Scam letter(s) from Julia Kannikova to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
how are you, my friend Sam!? Can I call you a friend? are we already friends, or not yet?
I would really like us to become at least good friends!
It Yuliya! But all friends call Julia or Oksi or Yulchik or Yulenka. There are still a lot of little things about my name. Remember what I wrote to you ???
I really liked your photo! please keep sending me your photos!
it's been a few days since I wrote you my few words in the hope that you will answer me. I am very happy now that I can write to you today! please forgive me for answering you only today.
I lost access to my e-mail, and only this week our system administrator restored access to it. Just today I'm reopening your letter, and writing to you!
but I am writing from another e-mail, because the system administrator recommended creating a new one for personal purposes.
But besides the fact that I was busy at work, I also had great doubts about the need for this acquaintance......
now my head is full of thoughts and ideas about what I want to write to you today!
I hope that today you will find time to read my letter, and you will certainly answer me!
Sam, today is already December 10th, and winter has come into its own in Russia! there is snow all around, there are no clouds in the sky, and the cold winter sun is shining brightly! it's very beautiful! and truly magical!
it seems to me that winter is the time for the rebirth of everything. the New Year holiday is coming soon, and it seems to me that the coming of the New Year is the most appropriate time to add something new to my life, to make changes in my boring and monotonous life.
That's why I'm taking a risk and writing to an unknown man. I want a change in my life this winter, and new experiences!
Sam, To be honest, I didn't expect to get your answer to my letter…
Why did you answer me anyway? After all, I didn't even tell you anything about me, I didn't give you my phone numbers. what are you interested in about me? or was it just curiosity?
I already told you that your e-mail was given to me at a dating agency. I'm trying to find a decent man to mate with. I 'm tired of being alone .
I also have to say that my friend Anna lives in Sheffield. she and I went to school together in the city of Berdsk. she had no parents, and she lived in an orphanage. but 20 years ago she was sheltered by a family from England, and we never saw each other again. now she has already married a man in England and they have 2 beautiful children boys.
she told me that men in the developed world are very decent people. she told me that you can only be truly happy with a man from Europe.
Now I'm afraid that you won't answer me. A lot of girls are trying to leave Russia. I expect you to think about everything today and make the right decision: whether to continue writing to me or not.
Sam, I hope that you will continue to write to me, because you are very interesting to me.
you have to pay attention to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to tell you a little bit about me. about two years ago I had a man. we were married for 15 months. it was love from school. I thought this was the man I was going to spend my whole life with. I really wanted to have a child, but he didn't want children. he liked to drink with his friends while I was alone at home.
And one day, when I returned from a business trip one day earlier, I found him in our bed with another woman. he cheated on me with my best friend! they acted very meanly! I had a big psychological trauma, now I will never love a man from Russia. I don't have any man right now. I hate Russian men.
By the way, I'm from Russia. the city of Berdsk. it is not far from the city of Novosibirsk. and about 3,500 kilometers from Moscow.
But you will probably be wondering: why did I write to you, because you live very far from my city? There are many reasons for this: Russia is not the best place to live. my dream is to build my life in a more developed country. but so far I have not succeeded..... I want to go where people are kinder and more civilized. I don't want to continue living in Russia. this is a country of crime and inhumane treatment of the population. I believe that everyone deserves better qualities of life, and I am ready for this step now. I thought for many years that we would start living well, but it's getting harder and harder every day. and it seems to me that you also know what is happening in my country right now.
I read a lot, sometimes I watch TV and understand that there are many wonderful places where everyone can make their own happiness with their own hands. there is enough freedom to have a decent life. I know that everyone gets what he earns himself. You have more opportunities to live with dignity.
Sam, I want to find a good man. I need an honest and decent man who will never insult and humiliate a woman. It's hard to find a good man in Russia.
But you must not think that I live very badly here. Even in our country, if a person aspires to something, he can achieve a lot. I am a very strong and purposeful woman and I am trying to make my life better.
I have a good family that helps me to struggle with all difficulties - these are my parents and my brother. But I am already 34 years old, time is running out, and I want to find someone who will love and protect me. I am fully ready to take a reciprocal step!
I don't want a man from Russia, because all our men are spoiled and most of them only want *** from a woman. I do not know a single Russian man except my dad and my brother who would treat a woman with respect and not put himself above her, that is, I consider them all arrogant and spoiled.
I have, as you must understand, the most serious intentions. I want to have a man who will love me forever, with whom we will be a great team on the way to achieving our joint goals!
It seems to me that our women are good enough and they deserve to live happily. I know that men in Europe are not like in Russia. You treat women much better and your feelings are always true, frank and lasting. You should know that I am a woman for whom love, loyalty, honesty are the most necessary feelings. I'm not spoiled by an easy life.
Well, I won't talk much about me today. You can get to know me better from my next letters. Now I will only say that I am 34 years old, my height is 168 centimeters, my weight is 56 kg. My birthday is December 25, 1986.
I hope you understand that I only need a serious relationship, that I am looking for a person I will love, who will love me. I want to leave Russia and have a better life. Sam, If you have serious intentions for me, then we will be a great couple!
I used to fight for my happiness and always achieve my goals. There are already a lot of things in my life that I have achieved on my own. I am not a poor woman, I have a good job, I get enough money to belong to the middle class in Russia, but this is not the most important thing at all. I have a rich inner world! Which my parents, school, and university helped me recruit. I am very grateful to them for this.
we spend a lot of time in our family circle. my mom and dad have been living together for 37 years. my brother is married and has a daughter. And only I don't have true love... I hope that with you I will find this love!
Sam, I will send you my photos and hope that you will appreciate me.
you will see a photo with a Charlie dog. I love animals. I hope this is not a problem for you? my parents have a dog, Charlie. and another photo of me eating a cake. it seems to me that this is a personal photo, and I want to share it with you.
you can tell me anything. I will be happy to read it and it will allow us to get to know each other better. you can talk about your job, your family, your interests, your sport. you can even tell me a joke or a funny story, and we'll laugh together!)
Please write to me as soon as possible!
I'll be waiting for your letter.
your friend from Siberia of Russia, Yuliya
Letter 2
Good day Sam!
This is Yuliya. I hope you are glad to receive my letter!???
I am very glad that we can continue our acquaintance!
I really hope you've read my huge letter! I was surprised myself when I read all the words I said to you!
it seems to me that you were afraid of such a big letter )))))))))), But I really hope you read everything.
Your photos today brought me a lot of joy! I thank you for your photos! I really like to look at you, and my mood becomes joyful!
As I already wrote. I live in Russia in the city of Berdsk. I want to tell you that my city is very old and was founded in 1716 on the Berd River, as the fortress of the Berd prison.
I am 34 years old. I understand that we have an age difference, but it's not a problem! An adult man is wisdom, experience, respect and honor. I don't want to deal with a ****** teenager.
When I wrote you my first letter, I didn't know what we were going to talk about at all. But now I assume that we can build our acquaintance on stories about ourselves. And I also want you to tell me more about your life. It seems to me that this is necessary.
How do you spend your free time? do you do outdoor activities? do you do sports? I very often go with my parents to our country house. in summer, we grow vegetables there so that there is something to eat in winter. now we go there on weekends to enjoy the silence, nature, time in front of the fireplace on a cold winter evening, and also have a little fun with the family).
This weekend I spent in our house outside the city. the whole family is going to our country house, and it unites us very much when we are all together. these are very good moments, and allows you to relax from hard everyday life.
I need to get to know you better in order to have a better understanding of the person with whom I may be building a relationship.
For example, I want to ask you, do you like to walk in the park or the forest? What is your favorite holiday? Do you have any chance of liking me? Do you have a cherished dream? What do you do in your free time? I have a thousand questions for you right now! I'll ask them sometimes. Okay?
Sam, I hope you understand the purpose of my acquaintance with you? I want to find a loved one, and I want him to love me. I want to have a man.
I want to find a good person, a full partner. I want a relationship with such a person. I don't want to build relationships and create a family in Russia. I want to leave Russia because I want to improve my life. I want my family to always be protected by the state. I want to be confident in the future.
now I don't have any man, and I don't have children. But children are happiness, and I will be happy to raise a baby.
although many families live without children, and for me it will not be a problem. I can be around a man and that will be enough for me. I hope you understand me!
My age is now 34 years old, and I believe that this is the most suitable age to live with a man. I need a person who will always warm my soul with his attention and love.
For me, only a strong, purposeful, responsible man can become such a person. I don't want anyone else.
Sam, you have to forgive me for what I'm about to tell you. my first few words I wrote not only to you... as I already told you, your e-mail was given to me at a dating agency. but besides you, I was given three more e-mails. I wrote to them...
I guess you won't be angry with me because of this?
I've already told you that my childhood friend lives in Sheffield. she works as an inspector in the police. and it was she who recommended me to contact a dating agency.
She said that there are decent people in the world, and there is always hope to find happiness.
I've been wanting to look for a man for a long time, but as I told you, I don't really believe in dating on the Internet. in addition, there is a lot of deception in the world now, and it is very dangerous to trust someone on the Internet. therefore, Sam, I would never have started dating over the internet myself, but I think I can trust my girlfriend. my friend said that the agency would help me find a man who would be interesting to me.
You must understand that I wrote to them only so that I would have a better chance of getting a letter from at least someone. Now I'm glad you answered me first. If they answer me, I will refuse to let them get to know me. Ok? I will never write to them again. now I want to communicate only with you. only you are in my thoughts.
What feelings guided me when I wrote you a letter? Sometimes a person simply trusts his instincts and performs some actions following them.
I hope that my intuition will not let me down, and you will turn out to be a worthy partner!
my intuition always helps me. In life, at work, and at the time when I was getting an education.
I studied at the university and received a university degree in management and advertising. I studied at the Siberian University of Consumer Cooperation, at the Department of Management, Tourism and Advertising. With my profession, you can find a job in any country. It seems to me that there are advertising agencies in any country and I can easily find a job. additionally, I took courses in advertising design. now I can combine two activities at my job.
Even at school, I started learning foreign languages. I continued my studies at the University. it seems to me that I own it well, and we will have no problems in communication.
By the way! I didn't tell you anything about my job. I work in my city of Berdsk in a small advertising organization. its name is "Sibir". This is one of the best advertising agencies not only in our city, but also in the entire Novosibirsk region. We have a very long range of work.
I work as a manager and as an advertising designer! I have been in this position for 4.5 years! My job pays me good money. I have a decent place to live. I work a lot. But I get a fair amount of money for my hard work.
I like my job because I work with good people, I meet new people all the time. I enjoy my work, despite the fact that it is not easy for me. I probably like her because she's extraordinary and I don't have to do monotonous work. Each new step in performing the necessary action is different from all the previous ones and this gives me an incentive to work hard.
