Scam letter(s) from Nigora Nurmetova to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
My name is Nigora, I'm actually 33 years old, I'm living in Kazakhstan. I am actually an extremely well-mannered girl who happens to be on the lookout for a faithful and affectionate guy, my personal second half. I was given your personal address in the date matching office of my own downtown. I have been simply researching a serious love, teasing & games typically are not for me. If perhaps i grabbed your real awareness and then conversation well away is not going to a problem for you personally, then let's move forward. If this can be problematic, just pay no attention to my message. I wish you an ideal day and a wonderful atmosphere. I am going to watch for your message with the pics. All the best, Nigora.
Please reply to my own email address if perhaps you have interest in it:
Letter 2
Hello my friend Sam!
I was glad to get your letter. I was waiting for you to answer me. I hope that our acquaintance will be good and both of us will like it.
I think you will be glad to receive this letter too.
My name is Nigora. I am 33 years old . My date of birth is May 5, 1988. My height is 172 cm, weight is 55 kg.
Have a question? Where did I get your email address from? I contacted the dating service in our city.
A dating computer found me several email addresses that matched my request, these are men from other countries.
I looked at the email addresses first and decided to send you the first message. Hope you have time to talk to me.
I don't smoke cigarettes, I have no bad habit. I can drink a glass of wine if it is some kind of holiday or a big event in my life.
I also want to tell you about the city in which I live! The name of my city is Semey. Semey is located 764 kilometers from our capital Nur-Sultan.
Semey is a very beautiful city, and I really like my wonderful city! There are many beautiful streets and attractions in our city.
I also really want to tell you about my education! I studied at the State Medical University in Semey. I learned English well at university, and i can speak english without problem. But I think I'm still wrong! :-) And if we look at these mistakes together, I know English even better!
I hope you will not refuse to help me? :-) Therefore, I ask you to forgive me in advance if I am mistaken! Forgive me :-)
I also want to say that after graduating from the university I received a diploma in the specialty "pediatrician".
But, unfortunately, I was not able to continue my medical career, because here, in Kazakhstan, as in many other countries, it is very difficult to find a good job in my specialty.
And now I work as a waitress in a bar, although I am a doctor by training. I enjoy working in our bar and our customers are very nice people.
I also want to say that I have access to the Internet!
I live with my mother in an apartment. I searched for a long time for my man and found out that there is a way to get acquainted via the Internet. And I decided to give it a try. So, I received your letter.
Tell me what interests you? I will be glad to answer your questions. What do you want to know about me?
I look forward to your questions in the next letter. I am sending you a photo and a short video, I hope you will be satisfied.
I want you to tell me about your family, I would be interested to know everything!
Also write me your weight, height, tell me about your city, where you live, I have never been to other countries! And I will be very happy to learn more about your country!
I hope, you like it. Tell me why you decided to look for your destiny on the Internet?
What do you like to do? How do you imagine the ideal girl?
I look forward to your letter. Goodbye!
Your new girlfriend Nigora.
Letter 3
Hello my friend Sam!
I was glad to receive your answer.
I'm sorry it took me so long to reply to your letter. I was very worried and could not get myself together to check the mail. But I pulled myself together and saw your letter.
Thank you very much for sending me your photos. I am pleased to receive your photo from you and to see you. I hope that you can send your photos with each of your letters.
Sam, I decided to get acquainted on the Internet because I could not find my man. I used to meet men who did not value me or only wanted ***.
Maybe everything will be different with you and me? And you will be a man who will be happy with me, and I will be a woman for whom happiness is to be with a man like you.
Sam, I have no brothers or sisters. Only mom and best friend Olga.
I live with mother. We live in the small town of Semey, which I told you about earlier.
I also told you that I work as a waitress in a bar. This is a wonderful and comfortable bar, people come to have a **** or something to eat. My working hours are from 10:00 to 22:00. I am very interested in learning more about your work, and what do you do in your free time? Maybe you have a hobby?
Unfortunately, I have never been to other countries! All the time I am only in my country and in my city! :) But I have a desire to travel in the future, I hope that I will have time and opportunities for this.
I hope that I will receive your letters every day because I like it. Tell me about your family? What is your relationship with your family? Did you have true love Is she still possible? What do you think?
I will look forward to your letter tomorrow and I hope
that it will bring me a smile again.
Your Nigora.
Letter 4
Hello my new friend Sam, I am very glad to see your letter again.
I like to write you Sam. You are a very pleasant person to talk to.
What do you say about me? I enjoy outdoor activities, picnics and hiking.
I like to listen to Russian and foreign music. Of the Russian music artists, I like to listen to the songs of the following groups: Zemfira, Splin, Aria, BISMUT 2.
