Scam letter(s) from Aizhan to Eddy (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hi! Have a good day! I am looking for a worthy man who is responsible for his words and actions. I don’t like liers. I don’t want to play the spin games. We both must understand that we are not children any more. I am ready to dedicate my life to the man whom I love with all heart. But he must be a serious man who precisely knows what he wants to reach in life. Nowadays it’s not easy to find someone whom you could trust fully. When I switch TV, I see only horror happening everywhere, all around the world. People start a war as they are not able to arrive to a common view and they cannot live together in accordance and balance. I believe people lack dialogue and all misunderstandings could be solved through dialogue. Constant fight didn’t lead to anything good, only people’s death and collateral damage. I read a lot of history books in order to understand causes and consequences of war. Have you done your military service? It would be very interesting to know what the members of the military think about it? Probably I cannot make it out although I graduated from Alma-Ata University.I understand that you ask a question where I took your information. In Georgia exist agency To communicate with you I used the Marriage Agency "European-brides". I've paid 5 USD to find out your email address. I hope this is not a problem. In agency for dating I have received the answer that they took your email from dating site. They have not specified the site name. Let me say a few words about me. My name is Aizhan. You can call me Aiza . I can write you in English and I also know Kazakh,Russian . I am 33 and I live alone in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. I never got married and never had children. After my father’s death I happened to grow up and solve all problems by myself. Since I had my own clothing trade, I established a small business. Mostly I was occupied by managing it so I didn’t create my private life. I like sport and activity leisure, I try to visit the swimming pool at least twice a week. I also take yoga classes. And I like to listen to hip-hop and R’n’B music. And now I would like to know more about you. What kind of music do you like? I am a realist and I realize that we live in real world. So I don’t know if you are interested in me but I would like to receive an answer.
Kiss you, Aizhan.
Letter 2
Today is the great day and I am in such a good mood. Your e-mail message raised a bright smile as we can talk on different subjects.
Eddy can you send me your photo? Please tell me a lot about you and your life. Tell me how is your day today? Perhaps we might meet one day. If I set me a goal, I will definitely achieve it. We just have to choose the right moment. To begin with, we must know more about each other, and I believe the disparity in years won’t embarrass us. I don’t use social networks since I have no time for it. I spent the most time working and I have to interact with clients very often. I also have a cell phone but I cannot make international long distance calls. I used to go on business trip in nearest countries and bought outdoor clothes and keepsakes for sailing in Alma-Ata . I had been in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Israel… I spent so much time travelling. But now I have not so much time for travelling. I even have to change my work graphic and modify work flow because this affects my profit. We have to develop for achieving success. Do you agree with my point of view?
I have an open heart, I live turning only myself in. I believe in changes and hope for the best changes. I don’t smoke and don’t take alcoholic drinks. I have never used drugs. And do you have any unhealthy habits? What would you like to change in your lifestyle? I hope you do sport! I try to alienate all bad feelings and to think only happy thoughts. Now you studied up on me. Tell me please more about you? I am looking forward to your answer excitedly, Aizhan.
Letter 3
It’s such a perfect day!!! Thank you for your quick reply, I am really absolutely happy to receive an e-mail from you. I am glad to share with you my thoughts. Eddy I really look forward to your photo. Will you send me a photo? What plans do you have today? What are you going to do today? I would like to learn more and more about your life and work. I am spending a larger part of my life working in these latter days. I miss love and understanding. It is so difficult to convey my feelings and desires in words. I am accustomed to communicate with people personally, sometimes after working day we gather in a cafe to have a cup of tea and to have a talk a little. I like green tea, and I very seldom take coffee as I believe it is bad for the health. I like your company. I would be happy to know your feelings and something new. Don’t you mind if I tell a little about my country? I want you to know that it is a developing country. Our president make attempts to rebuild country and its manufacture. Kazakhstan is a multi-ethnic, cosmopolitan country. The great part of the population is Muslims, and the least part comprises Christians and Jews. By the way, I prefer official style in attire to look more serious. But if there is any celebration, of course I wear evening gown. And what’s your style? How often do you go on holiday with your friends or family? In our country, there are men and women of different nationalities. Men usually tend to control all and have the upper hand – I don’t like this. I hate a man who can raise his hand to a woman. What is your opinion about it? I don’t want to insult anyone, I still live alone as I cannot find my happiness. I had past bad experience, perhaps I will have a chance to tell you about it one day. And I hope we will be able to support, take care, understand each other, forgive and think of each other, be happy or upset together. Million scientists all over the world are exploring the love feeling but no one have the same opinion! I have a lot of friends who have been married for a long time and have happy family, and vice versa: there are also some friends who are still alone. I think neither country nor religion would affect me and my way of life. I will never ask you something you don’t want to speak about. If you want to share me something, you can do it only at your convenience. I grow the flowers, my favourite ones are red roses.
And as you know, red and pink colours symbolize love. They are my favourite colours. I would be very happy to receive an e-mail of response and some your photos. Aizhan.
