Scam letter(s) from Olga to Sean (USA)

Letter 1
Kind time of days!
Mysterious the stranger, I wish the nobility, as you are interested in searches and to meet with new and class the girl?
I'm Aiman. I live Kazakhstan. I hope, that I to you is pleasant is nice. I in searches the man with whom my life will be balanced and fascinating.
I very much interesting, kind and optimistical the girl.
But I still one and I very much have got tired from it.
So I have gone in marriage agency and have sent to you the letter.
Actually, I wish to meet adequate the man for stable relations and a combination marriage in the future.
My main objective - to find the beloved of all my life.
I very much hope, that you are this man.
I will be happy if we find common language, and our meeting - the most great moment in our future.
Now I do not know, how much you you are interested in continuation our conversation, therefore I am more than information on I will tell about myself in the following letter.
Send your answer to my address:
With impatience I wait for the reciprocal letter with big impatience.
With the best regards, Aimanka.
Letter 2
How's it going my gentleman I want to make it clear that I`m looking for reliable relationship. I`m not going to waste my time with a lightweight person who wants to have just *** and ***** photos. I have been a free girl for one year and from this time I have come across into only abnormal energuman and ***-seekers for one night on the Internet. I am an educated woman who is dreaming about a reliable relationship abroad, from the time I want to leave my country forever. I`m Olechka. I'm already thirty five and I live in a great city in Ukraine. I believe you know something about my country. I am a successful doctor and work in a private hospital in my city. I have already travelled to different countries severa times and therefore I would like to changre the country. Maybe it will be your country...) I believe you will look through my letter thoroughly. If you are an honest and candid human, I am looking forward to your mail. But if you are an ordinary adventurer who needs only *** and ***** photos, please, do not answer me. Anyway, I will understand it from your letters. That`s why I would be glad to know as much as possible about you, your thoughts and your lifestyle. For me, I will be definetely honorable and open with you. If you are interested in me Please write ONLY to my private mailbox: We will easily arrange our meeting if we like each other. Looking forward to hearing from you, Olenka.
Letter 3
Hi unknown, I woud like to tell you that I`m searching for reliable relationship. I am not interested in not serious human who looks only for *** and ***** pictures. I am single for 1 year and from then I`ve met only anxious energuman and ***-seekers for 1 night on the Internet. I am a read person who needs a reliable relationship abroad, since the time I want to move out from this country forever. You can call me Olechka. I am afore 35 years old and I live in a grand city in UA - ukraine. I suppouse you have some generel ideas about my country. I am a successful doctor and have a job in a private clinic in this city. I have already travelled to some countries many times and now I`d like to ive in another country. It can be your country...) I believe you will read this mail thoroughly. If you are an fair and outspoken human, I am looking forward to your message. Though, if you as other guys do not know what is real love and think only about physical satisfaction, then please do not write me ever. Although, it will be clear from the way you write to me. That`s why I would be glad to know as much as possible about you, your thoughts and your lifestyle. As for me, I can assure you that I will be so honest and straight in my letters as it only possible. Interested? Please write ONLY to my regular e-mail: If we like each other, then I can easily come to your country and we can meet. Waiting for your reply, Olga!
Letter 4
How was your day? I hope all is all right.
I am writing this e-mail and I expect that you arenormal human. This is not myfirsteffortto meet someone online. My last connectionsfared to be liars.
Forming a realrelationis the maingoal. I pretend for this even after all the fails. I will write a bit about myself.
My name is Olechka. I'm from Ukraine, after all I've been assuming more and more about shifting my place of residence.
I am already 35 years old, I realize that it is too late, my years arepenetrating. Hence, I do not have the time to actfoolish games.
I am an educated, kindwoman, as well as a nicehousewife. I am working in dentistry. I have no financial difficulties.
This is theresume of my life. When our goalsmatch, you cananswer me. Tell about youself!
Whether we are interested in each other, I suppose we will havea chance. Now the option is yours. Please write to me on this mail
I will be looking forward for your letter. Olya
Letter 5
Hello again Hello again, Well, I'm writing to you again now.
