Scam letter(s) from Elena to Garrett (USA)

Letter 1
Hi There, I am glad that we could start getting in touch with each other. I am Lenochka. I am just thirty-five yrs old. I live in Russia. It is in reality very difficult to compose about my lifestyle, but I will give it a try anyhow. I feel that I am a very wide-open, affectionate, romantic, and sensitive chic. I have a silky and calm personality. I am able to very easily find a common language with everyone and also got a bunch of buddies. I studied at the Penza Health Institute and also got a degree in pharma, I'm at the moment working as a junior employee in a medicine producing business. I got quite an fun & energetic life right now. I am hoping that we will maintain our connection and become familiar with the other better. I believe you'll be curious about seeing my pictures & for that reason I am sending them for you. I shall look ahead to finding a text from you shortly & also will expect your latest pictures. Lena.
Letter 2
Hello Garrett!!
I am very glad that you answered my letter and now we can continue our acquaintance. As I already wrote my name is Elena. I am 35 years old, my birthday is January 19, the zodiac sign is Capricorn, my height is 171 and my weight is 61 kg.
I live in Russia, in the city of Penza. My city is very old and was founded in 1663, it is located in the center of the European part of Russia.
My city is 650 km away from Moscow. There are many historical buildings and monuments in our city.
The beautiful Sura River flows through the city. There are also many lakes and small rivers near the city. We have beautiful nature and many beautiful and picturesque places.
I think that if you are interested, then you will definitely look at the photos of my city on the Internet.
As I already told you, I have a higher pharmacological education. I also studied English there, I want to learn it better and improve it, I hope you can help me with this?
I work in my city at Biosintez OJSC. We manufacture medicines.
But now, due to the pandemic, we are working in an intensive mode. We work on a flexible schedule, we can work in three shifts, the schedule is constantly changing. I will write to you in advance how my schedule will change and when I can write to you and answer your letters.
This Sunday I work, I will also work the whole next week on the day shift, if something changes in my work schedule, I will definitely inform you.
We are currently producing many new drugs. I cannot write to you in a letter what medicines we are producing now, because we sign nondisclosure documents.
We are also constantly checked. At work, there is a very strict examination, you cannot bring phones with you, phones with cameras are also prohibited, and Internet is also prohibited on phones.
We go through several types of metal detectors. I hope that you will not be angry with me, that I will not write to you a lot about my work?
I really hope that you will understand me. I don't want to lose my job.
I work hard, but it's worth it because I love my job. I like my job because I work with good people and constantly meet new people, I enjoy my work, because this is my element.
I have a family, friends, a job, but I lack the most important thing, I lack a person with whom I would like to share all this, I miss the only one with which I would like to connect my life. I heard that many people now find their other half on the Internet.
I have heard many happy stories about other people. These people say that they found each other several thousand miles apart and fell in love. And now they are happy and live together.
I want to find a good person, a full-fledged partner and I want to start a family with such a person. I do not want to build relationships and start a family in Russia because I have always wanted to leave Russia and improve my life, because I want to know that I and my family will be protected by the state and I
I just want to have confidence in the future.
I hope that we can continue our acquaintance and get to know each other better.
I think that it will be interesting for you to see my photo again and therefore I am sending it to you, I am also waiting for your beautiful photos in return.
I will look forward to hearing from you. Elena.
Letter 3
Hello Garrett!
I want to ask you why you don't send me your photos?
How are you ? I am very glad that you received my letter. You answered me again and it means that you do not mind continuing our acquaintance and this is very wonderful.
I can only write to you from work because I do not have access to the Internet at home.
I also wrote to you that a phone with a camera and the Internet is prohibited for us at work.
The plant security service constantly checks us. If we do not fulfill these conditions, we will be fired from our job.
At work, I use a computer a lot, because I enter a lot of data in the work log and duplicate it on the computer, I deal with a lot of papers and documents at all times. Sometimes I have free time at work and during this time I can write you a letter.
Garrett, first I want to tell you a little about myself and my family. Today I attached a photo of me and my mom for you, it was taken about a year ago.
I have a good family. My dad's name is Alexey, he is 65 years old. He - works at an engineering plant. My mother, Marina, is a doctor, she is 63 years old. I also have an older sister, her name is Natalia, she is 42 years old. She is married and has two children: a daughter and a son, these are my nephews. My niece's name is Olga. She goes to kindergarten now. My nephew's name is Anton, he is only 9 months old and therefore my sister does not work now, because she is engaged in children now. Before the birth of my children, my sister worked as a tourism manager.
She really enjoys her job and as soon as her children grow up, she plans to continue her activities again. Her husband's name is Sergei and he works as an investigator in the prosecutor's office. My sister has been married for almost 9 years.
She and her husband studied together in the same school and therefore they have known each other for a very long time and they are happy together.
I really love my family and my family is very important to me. These are the most dear people to me and I really appreciate and value my family and always try to devote more time to my family.
In my free time, I can do various things. Sometimes I meet with friends and relatives. We can go to a cafe or go out into nature.
Also, in my free time, sometimes I just want to stay at home doing nothing.
I like sports and I try to play sports to be in shape. I like swimming and ice skating.
I like going to the movies and I do it quite often because watching a movie on the big screen is much more interesting than at home. How do you think ? I love all kinds of comedies and historical films.
As for music, I listen to different music, it all depends on my mood.
