Scam letter(s) from Jacqueline Raison to Mel (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my darling friend Mel
like you? I had busy days again. so I am only answering today. I hope you understand and do not take offense. I'm glad that you find time for me.
my dear, the tennis pictures were taken in America.
I think we have changed something in our life. if a butterfly ***** its wings at one end of the world. then on the other side of the world - possibly Tsunami. have you heard about chaos theory?
I think I changed your life and my life when I met you. What do you think about this? we can be close to creating a happy future for both of us. I began my letter with these words, because I am thrilled to meet you. I really believe that my life has changed. we have been writing to each other for a while already. but it seems to me that I knew you for a long time.
have you met on the internet before? with girls? I would like to start a pure acquaintance with you, without deception and filth. I have had a friend in my life. but he was not part of what i want. I was not happy with him. this man was not faithful to me.
there were other men whom I met, then met.
But they didn't make me happy either. someone wanted only *** from me. someone only wanted my money. someone was comfortable with me. but nobody loved me sincerely. everyone is afraid of responsibility. and pursue some selfish goals. men are not honest with me. men don't take me seriously. I do not like it. that's why I haven't had a man for a long time. and proximity.
I left room for another man to make me happy. Maybe it is you? I have already said that age does not matter to me. therefore, the age difference should not be a concern.
I think we can learn more about each other. only if we see each other every day.
Therefore, I pay attention to your letters. I write to you as soon as I have free time. I'm glad to meet you! I really like you. I have to run now, my dear. I am sending you a very sweet and very tender kiss!
Your Princess Jacqueline
Letter 2
Hi my dear Mel
I hope you are well? my yesterday was slow and I am very tired at work. so I am tired today too. I have a lot of work. sometimes I finish late at night. I just want to rest and sleep. sometimes I even forget to eat my dear. and I feel like a squeezed lemon. how to understand your question - What did you do outside of work? what do you mean my dear? I always have a lot of work. I work even on weekends. and if you have free time - it's a gym, swimming pool, self-care and relaxation. I look after my figure. and my food. I try to go to the gym and pool several times a week. to keep your figure in good shape. But sometimes I arrange fasting days. and I can afford anything from food.
I am a quiet girl. but if I am not calm. or my nerves will be at the limit, then I can have my say. I cannot hold grudges and not speak the truth. I am a straight person. therefore you should not be offended by some of my words. agreed?
I see from your letters that you are a kind and caring man. every woman should know that the main thing in a man is nobility and a kind heart. then the girl will be happy if she finds such a man. I would like to know more about you. I want to ask you a few questions. I would be very happy to receive answers to them. 1) if you had the opportunity to change the past. what would you change?
2) what does it take for you to be happy?
3) can your friends try to separate you from your girlfriend?
4) do you listen to your heart, intuition, or another person? who do you trust more? people or your heart? do you understand what I'm talking about? you follow the crowd. or do you have your own opinion?
5) you would like to start life anew. to fix the mistakes. or are you happy with the life that you have now?

I want to read the answers to these questions. It's important for me. I am waiting for your letter. unfortunately I have to go. I will write to you very soon, my dear. I am sending you a very sweet kiss!
Your Jacqueline P.S. once when I was in America in Texas. I rented a rare car, which I really like. I have a semi-professional camera. I asked one of my colleagues to take some photos. hope you like it. do you like vintage cars? I am also sending you a short video.
Letter 3
Sweet Kisses Mel
I am very pleased to receive your letter today.
I believe that you are a kind and honest man. your letters help to recognize you. I can understand your inner world and your thoughts about life.
you are more than an ordinary friend to me. I get affection for you. it sounds ridiculous, but I can sense your attitude towards me. when I think that you are somewhere on the other side of the world. but you write to me and you know me. I understand that I am not alone.
I think to get some free time to meet you. But for this I have to finish all my business here. and then I can fly to you. I will warn you in advance. when it will be.
I can’t predict anything for sure. this can happen in the normal course of life. when we get to know each other even more and closer. do you agree with me on this?
