. I also ask you to write more about yourself and send your photos. I will wait for your reply. Your new friend Nadezhda.
Letter 2
Hello Nico!
I am very glad for your answer and the continuation of our acquaintance! How are you? I hope you are well. I'm fine. Honestly, I was waiting for your answer. I was afraid that you might ignore me. Nevertheless, you wrote to me. I'm happy with it.
Why didn't you submit your photo? I would like to know more about you.
Nico, I want to write you more about me. My name is Nadezhda. I am 29 years old. My birthday is September 21st. I have never been married and never had children. For a woman of this age, this is rare. But this also happens. I live separately from my parents. I am the only child in the family. I live in the small town of Polevskoy. The nearest large city from my city is Yekaterinburg. This is a very beautiful place with wonderful nature.
I also want to tell you what my job title is ... I work as an accountant in a school. I like children very much. I like my job. I work five days a week. My schedule is from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Sometimes I even go to work on Saturday if I have overtime work hours. I can write you letters in my free time at work from a working personal computer. Almost all of my work goes through the computer. On Friday I am leaving to my parents in a neighboring village. Therefore, I want to tell you right away that I will not be able to write you letters on Saturday and Sunday. I want to get to know you better. Tell me about yourself.
I am also sending you my photos in this letter. These photos were taken not long ago. That day I had a very good and positive mood. I had a lot of emotions that day, because I attended art school and tried to paint a picture.
I understand that it is easier to give a phone number when meeting someone. But I will not write my phone number right away. If now we get to know each other better, then I can already write you my phone number. Good? This concludes my letter. I will wait with great interest for your new answer!
Letter 3
Hello Nico!
I am glad for your new answer. How are you? How is your day? Today I woke up in a good mood.
Today I am having a calm working day. I hope you are all right today :)
Nico, I'll tell you right away that I'm from Russia. I think you figured it out in my last letter. I want to say that the distance between us is no problem for me. After all, our distance in the 21st century can be safely covered by plane in a few hours.
I think that you have already realized that I want to find a man for a serious relationship. I'm not interested in flirting and friendship. I still haven't found a man in Russia with whom I would be happy. Men only played with my feelings. Nobody had any serious intentions towards me. I decided to look abroad for my love on the Internet because I had already lost interest in Russian men. You are the first and only man I have just met on the Internet.
Why didn't you submit your photos? Is it that hard to do? I do not quite understand what you are writing about in the first paragraph. Who do you suspect? What does the icebreaker have to do with it? I am not entirely clear. How old is your sister? Do you like working in this area?
I can write to you without any problems, since I know and understand English. I also know English well. I graduated from the University at the Faculty of Economics. I got a good education. My parents tried very hard so that I could get a good education.
I am sending you my photos. These photos were also taken last fall. I have a lot of good memories from that day. It was the weekend. Anna invited me to go to a small zoo where there were different animals. I really like animals.
Unfortunately, I have a lot of work to do right now. I have to finish the letter. I will be glad to receive your photos.
Your friend Nadezhda.
Letter 4
Hello Nico.
Thank you for your answer. How are you? What is your mood today? As I told you, I have parents. I also have the closest person to me. This is my best friend Anna. I have been friends with her for many years. This is a loyal and strong friendship. She is already married. She has a good, caring husband and a little son. I am very happy for her. I am glad that I have such a good friend who is always ready to help me and support me in difficult times.
Nico, I'll also tell you about the parents. My parents are already retired. They live in the neighboring village of Mramorskoe. It is 16 km from my city. My mom only does housework and some gardening. She used to work as a milkmaid on a farm. My father also worked on a farm in the village. He worked as a truck driver.
They also met there. Dad decided to give her a ride from work. And after that they fell in love. A year later, they were already married.
They still love each other. They are worried about each other. When I come to visit them, I am always happy for them. After all, they have lived their entire lives with practically no quarrels. Now my parents live on their own retirement, but I constantly help them. My parents taught me to be an honest, hardworking and independent woman. And I am grateful to them for that. I ask you to answer all my questions sincerely and openly. It's more interesting to keep in touch when we answer questions as honestly as possible.