Have you heard of these groups? From foreign artists I like to listen to “Bon Jovi”, “U2”, “Cranberries”, Scorpios, Elton John and so on. In general, I like to listen to good and modern music, what kind of music do you like?
From films I like to watch comedies, science fiction films, melodramas and so on. But I still have great impressions of the films The Lord of the Rings films by Harry Potter. I hope you watched these movies? But I got a special impression after the film "Patriot", the main actor is Mel Gibson, who describes the war between England and America. In this film, patriotism and love for the country are very clearly manifested! These are very important qualities. what all people in the world must have! Right? I hope that you also watched this film, and that you had a great impression of watching this film.
I also want to tell you that I like to read books, especially the literature of Russian authors: Tolstoy, Chekhov, Pushkin, etc. But I was very happy to read Stephen King's book “The Dark Tower”, in my opinion, this is a very interesting book, where the main the hero of Roland is a purposeful person, he goes to a dark tower, but I like the quality of Roland - dedication! I consider these important qualities in any person.
About food. Well, my favorite dishes: fried potatoes, different types of soups, I also like meat and don’t want to hide from it :) I really like fish and chicken, do you like chicken? It's delicious! I also love pizza. Especially pizza with cheese. I love fruits and vegetables, especially lemons, apples, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc., there are many vitamins. Do you like cooking? I really like to talk with my mom and I would love to cook something for you my friend.
Sometimes, Olga and my mother and I go to the theater. I am glad that I can communicate with you, I like it very much. I am sending you a new photo.
I would like to speak with you sooner or later by phone. My phone does not accept international calls, but I think I could deal with my mobile operator to talk to you. Are you ready for this in the future? Can you leave me your phone number? Unless of course you mind talking to me on the phone.
As soon as I could find a way out to call you, I would do it.
Do you think love exists at first sight? Have you ever felt this?
I will really wait for your letter tomorrow, they always bring me a lot of joy.
Bye, bye Sam.
Your friend Nigora.
Letter 5
Hello my dear friend Sam!
Reading your letters, I smile again.
I am so glad to receive your letter again! My day was very good when I saw your words. Unfortunately, today I had a bad experience working with a bad client in our bar.
He drank a lot of ***** and kept me from working all the time. He always wanted to hug me and told me offensive words. In the end, our security service and the police kicked him out of the bar, and my mood became terribly bad. And only when I saw your message, only then my mood became much better!
I like to go to church, it's not far from my house. Our church is a very beautiful place. In this church, priests sing beautiful songs, and I really like it. It soothes my soul very much, especially when I am in a bad mood.
I thought maybe it will be interesting for you to find out about my last name and the place where I live.
My name: Nigora
Surname: Nurmetova
City: Semey
Country: Kazakhstan
Street: Zasyadko, house number 58, apartment 33
I gave you the address, suddenly you want to find my address on the map. I would also love to know your address, maybe even see your house on Google map. Thank you very much for sending me your phone number. I will rewrite his phone so as not to lose it. I will try to call you as soon as I can.
Yes, I don't have my own computer. I'm writing to you from my boss's computer here at work. he allows you to use his computer and I can write you my letters.
Sam, I hope you understand my letters without any problems.
I studied English at school, and then at a medical institute. But if you can’t understand something, ask me, ok? I graduated from a pediatrician, but I could not get a job. And then I found work in a bar where I work on the same day.
My mother is very glad to see that she raised me as a worthy person who benefits people. But I would like to benefit the children by working as a doctor.
What's your education? What do you work now?
Do you like your job, Sam?
I told my mom about you. She was glad that I had a new friend. She asks a lot about you, and I told everything I know. She asked me to give you "HI."
Have you told your relatives or friends about me?
What do they say about me?
I hope tomorrow I can see your letter again and a happy smile will appear on my face. I am sending you my photo.
Your friend Nigora.
Letter 6
Hello my dear friend Sam!
It is very pleasant for me to come here and see your letter, which I always wait.
When I receive your warm messages, I immediately forget about the bad mood, a smile immediately appears on my face, and it becomes very warm thanks to your letters. Now I just can’t live without your messages. You can see me writing to you and telling about myself, and we will learn more and more about each other. I think this is very important for us!
I want to say that I really love summer! I love summer, hot summer days, warm evenings when you can walk and enjoy nature.
I enjoy spending holidays with family and friends. Basically, on vacation, I like to go hiking in the forest, which is located around Semey.
I hope that you know that our kazakh forests are very beautiful. In our forests, pine trees and beautiful birch trees.
The Semey Reservoir is nearby and this place is very romantic! So delicious to eat food in nature. I like to relax in tents, how do you spend your vacation?
Tell me good It will be interesting to me. My dear, my friends in our bar all the time ask me about you :)
I tell them that you are a very good person, I also want to tell you that some of my friends are a little envious of me because I found such a good person, how are you! But I do not pay any attention to their envy.
