Scam letter(s) from Kate Greateka to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend.! Where is your home? I'm called Cat, i'm 34 years of age. And yet I am able to keep a little love in my love heart and I desire to exchange this with proper guy. i'm actually searching for my better half, a man who's over 30 who's searching a serious partnership, only Australia! We can analyze one another much better via communication or perhaps through a mug of espresso, if I'm an appealing lady for you. Maybe we can be good friends at some point or maybe even much more than close friends! I live in Sydney area. Hopefully that I did not bore you to death you because of this letter & I look forward to your reply.
Letter 2
Thank you for your answer. I am so happy. I was thinking if you would remember me. You should as you gave me your mail and asked me to write. Nothing? Well, that doesn't matter. I am just happy you are interested. I have to be very careful, so I have joined this website. My BF is very suspecious and jealous and checks everything else I got. Had to give him password to all social medias. I just quickly made this mail to write you, as I havn't forgotten you. But join that site, so we can talk and arrange a date fast. I got same pictures and name as this mail. I am waiting for you. Contact me at and (: Kate Greateka
Letter 3
Hello, I'm looking for someone who wants to have *** with me. I'm using my friend's email, because mine is hacked. Do not reply to this email, but make yourself a free profile so that we can make an appointment and have *** soon, contact me at and (: Kate Greateka
Letter 4
If you already are thinking about pressing "delete", then wait a second and let me explain. I do not want to make a movie and then show everybody. You nuts? I also got friends and family and my father would strangle me, if he knew I was making movies, when I have ***, but that's how it is. I do enjoy it and I have to admit. I also use those movies, when I watch them again and think about the feeling, when your hard **** was in my *****, mouth and ***! I hope. I do not scare you with such a request, but rather turn you on! If so, then find me. I do not wish others know what I want to do or what I like. Here I am safe and anonymous. You probably also don't want the whole world to know, what you like in bed, right? Just our business. And when we gonna start that business? Contact me at and (: Kate Greateka
Letter 5
Seeking a craftsmanCute girl looks for a very deep ****** relationship. I would like to find someone here who really knows how to do it and not the usual fake stallions. I am a lover of foreplay and **** ***, but clearly I also like doing a good **** *********** and finally feel the **** entering my ***. contact me at and (: Kate Greateka
Letter 6
Have great appetite for men
I've made a bet with two of my friends to see who will have a stranger in bed first. So I entered this chat for singles You have to help me to win this bed. Maybe you can register here also and send me a message. Thanks for your help. Contact me at and (: Kate Greateka
Letter 7
You can *** more than one time?
I'm looking for new experiences, new encounters, something spicy to rekindle the fire in me. If you like me want to transgress you can find me here with this name (NICKNAME). I like to consider myself a princess, but not just any one, I want to be the princess and the pea. The important thing is that it is a really nice ****. contact me at and (: Kate Greateka
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