Scam letter(s) from Alina Rubashkina to Kantaros (Holland)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Kantaros,
I'm really looking forward to our meeting on 16. February at your airport !!
Please don't leave me here alone at the airport, I don't want to be alone, I want to come to you.
I am not fooling you I swear I'm telling the truth I don’t want any disagreements between us, and I will fight for my meeting with you until the very end, and that's what your eyes would see that I am here in Moscow and that I flew here in order to transfer to another plane and fly to you, I, as proof of my words, send you two photos, so that your eyes could see that I am telling you the truth. Right now I'm all thinking about why you still haven't sent me help with money, and I came to the conclusion that you just don't have cash on hand right now, and I figured out what you need to do, just please start acting the moment you read it. Ask your acquaintance, friend, parent, neighbor, for a loan of 420 dollars.
And tell him that on 16. February in the evening as I arrive, together we will return his money to him.
You just need to ask for a loan of 420 dollars, and then I will return the money back.
Or ask your acquaintance, friend, relative to make a loan money transfer, also in my name and surname , and then let him send a copy of the document, so that I can know all the details of the money transfer, his full name and surname, and what exact amount he sent, because as I have already consulted in the office and I was told that all this is necessary to know when receiving a money transfer. Send money yourself or ask your friend to send me money Send me 420 dollars after work today or tomorrow morning.
Through offices near you, the: Ria or Western Union.
And you can also try sending money online through Worldremit. Maybe you have little knowledge about where the nearest office is located, and here's what I can do for you, I'll give you a link to the official site offices Ria or Western Union I will give you another link by clicking on it where the closest Ria office is in your area.
To see the closest Ria office you need to open the official website.
Ria: Enter your city and find out where to have a Ria office nearby And if you don't know where to find a Western Union office You can find a Western Union near you on the official website. Enter your zip code or city in the free fields to see where nearby Western Union is. When you're busy and can't go to the office. Now try to open the official website and make a transfer to me online The fastest way when you make an online transfer to Russia by my Name and Surname DIANA PURTSAKINA via the official website online.
Look here: Send help with money, on my name and surname, as follows: DIANA PURTSAKINA
street Sovetskaya 25
city Tutayev
Postal code 152303
Russian Federation
420 dollars
My birthday 19.02.1988 After you send the money,
would you be so kind as to send me
and do scan copy of the document (receipt, check, payment confirmation) what you are given in the office.
or you can get it on official website when you make a transfer in your personal western union account. I need to make sure the money is sent
and then after that i get your help with money here at airport. I understand that your country has simple rules for receiving money and your country has its own laws But I live in a different country, and here where I am are different laws!
And I obey the rules in my country. Do you understand?
And so that I don't have any problems receiving your help, I ask you that it will be better if you send photo copy of document, copy which you make your smartphone. a fully expanded copy, in which I can read all the details of the money transfer, the sender, the exact amount, and everything else. You are all I have now. Don't push me away.
I have no one beside but you. I don't know ANYONE here in Moscow! Forgive me that I have to ask you for help, but this is all because I am in a hopeless situation now! Perhaps you once had a similar condition, and after all, anyone can be in my place and cry for help! You, too, can be the same hostage to the situation and you, too, can have a sad moment in life! Here I am now in a sad moment of my life.
And so I ask you not to turn your back on me. Please help me now! I swear to you and I promise you that I will not ask you for any more help!
I only need your help 1 time. I do not want and will not ask you for something again! I'm really looking forward to our meeting on 16. February at your airport !!
Please make a money order today to my name and surname DIANA PURTSAKINA Or ask your acquaintance, relative, friend, neighbor, boss at work, any person who is able to lend you money, just for 1 day, and to be precise, loan until the evening of 16. February.
Because as soon as you meet me at your airport, then after that we go and together return this money that you borrowed.
and together we will return the money to your relative, friend, neighbor, acquaintance, boss at work.
Ask anyone you know and close to you to make a money transfer in my name and surname, the amount of $ 420 loan. And after you make a money transfer,
please send me a scancopy or photographed copy of the document, so that I could see all the details of the money transfer with my own eyes!
Your Diana
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