I often think about the opportunity to meet you. and then fate will show us the way. What do you think about this? now I would like to answer my questions from the last letter. so that you know and understand me better. 1) I would be afraid to change something in the past. I don’t know what it might lead to. perhaps for the worst.
2) I will be happy if my man is happy. that's enough for me to be happy.
3) I do not have such friends who can separate me from love. if they did, then they are not friends.
4) I will listen to everyone who gives me advice, but I will always listen to my heart. I make the decision myself.
5) I am happy with what I have in this life. I am glad for the present. But I do not forget to strive for the best, improve, learn something new, learn new things in life. I would not want to start life anew to correct my mistakes. The past cannot be returned or changed. All people are capable of making mistakes in life. But it gives us experience and life practice. knowing your past mistakes. I will never do them again. If something not very good happens to me in life. It doesn't **** me. It makes me stronger. I think this is a help for our acquaintance. questions, answers, statements and doubts, reflections - communication consists of these parts. which can lead us to happiness, love. therefore, we should only see the positive aspects of our acquaintance. and try to promote our love and relationships together.
can you tell what the feeling of love is? how do you understand this? how do you feel love manifests itself over time or quickly? love at first sight is love for appearance? or does the person feel all the other positive qualities of the opposite ***? how do you think?
I'm leaning towards both. I think that love can have a manifestation from habit, from pleasant smells and feelings. but in love at first sight I believe less ... I think that this is love in appearance. if this is so, then after many years there will be nothing to love .. For me love is friendship + trust and loyalty + honesty and joy + sadness, but only when both people are near.
love arises when a man and a woman are together. but after the death of one of them, love continues to live in the heart of one. after the death of both, love continues to live in the hearts of the witnesses of this love. therefore, the love of two people can be passed on for centuries. but it is necessary to love each other very much and be faithful always. Do you agree with me?
I would like to see your new photos. I want to see where and how you live. Now I have to go my dear. I am sending you the most tender and sensual kiss! Your Jacqueline Once I was in Africa. I am sending you a photo. hope you like it.
Letter 4
How are you Mel
I hope you are doing well. and you will receive my letter in a great mood.
I absolutely do not understand your panic and doubts about my photos. this sounds very ******.
I take my photos myself. I can do it. I have a semi-professional camera. or I ask to take a photo of my colleagues. or tourists who are nearby. sometimes i go on holiday with my sister. and she takes my photos. I travel very often with my sister. I show her the world. he is still young, and I take her on trips. she is my cousin. Every letter from you fills me with joy. I know that someone, somewhere far away, is not indifferent to me. I can't always answer you quickly. so you don't have to worry and think that I forgot you. no, I'm thinking about you. I want to check my e-mail as soon as possible to see your letter. you are not indifferent to me. every time I go to read your letter. I do not know what I will write to you in response. but when I read your letter. I have many emotions and thoughts. I am ready to talk with you for a long time. I think that means we're getting close to each other. because we can get along. we understand each other. I'm talking about communication in general.
I don't always have the opportunity to answer you right away. it is related to my employment and work. so I sincerely apologize for the late reply sometimes. I don't want you to think that I have forgotten you. and you will forget me. and do not wait for my letter.
or you will find another girl. I have nothing against your opinion and your desires. I will always be glad for your happiness and your smile. but I don't want to lose you. because of my problems. associated with the inability to write to you often. I hope you understand me correctly.
you have become essential to me. as a necessary part of life. I think that our acquaintance can be the beginning of a new life. together or not together. but you changed me partially for sure! I have a smile when I remember your words, your compliments.
I started thinking more about life.
Right now, I'm happy with our relationship. and I'm ready for ****** steps. if we want to change the present. and start a new time for both of us. I will be glad to be your friend always! I appreciate your choice, your opinion. so I'm ready for any change.
thank you for being kind to me. I am very glad that we are getting closer to each other. I'm waiting for your answer. soft and hot kisses!
Your princess Jacqueline some photos from when I was in Greece.
