Scam letter(s) from Marina Denisova to Steve (Australia)

Letter 1

Hi there my name is Olga. I am 27 years old...
I am looking for someone who will brings a smile on my face...
Someone who will love me and accept me for who I am....
I want to find this man and if you want to be this man for me you can e-mail me at: I am very honest, caring, understanding person, have a great sense of humor and very open-minded....
I don't play games...I want to find love and happiness and I hope I will find them with you...
So if you are really interested in acquaintance with me I am waiting your letter very soon.
With warmest hopes to find your letter at my e-mai! olga
Letter 2

Hi Stephen! How are you? I'm very glad to receive your letter.
thanks that you found time to write me. Sorry for my bad english. I have never spoke with foreign man, but I hope that you will understand me. Tell me about yourself. What is your job? where are you from? what do you like to do for fun? Everything that you want. You can also ask me anything what you want to know about me. I live in Russia. I have never been in other country. But I hope to find right man to leave Russia and will come to him. I live in big city Kazan, the population is over 1 million people. It is very nice city. There are many beautiful place in my city. It is about 800 km. from Moscow. Have you ever been in Moscow? I have never been there. I have never leave Kazan, therefore I can't say that I like travel. And what about you?
Do you travel a lot?
Now about my job. I'm secretary. There is nothing interesting in my job, therefore I will not stop on it. About my interests, I like many things in life. I try to take all what can give me life. When I have free time I like to spend it with my friends. I like to go disco. I like swimming. Every weekend I go to swimming pool. Also I like play tennis, but I can't play very often. I keep myself in good form.
Also I would like to know what are you looking in girls.
Describe an ideal of the woman. How you present it? Do you have girlfriend? I haven't boyfriend.
You probably want to know that I'm looking for in men. Well, first and main thing is trusting, I think that without trusting can't be love.
therefore my boyfriend should trust me and I should trust him. What about individual qualities, he should be cheerful, easy going, he should give me something new each day ( prove his love maybe). He should be strong, strong inside, that I can feel protection and support from his side. He shouldn't be rough... And many other qualities. But it is only an ideal, in real I can fall in love not thinking about ideals :).
Well I'm finishing my letter. hope to hear from you soon.By the way, I applied my photo, hope you will like it. Bye bye.
You russian friend
Letter 3

Hi Stephen! How are you today. It is not bad here. I'm glad to receive letter from you, I hope that we continue our dialog, also I hope to meet you sometime, it would be really fine to meet you.
Well, I will tell you some more about me. I live with my mother. She is 45 years old. My father leave us when I was young. I don't want to talk about him. He left my mother in difficult situation with little girl (little girl was me). But doesn't matter now. My mother works at the factory. I haven't any brothers or sisters. From the childhood I have got used to do anything myself without help. It is possible to tell, that I'm independent girl :). But sometimes, as well as all girls,
I need in support. But in these moments I haven't near me the loved person which could support me. I had boyfriend, but we have decided to leave several months ago, because we hadn't much in common. I don't want to live my life alone, therefore I'm ready to start new relationships,
but only with the right man ;). Who knows, maybe it will be you. How we speak, we shall live, we shall see.
It would be really fine to visit you sometime. Russia is very beautiful country, but I have never been in other countries and I can't compare. Maybe your country is much beautiful than mine. I like Russia nevertheless, I was born here and this is my motherland. Probably I am the patriot :). Well, I probably have already tired you with boring stories about me. Some more questions for you... At all don't know what to ask. I like alive dialogue with a cup of coffee more,
than electronic correspondence. But we live to far from each other to have alive dialog and a cup of coffee together :). Maybe you will tell me something interesting from your life. I will like all.
Well, have a good day. Bye bye.
Letter 4

Hi dear Stephen! How are you today. I'm fine. I'm glad to receive your letter. Now I'm beginning to wait your letters with impatience. Really it is very interesting for me to talk with you. I hope some day to meet you in real. If you will come Russia I will show you the best side of my city. There are many sights in my city. By the way, we have new sight, it is the monument of computer keyboard!!! Couple of keys have already stolen :). Do you have any sights in your city. I would like to see it sometime.
Let talk about food. What kind of food do you prefer? I like fruits and vegetables, I like pizza but not with mushrooms. I dislike mushrooms. I like cook. My special dish is pancakes with jam. Do you like pancakes?
Also I like see movies. I like comedies, for example " Police Academy". And what about you?
Do you have car? I can't drive. But I like fast drive. Did you see "forsage"? Do you play NFS? I like this game.
Well, I have to return to work. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a good day. Kiss. Sincerely yours Olga.
P.S.: I have no phone.
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