Scam letter(s) from Emilia Robb to Lance (USA)

Letter 1
How many miles left I believe you baby About 985miles I will marry you tonight Yes baby I will marry you tonight I got it Get my ring available tonight baby Yes baby I love you Get your gas just let me know when you're taking off 12 hours should be enough I’ll always want you for ever baby I love you more baby I’m getting gas now Yes baby every hour I love you baby I did not lie baby I’m back on the road now baby I was so tired and I took a sleep I didn’t know it was gonna take long baby I promise I’ll I’ll make it this midnight baby I know I made you mad but am sorry baby I tried telling you But my phone won’t even work good for a time Okay nothing happened to me baby I’m sorry baby I’m driving now I just felt like sleeping cos I was tired I tried texting you but my phone won’t even let me text sometimes Yes baby I’m sorry I slept I’m getting back on road now baby I’m sorry baby Emillia where are you you I've been looking for you all day and you didn't show up you don't call nothing where are you right now I’m sorry baby If you don't talk to me right now don't ever call me don't ever talk to me ever again that's what I'm telling you where are you right now I’m heading to Utah already Denver I’m not going back home I won’t ever go back home I am not lying I swear I’m not going back home baby I’m coming to Vegas I’ll get to Utah soon I hope then I’ll get to Vegas in midnight I swear baby I didn’t go back home I can’t come all this far and turn back home at this point no,I didn’t turn back home baby I have been driving over 18hours without sleep so I just tried to avoid having accidents, so I thought I should sleep then I tried texting you but my phone *****,I thought the message went through but it didn’t,I didn’t wake us soon not until now baby …I’m really sorry I’m on my way to Utah now You went on to talk to my friends but they told you I’m a con artist,why won’t they say that did you know most of them wanna marry me but I said no I turned them down so didn’t you think they’ll say good things about me since they know I’m engaged to you definitely they’ll want us to separate so they can have chances to marry me but no Hey **** I’m in Green river Utah I told you no matter what if you call me scam I’m still coming because I’m focused and determined You can call me a liar or ******* scam but I don’t care about that ,all I know is that I’m getting married to you My decision is that I want you but how do we do this without having arguments all time,I’m still very much near you I’m just 7hours plus drive to you which means I can get there before night Okay I’ll get there,I used the remaining money I had to eat since I g couldn’t get to you I’ll need little bucks for gas I don’t have enough I got close like 3hours to you but now I’m almost 8hours far now Okay baby I’m in grand junction junction CO Okay I’m getting on road now **** Okay baby I’m driving Just checking in baby I’m still driving Almost got to St George Utah baby I'm gonna send u 2 cards One for 20 Your really in st george Yes baby You know I do baby I love you so much Check for steam wallet I got the first 25 honey Amazon shouldn’t take long You can buy amazon Trying to cash the amazon Because nothing for me ever works out since ve been in this house I ought to just cut my wrists and get it over with Get me card I won’t bother you I am not tired of driving I’m not arguing either I just want to know what is my associates that tried to steal your money,okay baby I’m just wondering We can always talk about it went I come today okay,find the 200 hidden and get me a card I need to be with you today okay,do that as first when you wake up baby and I only deleted the Facebook you’ll also see my phone when I get there okay I love you
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