Scam letter(s) from Elena to Jerry (USA)

Letter 1
Have a nice day sweet handsome. I hope I'm not distracting you?
I will introduce myself, I Elena for the moment I am 29 years old, I come from Kazakhstan and I long lonely lady.
I plan to find the other half of my heart the start of creating long love relationship.
in future husband i appreciate quality honesty and kind. In a future relationship I would like to get mutual love and faithful partner.
I am waiting for your letter to my email:
I want to get to know you and I will be waiting for your letter with great hope!
Letter 2
Hey Jerry. How is life? About me, all perfectly, and I was glad to receive your letter!
Thank you for your letter, I'm incredibly pleased! Maybe, you are interested to know, where did i get your email?
I received your E-mail address at a marriage agency in my city.
I was told that you're too lonely man. And I wanted to try write you a little letter...
I've heard many good stories, when people met on the internet, but then their relations developed in real life.
There is a big distance between us now, but thanks to the Internet and letters, we can communicate every day!
And so we can get to know each other better! I think this is very good! I want to say that my native language is Kazakh, and I also know good English.
i can speak and write in english, I learned it at school and at university.
But sometimes I will use a translator, so you can understand me better...
Sorry if I will make spelling errors in the letter, I hope that we can understand each other without problems! And now some information about me:
My name - Elena, Now I am 29 years old, i was born in 1992, September 2, and I live in a city in Kazakhstan, the name of the city of Pavlodar.
360 thousand people live in our city.
I now work as a nurse midwife in a maternity clinic in my city.
My height - 167 cm, and weight 53 kilograms.
My hair color is dark, and eyes the color of blue-gray.
I am alone and without children! I try to make in my life attended sport, as well as try to adhere to proper nutrition.
Never smoked or used drugs in my life. And I don't drink alcohol.
Really like listening to music. My "tastes" in music are diverse, I can listen to all.
I also like watching movies. love movies where it makes sense and humor...
I believe that to meet new people is great, and I like it!
Like to find common interests, similar or even different character traits. Now I have only one big desire - to find love. In my heart there is a lot of love, and I want to give this love to one particular man.
I have heard many love stories, and I want to know if this will be in my life.
Now I'm open and waiting for a change in my life. I hope you like to find out information about me. Please tell me something about to you, about your life.
I am interested to know as much as possible about you. I wish you a good day and I will wait for your answer.
I am sending you some of my photos, and I will wait for your photos too. Regards, Elena.
Letter 3
Hello Jerry! How are you doing? Everything is fine? I was happy when I saw a letter from you! I was glad to read your letter! Having a conversation with you is great! You write that your family is Mexican American! I must say that I have no prejudice! I treat all people well! You wrote to me: Send me next time your Pics, Jerry I do not understand!
I send you my photos! And I'm from Kazakhstan. I am not from Russia!
These are early countries! I would like to tell you exactly what I am looking for and what I would like to receive from our correspondence. I dream of finding my soul mate, a man who will forever become a part of my life for me. I am looking for true love and I am sure that it exists. I have many friends who were able to find love, create families and enjoy every moment together, and I believe that each of us came from nature. You just have to find your chance and meet the same lonely heart. Tell me what do you like in a woman? What qualities should a woman have? I'll tell you what kind of man I'm looking for. In a man, I am looking for such qualities and character traits as sincerity, loyalty, sense of humor and optimism. I want my husband to complement and support me, to be one with me. I want to feel love and care from him. Now I want to tell you about my family. Now I live with my mother, her name is Irina. Mom is 68 years old, she is a pensioner. And all her youth she worked as a teacher in elementary grades. I also have cousins, but after the death of my father 7 years ago, we almost stopped talking ... My father died in a car accident. He and his friend were driving to another city to visit relatives, and their car collided with another car. Unfortunately, no one survived that accident. It was a difficult time for us! But now a lot of time has passed….. and everything is fine! My mother plays the piano in the choir in her free time. She has many friends there. But she never found a new man. Says she'll never be able to love anyone else! (By the way, I am sending you a photo with my mother) I also have an aunt and an uncle, they live in a village 40 minutes away from us.. And I love it when we visit them. There is beautiful nature. We often go for walks (camping) or fishing in the summer... And I like to help my aunt take care of the flowers and grow vegetables. I also have a friend who we work with. In addition to work, she is fond of photography, loves to take photos! And most of my photos were taken by her! I hope you really like my photos. I end my letter (hopefully not so long this time) and wish you a good day! Know I'm waiting for your answer! I will think about you;) Your Elena
Letter 4
Good day Jerry! I am happy again when I see a letter from you! I was curious and interested to read your letter! And thank you so much for answering me so quickly! And I'm sorry if you had to wait for my answer... How are you? How are your days? I have a lot of work the last week, I wrote to you that I work as a midwife in a hospital. I assist the doctor at the birth of children. I like my work, but because children are born at completely different times ... day and night. I don't have a fixed schedule and I work in shifts. Most often I have day shifts, but sometimes there are shifts at night. So, sometimes I may not have time to write you a letter right away. But please know that I remember and think about you! And I will always try to answer you as soon as possible! Good? I must say that I admire your passion for making mock-ups from matches!
