Scam letter(s) from Tanya Wylde to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
Good day my dear.
How are you doing. Hope you are in good health.
My dear it's me Dr Tanya Wylde, it has been a long time since I heard from you. My dear I missed your communication due to the nature of my work. I hope all is well with you over there. If so, glory be to God almighty. It's awesome to stay in Fiji and experience many things. It's not easy over there. I am done with the Fiji program. I have completed my program in Fiji and returned back to Canada a few weeks ago. I have a new contract with Russian health care. I will be on my way to Russia today for another program going on in Moscow. My dear I am straightforward and an honest woman. I really appreciate your good effort regarding the previous package delivery expenses. Don't worry, everything will be fine. There is good news now that I am on another mission to Moscow, Russia. I was offered a 50 Kg gold bars by the Russia federal compulsory medical organization and ministry of health, under the umbrella of hope worldwide aid support. I accepted the gold because it worth millions of Euros. I want to use it to compensate you for the love you showed me. I hope you will be glad to receive it, I am on my way to Russia. Receive the gold bars, sell it and use the money to build orphanages in your country with our names. I want you to sell the gold and take half of the money for yourself and your family, then use half of the remaining money to build orphanages in your country with our names. Beloved, the most precious thing is to build orphanages for the orphans. I met a Chinese professor who is working in England University. He is my good friend. We met him at Toronto Canada health care center but he is currently living and working in England. I told him everything about your goodness and kindness. He agreed to bring the gold bars suitcase to you. I decided to hand over the gold bars suitcase to the Chinese professor. I paid for his visa and air flight ticket to your country to bring the gold bars suitcase. Get in touch with the Chinese professor through his email address or telephone number. His name { Prof Liu Guangyuan }
Telephone number { +447763823675 }
Email address { } Beloved I am compensating you to make it clear that I am an honest and hardworking woman. If I display my investment to you, you will be surprised. I have paid for the professor's air flight ticket and visa to bring the gold bars suitcase to you in your country. My dear I want you to receive the gold bars suitcase from the Chinese professor in England. Sell the gold, use half of the money for your family and yourself, use the remaining half of the money to build orphanages in your country with our names. I paid for the professor's traveling flight ticket and visa only. If there is another requirement by professor Liu Guangyuan, don't hesitate to comply with him immediately. Thanks. Take very good care of yourself. Dr. Tanya Wylde.
Letter 2
Good news my dear.
I missed your communication as I moved from Fiji to Moscow, Russia. I am praying that our friendship will never come to an end. I am wishing that it will last until you can see an apple on an orange tree. I am proud of myself because I was given a chance to meet someone like you. I will always treasure you. Amazing people are created by the almighty, amazing moments are perfectly curated by the almighty, amazing friends are the perfect gifts from the almighty, you are an amazing person and a special person from the almighty. I am sending you a million smiles and gladness. I write to inform you that the gold has been sold. I received mail from the professor concerning the gold bars I sent to you. Remember it's very expensive worldwide. The gold has been sold for $2 Million Dollars ( Two Million US Dollars ) The total money has been converted into an ATM card by Barclays bank plc. The ATM card and all the papers are well sealed in an envelope. All the information and pin code are sealed together in an envelope. Nobody has access to it until it reaches your destination. The ATM card was handed over to the parish priest. My dear you have to contact the catholic reverend father Victor Jacob so that he will post it to you. Here are the contact details of the catholic parish priest. His residence might be closer to you. Email him now. His Name == Rev. Fr. Victor Jacob
His Email === ( ) Please do your best to contact him so that he will post the envelope to your address immediately. Let me know as soon as you receive the ATM card from the catholic parish priest. Dr. Tanya Wylde.
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