To get to know us better, we should write to each other as often as possible and as much as possible. Do you have such an opportunity? I have to tell you that I don't always have it. I can only text you when I'm at work. My job allows me to use my computer and write to you.
I work five days a week. bosses sometimes ask us to work on Saturday, when it is necessary to make the final stage in the project.
would you like to talk to me on the phone? But I have to tell you that I can't give you my phone number because I don't know you that well yet.
But I know for sure that if you and I correspond in the same way and we know that we are suitable for each other, then I will give you my phone number. I'm not used to giving out my phone number until I get to know my friend well, and it's not good to give out a number until you get to know your man well. I know that it will be very good if you and I talk on the phone. I myself understand that it will be better this way. But excuse me until I give you the phone number. But I can promise you that you and I will talk on the phone. I will be very pleased to hear your voice. You must have a very nice voice.
I hope that we can continue our acquaintance and get to know each other better.
I think you will be interested to see my photos. They're not that pretty, but I want you to see them too. Next time I will try to find more spectacular photos to impress you.
I will be looking forward to your answer my dear friend Sam!
Letter 3
Hello my friend Sam!
Am I not bothering you with my letters?
How are you doing? How is your day going? Were you hoping to get my letter today?
Yesterday I wanted to write to you, but my new project took up all my time, and I didn't even have a few free minutes......
I want to say thank you very much for making me happy again with your photos. I will print these photos as well , and I will also put them in my purse. I always carry all your photos with me so that you are always there...
As I said, Mom and Dad and I went to our little house outside the city on the weekend. in summer we grow food there, and in winter we spend time with the whole family. this allows us to unite . we all find something to do there. while my mom and I are cooking lunch and dinner, my dad and brother are cleaning the snow on the street, engaged in splitting firewood to then heat the stove.
in the evening we gather at a common table and have conversations. it is very pleasant to sit on a cold winter evening in a small house in which the stove is hot, all the family. this is the best thing that can be in life.
I am always looking forward to your new letters and I hope every time that I will receive your photos. Now I'm writing only to you, and I don't want to think about anyone else! if someone else writes to me, then I will reject his acquaintance!
COVID is raging all over the world right now, and it's really scary. they say that the peak of the disease has passed and life will soon return to its previous mode. I want this disease to be defeated sooner.
There is a strong medicine in our country, and doctors have managed to develop several types of vaccine against COVID. Today we were informed at work that next week we can take part in a free vaccination. I am thinking about this because I managed to avoid this disease. First I want to take an antibody test. most of the inhabitants of Siberia are immune to this disease, and I want to check my blood.
I know many people who were seriously ill, and some even died. but the fact that I managed to avoid the disease now makes me wonder if I need vaccination?
Are you taking protective measures? there is no such panic in my city as in the whole world, and nothing threatens us anymore.
I hope that we will save our health, and when the danger recedes, we will be able to think about a meeting. I believe that if there is health, then everything else can be achieved independently.
What time does your day start? My day starts very early. I need to wake up at 6.30. I do physical education, take a shower and eat a light breakfast. I love sports a lot. most of all I like to run in the morning. I run 3 kilometers, but I don't manage to do it every day. it's difficult to run in the morning now, because there are still a lot of puddles. in winter, my dad and I go skiing. I really like the winter weather, which allows you to go skiing through the forest, and sledding down the mountain :).
If I have some free time left, I look through my work plan for the day at home, prepare the necessary documentation so that from the very beginning of the working day I am fully ready to perform the planned work. Sometimes I have to work a lot in the evenings. It even happens that I have to stay at work until 20.00!!!
Today, during lunch at work, we ate cake and drank tea. Today is Svetlana's birthday! She holds the post of general manager. We wanted to do a little celebration on this occasion today, but decided that we would postpone it for a more free day. Because now we have to do large amounts of work and there is not enough time for everything.
I still can't figure out what made you write to me? What were you interested in? Or was it just curiosity?
I hope that you are exactly what I need. I hope my intuition won't let me down.....
I already really like you, and you don't seem like everyone else to me. what attracted me to you? I don't know... I feel the energy coming from you, and your words give me a lot of positive emotions.
I have already told you that my friend Anna lives in England, who has her own family and children. she has already invited me to visit many times, but unfortunately I still have not been able to travel to her. she says that only by leaving Russia, you can make a good and safe life.
I'm interested in it. Besides, as you probably understand, I want to find a man who will always love me, with whom I will be happy for many years.
I have a lot of questions for you, and I do not know where to start. I also want to talk a lot about my life, my interests, so that you have an idea about me.
Do you like to travel? Have you traveled a lot? Where have you been? I like to visit different cities and countries, but I've only been abroad once. I traveled to Vietnam on vacation. I managed to fly there before the border was closed due to COVID. it was very dangerous to travel in that situation, but our ticket had already been purchased, and we did not want to lose it. in addition, Vietnam was still receiving tourists.
A lot of tourists from Russia visit there. You can have a good rest there, there are a lot of beautiful places. I'll try to tell you a little bit about my trip later.
But unfortunately I have never been to other countries..... This is my dream, and I hope to make it come true.
We also have many beautiful places in Russia. I have been to many cities of our country and the impressions of what I saw will forever remain in my memory. What can you say about Russia? What do you know about our country? do you know how huge our country is?
Sam, I want to tell you about how I live right now. I think it's important to know more about each other. I don't have a big family. I have my older brother Andrey. He is 2 years older than me. My brother lives with his wife. I am very glad that he has already started his own family and has a son named Danila. my brother Andrey was born on December 1, 1984. my nephew Danila was born on April 5, 2015.
I live in a separate apartment, which I got after my grandmother died. My apartment is not far from my parents. To come to my parents, I have to walk 20-30 minutes. My dad's name is Alexander, my mom's name is Elena.
My mom and dad continue to work, despite the fact that they have been for many years. my dad is 69 years old, my mom is 67 years old. Dad's birthday is February 26, mom is February 14. My dad works as an engineer in our city of Berdsk at a factory for the production of precision mechanics and electromechanics products. it's called: "Berd Electromechanical Plant". Mom also works at this factory. She holds the position of accountant. My parents have been working at this factory for over 35 years. It's a lot of hard work, but now nothing comes easy, and in order to have a decent life, you need to work hard.
We often get together as a family. Sometimes my parents come to me, sometimes I go to visit them myself. My parents have a very good relationship with each other. They are a very close-knit family and have been living together for many years. I want to emulate their example and have the same strong family. I also dream of a long, happy life together with a loved one.
Sam, I want you to tell me about your family. Will you tell me? Ok?
I want to tell you again that it gives me great pleasure to write to you. I also hope to receive your new photos! I don't have many photos at work, but I'll take them at home and send you more.
Today I want to show you some photos. these photos are from our Russian autumn! now you can see our autumn in its two images. when it rains, and when the sun shines). my friend at work took a bank loan and bought a very expensive phone. I think this is a big stupidity! but nevertheless, this phone takes a very good photo! I hope that you will guess the photo that was taken on her phone, and the photo that was taken on my phone).
and I took one photo today especially for you!
I'm sorry, but I can't write to you anymore today. I need to finish my work. For me, work is very important, because I am a responsible person and I am used to always doing everything efficiently. I think this is necessary because only hardworking people achieve success.
I think that in my next letter, or a little later, I will tell you more. Ok? I hope you don't resent me for not writing to you enough. I ask you to tell me more about yourself, about how your days are going. I'm interested in absolutely everything about you.
Sam, I'm very tired right now, and I'd rather go home. But I will think about you :). I will be waiting for your new letter with great excitement!
Today I will still need to go to the store and make purchases.
I hope that you will answer me soon!
Goodbye, Yuliya
Letter 4
hello Sam!
have you not forgotten that in Russia there is a girl named Yuliya who thinks about you :)???
Did you receive my previous letter without a problem? you probably have repeatedly had to find my letter in "unwanted emails" or spam?
today the system administrator told us that we have a lot of e-mail sent to work every day, so our ip address has problems. I hope that it will not be difficult for you to check my email in the folder with "unwanted emails".
I was very happy to see your new photos. They give me a lot of good mood. When I look at your photos, I think. that I was finding the perfect man. I like your character a lot, your way of life, your attitude to this world. I think you're in great shape!
Sam, I hope that today is going well!???
I've put everything on hold now to write you a few words.
I had a super busy day at work today. I managed to make an initial sketch for the contract for the development of advertising signage for five organizations! I came to work at 7 o'clock in the morning. I had to work without lunch to work on projects.
I hope that by the end of this week I will be able to finish my work! I hope that my efforts will not be in vain!
In Russia, Christmas takes place on slightly different dates. We celebrate this wonderful holiday on the night of January 6-7. and we celebrate the New Year on the same day as in your country. We celebrate this wonderful holiday on the night of December 31 to January 1. Usually the whole family gathers on this day, a festive fir tree is brought home. It is decorated with toys, everyone congratulates each other and gives gifts. It is also customary for us to eat tangerines on this day. It's usually a lot cold outside at this time. There is snow all around. A lot of people make figures out of snow and ice for this holiday. Sometimes they even make ice cities. That's very beautiful.
You know, I received two letters today from other men. But I would like to tell you that these are not good men. One of them thought that I live in England, and offered to meet to do ***. the second one asked me for my **** photos. I replied to them so that they would never write to me again.
I think it's ****** to talk about these things so soon. I respect my moral principles, and I will never give a stranger my candid photos. Besides, I never even thought about taking such a photo. My parents raised me very correctly. My behavior is characterized by modesty and restraint.
Last night I had some free time and turned on the TV. I watched a program about love, a girl from Russia, and a man from Cyprus. it seemed to me that this story is similar to our relationship with you. they also met on the Internet. but this girl used a "marriage agency". already at this stage, she began to experience problems. the "marriage agency" demanded payment from her every time. I'm lucky that you and I are getting to know each other without a "marriage agency"! we won't have to spend money for these greedy people.
But then everything went even worse!
her man by correspondence, in reality turned out to be a completely different person!
When she first came to him, everything was quite beautiful and decent - the groom took her for walks in beautiful places, fed her in a restaurant and complimented her. However, during the second visit, everything changed. he turned out to be a polygamist, who, moreover, keeps all his ladies in strict and complete obedience. he started beating this woman and mistreating her.
but that wasn't the worst part! he started offering her body to his friends for money! she had to endure these humiliations because he stole her passport, and the lady did not have the opportunity to get help from Russia to return home.
it was a terrible story. I am very worried about our relationship Sam..... I don't want to make the same mistake. you won't do that to me?
now unfortunately I don't have much time to write to you.....