Letter 5
Good evening Mel
I missed you so much my dear. and I think about you regularly. 1) I said that I have a cousin girl. what do you not understand??? and where is the scam?
2) I never asked you for any information.
so I don't understand what caution you are talking about. and why. this makes no sense. I think we have strengthened our relationship. I hope for you and I hope for something more. you are my hope for happiness and future. I am sure that next to you I can start a new life. I don't want you to think about me. as a woman who wants to climb to the top of happiness and good luck. and shout to the whole world that I am the happiest one. This is not true. I want to go towards happiness and harmony gradually, together with you.
we can come together to the pinnacle of happiness faster. so I think that I should not slow down our acquaintance. Slowly but surely we are moving towards our goal. I'm ready to get to know each other better. our friendship could develop into a stronger relationship more quickly. so I would love to meet you. but I have to decide the question of free time. and finish here my work and all things. and I hope to fly to you soon. I will notify you in advance of the dates.
I think that we will fully understand each other after the meeting. but letters help us to strive for this meeting. I thought how you and I would hold hands, it's so cute. You know, ordinary words don't show these feelings.
but every day I want to feel these feelings. and feel the touch of your hand. I was tired at work yesterday. so today I want to rest and not do hard mental work. But to finish everything here. and fly to you. I should be at work more now. to get free time to travel to you as soon as possible.
I hope to meet you in the near future, that's true. you interested me for a meeting. I can say that you are a sweet, honest and kind man. you can listen and speak your mind. I'm glad you're not a chained person. so communication between us should not end.
I'm glad I got to know you! you have become closer to me, and I feel more confident. I need you. I feel like my happiness is getting ******. I don't know what you're changing in me exactly. but I can tell for sure. that I'm attached to you. I wake up and think that our acquaintance is a dream. but when I wake up more, then I understand that this is real. and I have a smile for you.
I told my colleagues and friends about you at work. I said that between us there is a serious love relationship. and we're getting closer and closer to each other. everyone supports me. my friends are happy for me. and wish us happiness in the future. life is really short. so we must take our chance.
I can't even think if you stop texting me. I ask you not to forget me. and did not stop writing to me. can you promise me that? I will feel calmer. you made my heart flutter. if you stop writing to me. then I'll be sad. many diseases come from the nerves. but I hope that we will only improve our health at the expense of general happiness. that we can give to each other. I can't hurt anyone. I can never offend you.
I hope you only think well of me. you approach me like a man. your character, your words make me believe. that you are a noble and honest person. I believe you and I think that you are my man. with which I will be happy. we can give each other a chance. a chance to be happy together. but we cannot give happiness all at once. happiness will come with time. I believe in us. and in our love. I will end the letter with these words. I hug you and kiss you tenderly my dear. Your princess Jacqueline
Letter 6
Hello my friend Mel
my darling, I am very sorry to hear that you have been deceived in the past. I know about it. because I too have been deceived in this way many times. I have sent money to Africa more than once to help children and not only. but it turned out to be a scam. It's a shame there are so many bad people in the world.
thanks for the photo of your house. your words are filled with joy and happiness for me. my thoughts are only about you. because I'm thrilled to meet you. despite the fact that I am constantly at work, and very busy. you don't leave my head. sometimes I don't even pay attention. and forget my duties for a while. It's true my dear. my head starts to think of different things that could happen between us. what mood are you in? what is your health?
I'm fine. I continue to shine with happiness from our acquaintance. I'm slowly starting to go crazy. you have to stop me. I can't believe that we can change something in our lives. it's not a dream? If this is a dream, then I don't want to wake up! I feel that with each letter we strengthen our relationship, trust. and we keep moving forward. your words flatter me sometimes. because you spoke to me only pleasant and kind words from the bottom of your heart. Thank you my love!
I could not imagine that words through letters can bring joy, excitement and hope. I didn't say those words before, but now I want to. I think that a new person was born in me. who sees a good good future. this person believes in love, happiness and luck. I want to believe in it. because I get optimism for life.