Letter 4
Hello! Today I woke up in a good mood and full of energy. I even visited swimming pool. I gave you a lot of thought and ready to speak with you on different subjects. There are many different situations in real life, both bad and good. I will never betray a significant person for me and I don’t like argue without any reason. It is very important for me to listen to the opponent before I express my opinion on the subject matter. We must do our friends good but not hurt them. Eddy I'm really sad that you saw them in bed and they always cheated on you. It hurts a lot when you are betrayed. I'm very sad. I love both cats and dogs. If I had my own house and not a big garden, I would buy myself both a dog and a cat. I think it's a good thing to have a dog and a cat. I was brought up in intelligent family, I have no brothers, no sisters. I like to give people gifts and I never visit them empty-handed. Only our actions can characterize us. I need meaningful relationship, I want to meet someone I would feel comfortable with and I would take care of. I want to meet the person who will love me with all heart. I will save the family hearth and maintain warm relations.
I like reading books and if the book turns to be interesting one, I can read 300 pages a day – and there is more to come! I guess if you could beat my record. Do you have any achievements? Some years ago I successfully defended my graduation project. I am proud of it since the education means much to me. I often smile. The smile is a kind of our signature line, it always helps me. I also love people with a good sense of humour, I like jokes! I don’t have children. I wish I had them. Most of my friends bring up children and I try gift them presents as often as possible. Oh, and I forget to point that I have to go to visit my mother. She lives just 40 kilometers away and I try to visit her at least once a week to inquire about her health and buy some meal. Actually we love to go shopping and choose some goods. I was always interested in discounts as it is more profitable to purchase product for a reduced cost. One can make money out of it, it could be quite good business. I would like to live with a man who will make my days better. Feeling of happiness and warm breath of my love.
I hope it’s all ahead for us. If the distance between us embarrasses you, we could talk about the possible meeting in next e-mail. What do you expect from your relationship? What kind of woman would you like to meet? Do you have any ideal? Aizhan.
Letter 5
How was your day? How is your health? As for me, it is too important to care your health. I could make your day happier, when you come home after working day. We might go to the restaurant or make a romantic dinner at home, what would you like to choose? I like to read your e-mails, you are so attentive to me. You have so much attention and kindness, they are the most important human qualities. Thanks for telling me your story. I can imagine how you felt at that moment. It's very scary. A lot of people fall through the ice and even adults. And it's very dangerous. Sometimes people ride on the river and the thin ice on the river and fall through. I have not been in such situations, but I understand how you felt then. Your father raised you right and he made you a real man because you have such good and right thoughts.
I believe that any people are obliged to do everything for their families. I believe we will never disappoint each other. I think our relationships will be constantly developing every day. We needn’t look back at the past, we have to move on. I hope we will enjoy life together. Our letter-writing means for me more than just friendship as I opened you my inner thoughts and my heart. I feel kind of connection between us, my heart begins to beat faster when I write you. And sure I want to know about you more and more. I like to speak about life. I am interested in building my private life, and I hope we will develop our relationship. Unfortunately, I feel lonely when I go away from my computer. I would like to be with my beloved, to speak with him comfortably. And it doesn’t matter what is happening around us, I want to enjoy being near my beloved. It is important for me to know: if you would have met a girl whom you would love with all heart, would you want to forget for a while what is happening around you? We shouldn’t feel ashamed of our thoughts. Now I am going to have a cup of green tea and it would be interesting to get your answer. Aizhan.
Letter 6
I like that we share the same positive emotions. How was your day? I hope you are ok. Yesterday evening I was busy cleaning up my flat.
After it I had little time left and decided to watch TV. I watched old foreign film «1+1» with Francois Cluzet and Omar Sy. It was very catching movie with an interesting plot based on the real facts. I also watched a film which was called «The Great Gatsby». I like spend time watching good movie and drinking hot chocolate. Aren’t you bored with my letters? Sometimes I delete words in the text of the letter and rewrite them in order to state the other idea. Have you ever done it? Or you begin to write me and finish it in one shot, don’t you? I told about you to my mother and she is eager for things to be good.
And by the way, she sent her regards. I imagine you staying near with my head on your shoulder. I want to see your smile and listen to your stories. What about romantic dinner? Do you like it? Tell me about your desires? I would like to fill up the tube with hot water adding sea salt. It helps me rejuvenate skin. I am not much of a sauna goer as I don’t like to take a steam-bath. How often do you visit a sauna?
There are many unsolved problems in the point of relationships between man and woman. However I think you are kind and tender-hearted person.
The most important is to know what you want to gain in your life. I am curious about your most intimate thoughts. Perhaps some feelings you don’t want to share. I spend a lot of time thinking about my future.
Maybe you will be with me. I am not embarrassed with the big age difference, I don’t care about it. The point is, person must be trustful, kind and responsible. I hope you want meaningful relationship and we would continue this subject in the next letter. I will be glad to know your opinion about all this. Aizhan.
