Scam letter(s) from Julia to Martin (UK)

Letter 1
Hey Martin! You answered for me !!!! I am pleasantly surprised and happy about it!
I will hope that my photos will not go unanswered, and you will take your photos for me too ... ok? ;) My name is Yulia. I am 43 years old. I live in Russia.
I am an accountant at a woodworking company. Although in childhood I dreamed of being a teacher at school ...)))
I have no children and have never been married and now I live alone. I'm not interested in the attention of many men. I want to find the only man with whom I can have a serious relationship.
Now I have an age when I no longer need to believe in fate, but when I saw your letter today, I thought: "Why not?"
And I am very interested in what can happen as a result of our communication with you.
After all, there are hundreds, and even thousands of examples, when the Internet helped to unite hearts ...
The Internet is an amazing thing that helps bring people all over the world closer together.
I find it interesting to communicate via email. This reminds me of the days gone by when people communicated through handwritten letters.
For me, this is a new way of communication, and I find it very romantic. Why don't we try this kind of communication? Now you have learned a little about me. And I want to pass the baton to you;)))
I would be interested to know why such a man does not have a soul mate?
Tell me more about you;) ... And of course I will gladly answer your questions as well ...
I will be glad to see your answer again ...
Letter 2
Hello Martin! Sorry I made you wait for my answer. I was unable to write to you last night.
I want to confess that I was anxious to check my email. because I didn't know if I got an answer from you ....)
Your answer pleasantly surprised me ...) Thank you! ;)
Why didn't you send me your photo? but I hope that in the next letter I will be able to see your photos or even videos;) To be honest, I know almost nothing about Mexican Americans ... Everything I know about them, I only know from films ...) I decided to do a little audio for you. Hope you enjoy it;)
I studied English at school and university. And I think that it will not be a problem for us to even talk on the phone.
And if you want, then we could exchange phone numbers even ...) why not?)))
But first, I would like to know you better ... ok?) Help me with this;) We are far from each other. But who can argue that this is a problem. !? )
We live in a world where in a few hours you can be anywhere on our planet!
I live in the city of Syktyvkar. Do you know such a city in Russia? But for sure you can find this city in google maps;) For me, this is the first experience of dating on the Internet. Do you have a lot of online dating experience?
I am not looking for a man in Russia because I was disappointed in Russian men. I was deceived.
I'm looking for a serious relationship. I am looking for a man to live together for the rest of my life.
Dressing up your best evening gowns for your man ... I think this is for every woman.
I am ready to change my life. Live and work in another country. Be in a relationship with your man. I would be interested to learn more about you;) I am an open person, and I will also gladly answer your questions.
Martin, tell me more about you. what are you doing in your free time? how do you use your weekend? What are your interests in sports, art, music?
Surely it would be very interesting to know what your typical working day is like? what do you do during the working day? I have many interests and hobbies. But I think I could tell you about this in a separate letter.
Otherwise, my letter will be very long, and you will get tired of reading this)) I could not leave you without my photos, and took a few photos again today when I had a break from work.
And I will be very pleased to see your photos as well ... After all, you will not forget about my request? ;) I hope to see your answer again ...;)
"Never stop smiling, even when you are sad, because you never know who can fall in love with your smile."
Perhaps you have heard such a quote earlier by the famous Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez?
so I will be glad to see your smile always ...) I'm sure your sister is wrong about not finding the woman of your dreams!)
With a pure heart, frankly!
Waiting for your reply...
Letter 3
Hello Martin!
I got free time at work and was in a hurry to check my email.
Sorry for my late reply. Unfortunately, I couldn't write to you last night from my phone.
I dropped and broke my smartphone yesterday.
But this will not be a problem, and I will always find an opportunity to write to you and take a photo.
I really hope that soon I will be able to repair my phone. I couldn't see your photos again. Don't you have a photo? I hope to see this in my next letter. ok?)
I try to send you my photos always ... And I'm sad that in return I don't receive your photos ...
After all, in order to take a photo you will need a few seconds. few seconds....
But on the other hand, your attention will give me a wonderful mood for the whole day ...
Don't you want to please me?) I couldn't leave you without my photos. So this morning I took a picture for you at a workout in the gym.
How did your day start today? Usually my day starts with gymnastics, workout in the gym or a walk on the street ....
I like to start my day with light physical activity so that I can be energized all day ...) Martin, what do you think of talking on the phone? Would you like it?
I think this will help us get to know each other better. Do you agree with me?
Of course, we could have a chat using whatsapp, and it would be more convenient. but unfortunately now my smartphone is not working.
Write me your phone number. Tomorrow I'll try to call you free of charge from the post office. Before writing you a letter, I looked at Google maps. There is a short distance between us. Joke :)
Perhaps you live near John Hancock Tower? Probably the view from the observation deck is wonderful?) Are you afraid of heights?)))
No wonder you like Goodfellas ... I've watched this movie and I know it's about American gangsters. After all, Chikago is famous for being one of the gangster capitals)))) My city has no special attractions. But one of the main attractions of my region is nature.
