Scam letter(s) from Paula Armstrong to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Hi dear!In today's situation, it is very difficult to find joy in life, especially when you love close contact. When it's hard to meet friends and make new acquaintances. At such a time, all that remains is to meet with friends online, but no real joy. And at this time, I really want to snuggle up to the body of my beloved and surrender to the joys. That is why I recently opened profile and shared it for everyone... I really want to strong hot men!!!
Click my picture! Come in, rate my profile. And if you like me, I hope for meeting!
I will wait for your answerKiss you contact me at
Letter 2
Can you give me a lot of ***?
I have always had a fantasy about a man who can do what he wants with me. It would be nice just to lie there and you turn and move my body. You take what you want and do what turn you on. I just enjoy and recieve . Could you make my fantasy real? I bow and nod, hihi. It has taken me some time to gather the courage to write. If it had taken too much time I would probably have backed out. Now I have no choice and that is nice. We can be at my place, if you want. I have a box of toys which can be handy, I think. Otherwise we have to suffice with my body. If you want to see my body and have more contact with me, then go here. Waiting and longing. contact me at and Paula Armstrong
Letter 3
Naughty fantasies that must be lived out
Hi, I am single and I work as a teacher. It is an important job as you are responsible for shaping the future generation. And I love kids so that is perfect. And I remember from the time I went to school that we had a very strict principal. And for some reason he really turned me on. There was just something about him. Of course it never became anything else but fantasies, but I have had them ever since. And now I just feel I have to realize them. I got keys to the school so I don’t know what you think about that we one day sneak in and go up to the principal’s office and you “punish” me? Spank me, force me to **** you and then take me across the desk? You want to see the “naughty pupil?” You can do that here. Write my profile as I sometimes share my mail with colleagues and I don’t want to risk my job for a fantasy, do I? And it have to be in the evening when the school is empty. So when do you got time? Maybe a weekend or what do you think? Contact me at and Kiss Paula Armstrong
Letter 4
You can teach me some tricks?
Hi, I'm a fresh and happy woman. I'm single and I have not had anything for a long time, but I hope you will change that? Now I just have to warn you. I love getting itfrom behind. Yes, there! I can scream very hard when I get it there. And I hope we can meet soon, because I'm just so desperate eventually. You probably want to see me? You can do it here. Write when it suits you. And where, and then we look at it. Contact me at and Kiss Paula Armstrong
Letter 5
I want to see you
Hi, I don’t know about you, but I like to super spontaneous. I would sit and yap for ages about my life, but it is more fun when you meet face to face. Also you can fast get a feeling if the chemistry is right. So let’s wait talking about that stuff. Then we are also sure to have something to talk about, right? What you say? You game for some mischief? What is that, you think? Well, that is what we are going to find out when we meet. See me here. Drop a line about when you got time and then we agree on when and where we can meet. Contact me at Kiss Paula Armstrong
Letter 6
It has to be good from the start, try me!
Hello.. I did think you wouldn't remember me. We chatted for some time ago and then you suddenly just stoppede writing me. I did never understand why. What did I do wrong? I will be honest and say, I have been writing with others, but they just don't appeal to me as much as you did. Unfortunately I was ****** and used this mail and now my inbox is one big chaos. But I have joined so you and I can talk about this. You said yourself I just had to write you. And you gave me your mail. So I just want to know, what I did wrong. Why you lost interest in me. Is that not fair? and Paula Armstrong
Letter 7
We live close to eachother
I want to know if there is a way to get first in line so you dont' have to sit and wait so long every time you want to get it going? I think there is a kind of incitement. There always is and I don't think you are different at all when it comes to that? Now I want to know what is required by me to get first in line. I know there is a way as I wrote before. I know that everybody has a "price" or whatever you can call it? Maybe it is enough with a ******* to get first in line, but I am thinking: Why sell yourself cheaper than you have to? There are quite a few in line right now, right? Another reason to really get going. I want you to click here and give me a counter offer. I want to be with you. Get in touch, so we can make plans. Contact me at and Hugs Paula Armstrong
Letter 8
I came back more charged than before. Hello. I'm a single woman. I often talk to my girlfriends and they tell about all the wonderful things they experience in the bedroom. I can not help but sit and blush a little, because unfortunately I do not have. I might also think it may be because I have chosen the wrong men. It's just two jerks and a pass. Forget about ****. It’s been like this for too long, so now I think I should find a mature, experienced lover who knows what women like and who can last longer! I so want to experience something naughty and good, not just the quick laps. Maybe meet a few times a week. That would be perfect for me. I am very flexible with time too. You can see my pictures here. I only reply from my profile as I do not use mail that often. Contact me and Kiss Hugs Paula Armstrong
Letter 9
You like when women got tight jeans on? I am so tired of society. It seems like everything is wrong! You can hardly look at a woman anymore or give a compliment. How do they imagine, you going to get a date now? Before there were no problems at all. Nowadays you don't dare to do anything. You thought about that or what you say? Yes, it is weird that all has to go so far. I am quite aware of there a sick people. But not everybody is like that! It almost like all men are evil. As said tired of this society. Now I want to be naughty and do what you might like to say: You want to *****? hihi. Jump in here Write me and then we can agree on something nice. Change a bit how things are. Then at least you and I can have a good time. Contact me at and (: Paula Armstrong
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