Garrett, tell me about yourself. Where do you work ? What is your family? What do you like to do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies?
What kind of music do you like ? Which films ? I want to know as much as possible about you and I hope that you will help me in this?
I have to go now and I will wait for your letter tomorrow. Bye . Elena.
Letter 4
Hello Garrett!!
Why is there no photo again ??
I want to tell you that I do not understand your football.
How are you ? What are you doing today ? I am very pleased to receive your letter again and I am glad that we continue our acquaintance.
Today I woke up in a very good mood. I had a good dream, I don't remember exactly what it was about, but I really didn't want to wake up, but the alarm went off.
I got up quickly, showered and made myself breakfast. I left home earlier than usual today and I decided to take a walk to work, because the weather was great, I had enough time and besides, it's not far away.
As soon as I came to work and I had the opportunity, I turned on my computer to check my mail, hoping to see your letter there.
I am really very pleased that you are writing to me and I hope that it will be so in the future.
Last night I went to the ice rink and I skated! I like going to the ice rink. Music plays loudly and you can ride and just dream about your own. Do you skate?
I have attached a photo from the ice rink for you, but this was not done yesterday. Now at work we are very carefully checked and I cannot bring fresh photos to work.
I have photos at work that I brought to work before we started working in a special mode. Next time I will try to attach more photos for you.
After the ice rink, I came home, made myself dinner and watched some TV.
I like to sometimes sit in front of the TV and watch something interesting, but in the summer I usually prefer to take a walk in the fresh air.
And in winter or when it rains, I can watch a movie or show, or just news. I also love to read. I love reading history books and books about the meaning of life.
When a book is interesting, I always want to read it quickly and find out what the ending will be like. I usually read in the evenings and very often I do it until late at night because while reading the book I do not notice how time flies.
My favorite writers are Paolo Coelho, Haruki Murakami, Borges and a few others. Do you like reading?
I hope you are interested in what I am writing. I just want to show you my life and tell you who I am and how I live. You are very interesting to me and it is interesting for me to communicate with you!
With every letter I get to know you more and more. Now we are very far from each other and cannot meet, but I hope that if we continue our acquaintance, we can do it someday.
I would like that! Now, of course, it's too early to talk about it, but I think that time will show us who we can be for each other in the future. Do you agree with me ?
And now I'm here because I just want to find my love and happiness. I just want to love and be loved because that is real happiness.
And I really hope that I can do it! How do you think ?
Unfortunately now I have to go and therefore I am finishing my letter.
Write to me soon. I'll be waiting ! Elena.
Letter 5
Hello Garrett!
I want to tell you that I love both dogs and cats! My next letters will be like yours without a photo.
I am very pleased to read your letter and it gives me great pleasure!
How are you ? How are you ?
I'm doing just fine! The mood is wonderful!
Today I have attached a photo from Sochi for you.
Last year, on vacation, my mother and I went to the sea for 7 days. Mom took me some beautiful photos.
I think that you will not show these photos to anyone, am I right?
Can you imagine yesterday on the way home from work, I met my college friend. I was walking down the street thinking about something when I heard that someone greeted me and when I looked up I saw her. To be honest, I didn't recognize her at first because we hadn't seen each other for over 7 years.
But looking closer, I realized who it was. We were very friendly with her during our student years, but at the end of her studies she left for another city and therefore I lost touch with her.
It was so nice to meet her and we decided to go to a cafe with her, have dinner together and chat about everything.
We remembered the years of our study, those people who studied with us. She said that she has a fiancé and is going to get married this year.
She promised to invite me to the wedding as soon as they determine the exact date. I am very happy for her because she is a wonderful girl and I think that her husband will be very lucky.
She also asked about my plans for the future and I told her that now I am in search of the one and only beloved one with whom I want to connect my life,
who will be ready to give me his love, support and respect. I just want to be happy next to a strong person, I want to live and enjoy life in the full sense of the word.
I want to find a person who will love me for who I am.
Maybe this person will be you, Garrett?
My friend was surprised that I still haven't married because I have always had a lot of fans, but I said that I just did not meet a person who really needs me and who needs me.
I have had a serious relationship twice in my life. I want to be honest with you and therefore I do not want to hide it from you.
The first relationship did not work out because I was very tired of giving and not receiving anything in return. I'm tired of the fact that he constantly exchanged me for friends, work, entertainment.
I am a very patient person, but one day my patience ran out and I just left him. I'm just tired of wasting time on a man who did not seek to spend it with me. And when I broke up with this man, I realized that without him I’m much better.
The second relationship ended a year and a half ago. He invited me to marry him. He was a very good person, intelligent, tactful, considerate and courteous, he seems to have loved me. The whole problem was in me. He did everything right, but it seemed to me that everything was not right.
And the further our relations continued, the worse they became. I closed in myself, misunderstanding began, I was more and more distant from him and one day I woke up and realized that
I just don’t like him, I don’t feel absolutely nothing for him. I realized that I do not want to associate my life with this person and I honestly told him about it.
I am very glad now that we ended our relationship on time and did not do something ******. We were able to stay friends with him and I am very happy about that.
Forgive me if I was too frank in my letter today, but I just wanted you to know about it and I would like you to tell me about your past relationship and why it didn’t work out.
I will be grateful if you tell me about this, but I will also understand if you do not want to touch on this topic.
I will look forward to your letter. Elena.
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