I'm afraid to imagine that I can be old and useless. I'm afraid of being lonely in the future. I can now decorate my loneliness with youth. but at a great age I won't be able to do that. really, I won't need anyone old. when no one will look at me as a woman.
I want to love a man from now on. and that he love me. we will love each other until old age. And all our old age we will be together. until the death tear us apart. I want exactly this. maybe I can rush things. But sometimes I think that I should not hesitate. Because I'm young. and I have the opportunity to run for happiness. if happiness itself does not come to me.
I will gladly read your new letters. we became with you as 2 people who were separated. and placed in different countries. but we don't lose contact. I send you tender affectionate kisses, my beloved! my only!
Your girl Jacqueline
Letter 7
good afternoon my darling Mel what is your mood today? how are you doing? I'm fine, but still very busy. and my days are full of meetings, negotiations and the performance of various functions and duties at work. But I hope to finish very soon. and arrange our meeting. I really want this myself. and I'm looking forward to it.
my darling, i really want to be your valentine. I'm sorry I couldn't write to you earlier. to congratulate. all because of my busy work. please excuse me for not texting you sooner. I'm sorry for such a long answer to you. we wrote each other a lot of letters. I know you well from your letters now. so I can say as if I've known you for a long time. I think the most memorable time in life is childhood. this is the time when you don't think about the worries of life.
you don't think you need money to live. you don't think about the hard days. you don't have headaches. so childhood is always happy. but for many this time can be difficult as well.
I had a happy childhood. I had friends.
we played different games. in the summer we played various fun games in nature. if it suddenly snowed in winter. this is certainly rare in the United Kingdom. Then we made snowmen. or throwing snow at each other. This is childhood. carefree time.
But after graduation, you realize the real life. you get depressed if something doesn't work out. we learn grief, black days and the harsh truth. when I was a child, I could not understand real grief. Because my brain didn't understand that grief is the worst thing in the world.
every reasonable adult knows that life is never easy. we have to struggle with difficulties, because there will be no other chance. I try to capture every moment in life. if I have the opportunity to take a chance, I will do it.
I took the chance to get to know you. so I will continue to live as I want. no one can stop us from doing what we want. we have a choice, so we can call ourselves intelligent beings.
Childhood is a happy time. so I think everyone wants to be a kid again. what can you tell about your childhood? were you happy as a child? what moments do you remember?
I am glad that there are no barriers between us. we can talk about any things. we can trust each other. I am very happy about it. I ask you again. please don't stop writing to me. I see that you are serious about my words, letters.
I worry about you. when I don't answer you quickly. when I check my mail. I have the most excitement. but when I see your letter. and I read your words to the end. I calm down. I see that you are fine. I miss my beloved. you have become very important in my life. I send you kisses and very tender hugs.
Your Jacqueline some more photos with my puppy "Briks". when the dog was still alive and small. I really miss the dog.
when she got hit by a truck. I couldn't eat for 2 days. and it was very hard for me
Letter 8
Good day Mel Again there were crazy days in my work. I had to work 14 hours a day. so I answer you only today my sweet.
my love when we first met. I wrote to you and you answered me. this is destiny? or a coincidence? I think that each of us can decide for himself this question. Never mind. because now we have what we have. We are happy to meet and chat. we did it together. we have a relationship.
For me, our acquaintance is a happy success. I could not imagine that I would meet a kind man so easily. I want to try to start a new life only with you. you are the man who gives me the opportunity to be happy. In this case, I am ready to pay the same kindness and care. I want to give you affection and love. I want to be happy. and make you happy. I feel like I can't do without you now. I am very interested in you.
I talked to my mom recently. she missed me. I told her about you. I said that I'm very glad to meet you. I said that we live in different countries. But it's not a problem. when I finish my work here. I'll fly to you. Mom says she'll be glad if everything goes well with you. Mom wishes you and me great happiness.
my mother often visits the hospital. because she has a heart problem. she has an enlarged heart. and it is not recoverable. so she must diet. and take medicine. but her health is good now. my younger cousin the girl is visiting her mother. and helps mom sometimes. In general, my mother is doing well.