Why didn't you submit your photos? Is it that hard to do? Unfortunately, I do not know about this sport. I like running. I am very glad that you go in for sports and keep yourself in shape. I love your preference for movies and TV shows.
Unfortunately, I don't have a photo with my parents at all. Because they don't like taking photos. But I will definitely take a photo with my parents and send it to you. I couldn't find a photo with my friend Anna, I'll post it tomorrow. ))
Unfortunately I have to keep working again. I will have to finish my letter. I will look forward to your new reply!
Best regards, Nadezhda.
Letter 5
Good afternoon dear Nico!
As always, I am very happy about your new answer. How are you? How is your day today? This morning I met my best friend Anna before my work. I told you about her in my last letter. She noticed that I have become cheerful lately. After all, before I was completely different. I told her that I met you. She is very happy for me. I hope you don’t mind what I told her about our acquaintance? :)
I like going to cinemas, theaters, museums. We have only 1 cinema in the city. There are very few places for entertainment in our city. I like music. I listen to almost all music. It all depends on the mood. I am interested to know your tastes and preferences. I usually listen to music at home and do the cleaning or cooking. I love to cook in my spare time. Cooking takes a long time. Therefore, I do not cook every day. Would you like to taste Russian cuisine from me? ;-) I like doing sports. I try to keep track of my figure. But unfortunately in the city I can only run. There is absolutely no free time to visit the gym. In the summertime, I like to swim in the local river. She is not far from the city. As a child, I often went to swim on this river. And in winter I try to ski. Especially on a frosty morning in the forest. It's just unforgettable. You merge with nature and do not think about anything.
Why didn't you submit your photos? I asked you about it, but you never sent the photo. Why? I'm sorry that your past relationship was bad. I think that family is the most important thing for everyone. I hope that you are all right and that you do not miss your father much. It is very good that your relatives visit you, they love you, take care of you and worry about you, because they are not indifferent to you.
I went to the mobile operator where I bought a SIM card. I wanted to know about calls abroad. A mobile office worker told me that my data plan does not include international calls. Unfortunately, at the moment I cannot call you. But I really want to hear your voice. Write me your phone number. I'll try to find another way to call you. So we can talk on the phone. Unfortunately, I only have a stable Internet at work. I will leave you my phone number +79877307179. Try to call me, maybe you can do it. I hope I didn't upset you. I think these are just temporary difficulties.
By the way, I am sending you a photo with my friend Anna. I promised to send you today. These photos were taken in the winter of 2021. I remember this day very much. On this day, Anna and I went skiing to the forest and I really liked it. I was so tired that day, we went skiing almost all day. Do you like skiing?
This concludes my letter. I need to work. I will be waiting for your new photos.
Your Nadezhda.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Nico!
Thanks for your new answer. How are you? How is your day today? What is the weather in your area today?
I have a lot of work today. I'm tired. I need to work a lot with documents in accounting. But I found some free time at work to write you my letter. After all, to write you a letter, I spend almost an hour of my time. But I am very interested in answering your letters. I am glad that our acquaintance continues.
Nico, tell me, how often do you drink alcohol? I do not abuse alcohol at all. Only on holidays do I allow myself a glass of wine. I don't mind if a man drinks alcohol. But this should be in moderation and rarely. I don’t want to quarrel over this. After all, many partners often quarrel over alcohol. Have you noticed this? I want my man to be happy without alcohol. And I will try to do my best to make him the happiest in life. I also do not abuse smoking. I don't smoke at all. But I will not mind my partner smoking. If he wants to smoke, then let him smoke.
Why haven't you submitted your photos yet? Am I asking a lot? I am very glad that you were rescued at that moment. After all, everything could have ended much worse. This was not the case with me. And my childhood was calm. I did not get into emergency situations where my life was in the balance. I don't quite understand what are you talking about? I never found out about my phone number. I don't live in that city at all. I've heard about him a couple of times. But she was not there.