As soon as I finish this letter, I'll go and take a little walk.
You know Sam, walking is one of those things I adore. It's so nice to walk for a long time, and then go to a small cafe and get a cup of coffee there. I don't have a car, and I don't want a car right now. besides, it's too expensive for me. my dad has a car, it's called VAZ 2109, but it seems to me that he repairs it more than he drives it)))). I have a driving license. I received it when I turned 23. I can drive a car well. Sometimes I used my dad's car.
but walking is much more enjoyable for me.
Unfortunately, in most cases I have to walk alone. All my friends are married and they try to spend more time with their families.
Since I have no children and a husband, I try not to bother them often.
Sometimes I feel very lonely, but I try not to think about it often.
Anyway, my city is too beautiful not to walk. My city is very beautiful. there are many places of culture, many monuments. My city is very green. It is especially beautiful in spring and summer, when everything wakes up after winter.
There are also many parks, and we have one boulevard with fountains. And that's great.
We also have some really beautiful churches. I am a Christian, but I am not very religious. I have my own faith inside. On a religious holiday, I go to church.
I love nature very much and it's always nice to go somewhere to the forest, or to our house outside the city and spend the day there. I love picnics, lots of camping. It's great to spend a day outdoors, especially when we are going to be a family. I try to enjoy every time we do this, but sometimes I get very sad when I miss not having my other half around.
Well, I won't be sad, as I'm sure everything will be fine.
Sam, Please tell me about your city? what is he like? What's interesting there?
I'm really sorry that I can't write to you much today. I promise that I will try to find more opportunities to write to you.
I hope you won't forget me :) Sam, and you will certainly tell me about your days!
Now I can give you a photo! in my city, the warm days have long since ended, and the next few months are only ahead of a cold winter. I miss the warm days and the beautiful blooming nature.... now everything is covered with snow, and it makes me a little sad....
next time I will try to send you more of my photos.
Could you please send your photos and photos of the places you would like to show me?
I have to finish the letter. I'm sorry.
your friend from distant, cold Russia, Yuliya
Letter 5
Hello my dear!!!
I want to wish you a Merry Christmas!!!
how are you doing today?
I am very glad that I can write you a letter today, because today is the Christmas Eve of the Catholic Christmas, and I think I should definitely congratulate you on this bright holiday..
today I had a hard day again, because this year is ending and now we are all in a hurry to finish the remaining work as soon as possible.
today, as always, I came to work a lot early. I am very happy that the weekend will start soon, but at the same time I feel sad that this weekend I will not be able to write to you, because I will not have such an opportunity at all.
How's the weather today? the sun is peeking out of the clouds, and the temperature today is about -10 degrees. it's not very cold, but there is still a strong wind blowing, and therefore it seems that the temperature has dropped much lower.
I'm in a very good mood. The New Year's Eve is already beginning tomorrow and today is the Christmas Eve of the Catholic Christmas, and tomorrow Christmas is already coming. In Russia, Christmas takes place on slightly different dates.
We celebrate this wonderful holiday on the night of January 6-7.
We celebrate the New Year on the same day as in your country. We celebrate this wonderful holiday on the night of December 31 to January 1. Usually the whole family gathers on this day, a festive fir tree is brought home. It is decorated with toys, everyone congratulates each other and gives gifts. It is also customary for us to eat tangerines on this day. It's usually a lot cold outside at this time. There is snow all around. A lot of people make figures out of snow and ice for this holiday. Sometimes they even make ice cities. That's very beautiful.
tomorrow is my birthday, and it's not the most joyful day for me. I am already 35 years old. this is a very big age for a young woman who still does not have a family... I would really like to celebrate my birthday with you! and this will be the best gift for me! It's possible that I'm celebrating my birthday a little. I'm going to visit my mom and dad. now I am in the hope that someday to be able to meet you in person, we will be able to do a little celebration on my birthday.
All I want is for us to be happy together! I want there to be understanding and trust in our life!
I want there to be LOVE between us! I want our house to be full of pleasure and happiness! I think every woman in the world dreams about it. Do you agree with me? I want our relationship to be built on love!
I won't write to you much today, because I understand that you are now on the eve of the holiday and you don't have much time to read my letter.
I want to wish you a Merry Christmas once again! I want to wish you:
For good moments, thanks.
For the bad, great hope.
For every day, dreams.
And always, always, happiness.
This is what I wish for you!
I will write you more on Monday and I am certainly waiting for your letter!
my kisses are for you!
your Yuliya
Letter 6
Hello Sam!
How are you doing? Was your day successful today? I'm glad to read your letter again! My day is always very happy if I see your letter!
You can't even imagine how much I enjoyed your photos!!! I'm asking you to keep sending me your photos. I think you're a very nice man and I think I'm very lucky to have been able to meet you. I don't want to lose you... You are very dear to my heart...
The beginning of a new week is a good day for me, because I can write to you! there was a risk that we would be sent on vacation until January 10 to avoid the spread of COVID. I am happy that we were allowed to continue working. and that's probably why the working day is always like a holiday for me! when the weekend comes, I get sad....
December 25th was my birthday. it was the saddest birthday.... I would really like to celebrate my birthday with you, but fate decreed otherwise..... As planned, I went to visit my mom and dad. my brother Andrey came. we drank tea with cake, and spent time in family conversation.
The zoo has arrived in our city!
there are some restrictions due to COVID, and people are at a distance from each other, but some activities are allowed. including a visit to the zoo on the street is allowed. we were going to the zoo with my brother's wife. Do you like animals? This is the first time I've seen a camel. It's such a big camel. And I saw a real ****. I was so afraid to approach him. Because a camel can spit on you. It will be very funny, not fun. And so many different animals. Many monkeys, tigers, foxes, zebra, wolves, wild boar, bison, bear. I really enjoyed seeing so many animals. Do you like going to the zoo?
My day today, as always, started early. I shouldn't be late for work, because I have a bad boss and he is very strict with everyone. but I really love my job.
and the first thing I have to tell you is that it's very difficult for me to send you my letter! I often get an answer that an error has occurred and the email has not been sent. therefore, I sometimes have to use several of my e-mails to send my words. I don't understand why this is happening! maybe you should make a permission for my e-mail to your mail server? please think about this situation.
I want to tell you how I spent my day yesterday. As always, I worked, even when it's a day off, I try to find time to work.
I wrote to my friend Anna. I told her I was texting you. I told you I liked you. she is happy for me, and wished me happiness in a relationship with you. Anna knows that I have wanted to find a good man and create a relationship with him for a very long time.
I am very happy that I have you now, and I am 100 percent sure that our friendship will grow into something big.
After work, I visited my parents. mom asked me to give her a recipe for a new pie. almost every weekend my mom cooks a pie for the whole family. then I went home, ate, rested a little.
In the evening I watch a movie. A few days ago I bought the movie "Tomb Raider: Lara Croft" on DVD. You've probably heard about this movie?
in it, the main role is played by Alicia Vikander. I watched all the parts of this movie, in which the main character was played by Angelina Jolie. I really like all the films from the "Lara Croft" series, so I decided that I definitely should watch the sequel. I advise you to watch it.
I liked this movie. It is filled with a lot of bright moments that made me worry about the main character. I hope that you will like this movie very much.
Sam, and do you like going to the movies? Which movies do you like to watch? I love historical films and melodrama, but with a good ending. Sometimes I like to watch fantastic movies. I don't like TV. a lot of advertising and politics. but in winter, or when it rains, I can watch any movie or show or just a new show.
I love reading. I like to read historical books, and books about the meaning of life. I like a lot of Paolo Koelho books. I think you've heard of him. With great interest I read his book about the legendary path of Santiago and I would also like to make a pilgrimage along this path. What do you think about it?
My favorite writers are Leo Tolstoy, Nikolai Gogol, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Paolo Koel'o, Haruki Murakami, Jack London, and some others. Do you like reading?
I like art, painting, theater. I know that your country, as well as Russia, is the birthplace of many great people.
I love cooking! I'm a good cook! I think my favorite food is rice with vegetables on the side and fried trout! I like beef from meat. I often cook fillets with various sauces at home. I also like potatoes baked in the oven in large chunks, I like chicken baked in the oven. I often cook pizza. it's fast and delicious! I like to eat at home and I don't like going to a fast food restaurant. I'm worried about my health. I try to eat only natural foods. the stores now sell a lot of products that were grown on harmful chemical additives that are harmful to health. Because of this, our family grows food in their garden, we have a plot of land 30 kilometers from the city.
I don't drink alcohol a lot. on holidays, I allow myself to drink one or two glasses of wine or champagne. I don't smoke. I believe that a woman should not smoke. it spoils a lot of a woman's appearance and health.
A woman should have natural beauty! I'm worried about my figure. I practice sports. I attend a Fitnes club, yoga classes. I love going to the pool. I do exercises every morning. I like swimming and skating and skiing. I like dancing and I attended a dance studio. I can waltz well! this is my favorite dance! I even tried to play baseball once! and I will try to find this photo!
I've already said a lot about me. I'm asking you to talk about you. Please tell me more about yourself! Ok? we are people of different cultures and some things are probably different in our lives. I want to get to know you better. I will be glad to read your story about everything in the world!
Your letters help me to imagine your life better.
Sam, I would like to ask you about your passions. What household chores do you particularly like to do? Do you like to go shopping? Do you play musical instruments?
I'm sad that I can't play a musical instrument well. As a child, my parents sent me to a piano class at a music school, but I studied for only 1 year and now I can only play a few simple melodies.
I love listening to different types of music! It depends on my mood. I love classical music! My favorite composers died a long time ago, but they created immortal works. My favorite composers are Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka, Antonio Vivaldi, Iogan Sebastian Bach.
I like to go to the theater and opera, cinema. I usually go there with my girlfriends, but they very rarely can go with me. They spend their free time with their husbands and children.
Theater? It's been a long time since I've been to the theater, and I think this is real art! I went to the theater probably 2 years ago. I always have a lot of work, household chores, helping my parents. Because of this, it is not possible to find enough time to go have fun.
I hope my letters don't bore you. and you read everything I write with interest. I want to show you my life and tell you who I am.
I can be very curious sometimes and don't be surprised because of this! Ok?
I am an independent woman. I want to feel like an independent woman. some men underestimate a woman.
Sam, if you want to continue our relationship, then you must have respect for me. Unfortunately, now we are very far from each other, and it is difficult to imagine a person in words. I would like to see you in person!
To be honest, here in Russia men offer me friendship. a lot of people are trying to get to know me. But I give everyone a refusal. I don't want to build a relationship in Russia.