And, of course, I like to have time in nature and at least for a moment to be outside the bustle of the city. To be honest, I don't know anything about American football. I know a little about rugby. my brother used to love watching rugby, especially when it was the World Cup.
I even know about New Zealanders' signature dance haka ...) It looks very belligerent)))
I will send you a video of this dance. But I think you've seen it before if you like rugby)))
I know that American football is somewhat similar to rugby, but it is a tougher sport.
I hope you didn't get seriously injured playing college? I like that you try and know how to control your weight ..)
What does a woman like me like to get involved in?) Probably like many adults, my soul always remains young)))
For several years now, my main hobby has been Nordic walking. :lol: :lol:
This sport can be practiced at any time of the year and even in any weather, if you have a desire for this.
I don’t like to stay at home. I love to always move. There is such an expression: "Movement is life!"
I also love to dance. Since childhood I have been engaged in ballroom dancing. My dad told me that a girl should be able to dance beautifully ...)
Also, in my free time I like to read books. Now I am reading "The Master and Margarita". I rarely watch TV.
Theater, concerts. I love art in all its forms ...
I always enjoy learning and trying new things. After all, we live only one life, and we need to rejoice every day. I also love fishing. My brother was a professional fisherman and taught me how to fish.
Once I was able to catch a 2 kg pike. It was the most wonderful fishing day;) what is your favorite song? because surely you have some special song that you always like to listen to?)))
I prefer to listen to music from Roxette, Robbie Williams, Elton John, Grigory Leps.
I am sending you one of my favorite songs, which you can hear on youtube as well;) What else did I forget to tell about myself?))) I will be happy to answer your questions.
Now I am finishing my letter. But I will definitely try to write you in the evening. Smile!) Smile prolongs life)))
Letter 4
Hello Martin !!! Great day! Great mood!
I hope my good mood will go to you with this letter)))
Today I woke up in the morning at 6:00. I always wake up so early ... If I sleep a lot, then my head starts to hurt)))
After that I did not go to Nordic walking training. It gives a wonderful tone for the whole day;)
Also this morning I wanted to make pancakes. And before going to work, I made pancakes according to my recipe ...
You can see this in the photo ... I always make small pancakes. I think it's much more convenient to eat pancakes this way ...)
I'm already at work now. I had some free time, and I wanted to write to you.
Today is Sunday, but I have some work to finish. But tomorrow I will rest. Martin, again you didn't send me your photos! And this disappoints me very much.
Sorry, but if I do not receive a photo from you, then we will be forced to stop our communication with you.
I understand that you don't trust women because of your ex-woman. But how am I connected with what she did?
Unfortunately, lately, there are a lot of people who experience only animal instincts and forget that they are people. There are a lot of greedy people.
It is a pity that such concepts as honor and loyalty are being forgotten. People began to forget what a real family should be!
Thinking about this, sadness comes to me: (It is very painful for me to watch how people in the world are losing the values ​​that their ancestors bequeathed to them.
This is very scary, because people with such bad values ​​have no future. Nobody thinks about the future, most live only in the present. Martin, I was hoping you would give me your number.
I am very pleased to communicate with you via e-mail. But I want to hear your voice.
I'm sure this will help us get closer. Please write me your phone number. Also I would like to give you my phone number. +79852464255
Unfortunately I cannot use whatsapp right now because my phone is not functioning.
But you can add me to your contacts, and I can answer you there when my smartphone is repaired. I am sad to learn about your father. I understand you. I can imagine how you feel because I also lost my father and brother .........
But I'm sure that now your dad is watching you from the sky and helping you in difficult situations. Martin, I want to tell you a lot about myself. but sometimes I don't know where to start ...
I would like to tell you about my family. unfortunately now in my family I have only my grandmother.
My grandmother is now 80 years old, she lives in Estonia.
I remember how my grandmother taught me cooking from childhood. She said that the way to a man's heart goes through the stomach. Now I remember these moments, and it makes me smile.
I haven't seen my grandmother for a long time. because I cannot often visit her in Estonia. But she promised to come and visit me next year.
My mom died when I was very young. I don't remember her. In memory of her, I have only a few photos with her left of her.
I had a brother and a father. But I lost them when they died in a car accident 7 years ago.
But we continue to live. All we can do for them is to have a memory and never forget them. Martin, your love for animals shows to me that you are a very kind and good person. I have always believed that if a person loves animals, then he has a kind soul.
I like animals a lot. Unfortunately I do not have pets because I live alone. I spend a lot of time at work and do not have time to look after my pet.
Hope to have a dog in the future. Do you love Labrador? I would like to have my dog ​​Labrador in the future.
Dogs are the only animals that will never betray a person to whom they are loyal. I try to tell a lot about myself. so you can understand me.
Martin, I hope you're not bored with me?
Now I need to finish my letter.
Tomorrow I do not work. But now I need to do a lot at work so that tomorrow I can rest without any worries and thoughts about work ...)
Martin, I promise to write to you again tonight. I wish you a good mood, and I look forward to your photos in the next letter ...
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