Scam letter(s) from Liana to Jack (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, dear, you wrote to Lina.
I apologize that it was not possible to send a photo in the first letter !!!
Your email address was given to me by a Dating Agency, and I decided to write an email to get to know you better, and I hope that we will continue our acquaintance, I would really like it.
I will tell you more about myself: I was born on March 5, 1992 in the city of Kotelnich in Russia.
Kotelnich is located 900 km from Moscow.
I live with my parents, Mom and Dad. The three-room apartment somewhere in the 57 meters.
My mother-doctor treatment at the hospital, will soon leave from work to retirement.
Dad worked as a turner at the factory. Houses with us live cat - "Boris", he was already 2 years.
I graduated in 2015, the university year and is now working in a school - grammar school, a teacher of elementary grades.
My work with children, I really like. I try to give children knowledge with warmth and good feeling.
Children like me, trying to understand me. In his free time, we go on various excursions, visit the theater and cinema.
After all, my students are small and they are all interesting. I know what you think at that moment reading my letter (smile).
I do not want my future career is at work.
About my hobbies: I like melodic music. I've graduated from a musical school.
Everyone says that I have a very nice and pleasant voice, and so when I have a good mood, I sing a little vokal (solo).
I like modern and melodic music. Passions I have a lot, if we continue the conversation with you, I promise to talk about himself and his life in great detail.
I'm tired of being alone. I really want to start a new life with hope in the future.
I want to love and be loved spouse. If I you are interested in? I am waiting for like and understanding !
Please tell me more about yourself and your family. I want like to know more about you as possible.
About your work, hobbies and lifestyle, and .... Are you really interested in me. It is waiting for your letters.
I am waiting for your photos !!!. I understand a little English, I can not unfortunately in English writing and therefore I use an electronic translator.
I'm sorry, but I write with a pure heart. If the meaning of the letter has been lost, misunderstandings may occur. I apologize in advance.
I look forward to your response, sincerely yours, Lina.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Jack.
How are you today? Today I have a shortened day at work, and I decided to write you my short letter)
Today I have a lot of housework to cook and clean up.
Today I will cook Russian traditional soup borsch.
Have you ever heard of such a soup?)
I attach you a photo of myself so that you can be convinced of my existence.
I will wait for an answer from you.
Your Lina.
Tomorrow I will write you a longer letter and ask you some questions.
Letter 3
Hello, my dear friend Jack. I was very happy to receive your letter. I feel a great interest in the future. I am just happy that you wrote to me, I will write to you what is now in my heart.
I think when we're together, it should be forever.
But to do this, we need to understand whether we are getting closer to each other.
(Smiles) I'm not particularly interested in your financial situation.
I'm more worried about the future! What am I looking for in life?
The answer is: I want to live a quiet life and be with someone who loves me.
I love music and rock and roll, as well as fast music.
I wrote you that I can dance and dance.
If God asked me questions, what do you dream about? As banal as it sounds, my dream is to find love.
(Smiles.) Today I have free access to my computer, and I am glad that I can freely Express my thoughts to YOU.
I don't always have much time to write you a letter.
Because I don't always have access to the computer in the Director's office.
If my attempt is successful, and I will be happy for a long time, if you read my letter (with a smile).
This is why I am happy when I read your letters I would like to be closer to you and learn more about you.
I would be very happy to read your email constantly.
I will tell you about my youth: I was a good student at school, I studied at 4 and 5.
There were a lot of friends, but, as always, after school, everyone is scattered in different directions. Now I rarely see school friends, everyone has their own life.
Who has a good life, and who does not have a very good one.
When I was in school, I was still in music school, I have a musical education.
It was here that I met my first love. Our relationship lasted three years.
We broke up because of a big ****** thing my lover did.
I already knew that I would not be with the person who cheated on me, and we had to break up.
After school, I entered the pedagogical Institute.
I became a student. I was fully occupied with my studies, and there was no more time for my personal life.
It was easy to study at the Institute that I liked.
There I met my best friend Natalia, with whom we are now friends.
We have a great time in winter. Skiing, skating.
My summer morning starts with a jog on the street, and on weekends in winter I like to ski in the Park.
I only drink good wine on holidays, I don't smoke. And I have a very negative attitude to drugs.For me, there are no people who use drugs.
I took an example from my mother, who spent a lot of time raising me.
I don't understand women who choose careers.
For a woman, the main thing is to create a family.
This should create comfort for your husband and family. A man should have career.
And his wife is a reliable man. Waiting at home and meeting with a hot lunch and dinner.
What kind of food do you like? I often go to Church, I am a Christian.
Director will be here soon, and I must get this over with, because I want to write and write to you. Your sincere friend Lina.
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