I've already told you that my last relationship with a man was about two years ago! He was a good man, as it seemed to me at the beginning, but after he found himself a rich girl and said he would marry her. this girl has an influential dad who has a lot of opportunities and a lot of money, and he preferred me to her.
After that I hate all Russian men. they are all corrupt, vile, greedy and duplicitous. I will never trust them with my feelings.
They only want to get their own benefits from girls. I will never date a Russian man again. I was cheated once, and I don't want it to happen a second time.
You attract me, and I'm interested in talking to you! I hope you also want to talk to me. You're my good friend right now! you are my close friend! The Internet is a wonderful thing!
Please, I want our communication to be serious. I don't want you to play with me! Are you probably the man of my dreams? I will be sincere with you. I promise.
Also I have to tell you the truth about my hair color. You will be able to see my real hair color in these photos from the eve of the New Year. we were going to my parents' apartment. Most often I wear blonde hair. I like to look beautiful.
And one more photo. it's this morning. Have I already mentioned that I live separately from mom and dad in a small apartment that I got after my grandmother's death?
I'm waiting for your photos!
Okay, I have to get back to work. I will close this letter.
Sincerely, Yuliya.
Letter 7
Hello my dear!!!
Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to write you a big letter, and I can't talk about much right now. I want us to get back to our conversations next week.
I once again want to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
Today is already December 31. today I have a short working day at work. the weekend starts tomorrow. already tonight is the New Year's Eve!
How are your days going? Are you all right?
now the New Year holidays begin ..... almost no organization will work at this time. So I won't even be able to read your letters. But you should know that I will use every opportunity to write to you. And I will tell you about everything that will happen in the new year.
Who are you going to celebrate this New Year with? I wish you that this New Year will be a lot of fun for you.
And I wish you that next year everything will be fine for you, and that your life will become much better, and that there will be more love and happiness in your life.
I really want to celebrate this new year at my parents' house, and I think my whole family will gather there. I really love this holiday. Because on this holiday, our whole family gathers at our parents' house, and we are very happy at this time.
you and I haven't been able to agree on much this year. But I am sure that right after the New Year, you and I will find the strength to understand us better and become closer.
As soon as I have the opportunity, I will immediately write to you about everything. and you and I will continue what we started this year? yes?
I know that you agree with me, and I will think about you at this time.
I think that I will be able to write to you in the next few days, and I think that this time will fly by unnoticed for us.
I hope that you will celebrate the New Year with a lot of fun, and I want you not to forget about me this year. Ok?
I will celebrate this New Year's Eve with thoughts that I can be with you! All my dreams I see that you and I are together and this is the happiest for me. I don't want to wake up in the morning and end these sweet dreams...
My mood in many ways depends on your letters!!!
now I can give you photos from my trip to Vietnam. mom accidentally found this in her phone.
I once again wish you more happiness in the New Year!
Okay, I'll finish now. I'm in a hurry to go home and decorate the festive fir tree. only last night Dad brought a real live spruce from the forest. our family has a tradition - every year to put only a live spruce from the forest, which is located next to our small country house.
But first I have to tell you that every day I will wait for your letter.
Your Yuliya.
Letter 8
Today is already January 5, and it's already the fifth day of the New Year!
I want to congratulate you on the year 2022!!!! I wish you all the best this year! I wish you a lot of happiness, good luck, prosperity, and most importantly good health!!! I believe that if there is health, then everything else can be achieved independently.
Now I am very happy that the holidays in Russia are over! it's a very long time. I'm already tired of the rest :)! these days and hours seemed like an eternity to me. Not a single minute went by that I didn't think about you. I am waiting for your new letter with great excitement!
as I expected, our boss was giving us a little surprise! Today he is giving us New Year's gifts! I got a desk lamp. he knows that I like to read a lot, and a table lamp is a very good gift for me.
also, today's visit to work has given me the opportunity to write to you, and this is my greatest joy. I am very lonely without letters from you.
I hope you haven't forgotten me during the time I haven't written to you. I've been very sad all these days.
Today is my happiest day for all the holidays that have passed, because I can write to you.
I hope you had a good New Year and had fun.
New Year is the most wonderful and magical holiday that everyone has been waiting for all year! I really love this holiday and always look forward to it very much.
On December 31, we had a New Year celebration at work. we were going to one of the cafes in our city. I allowed myself to drink 2 glasses of champagne. It was already about 17 o'clock in the evening when I was returning home, because I was not used to big noisy companies.
This new year - the night from December 31 to January 1, I met with my closest people - mom, dad, brother Andrey and his wife, their son Danila. I love my relatives very much, and I can't imagine my life if I didn't have them. We had a lot of fun celebrating this year!
we were going to my parents' house, and brought a fir tree into the house, decorated it with toys. the house was also decorated with a garland of colorful light bulbs. It was very beautiful. We hid gifts for each other under the fir tree, and everyone was very pleased to receive them.
there were very heavy snowstorms in my city, and all the roads were covered with snow. tractors did not have time to remove snow on the roads. but no matter what, After 12 o'clock at night we went to the central square, to the main city fir tree, where it was very fun. Fireworks were launched into the sky, firecrackers were popping, everyone congratulated each other. We walked until almost four o'clock in the morning and I was very tired.
Although we met this year quite cheerfully, but I thought about you a lot, and I felt sad... I dreamed that you were next to me... It would be very nice if you and I could celebrate this year together. I hope that next year we will definitely celebrate together and we will be very happy!
On January 1, I allowed myself to sleep for a long time and woke up after lunch. relatives came to my parents' house again, and we again went to the main city square, where entertainment continued.
on Sunday, my brother and his wife and I went to the snowy mountain, which was made for these holidays. We took sleds, skis and skated with us. In Russia, it is customary to go to the snowy mountain on New Year's holidays. on Monday we went to a cafe and made a festive lunch. yesterday afternoon we went to the cinema and watched a wonderful fantastic movie "The Matrix".
If you have the opportunity to watch this movie, then I advise you to watch it. I watched all the parts of this movie, and it was nice to see my favorite actors again.
in the evening I was taking a break from all this New Year's turmoil. It was a good time for me. I could be alone with my thoughts, the main part of which was occupied only by you. I also made some preparations for work so that I could begin to achieve success at work from the first working day. I think this is necessary because only hardworking people achieve success.
Now I want to go home as soon as possible. I will still need to go to the store and make purchases.
I want to tell you one more time that it gives me great pleasure to write to you.
I don't have time to write to you anymore. I think that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I will tell you more. Ok? I hope you don't resent me for not writing to you enough. I ask you to tell me more about yourself. I am interested in absolutely everything that you write to me. I read your letters and don't miss a single moment of your words. Every letter of your words is precious to me.
Now I have to finish my letter and say goodbye to you until tomorrow, but first I want to give you a photo from the New Year celebration.
Write to me soon, I'm really looking forward to your new letter.
your Yuliya
Letter 9
Hello Sam!
It's me writing you again, Yuliya. Am I boring you with my letters? Are you waiting for my letters? Are you always interested in reading what I write to you?
I always open my mail with great anticipation in the hope of seeing your new letter and reading your news.
Your photos are sweet candy for me )! I enjoyed opening each photo! I was very pleased to see the photo of your family. Now I know your whole family, and it makes me very happy!
I hope you understand why I couldn't write to you. In Russia, there were holidays associated with Christmas holidays and the Day of the Magi, and nothing worked. and yesterday was Monday, and a huge amount of work fell on me, which did not allow me to find an opportunity to write to you ......
on weekends I spent most of my time in the apartment, but sometimes I went outside to buy groceries and walk a little in the fresh air. I also spent a lot of time at my parents' house.
January 7 was Orthodox Christmas Day in Russia. This is a very big holiday for every Orthodox person. On the night of January 6-7, a solemn divine service was held in Orthodox churches. I went to church for a night service. and on January 7, it is customary to congratulate friends and relatives on this bright holiday. in Russia, it is customary to keep the doors of houses open so that everyone who wants to celebrate Christmas and share the festive joy comes in. Food on Christmas Eve could not be taken until the first star, in memory of the Star of Bethlehem, which announced the Saviour's Nativity to the Magi. And at dusk, when the first star lit up, they sat down at the table and shared pastries, wishing each other all the best and bright.
Yuletide begins with Christmas - continuous holidays that last until Epiphany Eve and are accompanied by festivities, visits to relatives and friends, masquerades. I really like these days, and I have a lot of good memories from my childhood about these fabulous days for me.
I am grateful to you for your phone numbers. I promise you that as soon as I have free time, I will go to the communications Department and call you. I hope that we will be able to speak! but I hope even more that we can understand each other :).
I also really want to hear your voice and talk to you . today I learned that my phone does not accept calls from other countries. I need to go to the phone company and activate this service. I'll let you know when it works. I hope you will be patient and understand me correctly!
The weather is bad in my city today. there is a strong wind blowing and the sky is overcast. Snow is falling. this week, the weather has changed dramatically, and heavy snowfalls have begun.
this does not surprise us.... we live in Siberia.... But despite this I am not discouraged!
in such weather, I really like to be outdoors, and relax enjoying the frosty fresh air :). winter is a happy time! everything turns white, snow sparkles in the sun, snowflakes fly, which cheer up! you can play snowballs, go downhill, go skiing!
What is your weather like? Are you happy with today?
I'm doing well today. I'm glad for today. But I don't always have a good mood during the day. Sometimes my work spoils my mood. Because my job makes me worry a lot and waste a lot of nerves.
But I consider myself an optimist and try to look for the good sides in everything negative.
Sam, How do you behave in such situations?
My present day pleases me! Today I can't be bothered by work, or even the fact that I didn't get enough sleep. I got up earlier than usual today because I was excited about the anticipation of your letter. I wanted to see your letter as soon as possible and learn about you, about how you live and what you do, how you spend your days.
And it was justified! I got more pleasure from seeing your letter!
I've done a lot of work today. I have signed two contracts for the production of advertising! The whole working team appreciates my abilities as a designer very much. And besides that, I also find sites for advertising! This is a very good indicator!
Some of our employees can't do anything decent for weeks. My boss appreciates me as a good employee and always sets me as an example to everyone else.
I'm constantly worried about you. I imagine you to myself, and various thoughts visit my head.
Sam, do you remember me, do you think about me, or are you thinking about some other girl that you like more than me??????
Sometimes I get sad from such thoughts... You should know that you're the only one in my head.
I've met you and I don't want to think about anyone else but you. I'm always interested in finding out your news, or just reading your story about how you spend your time. I reread your letters several times. Every word you write is precious to me.
