Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Koulikova to Jesus (Spain)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear Jesus!!!!!!!!
I was very happy to receive your beautifull e-mail today!!!
I very like everythink what you wrote me! I like you so much!!!
I so am happy what you want to meet with me soon! I too very want to come to you so soon as possible!!!
I have good news to you!!!
I was in the tourist company and found out the information on my trip to you. To arrive to you I need in the visa.
They have told that can make for me the tourist visa to Spain without problems. For this purpose I do not need in some invitation or documents from you.
The visa will be ready in 7-10 days after submission of my application and passport. The visa will cost 100$.
And I need in the tickets up to Spain. There is a plane from Moscow up to Madrid. It flies daily so I can arrive that day when it will be good for you to meet me. All tickets will cost about 300$.
It is all that it is necessary to arrive to you.
I found out information about privat visa to Spain. Me have told that it will be very difficult and long to make the private visa by your invitation. It to be necessary to me a lot of papers and documents from you, for exampel such as a copy of your passport, invitation certified at natarius, information from your work given for last 3 months from your work and so forth. And to be necessary very long time to receive the private visa. And any documents from you are not necessary for receive the tourist visa to me. Only my passport, money 100 dollars and travel agency all will make in 7 days, and my visa will be ready also I can go to you.
So I think it will be much better and easyer for me to come to you with tourist visa.
I am so dreaming about our meet!
You are man of my dream!
I want to be together with you so soon as possible.
But I have one problem. I have the very small salary at my work and I can not pay all my trip to you. Write to me please, whether you can help me to pay my trip to you?
I very much hope for you!!!
I dream of our meeting constantly!!!
I so dream to be together with you soon!
I shall be very happy when we shall be together.
I very waiting for your answer!
With love and kisses, your Tatiana!

Letter 2

My love Jesus!!!
I in a complete panic now I do not know that to me to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I very much worry to write to you this news, because I cnow about your helth, but my love!!! Please, do not worry, only closely(attentively) read my message and all will be good. Nothing it is lost, all is normal, only read the message quietly and do not worry!!! When I passed the customs control that have checked up all my documents, passport, visa, insurance and luggage and have told that with the documents all in the order, but why I go travel without money. Me have told that it is necessary to me to show at customs house that I have money with myself. And with my visa it is a minimum 1200$.
I have run and has changed my tickets on tomorrow for the same flight and on the same time, we have time till tomorrow's evening.
I hope you will receive my e-mail soon today or tomorrow morning. At costom house they have told that I should have money with me for show to customs house when I shall take off from Russia. It is the law, and they have told that I should show a minimum 1200$ that I have with me. If I shall not show customs house that I have money, they will not let me to fly. It is the law in Russia, I did not know I and now can make nothing.
We have one exit. You should send me 1200$ in Moscow's airport so soon as it probably. On the same system Western Union and to inform me on E-mail control number so faster as it probably!!! I will chek your e-mail in my e-mail address ( I will give to you this money at once when we shall meet at the airport in Madrid. Do not worry, this money is necessary only to show at customs house, I should not pay to anybody and anything more. You will receive this money at once at our meeting. You need spend money only for send money at Western Union. I very much worry now!!! I hope that you can decide this problem and we at last shall be together.
I shall check constantly my e-mail and to wait for news from you. I will be this night at the airport and will wait news from you!!! We have time till tomorrow's evening 18.00, then there will be a regestration for flite for the plane.
Very much I wait for news and I hope for you. I very much worry about you!!!
I love you very much and I want marry with you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Tatiana.

Letter 3

My love Jesus!!!
Please! Dont stress!
I have awful news. To me there was a huge and terrible trouble. Now I am in the large panic and I do not know that to me to do further.
I shall try all to you to write.
Today I have received your money in bank and all went well. I sat at the airport and waited in a hall for expectation when the registration on my flight will begin.
It is a lot of the people too sat and waited, near to me was the woman with the child and I start with her to speak and she has told that flies by the same flight as I. We sat and talked long about all. I was hungry and has decided to go in cafe to buy something.
I have asked her to look after my luggage. I completely trusted her as she has told that we fly by one flight to Madrid, and besides she was with the child and big luggage. Me was not all some minutes while I went in a toilet and cafe. When I have returned, I have not found her and my luggage.
I was in a shock as in my big bag there were all my tickets, money, things, all. With myself I had only a few money.
I have entrusted to this woman as she has told that too flies to Madrid and consequently has decided what it will be safe.
But she tell lie to me and to rob me.
I quickly have run in police. Together with police we have run to search for her, but all was vain, the police could not find her. I was in a panic, I cried and shouted that the police has helped me, that they have found her and have returned to me all my things. I have written the application in police and has made a portrait by this woman and child and the police promised to find her.
I have remained without money and tickets and I don't know that to me to do.
Now I have not money even for pay my way home.
As to me to arrive to you I do not know. To me I am very bad, in a shock and tear come on my eyes. I hardly restrain from tears and sobbings.
I think of you as you will find out about this misfortune and that will feel.
I am very much afflicted. With me never in life there were such bad things.
I am very much upset with that that happened very much I worry and is very unhappy.
I understand as you experienced for me. I very much to trust and always I think only good of the people and consequently it has taken place with me.
I hope that you soon will receive this message.
I think of you and I love you. I very much worry about you!!!
Write me my love! Please forgive me, It is my foult.
I love you very much!!!
Your very sorry



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