Today the weather is beautiful and I am in a good mood. How are you today, Sam? How is your mood? Hope it improves too when you see this letter.
Thank you for sending me the address where you live. I looked through Google maps your house. but I could not see him well, only from above I could see him. But I found your home.
It's terrible news that you're having a big storm and there's such a strong wind right now. I hope that the citizens of England have accepted that it is necessary to stay at home and walking on the street is dangerous for them.
My family is only mom and girlfriend Olga. I do not have siblings, but have cousins who live far from my mother in other cities.
And my friend Olga is almost like a sister to me. Olga is also very glad that I met you. They, along with mom, tell you hi, Sam.
With Olga, we often walk around the city together or for a walk in the forest. We always help each other. Do you believe in true friendship?
Did a true friend betray you?
How did you feel about it? I am sending you a photo. I hope this letter brings you a smile.
With hope, I will wait for your reply tomorrow.
Your friend Nigora.
Letter 7
Hello my dear friend Sam, and again I come here and rejoice, like a child to your letter.
I was glad that I was able to dream of you. but it seems to me that every girl would be pleased to hear that she is dreaming of a man and comes to him in a dream. Yes, maybe we will be able to meet face to face someday, but this takes time. Do you agree with me?
Sam, today at work, I helped a person who had severe pain. My colleague had chest pain, I immediately realized that she had a heartache and I already knew what to do.
I laid her on the sofa and gave me the right medicine. After some time, she felt better. When she thanked me, I realized - this is the best reward for me.
Once again I understood and made sure that I want to help people. This is my calling. Sooner or later I will become a doctor, I really want this.
I like when people are smiling and happy. Sam, probably you had to help people? They were sincerely grateful to you?
How many good people have you met in your life? I think you are a kind person and have done a lot for others. For me, doing good to people is the most enjoyable thing.
Many consider this a weakness or simply difficult for themselves, but I think this is only from their indifference to others. What do you think Sam?
I am sending you a photo. Sam, do you like my hairstyle? Every day, when I wake up, I go to work with the warm thought that I will see your letter after work.
I wish you a good day and hope to see your letter tomorrow.
Bye, bye Sam.
Your Nigora:)
Letter 8
Hello my dear friend Sam!
Today I am in a very good mood. I am so glad to receive and read your letter.
When I read letters from you, I have a special feeling of warmth and tenderness.
When I want to think about you, I come to the river and look at it. I am very calm in that place.
Sam, I come here again for the umpteenth time with such a feeling that it seems to beckoning me here, I'm fine here! It’s good to think about you.
I am very proud that I was born here in this city and I can walk along these streets and admire this beautiful city.
We often go for a walk with Olga and other friends in our city and like to visit a cafe called - there is pizza or ice cream.
Some take **** or wine, but I don’t drink alcohol and only keep them in good company. We are just happy that we live here.
And what does the place where you live look like? It must be very beautiful there, too. What do you like to visit there?
Today I had a dream. I stand on the banks of the river, summer and the bright sun shines. And suddenly someone comes up to me and covers my face with their own hands, I try to understand who it is and I feel this person is very close to me. And when I say, "Is that you Sam?".
Suddenly I woke up. But I'm sure it was you Sam.
From this dream, today I’m in a better mood than usual. But tomorrow, I’m sure that I’ll just shine with joy when I see your letter and learn more about the place where you live.
I hope Sam your day will be as bright and I was able to share my good mood with you.
Your Nigora.
Letter 9
Hello dear Sam!
how nice it is to come here and see your letter.
How are you? How is your mood? What did you do today?
I hope you all are well.
Yes, with great pleasure I would show you Semey and we could also travel around the country and I could show you some cities of Kazakhstan. Of course, I myself know little about other cities, since I have not been to all cities.
Today I went to my grandmother. She lives in a village that is not far from our city. I just enjoyed the view of beautiful nature when I went to my grandmother's house.
And she even stopped for a few minutes, admiring it. I remember, when I was still a little girl, I asked my mother that she would rather take me to my grandmother - I really liked it there.
Grandma taught me how to cook different dishes. I especially loved grandmother's cakes, which we cooked together.
I still go there with pleasure. Grandma was very glad to see me and immediately hugged me and asked how I was doing. My grandmother is 85 years old, she is already in old age.
But she is holding well, I like her optimism and she can energize any person. I never had any secrets from her and I told her everything.
I talked about you, about how we met and tell each other about everything. Grandma smiled and was very happy about it, she said that she liked you, I wished you all the best Sam and many kind words. Do you have close relatives with whom you can share a lot Sam?
How do they feel about me?
I think in this photo I did pretty well. what do you think Sam?