I imagine how we could walk with you, breathe fresh air. We could walk along the embankment street. You know, we have a very beautiful embankment street in the city of Berdsk, and the Ob River, this majestic and mighty river, gives an indescribable beauty to all this. Embankment Street is a street that runs along the river. There is also a cable car across our river. I used to enjoy riding on this road. Do you have any idea what a cable car is? These are several cabins suspended on a cable that stretches across the entire river. I like it!
It's very sad that you and I live far from each other... I would like you to visit my city someday. What do you think about it?
I'm thinking about whether I can come to you... to be honest, I'm very afraid..... now I can't tell you anything for sure, because this is a responsible step and I have to prepare and think a little before it. As soon as I have the opportunity to decide, I will certainly tell you about it. ok?
I can take a vacation at work at any time, because I haven't taken a vacation for a very long time. I will be able to take vacations for 30 or 45 days.
Sam, yesterday my brother Andrey's wife called me and told me that she is pregnant! I was absolutely delighted with this news! Soon I will become an aunt for the second time! And my parents will become grandparents again! My brother's wife and I are very good friends and always share all the secrets with each other. We trust each other a lot.
When she met my brother, she always told me about their relationship.
have you already told someone about our relationship with you?
Sam, can we call our friendship a "relationship"?
I understand that this is a personal question, and I won't be offended if you don't want to tell me. But I think I should know. I want us to have complete trust in each other.
For me, in the first place, in relation to a man and a woman, there is understanding between them, trust, and probably physical attraction. But first of all, they should be friends! It seems to me that only with this can a great and bright love begin.
I want to love my man with all my heart! I want to give him my smile every day, and get a mutual attitude from him! I want to be happy with this love. also
and I understand that in the letter we will not be sure of our feelings, I understand that for a man and a woman, first of all, a personal meeting is necessary. And I'm telling you again that I'm very worried and not yet ready to talk about our meeting....
For me, a very important detail of family happiness is well-being and comfort in the house where we will live. I'm not interested in luxury, I don't have a penchant for it. I just want there to always be mutual understanding, mutual help, sincerity and love in the house in which we will live. I want my man to take care of the house, the family. It's very nice when a person does something in the house. I really like when the house is in order, when everything is clean, and there is no mess at home.
Sam, are you doing your homework? Do you like it? Do you grow homemade flowers? I really love homemade flowers! I have them everywhere! On the floor, on tables, on windows, they hang on the walls. I have already said that my parents have a small house outside the city. there are many flowers growing there. in summer we grow fruits and vegetables. almost every weekend we gather there with the whole family.
A photo just came to my e-mail! I already forgot that this photo was taken! We were doing an advertising project for an art exhibition! And I want to give you this photo soon!
And I had photos prepared for you. these are some photos of our river and my city of Berdsk. I hope you will be pleased to see a photo of my city.
I told you that I love sports and music. Today I copied a photo from the gym. I went to fitness classes.
And one more photo. my brother Andrey and dad moved potatoes and cabbage to the basement for storage! the photo allows you to see only part of the harvest). you'll also be able to see some of the canned foods that Mom and I made. there are various salads, jams, and compotes. this winter will allow us to eat the products that we have grown ourselves!
I hope that you will also give me your photos. I can get to know you better from the photos.
Unfortunately, I can't write to you anymore today.... I didn't answer some of your words, but unfortunately I don't have time anymore.
I think that if you and I want to be together, then we will have the opportunity to get to know us better.
Sam, I will miss your letter.... Write to me soon!
Hug, Yuliya
Letter 10
Hello my dear Sam!
you made me happy again with your letter! I am grateful to you for continuing to write to me! I am very pleased to hear your news. I also want to tell you more about how my life is going, but I am very afraid that you are already tired of my long stories))).
you must understand me. I want you to get to know me better, and I also want you to tell me more about you.
I'm listening to a song right now. This is a song in Russian! This is the MONOKINI group. The song is called "See you on the Star”.
I want to send you this song today!
It's a pity that you don't understand Russian. It's a romantic song! It makes good sense! I have a similar voice and I love singing this song! I sing this song at home. I have karaoke and I sing often! I have a complete collection of MONOKINI songs.
Write to me next time were you able to hear that song? Did you like it? I hope so! I dedicate this song to you!
I generally like music with meaning. I like to think about life with quiet music.
Today I don't have a lot of work, and I decided to tell you more about myself!
I really like to cook. This is one of the things that makes me relax and forget about all the bad things that happen during the day. Salads, various soups, pasta, Sauces, cakes and pies are just a short list of what I cook.
I really like trying new things. It's always nice to go to a good restaurant or to a good pizzeria, cafe.
I rarely do this, it usually happens when we celebrate someone's birthday.
I like to try new cuisine and try to guess what the ingredients are.
What is your favorite dish?
I like the pool! Do you like the pool?
I like football! Do you like football? Russia has bad football, but still I like this game!
What is your favorite color? Mine is light blue. like the color of the sky in clear weather.
As you know, I love animals very much. I also like to watch programs on TV about animals. I love cats and dogs. I also like to ride a horse!
Watching movies is one of my favorite things, especially on weekends.
It's always so nice to choose a movie, cook something delicious or something sweet, and enjoy time in a cozy atmosphere.
This is especially pleasant to do on a cold winter evening with a warm blanket and a cup of hot tea or coffee. often we gather like this with my parents at their home, or at our dacha.
I like to take long walks in parks. I like to ride a bike. when I was little, my dad had a motorcycle. he rolled me. these impressions still delight me!
Sam, you and I have been communicating for quite a long time and got to know each other a little. And now I'm starting to think more and more often about when you and I can meet. For me, a real meeting with a person is very important if I want us to be able to build our relationship further. I believe that without this it is impossible to understand a person to the end.
There are many ways to travel to you, even now, when there is a risk of spreading a viral infection. I will study a way to travel to you. I know that now it is necessary to receive a document stating that the COVID vaccine was made. in the next few days I will go to get vaccinated. I already have an entry in the queue, and I won't have to wait long. I am in good health, and there will be no problems.
we are offered a choice of a vaccine. you can make a free Sputnik V vaccine, or pay 2000 rubles, and get a Pfizer Biontech vaccine. I haven't decided my choice yet... I want to ask your advice.
I will have a medical examination at the airport. I shouldn't have any signs of infection. Or do you think it's too early to talk about it? Should we get to know each other better?
I have heard that it is possible to make a video connection with any person from anywhere on the globe, but I believe that this is not enough. I know that there are many programs for this, but unfortunately in Russia it is under strict control. The government believes that WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and all other similar applications can be used by people for bad purposes. In these applications it is not possible to control what people are talking about. these applications are considered a source of danger to the peace of the population and the country. Therefore, they are prohibited for use. All computers are protected from their installation. Only illegal use is possible. But I don't want to take such risks. I wanted such a program to be installed on my computer, my boss was very unhappy. He forbade me to do it. I tried to convince him that I needed it in order to talk to people, but he said that if I wanted to tell someone something, I could write a letter by e-mail. I couldn't convince him... he also understands that the organization will receive a huge fine.
our boss has been running our organization for a very long time, and many employees think that his methods are already very outdated. we plan to create our own business separately! we have a lot of ideas, and two girls are already ready to work in my team! I want to create my own business, and not depend on anyone! but there is still a lot to think about. I have a lot of experience, and many customers will continue to work with me if I create my own personal business. In I will sometimes tell you how our plan is progressing!
Sam, I would really like to talk to you at least on the phone someday. I think it will make us closer and allow us to trust each other more. I think that you and I will be able to do this in the near future, but I can't promise anything yet. As soon as I have the opportunity, we will talk to you.
Sam, do you think we could date you soon? I think about our meeting every day.... Would you like me to come to you? you won't do anything bad to me? you have to think it over again! I don't want to cause you problems, and I don't want anyone to use me.
I think I can find enough money to come to you. My salary allows me to save a small amount of money every month for unforeseen expenses and I already have small savings.
I dream of coming to you and being with you for a while, which will allow you and me to get to know us better. But a lot of things bother me..... Or can you come to me in Russia yourself?
Please tell me more about what you think about our meeting. Ok?
As I have already told you, I traveled to Vietnam, but it was a long time ago, and I did not make my journey alone. In addition, new rules are introduced into the travel conditions every day. in order to travel to you, there are many new and completely different rules.
We made a trip to Vietnam together with my mother. My dad has been saving money for this trip for many years, and last year, my mom and I were still able to make this trip.
I have good memories until today. This is a very mysterious and attractive country. on vacation in Vietnam, my mother and I were in the city of Nha Trang. I liked the coast of this city, and its evergreen vegetation. to this exotic country. I even tasted fried grasshoppers :).
If I ever visit you, I want to be sure that you will take care of me and I will be completely safe. It will be very interesting for me to see how you live.
I read your letters and get to know you better, get to know your life, your lifestyle better, understand you more as a person, but I think our meeting is necessary for us. Without a meeting, we won't be able to fully get to know us.
I consider myself an independent girl, and I try not to depend on anyone. I always make all my decisions on my own. I always take my actions and actions very seriously. And I also hope that you will also take seriously what you and I will undertake. It seems to me that you are a serious and good person. I believe that all your intentions are bright and you have no insidious plans for me.
Today I will give you a photo with my mom and my dad. my nephew Danila is sitting next to us. the next photo is with my brother Andrey. two photos from last summer. This is my brother with his wife, and I with my nephew Danila. I also think that I can now give some of my childhood photos.
Okay, now I have to finish my letter.
Write to me!!!
Remember that all my words to you are serious and sincere. These are not simple words, I never waste words. And I hope for reciprocity...
I'm sending you kisses, your Yuliya
Letter 11
Hello my dear Sam! How do you feel?
your Yuliya, I really missed your words!
Today you made my day very good! I went to work with a great desire, because I was hoping to see your letter! How is your time going? How are your family and friends? I'm doing well and my family is fine!
My dad came to my house last night. We were having tea, and I was telling Dad about you. I told him that I got to know a good person on the Internet, and you and I talk a lot about us. Dad asked me a lot about you, and I told him.
I said that you are a very good, decent and honest person, that you treat me well. Dad asked for your name, he asked for your age. of course he was a little surprised, but he approved of my choice. he considers me a wise woman, and understands that I need a man with a lot of life experience. He said that at this age a man will not do ****** things, and is already ready to do serious relationships.
I told him where you live. Dad was very surprised and said that it was very far away and that I had made an acquaintance with a man from a distant country in vain, because he believes that my meeting with you is almost impossible. And he was even a little angry with me for not telling him anything about you before. But I told him again that you are a very good man and that you will never do bad to me. I told you that we have a very good friendly relationship now and it is possible that you and I will meet soon.
