Scam letter(s) from Anna to Jacques (Luxembourg)

Letter 1
Have a nice day pretty cute. How are you? I - Anna, right now my age twenty eight years old and I right now lonely lady. I prefer rest that includes activity such as: jogging and stretching in the morning. I have a dream to find lonely man that relationship. future man i value quality loyalty and cheerful. I would like to meet you and I look forward to it and hopefully your letter!
Letter 2
Hi! How are you? I am very happy about your message happy! Thanks for your quick reply, it means a lot to me! In this letter I would like to tell you more about myself and my thoughts write to our acquaintance! I hope you don't mind. First of all I am from Russia. But I don't think we need one Afraid of the distance! My mother tongue is Russian, but I understand well and can write and speak German. I write you from my personal email, so don't hesitate to contact me here to send a reply. I would like to say again that I received your email at a dating service in my city. I was told, that you are looking for your soul mate. And you want a serious one To build up a relationship. And they gave your email. I found it very interesting for me to meet you! And see what's in it can come out! Some information about me: My name is Anna. I'm 28 now years old, born on 05/16/1993. I have blue eyes and blonde Hair. I am 168 cm tall and weigh 52 kg. i live in a city named Nizhnekamsk, this is the Republic of Tatarstan! A small town with a population of about 240 thousand people. I work as Nurse midwife in a maternity hospital and I love it really! I have never been married and have no children, and now is my heart open to new relationships! I always try to lead a healthy lifestyle. I still have never smoked or taken drugs in my life. alcohol is in extremely rare in my life! On holidays I can sometimes have a glass drinking wine or champagne. Otherwise, I'm just trying to be healthy and to eat whole foods, but it doesn't always work out :)) Sometimes I can eat something very tasty but not very healthy :) If I When I have free time, I can cycle through the forest. In summer let's go to the river. I love camping. Sometimes I go to Go to the cinema or listen to music at home. I like reading books. I can Read books on the bus or in the park. I like new acquaintances, that always interests me. I like to communicate, find common ground Interests, similar or different character traits. and what do you like? I want to tell you that this is my first acquaintance im internet is. I dream of meeting a man with whom I will be happy. I dream of finding true love and I promise to be honest with you, because my goals are you meet are serious. Nice to meet you. I'll wait for your answer.
Your new friend Anna.
Letter 3
Hello Jacques! How are you? All is well? I was happy when I got one saw your letter! I was very happy to read your letter!
Talking to you is great! Like every woman, I dream of meeting a man with whom I will be happy. So I can know that he loves me and appreciates. I think without love there is no meaning in life. love makes people happy and happy. It's great when two love people. Tell me what you value in a woman?
What qualities should a woman have? As for me, I am an ordinary girl, i appreciate human qualities and Character traits such as sincerity, loyalty, humor and Optimism. People who are in a relationship need to complement, be one. You should love each other, be caring. she should support each other in difficult times and support. I want to tell you about my family. Now I live by my mother, her name is Svetlana. I also have an older one Sister - Nastya. She lives with her family in another city.
My mother is 67 years old and retired, my sister is 35 years old and works as an engineer. My sister has a husband and a daughter, her name is Vera, a 9 year old girl, I love my niece very much and she is a very curious, funny, intelligent child. We get along very well with my sister, we try to keep in touch with her. And visit each other like that often it works. Sometimes they come to us with their families, sometimes my mother and I visit her. By the way, my sister loves Photography, she took these photos that I sent you.
5 years ago we had a family tragedy, our father passed away lung cancer. It was very difficult for all of us, we have our father very loved. It was an emotionally difficult moment in my life and it was hard for my sister and especially for my mother.
Mom always said that she and her father are two parts of a whole 7are! And there is no other human left on earth! It was 7a difficult time, but we made it. Now after 5 7years, the pain of losing my father is gone. But I still miss him... Very important people for me by the way, my aunt (my mother's sister) and my uncle. she live in the village, there is wonderful nature. You have many animals: Chickens and goats and dogs... That's why I'm always happy to be with them went! When we visit her in the summer, I go with my uncle into the forest to get mushrooms and berries. He also taught me the fishing taught. And I help my aunt to take care of flowers and animals too To take care of. It's exciting, I love this time :) It's in winter good there too! In winter I like to go to their bathhouse and mop me with snow. It hardens the body and mind. By the way, I send you a photo of my mother. Are we really alike? could would you please tell us something about your family? Do you like travelling? Have you visited other countries? Like I said, I was never outside of Russia... I think it must be very interesting be to see different places in the world and learn more about to experience different cultures, to see other countries. I will end my letter now, I wish you a good one Day! Do you know that I am waiting for your answer! I'll think of you;) Anna
Letter 4
Hello Jacques! I'm happy again when I see a letter from you! And many Thanks for answering me so quickly! You write that at one time you played Grid iron, its American football. Wow, great! I saw it on TV. But to be honest in our country it's not popular and I don't know the rules. What if about me, I love cycling, gym and Pilates. Yes, I know this movie godfather! And I agree with you that this is a legendary trilogy! and the third part really *****.
ahah. Do you like fantasy? Like Harry Potter or Star Wars? How are you? how are your days I got a lot last week work, I wrote to you that I am a midwife in a hospital work. Assisting the doctor in the birth of children. I love my job but due to the fact that children be born at very different times... and day and night.
