Scam Letter(s) from Roza Gordeeva to Tony (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi my friend Tony!
I thought that you will not answer me. I have made it because wanted to find the friend, and may also the love... I have visited agency which is engaged in acquaintances through the Internet. I have asked them, I can find the friend or love. They have told what yes, you may find. They gave me your profile and they have written to you my first letter. I am very happy that you answered to me. . In this letter I will tell to you slightly about myself. I was born in 5 May and I live now in Ioshkar-Ola city in the Russian Federation If you interestingly I can tell to you about mine republic and my city... Ioshkar Ola has the status of historical city. The population of city makes - 279,4 thousand persons, of them Russian 67,7 , Mari 24,0 of Tatars of 4,3 and other nationalities of 4,0 , all more than 60 nationalities. The territory of municipal formation(education) City of Ioshkar Ola makes 10,9 thousand hectare. Conducting industries in city - mechanical engineering and metal working. The largest factories - machine-building, semi-conductor devices, Electroautomatics, Contact, trading mechanical engineering, wood mechanical engineering tool. The food-processing industry is submitted vitamin, dairy, canning by factories, a meat-packing plant and confectionery factory. Ioshkar Ola is the major transport highway of republic, large industrial and transport unit. In city works about 9 thousand cargo and specialized automobiles, 1,5 thousand buses, minibuses and a fixed-route taxi, 53,5 thousand cars, 116 trolley buses. Annually the volume of transportations of cargoes general purpose transport makes about 504 thousand tons, the passenger turnover reaches(achieves) about 200 million passenger / kilometer. In city of Ioshkar Ola of 5 theatres, 3 museums, 4 cinemas, 54 libraries of all departments. There are sports halls, shaping clubs and set of other entertaining institutions. There is a construction of the new entertaining and cultural centres. From objects of formation - 4 HIGH SCHOOLS in which studies over 14 thousand students, 38 general educational and 2 evening schools where it is trained 42,2 thousand pupils and 87 children's preschool establishments on 12,8 thousand places. The population of republic of 758,9 thousand persons (from them 470,8 thousand city; 288,1 thousand - rural). Population density - 32,7 persons on 1 sq. km. The characteristic of the population: mari - 43,3 , Russian - 47,5 percents, Tatars - 5,9 percents, other nationalities of the Russian Federation - Chuvashs, Udmurts, mordva, ukraine and etc. (more than 50 nationalities) - 3,3 percents. Territory of republic of 23,2 thousand square kilometers. (57 percents - wood landscapes, 38,9 percents - agricultural landscapes, 1 percent - bogs, 3 percents - reservoirs). The big and small rivers - 476, major rivers - 11, large lakes - from above 200. The geographical description (number of administrative units): cities of republican submission - 3, cities of regional submission - 1, areas - 14, settlements of city type - 17, rural administrations - 179, rural settlements - 1632. The infrastructure - in territory of republic operates 8 airports, including 1 - interrepublican value, there are railway and road service station, 17 railway stations, 30 passenger autostations, river port in Kozmodem'yansk city on Volga, 5 ports of local value, adaptations for unloading barges. The economic potential of republic does not differ presence of a plenty of industrially significant natural resources. At the same time Respublika Maria El& has large stocks brick tile raw material, sand, a stone building, peat. Investigation of other minerals is conducted. Respubliki Maria El's basic natural riches is the wood which borrows(occupies) more than 50 percents of territory. Near my house there is a park. I with my girlfriends like to walk there. In park it is a lot of trees and fountains. Where you like to carry spend a free time? I shall tell to you slightly about the work. I work as the teacher in the music school. I teach children of age 8-12 years. I very much love the work because I love children. Unfortunately I don't have children. I never be marriage but I really want it. I very much want to have family and children's. I play on musical tools: the piano and a guitar. Do you may play on the musical tools? I like to listen to different music. I like to listen Madonna and more Russians singers i like classic music too. What music do you like listen? Do you heard about Russians singers Alsu? She is the Russian singer. I like she song. She plays the rock. I like sports. I like to play tennis. Do you play tennis? What sports do you like? It is very interesting to me, i want know about you more more and more. Please answer to my questions!!! It is very impotent to me. I think that we will be a good friends. I send to you my photo. Do you like my photo? I waiting with impatience your letter. P.S Excuse me for my English. I don't very well speak in English and I use the dictionary. Unfortunately I don't have computer in my home and I write to you from Internet - cafe. Bye-bye Your new friend Anna



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