Dad asked me if Mom knew about it? I said no, and I promised Dad that I would come to their house and tell Mom about you. Dad was pleased with this, but he told me to tell my brother about it immediately. He was glad when I told him that Brother Andrey already knows about you!
Sam, my dad wished me happiness with you! but he told me to be careful. I was afraid that he would react badly to the fact that I was communicating with a man from another country, but he reacted to it with understanding, because he knows that I do not trust Russian men and that I want to seek my happiness in a more prosperous country.
So, tonight I'm going to go to my parents' house and tell them all about you. About your interests, about your hobbies, about your lifestyle and about everything else that I know about you. Ok?
Sam, lately, I've been thinking more and more about you� I'm already getting very sad when I can't see your letter. I do not know what is happening to me. Is it possible that these are some feelings that I have for you? But it's hard for me to talk about it, because I still can't fully understand what exactly I feel for you. Maybe it's a feeling of friendship, or a feeling of affection for you, or do I need you as a person with whom I just enjoy spending time? I don't know� I can't talk about my feelings right now. Or maybe it's love?
I do not know what it is exactly, and I cannot be 100 percent sure about it, but I have some feelings for you that I cannot describe right now� It's possible that it's just an inclination and attraction to you, I don't know, but I'm constantly thinking about you. What do you think about it? It will be very interesting for me to hear your thoughts on this.
Let me ask you a question. Are you thinking about me? Only I ask that you answer me honestly. This is very important to me. Did your life change after I appeared in it? Do you have any feelings for me?
Oh, I don't think I'll be able to sleep well tonight because I'll be thinking about you a lot. Now I am writing you a letter with my warmest feelings, unfortunately, I cannot place all my feelings in the letter� I'm sorry, but it may seem to you that I'm moving too fast, to be honest, I didn't want things to develop so quickly, but I have to tell you that I'm very interested in you and I think about you, about you and me.
Only recently I wrote you my first letter. It hasn't been long, and I already have some feelings for you.
Sam, therefore, I want to ask you about other women that you may have. Do you have another woman now, are you writing to someone other than me? Just please answer my question honestly. you are the only one for me right now, and no one can interest me.
I'm always honest with you and I can say that I don't have any other man right now, and I don't write to anyone but you. Do you understand that?
Sam, right now I would really like to be somewhere nearby and meet you. I want to be near you. I want to meet you as early as possible. Together, when we are together, it will be easier for us to solve all the issues that will concern our future. I rather want to resolve issues about you and me. I think it's only possible when we can be together for a while.
If I come to you, we could get to know each other better. If you want me to come to you, I will do my best to do so. I think I can find enough money to come to you. How much money will it take? I think it shouldn't be very expensive.
I visited Vietnam and I remember that it doesn't take a lot of time and effort to get a visa. I think it is also easy to get a visa to you, and I will be able to get it and come to you. We are separated only by traveling by plane! I have heard that many tourists from Russia get permission to travel. it seems to me that this is easy to do! I ask you to tell me more about how I can travel to you. Do you know anything about how I can travel from Russia? I will now try to learn more about the journey.
Today I'm going to talk to my mom and tell her that I want to travel and meet you. I am ready to change my life for the better. I want to build my happiness, and I want to do it with you. My whole family wishes me a better life and wants me to always be fine, and they won't mind us being together.
I also have to think about my work. The thing is, I don't want to lose my job. I have a good job and I love what I do. Now I'm planning to open my own advertising agency. I have already applied for registration of a legal entity. I have already informed the largest customers about this, and they are ready to place their orders directly in my future company. my colleagues are also ready to come under my control. I will create my own company, and I will become absolutely independent. It will take some time, but I believe in my strength!
if our relationship does not grow when we meet, I will need to return to Russia. I will already have my company, or I will continue to work at the old place.
If you and I can become closer to each other, and I will stay with you, then it seems to me that I can easily find a job in your country. I consider my qualifications to be in demand in any country.
If you really want to build a serious relationship with me and want me to come to you, I will take a vacation at work. We could realize a happy time together.
Today I want to send you some more photos of me. These photos are with my friends. In the first photo, I'm with my best friend. Her name is Natalia. Maria is my second good friend. And Anastasia is my colleague at work and the third good friend. she was the very first to support me with the idea of starting my own business. and she is ready to cooperate with me.
And one more photo. it was in the spring forest, in the park of my city! it was very warm. I'm very sad right now because it's a long winter, snow and frost.... I am always very happy when warm days come!
I hope that you will like these photos and you will love these photos.
I am seriously considering our connections on the Internet and I really want our meeting to take place.
I ask that you write to me in the next letter about our meeting. I want you to tell me what you think about this. You should know that I will spare no effort or money so that we can meet, and I think I will come to you independently.
And Friday has come again.... and this is the saddest day of the week for me, because I understand that tomorrow my weekend starts and therefore I will not be able to write to you... I won't be able to see your emails... I would really like to come to work tomorrow and write to you, but I have to gain strength and have a good rest, because this week has been very difficult for
I have important news! now we have been announced that Today all employees of our organization will be tested for COVID 19 and antibodies. In Russia, the situation is not very stable yet, but the fight continues! antibodies are the best medicine for patients! we were told that the results of the analysis would be ready in two or three days.
Thank you for coming into my life!
I have already written a lot today. I hope that you find the strength to read my letter)))).
Kisses, Yuliya
Letter 12
Hello and good afternoon, my dear...... unfortunately, I am writing only a few words....
I am a little sad about this, but the thought that you are reading my letters already makes me happy.
The first thing I want to say is that a negative test for COVID19 came!
we were all waiting for the result, and it is only now ready. I only have a few minutes to work to write to you.
Now I am happy that the disease has not affected me. probably because I have very good health and good immunity! But I'm still thinking about getting vaccinated.....
This weekend I had planned a trip to our country house to help my dad and mom. we had to go to our country house to clean the snow from the roof and the surrounding area.
we also took some products that we store in the cellar in winter. my favorite is cabbage, which we use for salting. we salted cabbage in an oak barrel! salted tomatoes and cucumbers are also our winter treat. yes! we grow potatoes and cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes ourselves! and many more things!
this is very hard work, but potatoes grown on their own plot are truly delicious!
to do this, in the spring we had to manually dig up a large area with shovels, and make a special device for the hills where potato tubers are planted. dad and brother do the main work, but mom and I, and my brother's wife, also had to work hard. we also grow tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, radishes, turnips, parsley, dill and carrots. for our good works, we get a good harvest! this autumn we dug up about 60 buckets of potatoes! No wonder I have a proverb in Russia - "You can't easily pull a fish out of the pond!"
in the evening we lit a fire on the street, and baked potatoes in the coals! it was very nice to gather the whole family around the evening bonfire, and enjoy the potato delicacy.
also, my dad and I played chess! He and I really like to play chess. I think it's a very interesting game. Do you like to play chess? I'd like to play with you someday. what do you think about it?
But also I had free time, which I spent alone, and thought about you....
I feel that something attracts me to you, and I don't want to lose you....
I will write to you tomorrow, and I also ask you to write to me again. you are welcome! and you will make my day happy!
I found a photo that was taken in the forest. I think it was in September.
my strongest hugs for you!
Your Yuliya
Letter 13
Hi! Please forgive me for writing you only a few words again.
I got a little opportunity to write to you, and I only have a few minutes.
I am writing to you from the Internet cafe hotel "Barnaul". I am on a business trip in the city of Barnaul.
this is an unplanned business trip.
Yesterday we left with employees from our job. I couldn't have warned you in advance.
I am conducting a presentation of our advertising works for the conclusion of new contracts.
I want to tell you not to worry about me, and to know that I'm always thinking about you.
Thank you for your understanding and patience. This is very important to me.
I hope that tomorrow I will have free time to read your letter well and prepare my answer. I will write to you as soon as possible!
I also expect a lot of your new photos from you!
my heartfelt greetings to you.
Yuliya p.s. photos from a business trip! this is my colleague
Letter 14
Hi! It's already Saturday and it's probably a lot of wonder to you why I'm writing to you!
but I hope that you will be happy to receive my letter today. I also didn't expect myself to write to you.
I apologize for writing to you only today. As I said, I went on a business trip. my boss asked us to go to another city to sign contracts and establish relationships with our regular customers. Barnaul is located about 200 kilometers from my city of Berdsk, and the road by car takes about three hours. we had two days of hard negotiations and presentations of finished works, and ideas for new projects. it was a great success for our firm! now we have received orders for the next two to three months!
we were driven by a driver from our company. our trip was going well, but when we were driving back, we saw two big accidents! This is very sad, because people died in one of them. Two men were in a passenger car and a truck crashed into them at high speed. And there was another accident, a big truck was lying overturned by the side of the road. probably this is due to the fact that there are always very bad tracks in Russia. they are rarely repaired. But this is all sad news, and now I don't want to remember them.
we were just coming back last night. I went to work, but there was no internet at work, and I could not access my e-mail.
Today I specially come to work for a few minutes to write to you. you can't even imagine how much pleasure it gives me to be able to write you at least a few lines for the weekend.
today, the Internet connection has been partially restored, but this is very bad.
I am unable to update incoming messages to my e-mail.
I would really like to write to you a lot more today, but I have very little time and I can't write much.
I want you to read my letters again and think about everything. you have to weigh every word, you have to look at my photos again. I don't want to play childish games, and I want you to make a decision about me. I don't want to write thousands of words in vain!
Our communication should matter to each of us! we are already adults, and each of our actions should be done deliberately. You have to make a decision about continuing our communication.
Now I will go to my parents, and we will all go together to our little house outside the city. winter jobs are waiting for us! ) this is snow clearing again).
it's a very nice calm winter day outside. the sun is shining outside, there is a slight frost and it is very pleasant outside. fresh air will be good for my health. I have to gain strength and have a good rest, because this week has been very difficult for me.
I have to finish the letter. a security guard has already approached and asks me to leave the office.
I'll try to give you a little photo of me. I'm worried that because of the bad internet it won't come to you.... write to me about it please.
sunny mood and happy weekend! to you!
Letter 15
Hello my dear Sam!
how are you, Sam! I hope you're doing well! Today I have a very hard day at work and I am already very tired.
I was waiting with great excitement for the moment when I would have the opportunity to open my e-mail, and I would see your letter and write you an answer.
it was very tiring to wait for a new week! I rather wanted to come to work to read your letter and write to you. but yesterday a huge amount of work fell on me, and I again did not find the opportunity to read your letters and answer you. I hope that today I will fully answer all your words.
