Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Vladimirovna Golubeva to Ulf (Sweden)

Letter 1
Dear Mr. Ulf, Thank you for contacting us.
I am the manager of the travel agency "Bonvoyage".
My name is Nikita Sobolev.
Miss Ekaterina said that you will contact us. Contract 213400 is reserved for Ekaterina Golubeva.
Total cost of the trip 88500 rubles (1010 euro).
Miss Ekaterina has already paid 20000 rubles (230 euro). We organize a trip to Sweden for our client with a medical visa.
We are now awaiting the rest of the contract payment.
Immediately after receiving payment, we will start preparing travel documents (visa, international passport).
Preparation of travel documents takes 7-10 business days after receipt of payment.
Once all the paperwork is ready, we will book a flight to Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN) for Miss Ekaterina.
Traveling from Moscow to Stockholm is possible with a transfer in Turkey.
Therefore, there will be no problems with the trip.
We are now expecting payment of the remainder of the contract in the amount of 68500 rubles (780 euro).
At the request of Miss Ekaterina, I am sending you a copy of the travel agreement.
We accept payments from Europe to our Managing Director's bank account.
I want to explain everything to you in advance.
Firstly, the bank account of our travel agency can only accept payments in rubles.
Payment for services in foreign currency in Russia is prohibited in accordance with the law.
Secondly, the travel agency's bank account can only accept payments from other bank accounts, debit or credit cards, opened only with Russian banks.
I think that it will be very difficult for you to fulfill two conditions for payment to the bank account of our travel agency.
I don't think you have a bank account or credit card with any Russian bank.
Therefore, in your situation, we can only offer to accept your payment into the bank account of our managing director of our travel agency.
Because his bank account accepts payments from all countries and in EURO currency.
You need to make a bank transfer to our managing director's bank account.
Please let us know your intentions.
Would you like to receive the bank details of our Managing Director?
Will you pay for this travel contract? Regards
Nikita Sobolev
Letter 2
Dear Mr. Ulf, I am sending You the bank details of our Managing Director.
This bank account only accepts EURO currency.
Please enter all details correctly, without errors.
When implementing an international bank transfer it is very important that all details are entered without errors. Beneficiary: YALALIEVA NATALIA
Address: 107023, Moscow, Semyonovsky per., 15
Account number: 40817978200002601920
Address of central bank's office: Bldg. 26, 38A, 2 Khutorskaya str., Moscow Please send us a copy of Your bank receipt after You have made a bank transfer.
This is necessary to verify the correctness of all the details and confirm the payment.
If You have an Internet bank, then please use it to make a money transfer, and not go to the bank yourself and make a payment from there.
Since bank employees may not want to transfer money to Russia because of the current situation in the world.
If You are having difficulty with a bank transfer, please let us know.
In this case, we will definitely find another payment method for You. Regards
Nikita Sobolev
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