Nico, now I want to write a little about my vacation. I have always spent my holidays with my parents or my best friend Anna before. I haven't had a vacation this year yet. It would be great to spend it together. We are adults and we must understand that we will not be able to communicate on the Internet forever. And that we need to make a meeting. Our communication will lead to a personal meeting. I don't even know yet when my vacation will be. But it would be great if we can meet.
Would you agree to be my guide?
I miss you already! I am awaiting your new reply with great interest. I send you my sweet kiss and my photo. This photo was taken in the village where my parents live, I came to them for the weekend just to take a break from the city and from work, and I also went to the bathhouse. I took a photo with my father's dog, the dog's name is Barbos, he is very cute and kind. He recently took him to his place and he is very small, but he is very active.
Now I will finish my letter with thoughts of you. Your Nadezhda.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Nico.
I received your answer. I get a smile on my face when I see your new letter in my mail. I am glad that you are writing to me. I am very interested in learning something new from you! How are you?
Nico, I hope my vacation is coming soon so that we can seriously discuss the plan for our meeting.
I have not yet told anyone about my plans for this soon vacation. Even my parents don't know anything yet. But I am sure that they will not mind if I spend my vacation abroad. After all, they always wished me only happiness. I have never been abroad. I think that soon I can be by your side! Before, I always spent my vacation in Russia. I have never traveled far away. But I already told you about it.
Why didn't you submit your photos? Was it that hard? Also, I wanted to know more about you. Thank you for your kind words. I'm very pleased. Nico, I'm really glad we found each other. Our acquaintance is something new for me. You are very interesting man. I am very glad every day to get to know you even better every day! I want to believe that our relationship will not end only through correspondence. I am writing this to you sincerely and I want to be honest with you. I wish to meet with you in person! I hope that you agree with me? I want to see you in reality, talk to you. Learn a lot about you. You attracted me very much. I communicate with you very little and it seems that I have known you all my life. I want there to be no secrets between us. I think that honesty, trust and understanding are the most important thing in a relationship. I trust you! You can ask me anything, and I will gladly answer you everything!
I am sending you my old photos. These photos were taken back in 2015. You can see that in these photos I am young and in the prime of life. On this day, I was with my relatives and they also have very cute dogs. On this day, there was a festive mood, since a few days later the New Year began. Do you enjoy spending time with your relatives? It would be interesting to know your opinion.
Now I will finish my letter with thoughts of you. I send you my sweet kiss. I will also wait for your photos.
Letter 8
Hello my lovely Nico !!!
I have good news for you. Today I spoke with my boss about my vacation. My vacation starts on March 7th!
I have already said that my vacation will last 30 days. Are you satisfied with the date of my vacation?
Our first meeting will be the most important event in my life. I understand that you can be busy at work or other things. This is not a problem at all. I can find something to do. I think that only a personal meeting can help us get to know each other much better to introduce us.
Why didn't you submit your photos? I ask you to do this in every letter, but for some reason you did not send a photo in this letter. Can you explain to me what the problem is? Thank you for your kind words. But I would like you to talk more about yourself. Understand? I believe that your feelings are real. But I'm also interested in getting to know you better. After all, we are already serious people and quite adults. So you have to take it seriously.
I really want us to be happy together. Therefore, I will be glad for a happy continuation after our meeting. For me, a trip to you will be an unforgettable experience. I think that soon our dreams will come true. I hope you had no other plans. And you can find time for our meeting and spend more time with me. I do not want to lose the chance that fate gives us!
Today my parents will come to visit me. I want to tell them about you. I think they will be very happy for both of us. I also send you my photos. These photos were taken recently, in my city. I just decided to walk around the beautiful city and took a photo next to the theater, I think it turned out beautifully. How do you like my photos?
This concludes my letter. I have to work. I am waiting for your prompt reply. Kiss. Your tender Nadezhda.
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