I dream about our meeting for the first time. I dream of a romantic evening. just you and me. it will be great, don't you agree? our first meeting, we are alone. we will look at each other. and have a feeling of love. we have overcome this distance.
we found each other through barriers and crowds of people. my dream is you now. I dream of happy days that we will spend together. we will get to know each other better.
I would like to go to the cinema with you. we will watch a movie. and hold hands or hug each other. After the meeting, we will have the opportunity to start getting to know each other more and to influence the beginning of a new life. Do you agree with me my dear?
after living together, we begin to love other parts of our body or character. we can understand all love. when we will be happy in many years. which we lived together.
I can tell you that I dream of meeting you. and spend enough time together. so that we get to know each other. we can dream of our happy future. we may want it. but we cannot come to that at once. we must move closer to happiness step by step. at this time, we have taken only the first step, which will be completed after our meeting.
I am dreaming of you. I dream about our future. I see a lot of happiness next to us.
I say these words to you. And now I want to be with you even more! I'll be waiting for your letter. I want to get more of your new photos.
your Jacqueline
Letter 9
Hi love Mel I am happy to receive your news.
my love, what makes you think that I do not comment on your letters? whenever there is something to comment on, I do it. I always answer all your questions. if you don't ask questions. I do not answer. and this is logical. if you want to ask something. just ask a question my dear. how is my internet disconnected due to russian invasion of ukraine?? I do not understand. Yes, it is very difficult to understand what kind of person you are. But from your letters it becomes clear to me that you are a good man. I feel that your heart is very kind. I feel that you are the kindest person. who met me.
I think that you are a very responsible and punctual, executive person. Responsibility means a lot. I can see that you are a very sincere person. Your sincerity is driving me crazy. Know when a person speak sincerely. even if it's at a distance. it feels very good. I certainly don't want to jump to conclusions. But I really like how you responsibly treat the relationship between us.
You are a determined person. You are a man who go to his goal. Who wants to achieve everything that they want. This is very important in life. no wonder people talk. that the one who goes to his goal - gets his own. It doesn't happen otherwise. I just can't explain in a letter. how important you are to me. It's a pity that I'm not next to you.
If I were next to you now. it would be great. I could tell you everything. what do I think of you, looking into your eyes. and holding hands. I want this to happen as soon as possible. and I will do my best to do so. I promise you. I send you a soft kiss my dear! I will wait for your answer. Your Jacqueline
Letter 10
Have a great day Mel I hope you are doing well? I missed you a lot. you are always on my mind. even when I'm working.
my love, if I were next to you now. then I would like to tease you so you get erections. because then I could comfort you. I wonder why I have to lose internet??? you shock me with such statements. what relationship do ukraine and russia have to me???? I do not understand you. What do you think about our communication? I really want to know how you treat me. The very first thing I like. - This is what I love very much your responsibility to my letters. I also really appreciate your trust in me.
I really like that you trust me. I take it as a very big fact in a relationship. Do you think that trust is a big fact in a relationship? You know, I believe you completely. Yes, it might look weird. But letters can tell a lot about a person. If you are very careful.
I really trust you. I really appreciate your attention to me. Your attention to me is like a ray of sunshine for me on a gray day. I often read your letters. Do you often read my letters to you? I very often think that we are connected with you. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart. I am very glad that we have a lot to connect with you. I'm just very happy.
I like that you and I have many common goals in this life. Do you agree that we have common goals in life? It's really nice. Okay, now I have to go. I will be waiting for a letter from you. and I will try to answer you as soon as possible. because I don't want you to worry. and waited for my letter for too long. I send you kisses.
With love, Jacqueline
Letter 11
How are you my darling Mel I was really looking forward to your reply. when I saw your news. I became happy and smiled.
my love, I'm glad you like my photos and videos. this was taken on vacation in the Dominican Republic. filmed by my cousin girl.