You know, I feel that something special has appeared between us and every day I tend to see your letter as soon as possible, they have become more important for me, they have become for me
without which I can’t live. Do you experience anything like this? how do you feel about me?
I will really wait for your answer, find out about how your affairs will be tomorrow Sam.
Your Nigora.
Letter 10
Hello my dear Sam!
You make me happy with your mail every day. This is wonderful, please write to me and chat with me. Now, receiving letters from you is a real joy for me.
I am glad that you managed to do a lot and had success in your affairs. I hope that you are not too tired and you still have strength. We don’t have much work on Monday and basically I have a day off then and I can relax. We have a lot of work on Friday and Saturday. There are a lot of visitors and there is almost no time to relax.
I will definitely say hello to my grandmother for you. I think she will be very pleased to receive it from you.
Perhaps someday our dreams will turn into reality and we will be able to see each other and walk along the streets of the city. For everything it takes time and to get to know each other better and better. I think that you will agree with me.
Today is just a wonderful day! I woke up in the morning in an unusual mood, the sun was shining through the window, as if telling me - "Wake up, Nigora."
I looked out the window and saw that the weather was wonderful and I even wanted to get dressed faster and go outside.
On the way to work, all the people looked so welcoming and polite. Children played on the street and laughed so merrily that I myself imagined myself as a child for a second.
I felt as if the world was filled only with kindness and care - it was so nice from that. At work, all the people were very grateful for my help, although I did the simplest things, but I was pleased to hear words of gratitude from them. There were few visitors today and I was almost not tired, I feel just fine.
I was waiting for the moment when I will have time and I can check the mail to find out what you wrote to me. And when I was able to see the first words of your letter, it seemed better than the moment it was simply impossible to even come up with. This day was simply extraordinary for me, although nothing special happened. The most mundane and everyday things suddenly became special and even unusual for me. How was your day?
Did he make you happy? Maybe something unusual happened to you today? Tell me about this.
I guess I look as happy here as I am now.
I wish you a good day and look forward to your reply tomorrow.
Bye Sam
Your Nigora.
Letter 11
Hello my dear man Sam!
I am always very happy when I come here to see your answer and to know that I am not indifferent to anyone and I treat him as well.
I want to thank you, Sam - you returned to me hope and faith that there are still real men, true gentlemen, for whom honor and conscience are not empty words, and you can trust them in everything.
I used to meet men, but they didn’t see, or maybe they didn’t want to see a woman in me. They were only interested in their own desires and dreams. They saw in me only an object to satisfy their ****** needs. Many did not even consider me a person. But I soon understood everything and stopped any relationship with them. Of course I met men with whom I had a good relationship and love. But soon their love ended and they lost all interest in me. The last time I met Aleksandr.We had romantic meetings - we walked under the full moon and looked at the dawn. He said - I will always love you, Nigora. And I believed everything that he told meto his every word. And she thought that we would be happy together forever. But one day I was going from work and on the street I saw how he hugged and kissed another woman, their faces were so happy.
Then it seemed to me that I was dead and the whole world around me died.
I followed them and until the last moment did not want to believe what I saw. But when I saw how they entered Aleksandr's house, I could no longer reassure myself with the thought that it all seemed to me.
I never told anyone else about this, not even my friend Olga. She knows that I just broke up with Aleksandr. But I can tell you Sam about everything and I have no secrets from you.
I really like you and I want us to continue to write to each other as before.
Have you ever experienced the betrayal or infidelity of yourself Sam?
How much did it hit you in the soul?
I hope to learn more about you and get even closer Sam.
With warmth in my soul, I am waiting for your reply tomorrow.
Your Nigora.
Letter 12
Hello my dear and gentle Sam!
how are you doing today? how are you, okay? My mood is just great and your letters make it even better.
it's a terrible story. We were both deceived and betrayed. Maria fell for the money of the Sultan and could not resist his wealth. It's just awful what she did when you were going to marry her. this is a strong betrayal on her part.
It was very hard for me to move away from the fact that my man could betray me. I just couldn't understand why he did this to me. it's a very heavy feeling. I don't want anyone to experience this.
As for the number, as I told you, it does not accept international calls. I need to go to the carrier and solve this problem. As soon as I can solve all this, I will give you my phone number.
Today I have a very unusual condition and I can’t even say which one. When I wake up in my soul like spring, flowers bloom and birds sing.
Inside it is like an invisible force that makes the heart beat faster. Today my mother told me - "Nigora, something is wrong with you, I can’t understand what’s the matter? You look strange. "- I asked if everything was in order, I asked about you Sam.
Olga also noticed that I had changed. On the way to work, the people around me, passing by, looked at me with a smile.
I even thought something was wrong with my clothes. But at work everyone tells me that I began to look better and pay attention to it.