I don't have a fixed schedule and work in shifts. Mostly I work day shifts, but sometimes there are also night shifts.
Therefore I have sometimes no time to write you a letter right away.
But please know that I remember and think of you! And I always will try to reply you as soon as possible! Good? I would like to ask you what you think is the most important thing to do build strong relationships? I think there are several important ones Points. This is a must: respect and trust in your partner!
Loyalty and devotion... Sharing views on life.. And intimate relationships..
All these aspects are important, something more and slightly less.. I promise you that I will always be honest with you and true to you will be. :lol: :lol: :lol: I want us to have a strong relationship and I always want to be honest with you and hide nothing from each other.
And never play games with feelings. :mrgreen: :party: I decided to write about it because I have in the past had bad experiences with a man. I want me don't remember much. But I'll tell you just briefly so that you can you know.. we met when i was 24 years old.. we were together for 2 years... The first year was good. romance, flowers, Gifts .. But only 1 year passed and he changed .. He became rude to me, often disappeared .. And when he appeared, he deceived me that he was busy with work.. But I found out that he just had another wife.. And he was a coward that Was afraid to confess to me.. He went to the club with her, drank alcohol and cheated on me.. i found out everything and we had an argument! He was ***** and just hit me…. and this is how it ended! I took it hard. I did not understand how to look changes. Or say love words and lie at the same time blatantly! And after such a terrible relationship I had honestly just scared to meet men again! I had Afraid my heart will be broken again! But now where since that moment more than 2 years have passed, I feel that I am am ready for a new relationship again.. I am ready my heart to open again for love! And I'm glad I got you got to know! I send you lots of hugs and kisses! Your Anna! PS Please send me your photos in the next letter!
Letter 5
Good evening my darling Jacques! I am very happy when I receive your new message. Many Thank you for your heartfelt letter, it was a pleasure to read it! Please note that I am thinking of you every minute! You told me your story and that your fiancé cheated on you 3 weeks before your wedding and it's really awful! it's so low! And I sincerely do not understand and condemn such people ... I think we really have a lot in common! And if your words and read your mind, you have the feeling that you and i are each other have known for a long time! It is wonderful that we are among the millions of people have found on the internet. I have hope that we can have a good future together, let's see :)
So hoping is not silly... Yesterday my mother and I went to the market after work gone to buy fresh groceries.. we have markets, open where farmers sell their own vegetables and fruits, as well as meat and To eat fish. anything. And above all, it is cheaper than in Supermarket, fresher and healthier! We bought perch and when we When I got home I cooked it.. With mashed potatoes and Vegetable salad. In general, I love to cook! For me it's like Meditation... It's not like I'm bragging to you... But with me you will definitely always be full and satisfied! My Mother always said that a man should be happy and other girls don't look at it, it must at least be full! Agree? say us, what are your favorite foods or maybe dishes? It would be very interesting for me to learn how to make something from your kitchen cooks. I myself mostly eat chicken, love fish, sometimes cook Beef. I definitely cook vegetable salads, they have a lot Fiber and vitamins! I love seafood but in ours There is no sea in the region. Therefore not so often. From drinks in the morning I like a cup of coffee. And in the evenings I usually drink tea with it Lemon. I want to tell you a little bit about my dreams, about what for a life I would like to have in the future! Of course I dream first of all about finding true love and a family too establish. I feel like I have a lot of love and care and now I have such an age that I'm not just for myself want to live for myself, but all this love to my husband! I would like to keep working in the hospital.. I think even if I'm in If I have to move in the future, I could get a job in a hospital in find in your city! Of course it's too early to think about such plans speak, but only to fantasize a little.. I dream too from taking all the hardships and sicknesses on me and my loved ones have passed! I dream that the coronavirus will be in sooner the past remains and the old life is coming! And I always have one more childhood dream of traveling... Tell us which ones Dreams you have or maybe plans for the future? I'm only sure if a soul mate, a loved one Man, a support shows up in life, then all dreams are much easier to realize, going through life together and hold hands! A soulmate is someone who is ours deepest aspirations, our chosen direction of movement. When we both move up like balloons, it's very probably that we found the right person in each other to have. A soulmate is the one through whom you start dating to live real life. My love, I want you to know that I am very serious about you and I hope everything goes well between us. I'm really glad we met you! I open my heart to you and my soul! And with you I am ready to move on…. I send you many kisses and hugs!