Of course, I keep in touch with someone in England - with my mother. Can you tell me about your inner world? I want to tell you about mine. I would like to give you more knowledge about what is going on in my thoughts. About what I am inside. About my relationship with a man. And about what kind of relationship I want. I really hope that you will understand me.
I do not like it when a person is not sincere in communication with me. or pursues selfish goals. It always hurt me. My preference is to resolve conflict situations with a smile and a good, good mood. It helps. Do you like to solve your problems in life with a smile?
I like it when a person is in a good mood. even if there are problems in life. there is always support from close people: parents, friends. I like to enjoy the warm weather, the sun. I generally enjoy every new day when I wake up every morning. because it is necessary to appreciate every day in this life, in this universe. you agree with me? What are you happy about? what can you be upset about?
I understand that the question of my attitude to *** is important for you. For me, feelings play an important role in bed relationships. It is an expression of what I feel for a person. And what this person feels for me.
I would be happy to spend our special evenings and nights. such as by the fireplace or in nature. Use a lot of romance. we must constantly want to be with each other. I ask you to take my words very seriously. It is important for me that you understand me well.
What you are reading comes from my heart. In the past, when meeting me. and in past relationships. men - do not look for a serious and long-term relationship. Basically everything goes to that. that men want to possess my body, or my money. Or maybe it's just convenient for them to be with me. Or they weren't honest. and even cheated on me. and pursued selfish goals. to benefit from a relationship with me. They wanted to spend the night with me or some time. and were completely irresponsible.
I consider *** - important in the relationship between a man and a woman. and I really love ***. But you will agree with me. what is much more pleasant to make love if there are great feelings between partners? it is very important.
Romance also plays a big role in my relationship. It should always be in a relationship. I like it when a man sincerely gives a woman flowers and gifts. I like roses very much. I like to give gifts too.
for me in a relationship romance. This is a walk along the river bank when the full moon is shining. When the weather is warm and very quiet. You can gently kiss and express our passion and feelings. you hold my hand and we go to the car. You are very gallant and charming. You open the door for me and close it behind me. We are going to a restaurant with you.
We sit at a far table, where it is very quiet and calm. You order champagne. Candles are burning on the table so that we can see the sparks of passion in our eyes. After that we can go to the club. Where we can dance to the sound of live music. we hold each other's hands, be close.
I love romance in relationships. It always give a lot of passion and variety. I really hope that you understand every line of my letter. I want you to know all my qualities and my thoughts. This is important for our relationship. I send you tender kisses! and I'm waiting for your answer.
Your Jacqueline
Letter 12
Good evening my dear Mel I start thinking about you more and more often. Do you often think of me? Today when I be at work. I think about you almost all day. Do you spend your day thinking about me? I think it would really be great to meet a man. who write me letters of tenderness, happiness, joy, love, understanding, respect. Last night I go to bed. i think of you. Do you think of me tonight? I couldn't sleep. A thought came to me. It happens to me, I can write some poem. But this is extremely rare. I take a piece of paper and a pen. Just decide to put on paper everything that I have in my soul. whatever my heart tells me. I want to share this with you. I sit and write to me alone. You are not next to me.
My beloved, I feel so bad, believe me, I feel bad without you.
How to live in anguish, gloomy pain, and think only of you?
So much pain has accumulated in your heart that you want to cry.
I do not hide my love, and I keep feelings in my memory.
Oh, if only you knew, beloved, I love you with all my heart!
There is no gap in my heart - all thoughts are only about you!
