Scam letter(s) from Victoria to Roger (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Roger.
How are you? I am always happy to get your reply. A man's interest in a single woman is always a gift for her.
By your letters I can notice that you are an intelligent and nice man. This is a compliment for you. ;)
I feel that we have a lot in common - we share the same thoughts and point of views.
I am sure that we will find some common topics for our communication if we meet in the future. What do you think about it?
I want to continue to correspond with you. So, please, do not stop writing your letters to me.
I would love to tell you something. Perhaps you will be surprised… But I had no relationship with a man for two years.
My last relationship with a man ended because of his betrayal. Now I am scared of being deceived again because frivolous men used my trust before.
I would love to trust my man completely. Honesty between partners is important for development of love and relations!
Treason brought a huge pain for me. Have you felt this before? I do not want this to happen again.
I’m even glad that I had such unhappy relationships because they made me wiser. I can “smell” the frivolous intentions of any men now.
My bad experience with men helps me to distinguish a lie from the truth. But like all the women I want to be weak sometimes, to be a beloved woman protected by my man. I hope you understand me. Do you believe in love? Do you want to start a family in the near future?
What is the ideal family for you? Please, reply to me as often as you can. Our correspondence is becoming important for me. I hope for you too.
I will wait for your reply and new photos soon.
Letter 2
Hello, Roger!
How are you? I ask you to forgive me for my rare letters. I work here a lot.
I work as a nanny in a Russian-English family here in Melbourne. This family has a three year old daughter.
This three-year-old daughter is my job! Sometimes I spend 24 hours with her. So I don't have much free time.
My duties as a nanny are the following: have to feed, dress, go for walks, play development games, teach Russian.
I hope that you understand the duties of a nanny. Therefore, I will not talk about this in detail. You should know one thing.
I'm waiting for your new letter with impatience always. I remember my childhood. I was waiting for a birthday present.
I remember this feeling of expecting a gift. Do you remember your childhood? Do you miss your childhood?
It was a careless time. I miss my childhood very much. My family cared a lot about me. And I had no problems and worries during my childhood.
I dream of being loved and protected of my BELOVED MAN. I hope that you understand what I want to explain to you?
Every woman wants to be a little weak next to her beloved man. I believe in sincere love.
I think that all people around the world can find it. I'm a romantic girl and I often dream. I will tell you about one of my dreams. Sea ... Wild beach ...
A light breeze flutter my hair. The sun goes beyond the horizon. I am lying on this beach with my man.
We drink dry red wine and look at this beautiful scarlet sunset. And at this moment we understand that this is real happiness! We cuddle ...;)
Do you dream of such things? I am interested in you. I like some of your character traits: kindness, responsibility (your letters show it), gallantry, care. Please do not waste this qualities on empty women! Remember this!
I'm looking for a man who keeps promises and does not say empty words. This man will always support and understand me.
And he must love ***. :) Do you like ***? *** is good ONLY when partners are in love with each other!
*** is a very important part of the relationship between lovers. My dear friend, I want to ask some questions.
If you have the opportunity to have dinner with any person in the world, who will it be? Do you like kids?
Are you a religious person? Describe the ideal woman for you. Do you like singing? When was the last time you sing?
Do you like sports? I hope that you will love my new letter. I think about you often. I am waiting for your new letter with a photo.
With my best wishes.
Your friend Victoria
Letter 3
Hello Roger! I'm glad that we continue our communication. I hope that with each new letter we will know each other better. I was scared that you will not answer to my letter. But you have answered, and thank you for this and for your warm compliments. Any woman loves it and I am not an exception. A woman gets a double size of pleasure when a HANDSOME MAN gives such pleasant words for her.;) I see that you are older than me. So I have a question for you, is our age difference a problem for you? I am sure that sincere love has no age, nationality, distance and other obstacles. What do you think about it? I'm very romantic. I believe in sincere love between a man and a woman. I'm looking for a man who will sincerely love and respect me. Also this man should have a good heart. I am an idealist in my views about love. I am using the Internet to find the right man, because it saves time. I can choose a man who will match my search criteria. And I will not waste time on phone conversations and meetings with man who does not suit me. I can know a man better before meeting in reality. Do you understand me?
I told you a few things about myself already, but here are some more facts about my life. Now I live and work in Melbourne. I work as a nanny with a 3-year-old girl in a Russian-English family. I was born in Russia in the city of St. Petersburg. My family lives in Russia. It is my mother (62 years) and a younger sister (17 years). My mom does not work now, she is retired. My sister is studying "tourism" at the university. My father lives in Vyborg. My parents have been divorced for 4 years. He has another family. Sadly my relationship with my father leaves much to be desired. He did not pay much attention to our family but nevertheless we communicate from time to time. I love my family very much. So I came to Australia to work when I received an offer. I make good money here and can help my family in Russia I like reading books, dancing, watching movies, visiting theaters, shopping too. :) I like to listen to good music: Rock'n'Roll (U2, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode, Oasis), Pop music (Therr Maitz, James Blunt, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, Adele), Dance Music (Dj Tiesto, Bob Sinclair, David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren), classic music a little bit. What kind of music do you like? I do sports: fitness, stretching, swimming. I enjoy watching good films: melodramas, historical films, comedy, thrillers, romantic films and horror sometimes. What movies do you enjoy watching? I love cooking. Every Sunday I cook some delicious food. It already became my good tradition.
I'm finishing the letter here. I have some questions for you. What your future woman should be like and look like (appereance, character…)? How do you imaging the first date with your future woman? Please, tell me about your family. Do you have any siblings? Please, be attentive, do not miss my questions, please answer to all of them! Dialogue is a good key for growing relations! We are both single. Therefore, we can write to each other and may be our correspondence will help us to change this. Our letters are the best remedy to cure loneliness. I am waiting for your reply and new photos soon!
With best wishes, Victoria
Letter 4
Hello, Roger.
Please tell me, did you get my last email? My friend told me that an email from me got into her spam folder. I thought maybe my last email to you got into your spam folder too? As I didn't receive any reply from you. Are you still interested in getting to know each other?
Hope to get your reply anyway, even if you are not interested. Just let me know about it for me not to keep idle hopes.
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