Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Thomas (USA)

Letter 1
Hello. :-) How are you? I am looking for new friends.
Letter 2
Hello Tom.
Thanks for your letter.
I am looking for a man for a serious, lasting and stable relationship.
I will be glad to receive your photos and tell us about yourself ok?
I live in Russia and would like to find a man from another country to build a serious relationship and true love.
Tell us about your city, where do you live? What about family? What is your job?
I wish you a good day.
My name is Lyuba.
Letter 3
Hello my friend Tom.
I am glad to receive your reply, hope we can become good friends and communicate every day. YOU interested me, and I would like to know more about you, about your life, and please do not forget to send your photos ok? I will be waiting for your new photos in the next letter too.
I am 32 years old, I am a single woman, I have no man and no children! I live in the city of Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region.
My job is as a nurse in a hospital, and I also often go to the ambulance to help people. My work is a bit difficult, but I need to help people, I really like it, and I am useful in this life.
I have a mom and dad, they live separately from me in the countryside, I try to visit them on weekends. I have no sister and no brother, my parents gave all the parental love just for me. Therefore, I am proud that I grew up a smart woman and I have a good job. Only there is no good man nearby with whom I would like to build my future, so I decided to find such a person through the Internet. I hope that you and I manage to build a true friendship and relationship.
My friend Tom, tell me what sport do you like? Do you read books? What kind of movies do you like to watch? I'll be interested to know. I will try to make a short video and will send it to you in the next letter. If you like it then do the same for me ok?
I am sending some photos, I hope you enjoy them.
Today I am finishing my letter, I will wait for your answer and new photos.
Letter 4
Good afternoon Tom.
How are you? What is your mood?
I am glad to receive your letter, thank you very much for telling about yourself and I am pleased to get to know you better.
I made a short video for you, I hope you enjoy it. I sincerely wish that there was always truth between us and that we could have a clean relationship in the future.
I don’t have internet connected in my house, it just doesn’t exist, so I’m writing to you from a working computer, I don’t have another way. Therefore, I have the opportunity to write emails every day. She also said that my job is a nurse in an ambulance, so I can go on calls all day long, so I sincerely will try to answer you in my free time.
I also studied English and German at school. But the level is not very high, but I think that we can find an opportunity to learn a common language for you and me and understand each other. And now I use google translator to translate my letter and so I think it will be more convenient for you to read my answer.
I like to watch comedies, I like different kinds of music, it all depends on my mood. I also like to read books, and in my free time I can also read them.
I live in my apartment, alone. Therefore, I sometimes feel sad there, and I would like to wake up every morning next to a man with whom I will feel happy. And of course I am ready to give my love, my tenderness, and I hope that you will be the happiest next to me! Because I'm tired of being alone and I sincerely want to give myself to a loved one, whom I will trust, believe and always reciprocate.
Tell me, do you have any animals? And how often do you spend your time in nature?
Today I finish my letter and sincerely wish you success.
Your Lyuba.
Letter 5
Hey Tom.
How are you? What is your weather like?
Everything is fine with me, the weather is also good, and the most important thing is that I can receive your letter and my mood rises high.
I try to tell you about myself, about my life, because I believe that when building relationships, you must always reciprocate, not hide and be open. It helps to know the person inside, which is much more important.
I have a cat at home, so I am sending you a photo, I hope you like it.
I love animals, and I also go to the park often and give seeds for birds, I think that this way I help a little in cold weather.
I sincerely would like to see you live in the future, because it is a million times better than communication through letters. But I ask you not to rush. Because it is important that we get to know each other better and each letter is a thread that becomes stronger every day. I want sincere and pure love between us. I hope that together we can achieve this. I try to send you always my new photos, I write letters from the bottom of my heart, I hope that you read carefully, because I try to make you know me better.
My video, which I sent in the last letter, I wanted to say that you are an interesting man for me, and I am ready to continue communicating with you, and maybe in the future we can be together. But for this I must get to know you better and there must be trust between us. Without it, there can be no relationship. It is like the foundation of a house, if it is not strong, it can quickly collapse, and if we, together with you, my friend Tom, make common efforts, it will be strong. Therefore, I hope that we are an ideal couple, and a happy future awaits you and me ahead.