How I want to cling to your body,
And be with you: Always, everywhere! That's exactly what's in my heart. What to say to me is my soul. To you I really hope that you will understand mine correctly. Now I must go. I will be waiting for a letter from you. Your Jacqueline
Letter 13
Good morning Mel I miss you so much. you are constantly in my thoughts. I am really looking forward to our meeting. and do my best to make it happen as soon as possible. my love, I don't understand why you send me a letter and a postcard? don't you understand that I'm not at home right now??? I am in Greece. I told you about it. you don't read my letters? I don't know when I'll be home. therefore I cannot accept your letter and postcard now.
if you read my letters carefully. and thought when you read my letters. you wouldn't ask me these questions. I paid full price for the watch. I paid for shipping. I told you. that you don't have to pay anything. why don't you read my letters? I have to tell you how precious you are to me. how I like to communicate with you. and how you enrich my life. Your love, your closeness, your care... I think I am the happiest ******* Earth. I often wonder how I could really live through the time before we got to know each other. You gave me so much that I didn't know before. So many things I've heard about but never experienced. Life has become reality. And this is after our love flared up.
When I read your letters, I begin to forget about the problems of everyday life. no matter how serious they are.
Now I'm afraid to tell you the terrible news. There have been many difficulties in my life. And unfortunately I can't solve my problems on my own. I don't even know if I should talk about all this. You have become my favorite man. And I always have only sincere thoughts. Hope you listen to me.
I wanted to buy a new phone here. because I broke the old one. he does not work. But when I paid, it turned out that I could not pay. I didn't understand what was happening. but the payment did not go through on my card. I left without buying a phone. and was very upset. Then I found out the cause of this problem.
A few years ago I worked with one person. Who offered to build a profitable business. We worked together for many years and made good money. I have always made great profits and have been grateful. We have been good business partners. I could easily lend this man a large sum of money.
But today everything has changed. I found out that this person is deceiving me. He asked me to accept a cash payment into my bank account. normal operation. he used my bank account. I sent him my bank details to accept the money. Later I learned that this man was able to accept the stolen money. and now my personal bank account is blocked. Now I have to pay the fine. As soon as possible. so I need to quickly resolve this incident. Now I have no idea where to find the money. because my account is blocked. and I have very little cash. and I'm in a foreign country. I will ask my friends. which I have only 2 people. so that I can pay the fine. I hope they help.
I am very excited and concerned. There is a tremor of anxiety inside of me. I didn't expect to be the victim of a scam. I don't worry about money. I know that my account will be unblocked as soon as the investigation is over. But I am very not pleased that a person betrayed me. and used me for personal gain. now I will certainly not collaborate with him again. I will stop talking. It hurts me when they do this to me. I had tears in my eyes. I need your hugs. What should I do now!? I do not know.
Your love is Jacqueline. P.S. When I think about you during the day, my heart jumps. my face turns into a mirror of love. Just the thought of you gives me strength and security. I can't describe this feeling. it just is. and I know it's great.
Letter 14
Hi love Mel How are you, dear? I miss you very much my love. thoughts of you brighten me up. and I feel a little better.
I'm sorry I have to talk to you about my problems. I'm not in the mood at all. and I don't know what to do. I did not sleep all night. It's hard for me to put it into words, but I'm in a difficult position. There is nothing I can do to fix these issues.
This business partner asked me to accept money into my bank account. He promised that I would get a good percentage of the deal. to do this, I just need to accept money into my personal bank account. I didn't even think that he wanted to deceive me. It turns out he wanted to make a false deal. using my bank account. And the Banking Security Department launched an investigation. and now my bank account stay frozen. It is difficult to give detailed explanations in this letter. They blocked my account. And now I have a big problem. I can't use my money. I don't even know what to do!? The police have already launched an investigation. and I provided all the information about this person to the police.
The bank says that I must and must pay a fine. Now there is an investigation of the security service in the bank. I explain the whole situation to them. I say I'm just a figurehead. that I am a victim. I tell them that I was used. that He wanted to make a deal. check if it works or not using my name and my account. I do not know what to do.
It is difficult for me to speak and write this letter for you now. I need to pay a fine. and I have 14 working days. If I don't pay the fine in due time. Then the penalty will increase by 5 times. This terrible news scares me. Something must be decided. I might be arrested. and I'll have to pay a huge bail to be free until the end of the investigation. This news scares me even more.