I was able to have a good rest at the weekend. I've had time to think about us, and I don't think I need anyone but you. on Saturday evening, the whole family went to our country house. my brother Andrey, his wife, and their daughter also came. our family loves to get together and enjoy nature. I also mastered knitting techniques! in our family, everyone knows how to knit with knitting needles. grandma, when she was alive, spent every day knitting. my mother is also an excellent master of this art. I started knitting warm socks. can you tell me your foot size? I think I could knit these warm socks for you by next winter! I also have a great desire to knit a warm sweater for you, so that when you put it on, you always think about me. I think it's a good idea :) in Russia there is a tradition to make a thing with your own hands for a dear person. there is also a tradition to wear a traditional Russian headscarf on Orthodox holidays. and today I will give you such a photo! did you like the photo in a traditional Russian scarf?
I have already told you that my phone does not accept calls from abroad. The communication service from the border makes a reception of about 100 euros, and I cannot afford these costs.
The phone company told me that the cost of one minute of conversation with you is 5 euros! it's very expensive! don't you think so?
I feel happy! even colleagues at work noticed it. I am in the seventh heaven of happiness that I have you! I feel that this is not just an acquaintance.
I want a person who will be around me all the time that I live in this world and in everything that happens around me. Life is beautiful when you share it with someone you love.
I hope that you and I can share our lives together.
It doesn't matter to me whether you're rich or poor. It doesn't matter what kind of house you have. It doesn't matter if it's a palace or a hut.
It is important to me that you are a strong-minded person, and together we can conquer mountains.
As I told you, I went to my parents' house and talked to my family about you. Now my whole family knows about you! I've told everyone about you.
My mom asked about your age, about what you're doing now. Dad asked if you have children, about your family. They also asked me a lot of questions about you, and I answered them about you. They reacted well to it.
We talked a lot about you, discussed you all evening. My whole family has the impression that you are a very good person.
After dinner, we only talked to my mom. You can probably guess what only a mother and daughter can talk about. They can have their own secrets and secrets, and no one can understand a girl better than their own mother. Mom said that I was doing well, that I had found a good man from another country. But she told me not to move so fast and asked me to get to know you better before taking a responsible step.
I understand her completely, because she worries about me, because I am her own daughter.
But from my stories, she understood that you are a good person and you can be trusted.
I think if you and I have any connections, you'll want to talk to my dad. My dad wants to talk to you! He wants to get to know you better and wants you to become his friend!
My dad is a very nice person and it seems to me that you and he can easily become good friends! He hopes that someday he will be able to talk to you when he meets you. He is even ready to learn a few basic words to communicate with you!
Sam, Dad asked me to tell you that he would like to go fishing with you. My dad loves fishing and he invites you to go fishing with him! I think you were fishing in the summer with a fishing rod. But have you ever been on a winter fishing trip? did you get the fish out from under the ice? ))) I hope you can do it with him.
also, my dad is fond of duck hunting. this fall he managed to shoot 7 ducks! I think he'll be happy to invite you to go with him.
My dad is a very family man and always takes care of us, his family.
My brother also always takes care of us and tries to help us in everything. My whole family wishes me only happiness in this life.
I told my mom that I want to come to you and see how you live. She asked me if you wanted me to come to you? have you invited me to visit?
I said that you would be very pleased if we met and spent some time together.
dear Sam, I would also really like you to come to me in Russia, in my city. My parents will be happy if you can come to us. I want to introduce you to my family, and my family wants to get to know you better.
I want to see how you live, I want to see your country. If our relationship develops well, then I will be able to move in with you completely, we will be able to start a new life together. I really want this!
What do you think? Who should be the first to come to visit? I want to come to you and get to know you directly. We have to meet in order to fully understand whether we are suitable for us or not. After that, you and I will be able to go to Russia together, and I will introduce you to my family, my city, my country. I think that's a good idea. So we can get to know each other better.
I won't bother you if I arrive? Is it expensive to buy to eat? are utilities expensive? how much does public transport cost? Will you be glad to see me at your house? Please write to me about it. I'm talking to you very seriously. You sparked my interest, and I'm interested in you. You and I are already adults and should understand us in these matters.
I've been working long enough and I think I can afford this trip.
By the way, I haven't even told you how much I earn from my job yet! My salary does not always have the same amount, but most often it ranges from 27 to 40 thousand rubles. This is about 300-450 euros.
The question now is you. Do you want me to make this journey? If you want, then I will choose the most appropriate time for this. we have to plan my trip in advance because it will take time. And first of all, I have to get a COVID passport.
But I still need to solve this issue at work, because I can't just leave my job. but it won't be a big problem if I manage to register my business and sign contracts with large customers. then my firm will be able to work. and I will be able to solve current issues remotely. my income will grow significantly, and if you take the average profit and share it with those who will work for me, then I will have to earn at least 2000-3000 euros per month.
Besides, I have to prepare my family for this. It won't be easy for them to let me go to another country for a long time, they will worry about me. I also have to learn many more things about the journey.
It seems to me that you are exactly the person I have been looking for for a long time. You are good, gentle, caring, kind. You are a loyal and honest person.
Sam, I am sure that you are a man of your word, and you can be a good companion for me in life. I think that we can be all right, and we will be the most beautiful and loving couple together.
If after our meeting we decide that our relationship should not continue, I will return home and we will remain good friends!
Sam, you probably know what a Russian matryoshka is? 15-20 years ago there were a lot of craftsmen who made them with their own hands in small home workshops. but now this art has become an industry, and now it is not possible to find a master who will make it in his workshop. but you can find vintage items in ads for sale. they are usually several times more expensive than those sold in the store.
I can buy you any one you choose in the store. Sam, do you want to receive a Russian nesting doll as a gift? Tonight I will go to the store where they sell matryoshka dolls.
All right, I'll finish my letter. I need to go to a meeting about a contract with a new advertising customer. I have a lot of work to do on the design of the future advertising.
and also my photos. photo from the barber shop. and a selfie in my home clothes for you)!
Sam, You should understand that I trust you a lot and I want you to be just as frank and sincere with me.
I hope that you have only serious intentions towards me.
I'm waiting for your letter! Kisses, Yuliya
Letter 16
My Sam, my sweet Sam!
I am pleased to receive your letter! I'm even more glad that you understand me!
I think there should be trust and understanding between us.
I think I can give you my phone number now, but I'm not sure you can call me because my phone doesn't accept calls from abroad. My number: +79963777153.
I'll be calling you myself soon, and I hope we can talk.
Now I am completely ready to go to Moscow. It's good that you will be able to help me with air tickets. When I arrive in Moscow, I will tell you which airline tickets you should buy and hand them over to me.
Now our meeting will take place really soon!
I have already made a call to the airport, and ordered air tickets on board the plane to fly to Moscow.
Tonight I will go to my parents and tell them that I will be going to Moscow. Although they know that I am preparing for our meeting with you, but I have to get their approval again and probably they will tell me something on the road. I know that they will worry about me, but I believe that I should do everything possible to find my happiness next to you.
I have already taken a vacation at work and now I have several days off. During this time, I have to have time to visit Moscow and do all the necessary documents to be able to come to you. As soon as I have all my documents ready, I expect to return home to the city of Berdsk and wait at home for the day of my flight to you.
When the day of my trip to you comes, my boss will give me a vacation for another 30 days. My first visit to you can't be more than 3 months!
My parents wanted to accompany me to Moscow, but I told them that it would require a lot of money and asked them to accompany me only to the airport. Probably, my brother Andrey will also go to see me off to the airport. dad said that he would take me to the airport in his VAZ 2109 car. I hope that it won't break). dad and brother repair this car almost every weekend). last weekend they repaired the carburetor, and the hub. I hope that nothing will fall off during our trip).
Now I will also have to collect some things for Moscow.
Sam, I love you, and I know that you are really waiting for me!!! As soon as I arrive in Moscow, I will immediately find an Internet cafe and inform you that I have arrived in Moscow.
I am happy that everything is going well now! We'll be together soon! I want to come to you as soon as possible, and connect our hearts! I promise that I will take all things right when I arrive in Moscow.
Together we will make a happy couple! There are only a few steps left on the way to our happiness! Wait for me, my love!!!
Our love is only in our hands! I will cherish our love and take care of it!!! I have to say that I now understand that there is trust between us. I truly understand how much you want me to come to you. I am a strong woman and my love for you will help me!!!! We are on the right path to well-being, and I will fight for happiness with you!
It is very important for me to feel your support. I decided on a long journey for our meeting. I want you to write to me every day. I want to feel from you your desire for our meeting. I want to know that you are really waiting for me.
I think I won't be in Moscow for long. Maybe 5-6 days. I do not know for sure, but I will write to you every day and inform you about all the cases. OK?
OK, I won't write much today. I have a lot to think about before I go to Moscow. I know we're on the right track!
Sam, today I will give you my photo, which is next to the bird cherry branch. I would like to have your cheek next to me). and one more photo. I was swinging on a swing). I wasn't very good at these photos, but I hope these photos won't disappoint you).
I want to give you only bright, warm photos to banish the cold winter from your thoughts.
It is very beautiful in the city now, because there is snow everywhere and a slight frost. That's great! we plan to go to our house outside the city tonight or tomorrow morning. there you can always have a good rest surrounded by nature. did you like my new photo? do you see snow outside the window?
My next letter will probably be from Moscow.
With love, forever only your Yuliya
Letter 17
Hello my love Sam!
How are you doing?
Sam, I miss you very much and I miss you very much. I so want you to be with me now and I want to feel your support.
I devoted the whole weekend to preparing my trip to Moscow. mom and dad also spent these days in excitement and helped me. this allowed the whole family to gather again :) ! I hope that I have provided everything necessary for this trip.
I have so much news for you! I've already taken a lot of things.
On the plane to Tolmachevo airport, Novosibirsk, I was escorted by my parents and my brother Andrey. we were driving Dad's VAZ 2109 car, and it's amazing that it didn't break down on the way). probably this is a "good sign"!
They told me to be more careful, because Moscow is an unfamiliar and very big city, and I don't have any acquaintances there. dad told me a lot of instructions, and advised me what to do and how to do it. we hugged each other tightly. I even had a few tears flowing... I have never been away from my family so far, and for a long time.
I'm already in Moscow. I quickly reached Moscow by plane. I took off from Tolmachevo at 06.25 early in the morning, Berdsk time, and arrived in Moscow at 06.55 Moscow time. My flight was going well. To travel to you, I will also have to buy a ticket with a connecting flight from Tolmachevo to Moscow.
I was a little cold when the bus was taking us from the plane to the airport. although the weather in Moscow is significantly different from the one I have at home. there is almost no snow here, very high humidity. but it's not so cold, and I like it :).
it was convenient that I arrived early in the morning. I came across a good taxi driver, and he immediately helped me contact an agency, where I quickly found a rented apartment. As I expected, I would have to pay 3,300 rubles a day for it. It's about 40 euros and I think it's a good price.