I myself notice that I feel strange. Today I had a lot of work, but now I don’t even feel tired, but on the contrary, I feel a huge surge of strength.
On the way to the Internet cafe, it seemed to me like I was just floating above the ground. And everything has become so simple and easy for me, and I can cope with everything without much effort.
Don't you have that feeling Sam? what do you feel? tell me about this Sam.
I am sending you a photo.
I hope that here I also look attractive. what do you think?
With warmth in my heart I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.
Have a good mood and have a good day Sam.
Your faithful Nigora.
Letter 13
Hello my joy, my dear man Sam!
Your letters always warm me with warmth.
I don’t even know where to start Sam.
My thoughts are confused and I can no longer remain silent about this storm of feelings. Today I could not fall asleep for a long time and thought for a long time about you. You never leave my thoughts, wherever I am.
In the morning, when I wake up my first thoughts about you, what are you doing at this moment Sam, do you remember me?
You helped me not only to forget all past mistakes and failures in life, to believe in myself, but also taught me to love again, to believe that this is still possible.
I could not imagine that this would happen and I could experience this wonderful feeling again.
Sam, you are an extraordinary person.
Sam, you were able to make my life bright and bright, even the most gray and lifeless colors became bright and full of life.
You melted the ice that bound my heart after many failures. The only person I have been looking for so long and finally found.
Sam, you are the one I need in this life. I can no longer hide this and I am ready to rush into this pool with my head.
And even if you answer no, then I will know that I at least tried and did not become silent. Tell me honestly Sam, what do you feel for me? Do you have the same feelings for me?
I will be waiting for your reply Sam, as never before in my life.
Your Nigora.
Letter 14
Hello my angel Sam!
Now I can say - I love you, Sam.
I am ready to scream with happiness now, but I think people in the work will not understand me.
No, I had no idea you were kissing me before finishing your letter. but now I will feel your kiss at the end of your letter.
I did not know what will happen next with us Sam? Will we be together? These questions simply tormented my soul and haunted me. When I came to work and decided to check the mail from you, it’s just was afraid to watch you answer me. Now I feel the happiest in this world. Nothing like this has ever happened to me.
I am ready to repeat endlessly - I love you, Sam. All my past feelings fade compared to our endless love for each other Sam.
No one I met before could give me so much love and make me as happy as you did. Probably someone will think that I'm crazy and from the outside can to appear. But I'm just crazy about the love that we gave each other and this feeling settled in my heart forever.
Today I had a dream. I look at the starry sky, the sky is so clear and even the smallest stars can be seen, and I see two stars falling.
But suddenly the stars collide and the whole night sky is lit up with a bright flash, and at this point a new bright star appears. And her light is so beautiful that it is impossible to look away from her.
Now I know that you and me were the shooting stars. And a bright star is our love Sam, which is equally huge and beautiful. Tell me how you feel now Sam? What are your thoughts now?
Tell me everything, I want to know absolutely everything. I will be madly bored, waiting for your letter tomorrow Sam.
I am sending you all my love and tenderness with this letter.
Your loving and faithful Nigora.
Letter 15
Hello my dear Sam!
How was your day? Have you been thinking about me Sam?
You have settled in my heart forever and thoughts of you never leave me.
I don't know what will happen to us in the future. But I would really like you and I to be happy being next to each other. yes, of course, everything will depend on you and me and I hope that we will not miss our chance to be happy next to each other. for a long time I was able to find a man I can trust. It's very hard to find someone you can trust, but I was able to find it in you. I really hope that we will be together and be happy.
When I woke up today, I dreamed - as I wake up in the morning in your arms Sam, you gently kiss me and strok slowly my hair.
We feel so good together and we don’t want to get out of bed - only we two. I just enjoyed this dream.
But my mother suddenly approached me - "Wake up, Nigora. You will be late for work," she said.
But I didn’t even want to open my eyes, I wanted to stay in this beautiful dream for at least a second.
I opened my eyes and looked at my watch, I had to hurry so as not to be late for work. But I was still impressed by my dream. On the way to work, I saw two lovers. They were so happy, having thrown themselves into each other's arms and kissed each other, their faces are simply radiance from love.
I stopped and just looked at them. I was enchanted by this picture Sam.
My colleague unexpectedly approached me with whom I work together and said that we need to hurry so as not to be late for work.
As we were not in a hurry, we were a little late and my superiors warned me that this would not happen again.
This happened to me for the first time, before I was never late for work.
All day I waited only one moment - to be with you for at least this short time while I read your letter Sam.
Ah, what a pity, I can’t be in your arms now, feel the warmth of your hands. Sorry, I can’t touch your lips with your lips and feel their tenderness.
Do you have similar feelings for me? Do you want to be near me? Tell me about it Sam.
I really want to be near you now and look forward to your reply with love.
