Scam letter(s) from Faith Covo to James (USA)

Letter 1

Thanks for your email,i live in abidjan, the economic capital of cote d'ivoire(ivory coast)in west africa.I am a 30 year old woman and a medical Doctor by profession.My hubbies include reading and travelling. I attached some of my potograph here will like you to send me yours, too.
I promise to make you happy forever.what i feel for you is real and natural, it touched me right in my heart when you wrote me so as long as you are ready, i am for you forever.
I just finished my intership but no job yet, otherwise i would love to come and meet with you physically and we know ourselves and i love to live there and be close to you.For the past one year, i have not known what it means to be with a man because one young man hurt me seriously.I hope to find happiness in you.
Dr Faith
Letter 2

My Dearest James,
Thanks for your mail,yes you my be right but i believe with God evry thing will be alright.
However, my house address is APARTMENT 4A,220
LOGEMENT, ADJAME, ABIDJAN, COTE D'IVOIRE(IVORY COAST) WEST AFRICA. I attached another of my picture where i stand.
I have gone through a lot in life and i want you to hold me and tell me all is ok.I was into a relationship and was hurt a year ago and since then i have not been with anybody.Moreover, the political situation here is like sitting on a keg of gunpowder, ready to explode at anytime.If you listen to african news, you will be hearing that.All these is casued by the greedy politicians and top government officials who do not think about the masses but the only thing they do is embezzle money in millions and billions and put them away in different countries of the world for their personal pockets.It is so bad that you see young graduates here staying at home for five, eight or ten years at home without jobs.
My mother died while i was a kid , she died while giving birth to the person that would have been my only brother.She died immediately after delivering the baby and the baby died a few minutes later.My father never got married because of the love he had for my mother and he died early this year while i was still doing my internship.I am more or less an orphan. My uncle has been a pain in the neck and he became worse after my father's death this year.He does not know God, he is a drunkard and when i could no longer bear his attitude, i left the house.I am presently staying with a poor widowed woman i know from our church .so i really want you to be a lover, a husband, a brother, a sister, a mother, everything to me.
What i love most in my life is honesty.As regards liesure, i do not do much of going out and i do not keep many friends.I do not smoke, i take a bit of alcohol, occassionally.I play Table Tennis and i read most of the times, i love reading a lot.
I am slow to anger, i do jot react quickly to situations, i take time to give proper analysis of a situation before i react.To me, my lover is the most important man to me, aside God.He is the most handsome, the richest, everything to me, i never look aside for another man when i am with one. I am a choir member in my church
My heart is with you every minute of the day, love
Letter 3

Dear James
Thanks for your email.I like like you naturally as directed in my heart by God, not necessary your profile, just you as a person.
I live in abidjan, the economic capital of cote d'ivoire(ivory coast)in west africa.I am a 30 year old woman and a medical Doctor by profession.My hubbies include reading and travelling.
I attached some of my potograph here will like you to send me yours, too.
I promise to make you happy forever.what i feel for you is real and natural, it touched me right in my heart when you wrote me so as long as you are ready, i am for you forever.
I just finished my intership but no job yet,what i cherish most in my life is honesty
Dr Faith
Letter 4

My Dearest James,
how are you today my ownly lovely one and everything around you hope all is fine and if so glory be to God Almighty.i am writing you with exceeding joy and happiness/ gladeness towards your responde to i have confirmed that it is God that sent you my way really,so i have to open up to you.i will like you to know that thething that is bordering me is only that i came from a poor family that managed to train me up in the university level as a doctor,in turns that i will assist them back Finacially when i got job.i am a very good christain and i am also a choir member in my church.
But since i graduated uptil now i have not gotten any job but i beleive that maybe it is the way i have decided to leave Africa by all means and it is what i am fighting for and beleive that God will bring my own love one my way and beyound every reasonable doubt is you.
i will like you to know that for the past one year and five months now i have not made love to anyman since my last lover broke my heart and that was why i decided to leave you asked me,i will love to get residential permit and get a lucrative job but that will be when i comes over either before the year runs off or early next year.
Once again,i will like you to know that it is my wish to come over and stay with you before the year runs off.i will be going to your emabassy here to hear from then what and what to do towards getting my visa to meet you in the states soonest.
Finally,if God has layed this burden in your heart to assist me socially,physically,mentally,financially and other wise,please i will like you to prove it to me in your next mail as i await your soonest responde. remain blessed for now until we meet face to face.but if you feel you can come down here to carry me along with you,i will be the happiest lady on earth but i know it will cost you much expencies,so i prefare coming to you.
let me stop here for now to await for your soonest responde.
yours in love,
Letter 5

My Dearest James,
i received your mail that you sent to me but i will like you to know that what you said is true and but one thing i did not understand is this"you said that you may consider some assistance with my coming there if it is within reason.
so this is what i do not understand.
if you can get me a job when i come over i do not have problem even you will be at rest in some financial need that must arise between us.
Finally,that yesterday as i told you,i went your embassy here and after there interview with me,they told me that if only i will be able to present to them the sum of $2000,being my BTA,that they will now give to me 3 months murtiple visa,then when i arrive in the states that my sponsor will help me secure a residential permit.immediately i went to the France airline inquiring from them there least flight is moving to America,and they told me the least flight ticket fair is $1.700.
so what i will like you to do for me is to see that i will be in the states earlier as first or second week of January 2005,by sending to me this financial need towards my coming over and once you have accepted doing this for me ,God of Heaven will open a way for you to get the money and finance my coming that no man can shut.
when i finish getting the visa i will use the money for my ticket and it will be remaining $300.with me until you pick me up in JFK airport.
remain bless as i await your responde.
but bear in mind that if you could make it,i will like to leave before the year runs off.
Once again your embassy here said that they will have two day's brake 25 and 26 to continue on 27 of this month which is monday next week.
happy Xmass and a properous new year to you in advance.
i stil remain yours in love,
Letter 6

My Dearest James,
Oh that's lovely hearing from you again after this two day's of feasting and merryment.happy Xmass and i wish you a prosperous new you asked me,really as long as i have my life with me and has witnessed the Xmass alive,i pray that God will grant you and me and everyone the same life to see the new year,because it is God that is the giver and taker of life and he does what pleases him.because of that glory be to God in the highest.
i observed 2 days praying and fasting on the 25 and 26 of this month conserning my movement to the states and against any hindrance of anykind but only receive an anwser to my prayer this morning when i saw your mail to me.God is good all the time.
conserning your informations about me,i graduated as a medical doctor in all aspect of surggery.
and will like you to know that if i come over and get's job,thing's will be alright with us and you must never regret any penny spent in my coming over to you my love.
this is the name of one nice man that works in your embassy here and i have decided to receive this money with his name so as to move from the western union office to the embassy immediatelly after pulling the money out.but i will like you to know that there is no means that i can raise any money because of my poverty that will perish soonest i get to the states.
Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire,
West Africa.
i will receive it through western union money transfer.
remain blessed as i await the money as to conclude my movement soonest.and i am assuring you that once the money get's to me,i must be in the state lattest first week of January.
there is nothing imposible for God to do.
your in love,
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