Good day to you! Your Lyuba.
Letter 6
Good afternoon my friend Tom.
I am glad that I can read your letter and with great pleasure I will answer you.
Everything is going well for me, it was a little difficult, they called for an accident, but we did everything quickly, so no one was hurt badly. My work is difficult, but I know how to take care of loved ones, I know how
to give injections, give prescriptions and painkillers. Therefore, I think that my future man will be happy, because I can take care of him and do everything professionally. Also, if your back, legs, or something else hurts, I can also relax with a massage. So what do you think, my friend Tom if we live together, will you be happy next to me? I can take care of you and bring you only happiness and joy? I sincerely want my beloved
man to be happy with me. Therefore, I will try to do everything so that we are the perfect couple, complement each other, as they say the glass is half empty, or half full, But I want our relationship and our life to be 100%. Therefore, I hope that we will have strong love in the future.
I just ask you not to ask me for intimate photos, to write about ***. Because I understand that this is important in a relationship, but I don’t know you very well, and I am ready to open my heart and my intimate world only to a person whom I will trust, and this will be mutual.
I also want to open myself to you and say that I love red roses, my favorite light is light blue. Also, my religion
is Orthodox Christian, I try to go to church on Sundays as well.
I want to ask you, have you been looking for a woman for a long time on the Internet? And how many people are you texting now? I sincerely want to have one man, you Tom. Because other men don't interest me. I will be a faithful and caring woman for my future man. I think that the person who accepts me for who I am will
be the happiest. I have no experience of communicating via the Internet, on the advice of my friend I decided to find a man from another country, so I'm interested in this, and I think that we have a happy future.
I wish you a good day! I am waiting for your new photos and I hope that my photo in a blue dress will make you happy. Your friend Lyuba.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Tom.
I'm tired today already, because I had a hard time at work.
We were called into an accident where two cars crashed. When we arrived there, I was shocked, because the car could not be recognized. We have done everything possible to quickly provide assistance to these people
who have suffered. But the driver of one car, a man of 24, was not breathing. It was very scary that this was happening, and leaving this life young, because the whole life is ahead and we must continue to live, but the insidious road takes forever.
It always saddens me to look at such a tragedy, it also happens that small children get into such a situation. Therefore, it hurts me, in my soul and in my heart pain. Because I cry sometimes, because life is arranged in such a way that it can be deeply difficult. I understand that I can find another job, but who will if not us. Therefore, I will fight for people's lives and give myself completely. I am sure that there will be a time when
I will meet you my dear Tom, and we will spend holidays together, and enjoy the sun, sea and sand by the sea. But now we can only dream about it. I hope that everything will be fine, and my work will not upset me so much. Excuse me for telling you about this, I reveal to you my weakness, sadness. I hope this doesn't upset you? I sincerely want there to be trust and understanding between us, and only on sincerity and honesty will our relations be strong and have a future.
Today I want to tell you that my past relationship, I had a man, I met him for 1 year, but then when I came to my house for lunch, I saw that he brought another woman to our bed. I was sad and hurt, from such a betrayal. Therefore, I could not find a man, because he caused me pain and suffering, and I can never forgive his betrayal. Therefore, my dear friend Tom, I ask you never to deceive me, and not to betray. Because on the outside I may seem like a strong person, but inside of me there is a tender, vulnerable flower that needs to be protected and protected. I hope that you can be that person that I need?
I like you. Every day I think about you, I go to work, I think about you, I even go to bed, I think about you,
how you feel there, what you do. Therefore, I ask you to tell more about yourself and your feelings, because
I am pleased that I have such a good person like you Tom.
I believe that we need to go further, and even if there are difficult moments in our lives, but by supporting
each other we can achieve our goal. Today after work I'm going to go to the bathroom and lie down to relax.
I can’t answer for the weekend, I’ll go to my parents and be there. Write how you will spend your weekend ok? I'll be back on Monday and waiting for your letter and new photos!
Your Lyuba.
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