Can't wait for your reply! Your Anna!
Letter 6
Hello my darling Jacques! How are you? I hope that when reading my letter a Smile will appear on your face! And whatever your day is after reading it your day will be better! Finally looking forward I always like to read your letters! You bring me positive thoughts and warm feelings! It's a pity that you didn't write anything about your eating habits..
but I hope you read my letter!
But I read your story carefully, where as a child you almost fell through the ice and it's really awful! God be Thank you for surviving! I don't think I have similar stories have. Today I want to tell you what is in my soul and in my head happened with your appearance in my life! I want to say that I am incredibly happy that you are in my life now! I met you and feel that i am a special person have with whom I can share my thoughts and feelings, who understands everything! I get to know you more and more, I dream of it, as soon as possible to be with you. I've been thinking very seriously what should i do next? And I totally understand that I am a am young and energetic girl, i have enough energy to be in her to draw land! First of all get to know each other personally! And when we that both want, then we'll stay with you to start a new life start! stay with you forever! I was wondering am I ready for this? And yes! I understand I'm ready! The whole day yesterday I couldn't get the thought out of my head.
I picture you next to me, think of you as we do our evenings and spend weekends together... It would be a special feeling.
It's a feeling of fullness of life because the "other half" is not just words. I think life without love will always seem incomplete and I dream of being with you to be together. Yesterday I also spoke to my mother that I to you want to go. My mother doesn't mind, she trusts me Choice! And that means he trusts you too! Mom makes herself do not worry about me, because in the modern world there are many different types of communication. I could see her on the phone call or e-mail letters. She is an energetic one Woman, she has friends, she is constantly doing something, developing and doesn't sit still. Also, she always raised me to be...
able to make decisions for himself, like an adult. she understands that I can't be with her forever and I want that I find happiness and harmony in life. When I write to you about such serious things, many feelings come in born of my soul I really want you to feel the same if you read my letters. It is very difficult to put everything into words grasp what you could see, feel in my eyes when you see it touched when you were near. I'm sure love no has limits and barriers. Luckily now the world is open and in our time we can meet despite the borders between countries meeting. I would really like to come to you, to see your city, your life and become a part of your life if we succeed. What do you think about it? Shall I come? I think that the first meeting is the first step that will open a new chapter in life for us.
I don't want to rush things, just dream a little and make plans forge, but I believe that all our dreams will come true! I dream, hope and keep believing in you and me, in our love and our great happiness! I send lots of hugs and kisses!
Every minute I wait for a new letter from you! Your Anna.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Jacques! I am happy to write to you again, you should know that mine Feelings for you get stronger and stronger with every letter! In more recently I could not even imagine that such a wonderful man like you would appear in my life! And now on the contrary, I can no longer imagine life without you! My dear, I want to tell you that yesterday before the I thought about you a lot at bedtime. Together about ours Future. And I could not sleep for a long time ... Do you know how it happens? When you start thinking about something and no more can stop. But my thoughts were very positive... I thought how great it would be to be next to you! I was thinking about it, what our first meeting would look like. They were scrolling in my head first words I would have said to you when our eyes met met for the first time! Even introduced us to our first kiss! I dreamed of going for walks together, having breakfast together and Dinner, dreaming of us lying in bed together and us in sun the poor! And the more I delved into these dreams the more I realized that I really want this Dreams come true as soon as possible! My dear, I've been thinking about meeting you and I'm with you today spoken to my girlfriend, she works in a travel agency! I have she asked if travel is possible now while the coronavirus is spreading spread around the world? And I found out that yes!
Travel is possible! the borders are open! It's easy now carry out a disease test. And there are vaccines too, thanks where you can travel with ease. So, if we want, we can meet in reality very soon meeting! I'll go to the travel agency in the morning and find out what I need to come to you, to your country. Which documents do I need and how do I do it at the moment. I've heard that I need a passport and a visa. I'm not sure, how long does the paperwork take and how much does it cost but tomorrow I will find out the full details. I really want to come and spend time with you, with that Let's get to know each other and get even closer! So that our Communication does not depend on the internet and we together every day and are close! So that after just a few experiences of the Living together realistically assess our relationship and make plans for can forge the future! Tell me what do you think about all this? I am now finishing my letter and I look forward to your reply. I sending you a million kisses and warm hugs! I think of you and miss you already! always yours, Anna
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