Scam letter(s) from Christana Holmes to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Do you want? It's all up to you
Hi. How are you? This might sound strange, but I just got divorced. And the only thing I really got of value is a cabin in the woods. Really big with big rooms and a nice fireplace. I have been there quite a few times, but alone. And it is just a lonely feeling. Also I did not invite anybody cuz I was still depressed after the divorce. He found a younger woman. Now I really feel lonely and would like to have some company. And also, that is a nice way to meet and get to know a new sexpartner. Yes, sorry, only sexpartner. I still feel I do not want to commit myself to a new steady relationship, but I really miss ***. That's also why I have joined this site. I do not want my ex to see what I am seeking or what I am doing. He is still kind of stalking me. And here I feel safe. I hope, I see you there. I am going to the cabin for a weekend soon. You want to come? Contact me at (: Yuri Okinamoto
Letter 2
I haven't had *** for a long time. You can give me some?
Why not spice up an evening or a weekend with a foambath? Come to my villa for a nice bath in my jacuzzi. I will invite you to some snacks. You can bring drinks and I will make the dinner. I got very curious about how lovely and hot we can feel in the bath. We light a lot of candles and I got music in the spa. We will feel really hot! What you think about my suggestion? I do not bite. I promise. For some time ago I signed up to a serious site. I have heard that really many have found love there. Sign up so we can meet already this weekend. Get in touch, so we can meet in a hurry. contact me at (: Hugs. Yuri Okinamoto
Letter 3
Let's meet this week.
I am so tired of society. It seems like everything is wrong! You can hardly look at a woman anymore or give a compliment. How do they imagine, you going to get a date now? Before there were no problems at all. Nowadays you don't dare to do anything. You thought about that or what you say? Yes, it is weird that all has to go so far. I am quite aware of there a sick people. But not everybody is like that! It almost like all men are evil. As said tired of this society. Now I want to be naughty and do what you might like to say: You want to *****? hihi. Jump in here. Write me and then we can agree on something nice. Change a bit how things are. Then at least you and I can have a good time. contact me at (: Yuri Okinamoto
Letter 4
Let's do something cool!
Hello. I'm a single woman. I often talk to my girlfriends and they tell about all the wonderful things they experience in the bedroom. I can not help but sit and blush a little, because unfortunately I do not have.
I might also think it may be because I have chosen the wrong men. It's just two jerks and a pass. Forget about ****. It’s been like this for too long, so now I think I should find a mature,
experienced lover who knows what women like and who can last longer! I so want to experience something naughty and good, not just the quick laps. Maybe meet a few times a week. That would be perfect for me.
I am very flexible with time too. You can see my pictures here. I only reply from my profile as I do not use mail that often. Contact me at Kiss. (: Yuri Okinamoto
Letter 5
Now that I'm starting to think, do you want to be with me?
It seems hard to get laid nowadays. Why I don't know. But I am sitting alone here, and that really *****. Is there a guys who is sitting alone and feel like coming here and have a nice time with a nice and ***** woman? In that case get in touch straight away. I hope you get in touch so we can change this and don't have to sit alone and be bored. I am willing as **** as I have not gotten any for too long. I think we should arrange something very quick. you can write me here? It's a nice site which allows us to get in touch quick and plan whenever we want. I dont' want to share personal stuff here. Might be ******, I think. So go go in there and get in touch as fast as you just can! Waiting for you! Contact me at (: Yuri Okinamoto
Letter 6
Now that I'm starting to think, do you want to be with me?
Thank you for your response, now I was so happy, most importantly is to have a good heart. I love to take care of the man in all ways. Have lots of love to share. I wrote to you since I found an ad of yours online and we come from the same place. Here you can see more pictures of me hope you like me even if I am big and have some extra kg, I love to cuddle. Leave a message there and we can arrange how we meet. Contact me at Kiss (: Yuri Okinamoto
Letter 7
I need something hard and *****! Can you give it to me?
Hello, I'm still interested in you after you gave me a good impression. You gave me your mail, hope you're still ready for a non-binding match, even if you're in a relationship or single, you can trust me, I'm discreet. Please create a free profile on this page then we can arrange something discreet right away. Have added some cool pictures here. Hope you write soon so that we can meet, Contact me at kiss (: Yuri Okinamoto
Letter 8
Let's meet for a drink.
"I have recently become aware of this side of myself, I want to learn to live it to the fullest. With discretion, intelligence and lots of fun. I don't like violence, I like being courted, I am very excited by the game of getting to know each other more and more until I have a lot of *** together. I am here with this name (NICKNAME). I wait for you. Contact me at (: Yuri Okinamoto
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