Scam letter(s) from Mavis Lee to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
I'm single. I've been for a while now. I'm not really looking for anything fixed either, but I do miss some action in the bedroom. I hope you can give it to me. And very much like before long, So? You must just see me, right? You can do it here. But I want that we meet quickly. Isn't that fair? (: Christina Washington
Letter 2
It's me. We have been talking on a chat site, I hope you remember me. Why don't we try it again. I miss you and I want to know how you're doing. Let's talk here where you can see me with all my pictures. It would be great to make an appointment so let's talk about it. Hope to hear soon from you. Contact me at (: Christina Washington
Letter 3
Are you open for everything, want to meet and get to know each other?
Dear. I would like to know you. Will you tell me where you come from? I hope this is not far from me. Otherwise it would be a shame! Please only write to me here and my name is . You will not regret it! Contact me at at Lovely wishes (: Christina Washington
Letter 4
Why did you not want to go on a date with me?
I understand that you may not only be able to sleep with me right now, but if you can tomorrow or next weekend, can you check me out and see if you even turn me on? I have not been with anyone for several months, that is probably why I feel so impatient hehe! It's clear you do not just want to come and sleep with a stranger? But if you can imagine dating me over a few beers a little quickly and then sleep with me if it feels good, then I want to bet on you. I want to dress in the raffset and have high heels and it is straight pipes that apply? I'll be happy to **** you in! Check out and I hope we can decide something immediately? Contact me at (: Christina Washington.
Letter 5
Seeking a craftsman
Hi there. How are you feeling? I hope you were not too shocked by the headline? Yes, and that's what you think it is. I've just always been on tis. There is just something about it that gives it extra in the beginning, in the middle or at the end. Without it, I just feel like something is missing. Because it should preferably be done while we are well underway, right? You can see my pictures here and then decide for yourself if I am worth your rays. I am wildly ready and am very flexible with time. I only respond from my profile and nothing else. This is very personal, private and discreet, but write and let's meet for a talk on how exactly it should go. Contact me at and (: Christina Washington
Letter 6
Hello, it's your hot fantasy
Hi, I just moved to this area and I still don't know anyone. I would like to meet a man with a lot of experience in bed so that I can learn all the latest *** positions. I'm willing to do anything. I made a profile on the free site so that you can contact me at and Kiss (: Christina Washington
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