I really missed you. and thought about you all the time. I was very sad. I am very worried. because I know what you think of me. and you worry. I had big plans for us. I wanted to quickly finish all my business here. And fly to you. But everything changed in one day. All my money, all my hard work. Now they are just blocked. I am required to pay a fine. But I don't have access to my money. My love, I'm having a hard time right now. But I don't even have cash. I do not know what to do. I was told that in the next 2 weeks I will not be able to access my money. And if I don't pay the fine. I won't get access to my account at all. The police have launched an investigation and now I have to wait for the result. I have to pay the fine and only then can I have access to my money. My personal bank account has a large amount of money. Over £114,000.
I ask you to help me. I need urgently 1000 pounds sterling. I ask you to loan this amount for 2 weeks.
to pay the fine. I asked for help from my friends, of whom I only have two. But they couldn't help. one of the friends after the accident with big hospital bills. and the second girlfriend recently gave birth to a child. and has no extra money to help me. so friends said they couldn't send money.
my mother cannot help me either, because she is a modest and sick pensioner. and she is on my payroll - I send her money every month for a living. so I just don't know what to do.
If you help me I can get this money back very quickly. when my account is unfrozen after an investigation. I will send you this amount back first thing. because I don't want to be indebted to you. and I don't want your money. I just need a little help right now. to pay the fine. to unlock my account.
I'm afraid you will leave me. I'm afraid to be alone. Write me. I'm waiting for your answer! Many kisses! I love you so much!
Your Jacqueline
Letter 15
Hello my Mel I miss you very much my dear. I think about you all the time. and hope you're doing well. I am very sorry that my parcel has not yet arrived to you. I was contacted by a courier service. and they reported that they messed up something in the details. and indicated the wrong weight of the parcel. and something else was wrong. because of this, the package is now not known where. and it is not known when it will return to the warehouse. where was the departure from. I was very angry with them. Please forgive me. but it's not my fault. it's the service's fault. I am sure that I was deceived. and I lost your gift and money. I am very upset. I couldn't call them either.
my love, I'm in a difficult position. and that is why I asked you for help. I asked you for a small favor of £1,000. in your currency it is 1400 usd. and it is a very small amount, my dear. especially since I only need it for 2 weeks. In 2 weeks I will send it to you my love. because my account will be unblocked. and I will have full access to my money again. and it will not be a problem for me to return this amount to you. I will also immediately start looking for a flight to your country. Come to you. I want to get out of here as soon as possible my love. But first I need to pay this fine. to access my accounts. and I really hope for your help now. please help me my love. I need this amount only for 2 weeks.

Today I get up very early in the morning. I pour tea and go to the window. I really liked how the sun came up. I have been thinking about this for a very long time. And really understand. that I want to meet you as soon as possible. I need to deal with problems. which have arisen. and when the investigation will be completed. I will have access to my accounts. then I fly to you right away my love.
I have a great desire to meet you. I imagine how you and I go to a restaurant. And there's already booked a table for us. There is artificial lighting. Next to us stand candles, play romantic music. We look into each other's eyes. Talk. And to understand that we are really happy. After visiting the restaurant. You - invite me for a walk. Would you like to have a romantic walk with me after the restaurant? I take great pleasure in speaking to you. I would be very glad to take a walk with you. And now, we are already walking down the street. talk to you, laugh, joke. And you tell me that you know one place. where you can clearly see the sun rising.
Would you like to see the sunrise with me? you ask me. I wouldn't like to see it. I answer you that I would be happy to look at the sun with you. I tell you it's very romantic. We go to the sea. Sit on the sand. You hold me close. Would you like to do it, snuggle up to me?
we watch the sun rise. I speak to you. that I have never been as happy as I am at this moment. I never see such a beautiful sunrise as now. When the sun is fully up. I tell you, you are indeed a very romantic person. And I'm very glad that I met you. How do you like my romantic ideas about our meeting? I really hope you enjoy the way I envisioned our romantic time together. I will be waiting for a letter from you. I send you sweet and tender kisses! Your Jacqueline
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