Remember that you live in my heart and that I love you. You are now the meaning of my life
Forever your loving and faithful Nigora.
Letter 16
Hello my tenderness, my love Sam!
We have wonderful weather today. I woke up in a good mood and my first thoughts were about you.
What are you doing now? How is your mood? Is everything OK with you?
What is your weather like today?
I really liked your dream. He was wonderful. Perhaps someday we will be able to go to some island with you and spend time together. I also really wanted you and me to wake up together next to each other. I would cook breakfast for you while you are going to work and also lunch so that you are not hungry. It is very important for me that my man would be full and always be satisfied. After all, it will also depend on how he will treat me. If you are happy, then I will be happy.
I dreamed about us again. How we will spend time together and enjoy every moment spent together. These were just extraordinary dreams.
My mother noticed that in recent days I have become distracted from everything, constantly "wander in the clouds. "She guessed that I was thinking about you Sam and about the moment when I could be with you.
Mom answered me - “You need to do something in order to make your dream a reality. You must find out how you can go to Sam.”
Mom was right - I need to know about the trip to you. I think you need to contact a travel agency, they will help me with this.
I know that in our small town there is only one such agency. In the coming days I will definitely visit this and find out in detail about everything that I will need for the trip.
Now my dreams seem very real to me, it can come true soon and I will do my best for this moment to come soon.
I think Sam you support me in this and you will also look forward to our first meeting. Still lovingly waiting for your answer.
Allways forever your Nigora.
Letter 17
Hello my dear man Sam!
No matter how hard it was to say it, but I realized that we can not be together. I have no choice but to honestly admit that my trip is worth a lot of money to me and there is nothing I can do about it. I think I did not live up to your expectations, and it's hard for you now, but if you knew how hard it was for me to write these words.
I don't even know how you will react to this letter, but I am very honest with you. I build relationships on sincerity and honesty, and until the very last moment I want to remain that way. I won't ask you for money because my upbringing won't let me ask you for help, I'm probably wrong but I'm writing exactly how I feel now and my words come from the depths of my heart and soul.
I hope you will forgive me for everything. It's hard to say anything else, forgive me.
Sorry Sam , I can't say more.
If you give me any hope for a future with you then I'll use it but I can't solve anything on my own sorry it hurts me to admit it but it's a fact that I can't hide from you my God it seems to me that I personally buried our relationship with you, but I see no way out. Forgive me again my sweet. If you think otherwise, then just tell me about it. If there are any ways to solve this problem, then I am ready to discuss it with you. But I can't decide everything on my own, I'm in that position now.
Forgive me, Sam. Your love will live in me forever, I will never forget you, even if you do not write me more after this letter. I will carry love through the years in my heart.
Your Nigora.
Letter 18
Hello my angel Sam!
Forgive me for making you very worried Sam, please forgive me Sam.
I just didn't see any way out of it, my eyes were filled with tears and it was like everything around me had died.
I realized that we could never be together.
I found out that the prices for their services are simply huge, it is very, very expensive.
This is the cost of air tickets, the execution of the necessary documents and everything you need to come to you.
It’s a pity, but I don’t have that kind of money and it’s just a huge amount for me.
I'm so sorry Sam that things have turned out this way against us.
But I do not regret at all that I met you and my feelings for you are still strong.
And it only makes me want to cry more.
I know Sam you feel how bad I feel right now.
How I miss you now next to me, a person who will always understand and support in difficult times.
It seems to me that my life has stopped and all the dreams of the future turned out to be just an illusion.
My life seems completely empty and meaningless if you are not in it Sam.
I hope you all are well Sam?
I just want to ask you, are you really ready to fight for you and me? Are you really ready to go
serious steps for our future with you? I can tell you all that I have learned, sorry again for making you worry, I am to blame for you.
Or maybe you just take it and change your mind, or you think that I'm not the right girl for you, or that you just don't need such difficulties in life.
I don't know if I'll ever see your letter again, maybe you'll never write to me again. But if you are really ready to work and cut the way to our cherished dream, then I am very glad.
But I will wait with love and hope for your answer Sam.
I miss you, your loving and faithful other half Nigora.
Letter 19
Hello my dear Sam!
Thank you for writing a letter to me. I am very glad for your answer, I am at work, I checked the mail as soon as I had the opportunity. I have been waiting for your letter.
My dear, now to the point, I understand that you want to know everything and hear it from me.
I found out about my vacation and I can get it without any problems in the near future.
This afternoon I called the travel agency again and found out everything in as much detail as possible. An employee of the travel agency advised me to make a tourist trip.
She also explained that I can stay with you in your country if I marry you, my husband, my angel.
My application can be accepted within 8-14 business days
I can get all the necessary documents.
The total cost of processing documents is 350 pounds.