This sounds very interesting. I would like to see your work. do you have a photo? And you also asked if I sing? yes, sometimes my friends and I can sing songs in karaoke or at some holidays. I want to ask you about what you consider the most important and the main thing for building strong relationships? I think there are several important points. This is a must: Respect and trust in your partner! Loyalty and devotion... Sharing views on life.. And intimate relationships.. All these aspects are important, some more and some less.. I promise you that I will always be honest with you and will be faithful to you . I want us to have a strong relationship, and I want to always be honest with you and not hide anything from each other. And never play games with feelings. I decided to write about this because I had a bad experience with a man in the past.. I don't want to remember too much. But I'll just tell you briefly so you know.. We met when I was 24.. We were together for 2 years... The first year was good. Romance, flowers, gifts .. But only 1 year has passed, and he has changed .. He became rude to me, often disappeared .. And when he appeared, he deceived me that he was busy with work .. But I found out that he just had another woman ..
And he was a coward who was afraid to confess to me .. He walked around the club with her, drank alcohol and cheated on me .. I found out everything and we had a quarrel! He was ***** and just beat me….
And so it all ended! I had a hard time with this. I didn't understand how to change. Or speak words of love, and at the same time blatantly lie! And after such a terrible relationship, to be honest, I was just afraid to meet men again! I was afraid that my heart would be broken again! But now that more than 3 years have passed since that moment, I feel that I am ready for a new relationship again.. Ready to open my heart again for love! And I'm glad I met you! Now I will finish my letter .. I send you the most tender and strong hugs! I'm already starting to miss you. Your Elena!
Letter 5
Good evening my dear Jerry! I'm really happy when I get your new message. Thank you for your warm letter, it was a pleasure to read it! Please know that I think of you every minute! You write that you have a goldfish? This is great, I love fish! And I love dogs! Yes, and cats too .. in general, I love animals. I think we really have a lot in common! And reading your words and your thoughts, there is such a feeling that we have known each other for a very long time! It's great that we found each other among millions of people on the Internet. I have hope that we can have a good future together, let's see :) Today, after work, my mother and I went to the market to buy fresh food.. We have markets where farmers sell their own grown vegetables and fruits, as well as meat and fish. Anything. And most importantly, it is cheaper than in supermarkets, fresher and healthier! We bought river perch, and when we got home I cooked it.. With mashed potatoes, and vegetable salad. Actually, I love to cook! It's like meditation for me... It's not that I brag about it in front of you ... But with me you will definitely always be full and satisfied! My mother always said that a man should be happy and not look at other girls, he must at least be full for this! I agree? What are your favorite foods or dishes? I would be very interested to learn how to cook something from your kitchen. I myself most often eat chicken, I love fish, sometimes I cook beef. Be sure to cook vegetable salads, they have a lot of fiber and vitamins! I love seafood, but there is no sea in our region .. But there is the Irtysh River, where fishermen can catch fresh river fish. From drinks in the morning I like a cup of coffee. And in the evenings I usually drink tea with lemon. I want to tell you a little about my dreams, about what kind of life I would like in the future! Of course, first of all, I dream of finding true love, creating a family. I feel that there is a lot of love and care in me, and now I am at such an age when I want to live not only for myself, but to give all this love to my man, my family! I would like to continue working in the hospital.. I think even if I have to move in the future, I could find a job in the hospital in your city!
Of course, it’s too early to talk about such plans, but just dream up a little .. I also dream that all hardships and illnesses bypass me and my loved ones! I wish the coronovirus would soon be a thing of the past! And of course I want there to be no more wars in the World!
None! And I still have a childhood dream about traveling... Tell me, what are your dreams or plans for the future? My darling, I want you to know that I take you very seriously and hope everything goes well between us. I'm really glad we got to know you! I open my heart and soul to you! And with you I'm ready to go further.... I'm sending you lots of air kisses and hugs!