I will trying to to talk about to me more detailed. I think that you will not be tired of my information and it will be fascinating for you. My name Olga. September 18, 1984 is the date of my birth is. As you have probably already understood to me I am thirty five years old and I'm alone. For me the age difference doesn't matter. I think a man can be younger or older than a woman, but I believe that the man need to be wiser and smarter. I think the most important thing in a man is his mind and I think that you are a smart man and I am attracted to it. My height is 169 cm and weight 54 kg. I have a nickname tender that I am named by friends, it's Olenka. Mariupol is my city dwelling, it is Ukraine. Mariupol was always a huge city, known by all. I like to spend time actively: practice in the sports hall, I lead the active lifestyle walk. I love camping and walking. I am a person broad views and I want to develop myself globally. I speak French and English. I been raised and worked and in this city all the time. I finished Medical University with a degree in Dentistry. I want own my own office for the creation of prostheses. All my life I try to be constantly trained to reach the goal. It is necessary to be an expert in his profession today. During last year, I was studied in Israel and the United States, gone a few month since my last internship in Finland. Many things have reformed in medicine this year. I have to reaffirm my knowledge and decide where I will be trained, in which country. From my information you already have known that I work a lot and that I have little rest. That's why, it's easier for me to try to create relationships using the letters because in reality, it's more hard for me. I find them romantic. One can open in several letters that during a real meeting. I think I did not get you tired. Take to take myself seriously. Be honest with me, if I do not like you like a woman. I will always try to be honest with you. I would like to know as much as possible about you, Please. You can ask what you want, I'll honestly answer all your questions. I do not know what will happen future, but I hope we will become a couple.
P.S. Write a question about something very important. Do you have a girlfriend? I am looking for my man and I do not want to interfere in the relations in love. Truly yours,
Have a good day! Olga
Letter 6
Hey there my dear friend Sean! How are you? I hope everything is fine and you've been waiting for my letter.
Why don't you send me your pictures? Are you not interested or are you hiding something from me? I ask you to send me as many of your photos as possible. I really want to know how you look. I hope to find some photos of you in your next email. Again, I am very pleased to receive a letter from you. Probable our correspondence will make our relations more close. I want to tell you that I write my letters to you from the worker computer. Because I work a lot and spend most of my time at work and therefore the computer at home I do not need. Unfortunately I don't use watts up or skype, because I don't have a smartphone. I do not need this, because I once registered on Facebook and perverts immediately began to offer *** and send ***** photos. I didn't like it and I deleted the profile. Since then, I don't need social networks and a smartphone. I have a regular phone, but the tariff plan of my mobile operator allows me to receive calls only from Ukraine. But I can call you from my work if you write me your mobile number.
By the way, if you are interested in the question of where I received your mail, I found your address on one of your country's Dating sites. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of this site any more, as I was registered on many Dating sites. I deleted all the profiles, because a lot of men only want ***** pictures and ***, and I'm looking for a serious relationship. In the morning all the way to the work, I thought, Will I get your answer? I wonder whether you like it or not? Did you like my photos? Only last night, when I returned home, I realized that I had very little told you about myself. Therefore, I was very glad to see your letter. Today I will try to give as much information about myself and about my life. I'm the only and late child in the family. My father left me when I was 7 years old. My mom died 2 years ago. All these circumstances made me strong. Let's not talk about sad things. After the death of my mom, I feel very lonely, because I do not have a native person. but I have a best friend Yuliya. Say me, have you such a close friend with whom you spend your free time and feel comfortable? My relationship with a man ended seven months ago. Men from Ukraine see only *** in me. Yes, I'm **** and beautiful, I hear a lot of compliments from different men, but I want real feelings, not just ***. For me a man should be not only a good lover but also a friend from whom there will be no secrets, but will mutual understanding. Do you agree with me?
As I said before I love read books and cook food, I like these 2 things. But I also love camping and I do not miss the opportunity to go hiking. I like watching good films, like to ride on ice, sing and dance, I also like sports very much, it helps me to keep myself in good shape and to get an excellent charge of vivacity. I am a versatile person and with me not bored. I hope that we have something in common. My height is 168 cm and weight 54 kg.
Today I told my friend that met you on the Internet, she looked at me with surprise since it does not look like me. Then my friend said it was good but she advised me to be carefully because the Internet is a lot of scammers and ******. Do You write a lot of girls? You can answer honestly how I understand everything, I really hope we will be honest to each other. Also I would like to ask you in advance not to write me any ****** or intimate things or ask me for **** photos. I hope for your understanding. Sean for me, age does not matter, because I hold opinions the main thing is that the person was kind, sympathetic and loved me, I think that this is the most main thing. I have a good job and money for me does not play a big role. Money is a means for existence. What do you think of my character? Do you like my personality? You do not bored to read my letters? Online dating is the first experience for me and therefore I would like our conversation to be built as an interactive dialogue for us So I ask you sincerely write that you want to know about me? I hope that you will answer me as quickly as possible. I look forward to hearing from you
Have a good day!
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