Insurance (120 pounds), medical examination (86 pounds), registration of a passport (68 pounds), visa (45 pounds), agency services (31 pounds).
This amount must be paid in cash to the cash desk of the agency, after which the paperwork will begin.
This is a decent amount for me and I don't know if I can pay half the cost. You will also need to buy a ticket. while I do not know how much a ticket to you will cost, but I can find out and inform you in my next letter.
My dear, you are very dear to me and I really want to be with you. but I was afraid that we could not be with you together due to the fact that the cost is very high for me. but you give me hope that we will be together and I really hope that we will always be with you next to each other.
How I want you to be by my side. I could cuddle up to you, feel the warmth of your body, your smell, your kiss on my lips. I hope that soon we will be able to turn our dreams into reality and we will be with you together.
I am now finishing my letter. I hope you can reply to my letter soon.
Your loving and faithful Nigora.
Letter 20
Hello my love Sam!
Thank you very much for writing your letter to me. I'm so glad you wrote me your letter. yes, I understand that you had a delay at work because there was a meeting. But nothing terrible, I always wait for your letter, and I know that you will write it to me if you have the opportunity.
My dear, as for how much I can pay for a visa, yes, I have a small part of the money, but it is small and I will also have to go to Nur-Sultan to get a visa there. as there is an embassy of England. We do not have an embassy in Semey, and therefore there will be no need to go to Nur-Sultan. as I said, I will have to stay there for almost 2 weeks and all this time I will have to live somewhere and also buy food. I have about 150 pounds, but from this amount I will have to set aside all this for living in Nur-Sultan. I am very ashamed to say that I cannot even pay part of the money for my visa. yes, maybe one of my friends will be able to lend me money, but I'm not sure about that. my love, we don’t have international planes in Semey, it is only in Nur-Sultan. so my flight can only be from Nur-Sultan. I hope this information is of some help to you.
My beloved Sam, I love you very much. My beloved, I think about you every day, I dream every day how we will live together. I really need you, I have never met such a wonderful person like you. I won't be able to live even a minute without you. My love, I need you like air. You know that no person can live without air, even the strongest, and just like that, I cannot live without you.
My love, I miss you very much. I want to fly to you as soon as possible, and stay with you for the rest of my life, take care of you, love you.
My beloved, my mother sends you a huge hello. You know, yesterday my mother and I were talking about you and me. She tells me that you are a wonderful person, you are a real man, that you love me very much. I told her that I know that you love me. And we have mutual love. I love you very much, and I want to be with you, and only with you. My love, I do not move away from you. I want to be with you soon.
If I had the opportunity, I would drop everything and right now I would get on a plane and fly to you. I love you very much, I can't live without you.
I am now finishing my letter. I hope to see your letter soon.
Your loving and faithful Nigora.
Letter 21
Hello my love Sam!
Thank you very much for writing your letter to me. Sorry for the late reply, but today was a lot of work. I checked my mail in the afternoon, I wanted to answer you, but alas, my boss told me to go to work and I had to postpone your letter. but now there is an opportunity at the end of the working day to write you a letter.
My dear, I do not have my own personal bank account. I didn't need it and I never opened it. I called the travel agency and found out how best to do so that you can send money to me. they advised sending money through money transfer companies like Western Union or Money Gram. We have these companies in Kazakhstan and I can get your money without any problems. They also told me that you will need to give my data to which you will need to send money.
Here is my data:
My name: Nigora
Surname: Nurmetova
City: Semey
Country: Kazakhstan

My dear, I really hope that soon you will be able to send money and I will be able to start making documents in order to fly to you, my love.
My love, you are mine and only mine. I will never give you up to anyone and will fight for our happiness with you. I'm sorry that I wrote you my letter then and upset you. but I did not see the possibility of how to organize our meeting and was frightened. But you took everything into your own hands and we will soon be with you together. I miss you very much. Before I go to bed I think of you, when I go to the bath I think of you, when I get up early in the morning I think of you. My most cherished dream is to see you as soon as possible. And I am very glad that soon my dream will come true, and we will be together. And it will be the happiest day of my life. I love you very much. To make you feel me next to you. My love, everything is for you. I want to show you all my love for you the best way I can. I'm sorry I'm not with you right now. I want to be with you so much that all my feelings cannot be written on paper, cannot be expressed in a letter. You will see for yourself when we meet. I will show all my love, and many will envy our love. I want to love you and be loved. I know that you love me. And I'm very happy, I'm happy. You gave me your love, you showed me how to love. You are caring, you are a wonderful person. And I don't want to be with anyone else but you, I only want to be with you. I feel good with you, with you I feel like the happiest girl in the whole world.
I don't need anyone but you, I need you, and only you.
I very love you.
My love, I will be looking forward to your letter.
I love you, miss you, kiss you tenderly and passionately.