Can not wait for your reply! Your Elena!
Letter 6
Hello my dear Jerry! How are things going for you? I am always happy to read your letters!
You bring me positive thoughts and warm feelings! In your letter, you told me a story from your childhood where you went under the ice. oh yes, I can imagine how you felt at that moment. I'm sure it was very scary! And thank God your father managed to save you.
I didn't have such a case. but as a child, I climbed a tree with the boys and fell .. then I broke my arm. And my father took me to the hospital. and he was also very worried about me. Today, I want to tell you what is happening in my soul and in my head with the appearance of you in my life! I want to say that I am extremely happy that you are in my life now! I met you and I feel that I have a special person with whom I can share my thoughts and feelings, who understands me in everything! Knowing you more and more, I dream of being with you sooner. I thought very seriously about what should we do next? And I absolutely understand that I am a young and energetic girl, I have enough energy to move to your country! For starters, to get to know you personally!
And if we both want it, then we can stay with you to start a new life!
Stay with you forever! I asked myself, am I ready for this? And yes! I understand that I am ready! Yesterday I also talked with my mother about the fact that I would like to go to you. My mom didn't mind, she trusts my choice! And that means he trusts you! Mom does not worry about me, because in the modern world there are many different ways of communication. I could call her on the phone or write letters by e-mail. She is an energetic woman, she has friends, she is constantly doing something, developing and not sitting still. In addition, she always brought me up so that I could make decisions on my own, like an adult. She understands that I cannot be with her forever and wants me to find happiness and harmony in life. When I write to you about such serious things, many feelings are born in my soul. I really want you to feel the same when you read my letters. It is very difficult to put into words everything that you could see in my eyes, feel when touched, if you were nearby. I am sure that love has no boundaries and barriers. And fortunately in my country Kazakhstan, almost all restrictions on Covid-19 have been lifted. And I know travel is now open. I would really like to come to you, see your city, your life, and become a part of your life, if we succeed. What do you think about it? Would you like me to come? I think that the first meeting is the first step that will open a new chapter in life for us. I do not want to rush things, just dream a little and try to make plans, but I believe that all our dreams will come true! I continue to dream, hope and believe in you and me, in our love and great happiness! I send a lot of big hugs and kisses!
Every minute I'm waiting for a new letter from you! Your Elena. p.s. I would like to hug you like in the photo I hug a cat...
Letter 7
Hello my dear Jerry! I am glad to write to you again, you should know that with each letter my feelings for you are growing stronger! More recently, I could not even imagine that such a wonderful man like you would appear in my life! And now, on the contrary, I can no longer imagine life without you! My dear, I want to tell you that this morning when I woke up, the first thing I thought about you! And my thoughts were very positive... I thought about how great it would be to be next to you! I thought about what our first meeting would be like. Scrolling in my head, the first words I would say to you when our eyes met for the first time!
Even imagined our first kiss! I dreamed of joint walks, joint breakfasts and dinners, I dreamed of how we would lie together in bed and bask in each other's arms! And the more I immersed myself in these dreams, the more clearly I understood that I really want these dreams to become a reality as soon as possible! My dear, thanks to you, life wakes up in me and it is filled with new colors! Spring has come, very soon the plants will bloom, and the animals will come out of hibernation ... And this is so similar to what is happening to me, inside me! I, like a spring flower, began to bloom and open, because your love and kindness to me are like the rays of the sun! I sincerely hope that we will have a great future together, we have everything to make it real. I've been thinking about our first meeting and a trip to your country and I have an idea. I was talking to my boss and he said that I can take 30 days off as early as May if I need to. So what do you think if I'm going to spend my vacation with you? So if we want, we can meet in real life very soon! I will go to the travel agency tomorrow morning and find out what I need to come to you, to your country. What documents do I need and how do I do it at the moment. I already have an international passport. (sending you a photo). I got it back in 2017 to travel freely to relatives and friends in Ukraine and Russia. (Then no one could even imagine that such a war would begin between these countries). It is issued for 10 years, so it is valid until 2027. I heard that for a trip to you I need to make only a visa and insurance. I'm not sure how long the paperwork takes and how much it costs, but tomorrow I'm going to get the full details. I really want to come to you and spend time with you so that we can get to know each other and become even closer! So that our communication does not depend on the Internet, and we are together and close every day! So that, having received even a little experience of living together, we can already realistically assess our relationship and make plans for the future! Tell me what you think about all this? I am now finishing my letter and I will be looking forward to your reply. I send you a million kisses and warm hugs! I think about you and I already miss you! Always yours,
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