I was found the cheapest apartment, but despite this, it is quite good and is not far from the consulate.
I even managed to go to bed for a few minutes. but I couldn't sleep for a long time, because I understand that today is a big day, and I have to do a lot.
I took some things with me to Moscow, but I didn't take many things. I think I will be able to do everything here quickly in order to be able to travel to you and then I will go home and wait at home for the day of my journey to you. and already from my city I will fly to you.
Now you have to read carefully. I went to the consulate at 10.00 today. the consulate is not very far from the house where I live, but I still have to use the bus.
I filled out a questionnaire, gave 3 recent color photos. I also submitted the original and a copy of the certificate from the place of work on a letterhead with all the coordinates of our company, indicating the position and salary, signed by the director of our company and the chief accountant, stamped. I took the certificate of ownership of my apartment as well. They also now have information about my earnings. I've been fingerprinted. my fingerprints were taken and my biometric data will be entered into the database. I also provided a certificate that I am not sick with COVID 19. I said that on February 18 to do the second stage of vaccination.
The lady who accepts the documents said that now I am a candidate for the opportunity to fly out of Russia. In her experience, she said that I have a lot of chances to do this. She has already given me a 99 percent chance that I will be able to travel to you. The lady explained to me that she would now hand over the documents to the customer service specialists. I got to know the rules in more detail today. In the next two days, I will be scheduled for an interview with the consul.
It is very important that I have air tickets for departure and arrival back to Russia. I must have Round Trip tickets! This is a prerequisite for the opportunity to travel. I said that I already know about it, and I also said that tomorrow I will go to buy my flights.
The lady at the consulate explained to me that I was flying to you as a tourist and therefore I had to take all the things on my own. When traveling on a tourist trip, I should not have any guarantors. I have to personally prove my serious intentions for traveling for tourism purposes. I have to buy Round Trip tickets here in Moscow in my name with my passport, and I have to have the original ticket purchased at the Airport ticket office. I have to have a round-trip ticket. I can't fly out of Russia without having an air ticket to return back. This will prove my financial stability. The consulate takes care of it. This is advisable. I go as a tourist and I have to have a stable financial situation to be able to be on a tourist trip. These are the rules of the Russian Federation and the host country, and I have to obey this, because I want to come to you.
So, today I wrote all the statements and I also gave all the information about me. My next step is to buy air tickets. By doing this, I will prove my financial stability and the consulate will be sure that I will be able to go back to Russia.
Now I have to buy air tickets as soon as possible.
I will now go to the airport myself and find out their cost. If everything goes according to plan, then I will be able to come to you! Do you understand about this?
On February 21, I will be able to fly to you. but to reduce all the risks, I plan my trip to you on February 25, and February 25 may be the day of our meeting! It is on this day that I will consider my flights!
But I want to coordinate with you the date of my trip to you, and my return back to Russia, so that I don't make any mistake. Are you satisfied with these dates of my trip to you?
My Sam, I will need your help. I will find out more precisely how much money I need. I will consider the cheapest and most convenient flights for me. OK? I don't want you to have a big expense.
Okay, I'll be going back to the apartment now. I want to eat already! Today I haven't even eaten anything yet, except tea with one sandwich early in the morning, because I was in a hurry to go to the consulate. I was tired today, and I want to take a rest. Besides, I didn't sleep well today and didn't get enough sleep.
I want to tell you that Moscow is a very beautiful city. It's very beautiful here!!! I haven't been to the "Red Square" yet and I really want to take some photos there. I will try to visit this legendary place as soon as possible and, if possible, give you my new photos, or at least you will be able to see them when I come to you.
I live in an apartment on the 4th floor and I can see a lot of houses! It's sad that my apartment is far from the "Red Square" and I can't see it, but I'm pretty close to the "Ostankino Tower" and if possible I will visit it and also take new photos for you. But I can't promise you anything, because it's hard to meet a photographer who could take photos on the street right now.
Sam, the invitation must be written by hand! there must be a written text, with a date and signature. you must also indicate the number of days that you are ready to receive me in your house. you have to write it on a piece of paper, and take a photo.
I also made a scanned image of my foreign passport and Russian passport, and now you can see them. But I'm not sure they'll be of any use to you.
Write to me soon! I love you!
Today I have only one photo for you (. just now I received it on my e-mail! I really like this photo).
Sam, I do all things just for us and our happiness.
I need you. I love you. you're the only person I feel that way about. I never knew what love was until the moment I met you. I want you and me to be together as soon as possible.
Your love, Yuliya
Letter 18
Hi, My love Sam!!!!
How was your night? Did you sleep well?
I have, all this time, while I am in Moscow, a lot of bad sleep and I do not get enough sleep. It seems to me that this excitement is due to the expectation of my journey to you.
I made a delicious dinner last night. I imagined that you were next to me and it made me very, very happy.
I hope that very soon you and I will actually be having dinner together. I'm looking forward to that day.
Today my day as always began with a trip to the Consulate. This is a very monotonous and not easy process, paperwork. I passed the interview with dignity, and now my passport is sent to the Consulate. this is good news, because I will no longer have problems getting a visa!
today, several people received their passports back, and this indicates that they were denied a visa. I don't have that problem!
Today is a beautiful day!! I have a good mood and my mood undoubtedly depends on the thought of you my Sam!
The day of our meeting is very close and I feel it in my heart. All I want is for us to be happy with you!
I want us to always have trust and understanding. I want our love to live forever! I want our home to be full of love and happiness.
I think every woman dreams of it. Do you agree with me?
I want our relationship to be based on love! Many women don't marry for love. I think it is impossible to have a normal family if the wife does not love her husband and only loves money. I'm not that kind of person, and I want you to know that. Money doesn't matter to me when I choose a partner to live with. For me, first of all, eternal values, family, love, and mutual understanding are important. You completely fit me and complement me, my Sam! I've always wanted someone like you!!!!
You are my unique Prince! You are my love! You are my future! You are my other half! Soon we will be together!
I understand that I have to wait, and I'm willing to do it, but you also have to understand that I can't wait long, because time is becoming a luxury for me right now...
Moscow is a very expensive city and I don't have so much money to live here for very long!
I will wait for your letter and our meeting! See you soon, my Prince!
I send you my sweetest kisses! I love you very much!
Only yours, Yuliya!
Letter 19
Hi my dear Sam.
I understand that you are afraid a lot. I understand that you may not trust me. I understand that there are a lot of stories related to deception. But I don't understand how you don't trust me?
I understand that you want me to take a photo and write your name on a piece of paper. today I will try to make such a photo for you.
I just want to come to you my Sam. I've heard a lot about relationships on the Internet, but I didn't think that international relationships have such a problem.
Of course I know that there is a lot of deception in the world. There have always been dishonest and deceitful people in history. There are many people who do not want to work honestly and try to live by deception.
I've heard about it and I know it. But I've never heard of false feelings. I didn't know that women cheat men in this way and it amazes me and is alien to me. The hair stands on end on the head from such terrible things.
Not so long ago I watched the movie "Journey to Europe". This is an American film and perfectly reflects the situation in which I am now. Maybe you've seen this movie too.
It tells about the love of a woman from Germany and a man from America. They loved each other very much. The film shows international relations very well.
The director could have changed the script, but then the audience would not have seen the beauty of such a relationship. This film proves again that there is still true love in the world.
People can find their love through the internet and be happy. I'm sure of it!!!!!!
My Sam, I want you and me to have a love story too. We are also from different countries. I believe in internet relationships. I believe you, I love you. if we both believe and love each other, then we will be happy and we will have a happy family. Happiness is already very close!! My feminine heart feels it. Yes, I love you and believe you.
Now I will wait for your decision. I want you to make the decision of a real man. If you love me, you have to trust me.
I also heard that men from other countries invite women to work or as a girlfriend and then take away all their documents and force them to work for them. They make maids of them, and *** slaves.
Russian women are very trusting. Yes, there is not much money in Russia and women want to have a decent life.
Men take advantage of this and turn women into captives. Have you heard about it?
There are many such cases in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Cyprus and other countries. I've heard about it and I'm afraid of it too. I don't want to be a prisoner and sell my body. I want to be a happy woman who has a family and a loving husband.
I want to take care of my family. I believe that you are a man who suits me, I love and believe you. I know that you are a man of your word and I will never hurt your heart. I want to love you.
Love me as I love you. Once again I want to tell you that there should be trust and understanding between us. And then we'll have everything else. You are welcome. think about it.
Listen to your heart. I will never deceive you.
Sam, I cannot go against the legislation of the Russian Federation and must do everything exactly as required of me.
I'll be waiting for your letter. I can't come without your help. I am ashamed to ask you for help, but I have to do it for the sake of our love.....
Forever, your Yuliya.
Letter 20
Hello my sweetheart Sam!!!
I am happy about today, because it has made the day of our meeting closer! But I have to fulfill the conditions of the Consulate, and wait just a little while when I will fly to you.
First of all, I have to tell you that yesterday I was able to take the photo that I promised! I specially took my natural photo so that it would please you.
I have a good day today and my mood is very good, despite the difficulties on our way.
I had just been to the Consulate, and as always I had to stand in a long queue. Despite this, I do everything possible to get the documents that will allow me to travel to you as soon as possible. I hope that my efforts will not be in vain, and we can be together. but you must do it with all your strength. I can't do it alone!
Your letters improve my day and make me smile. I always enjoy every letter of your word. Every word you say is important to me. I am very sad when I don't find your new letter, but I know that you always think of me.
I want our dreams to always come true and we will have a happy life! Every woman dreams about it. The day of our meeting is very soon and I will never forget this day. I want our happiness to last forever!
I want there to always be agreement between us! Do you understand?
Sam, promise me that you will always take care of me, and you will not deceive me. I'm a very trusting woman and I trust you.
If you lie to me, I'll probably never trust a man again.
I believe that there is love in the world for me, too. I want happiness with you.
I love you, my Prince. There are still many difficulties on our way and we must overcome them. We will overcome all obstacles if we fight together for our happiness.
Love can change a person greatly and a person who loves can do a lot for another. Love inspires and transforms a person. Do you agree with me, Sam?
I hope that you do transfer as soon as possible, and I will only have to wait for the day of my departure to you.
I have already been in Moscow for a long time and to be honest, it is not very easy, because Moscow is an expensive city, and I have already spent a lot of money on accommodation and food. I very much hope that the circumstances will turn out well, and I will do everything as we planned.
I want us to build our happiness together. I love you!
I will wait for your letter.
Only Yours, Yuliya. P.s. Tonight I will think only of you again! You are my unique love!!!
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