Your loving and faithful Nigora.
Letter 22
Hello my dear Sam!
Thank you for writing your letter to me. I'm so glad to read it. You know how important and dear your letters are to me. I just can't imagine not being able to see your letter. yes, I will miss you very much and I will worry, because I will not know what is happening to you. but you write to me every day and I want to thank you my love. My dear, yes, yes, yes, it’s mine and no one else’s. I love you very much, you can’t even imagine how much, I just don’t know why, but you have become the meaning of my life. I can’t even convey my love to you in words, because it’s simply impossible. You are the best man in the world, that's a fact.
My dear, I hope your lunch went well and you had a great time with your friends. Yes, I would like to be with you at this dinner, but alas, this is not yet possible. But soon we will be able to visit them together when I come to you, my love. Yes, we can also invite them to our house for dinner and you can introduce me to Roger and his wife. I think that they will be glad to see me and find out that their friend has a woman whom she loves very much and their feelings are very strong.
My love, I hope that you will be able to send money through Money Gram and on Monday I will be able to receive it. As I said, we have a Money Gram branch in our city and I can get them without any problems. My dear, I can not believe that we will soon be together. just a little bit left and you and I will look at each other. I can kiss you on your tender lips and enjoy each other. I so want your love and affection, your warmth and tenderness. I want you to passionately whisper it in my ear how you love me, touch my cheek with your cheek, and kiss me gently. how I dream about it now, but all dreams will soon become reality.
My dear, I am now finishing my letter. I will try to check my mail in the evening at the end of the working day. Of course, if there is such an opportunity. I love you so much.
Your loving and faithful Nigora.
Letter 23
Hello my love Sam!
Thank you very much for writing me an owl letter. you know how precious and important your letters are to me. Your every letter warms my ears and lifts my spirits.
I'm sorry I didn't reply to your second email earlier. I was only able to check my mail when my boss came to work. I immediately asked him to use his computer to check his mail and only now I can write to you my love.
My dear, I'm glad your dinner went well and you had a great time with Roger. I am very sorry that your friend was deceived and he lost not only money and hope in faith in other people. My dear, you know if I had the opportunity to come to you on my own, I would do it myself. You know, it was very hard for me to admit to you that our meeting might not have happened, due to the fact that I don’t have that kind of money, but you said that you can help me and I am very glad that you are helping me in solving these problems . Yes, I understand that after the words of your friend Roger, there are a lot of thoughts in your head, but I want to reassure you. I am not a woman who is looking for money, money is not important to me, I was looking for love and I found it. It's you my dear Sam. I'm ready to go to the end to be with you my love.
My dear, in order to reassure you, I will send you a copy of my passport and I will also do better than just a selfie with an inscription so that you can fully verify me. I will record a video for you. I think that such a surprise for you will be very pleasant.
My love, sometimes I really want you to come in, sit next to me, gently hug my neck with your strong arms, I hugged you and kissed you right on the lips so gently, hotly and passionately. I would enclose you in my gentle, feminine embrace and tell you how much I love you and that I will never give you to anyone, since you are only mine. I love you very much and will always love you.
My dear, I hope that you can send money today and you will have good news for me. I am now finishing my letter.
I will be waiting for your letter from you.
Your loving and faithful Nigora.
Letter 24
My love, I am sending you a video and once again a copy of my passport. I hope that my video will please you. I love you so much. your loving Nigora.
Letter 25
Hello my dear Sam!
Thank you very much for writing your letter to me. I'm sorry I'm replying you late, but I couldn't check my mail because my boss was away from work and I couldn't use his computer. But now I was able to check the mail and read your letter.
My dear, thank you that you are ready to send money to me so that I can do the paperwork and fly to you. I hope that today you will be able to send money and I will be able to receive it. I can't believe that soon you and I will be together side by side and enjoy each other. I really look forward to these wonderful moments. I thank Fate for giving you, I thank her that I can love you. You are so strong, gentle, beautiful. I can list your virtues ad infinitum, because you simply have no flaws and you are not afraid of anything.
Just beckon, and I will follow you, I will come, I will rush, you are the most important thing in the world to me, I need you like air, like water, like food. I can write endlessly. I just love you, that's all.
You have no idea how much I want to see you, to meet you as soon as possible.
This concludes my letter. I will look forward to hearing from you. I hope that today I can get great news from you.
I love you, tenderly and passionately kiss you.
Yours forever loving and faithful Nigora.
Letter 26
I can’t understand what it is, maybe someone could use my letters and information about me. yes, I had problems with logging into my e-mail, but then after a while everything went away. I do not understand why all this appeared on the Internet. I didn't even think about cheating on you. Yes, if you do not believe me, then you can not send me money. I will try to save money on my own and as soon as I can save it, I will come on my own.
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