Letter 7
I hope we will continue writing letters to each other. I like this wonderful feeling. I want to write you more and more. I believe we will always keep in touch as I trust you. When I check mail and see a new letter from you, my mood becomes good during all day. Today I am going to the nearest city to buy some goods namely woman clothes. I came home very late and felt awfully tired. I open you my heart and don’t keep you in the dark. I treat you as a meaningful person, and our letters bring us together. I would like to point some qualities of the good partner. I think that people show only their best side in any kind of relations. But with the passage of time people change not considering it. And here problems start. We always must be in good relations in order to support family hearth. Different activities such as walking together barefoot on the beach, doing sport or gymnastics in the morning will help to keep family. You would come home in the evening after long working day and I would fulfil you with positive emotions. If you are very tired, maybe I could make you massage, or my affection and caress would give you positive emotions. I need one who would respect me, appreciate and protect me. The main is understanding in a relationship, paying attention on such little things as surprises, for instance a bouquet of flowers. All misunderstanding could be avoided if we were in harmony with each other. Honesty, sincerity and respect are the main qualities for me. And sure I realize that we know each other only through Internet, but I won’t stop. I write you with all my heart, and it is not just letters and words. It is an entire page from the love story book with happy ending. I always tell you the truth. I will never turn the evil like disease foundation. When people save bad emotions trying to forget them, not speaking with any person, all these feeling remain deep inside their heart and then they develop into serious health condition. One must not cause emotional pain since emotional wounds take a long time to begin healing. I hope you understand the idea. I am ready to meet with you. I would like to feel the sense of love. And you know, we are women and we don’t open ourselves up at once. Each woman has something special, some woman secrets….and I want to be the most beautiful, most beloved and unique. Tell me, what are you going to do in the evening? I hope we deserve happiness and caress. Aizhan.
Letter 8
I wish there were trust and understanding between us. I try to tell you more about my feelings, character, my situation and my desires. I don’t seek to be better in these letters. I am real. And if you don’t like something in the way I write you, let me know, ok? I have some thoughts about our future, I begin to think about you in my night dreams. I am ready to dedicated my life to beloved till the end. Last night I was so much bored, I am so tired of being alone. I want to feel care and love as well as authority so I feel more protected. I am willing to provide a warm atmosphere and love. I will cook dinner for you, after dinner we could watch DVD together. But I can just imagine it. I want to see only joy in your face. I wish we could speak on different subjects easily, to tell nice words from all heart. I know you are a strong man. The point is, we shouldn’t lose hope and we must have faith in the bright future. It is necessary to achieve our goals.
To care about each other. And this caress manifests itself in all our actions. The point is, we didn’t lose the link between us. This is very important for me. And we also must not compare ourselves with other people since different people live in different ways. Everyone should set well-defined goals, what he wants to achieve in his life.
The main thing is that we must choose our way independently. Everyone builds his future on his own. Do you agree? I hope you like my feelings described in the e-mail. I want to make you happy always, like all women do. I seek to forget loneliness and feel caress and love. I will be glad if our desires coincide. Aizhan.
Letter 9
How are you feeling? What plans have you today? I spend a lot of time thinking about us and our future. I hope our emotions will coincide. I enjoy reading your e-mails. Day after day, we are getting closer. I hope I am not mistaken choosing a partner. Eddy say hello to your mom and sister I'm very pleased that they say hello to me. Dear thank you for telling me how you were with your friends. I really appreciate it and I am very pleased that you did not pay attention to other girls.
Eddy my feelings are mutual and i have no interest in other people i only think about you. And I'm very loyal, I'll never have sympathy or other things for other men. I only trust you Eddy. I am ready to speak with you on different subjects. I want to feel warmth and caress between us. This is very important for me to trust each other. I am ready to help and support you during tough times. We have a saying in Kazakhstan: “A friend in need is a friend indeed” Last night I imagined us together. We should work on building our future together and not to leave each other. And I don’t want to live on your salary.
I am going to visit our capital Nur-Sultan for getting more information about documents for travelling in your country. What do you prefer about meeting: will we stay in the airport, at your home or in a hotel. To say the truth, some days ago hardly could I imagine it.
I got interested in meeting with you. But I have to manage some questions about my work as I bought a lot of sale items. If the goods are not sold in time, I will have to turn them back to the warehouse.
I don’t want to bear the loss and hope to manage it soon. I want us fully trusting each other, we could learn about each other more when we meet. I am not embarrassed with the distance and time difference. I can overcome any distance. My favorite salad is Chicken Caesar. I prefer pink fish with fried vegetables as a second meal. In fact, I like a wide variety of different green salads. If I want I can add there any sauce or relish as well. I think green onion is very good for health. What food do you like? I wonder what your culture is like, to have a look at attractions and landscapes of your city. I want to feel new senses, but unfortunately I cannot do it alone. We have to provide positive changes in our lives together. I hope we will be able to perform it. I am looking forward to your answer! Aizhan.
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