Scam letter(s) from Natalia Andreevna Spiridonova to Mike (USA)

Letter 1
Greetings. My first name is Tatiana. I was born & I live in Kazakhstan.
I'm already 35 years old , I earn enough money as my job is well-paid.
IMPORTANT: if you harbor doubts about my honesty, or you think I should prove you whatever you want me to, or I need something from you - don`t email me back.
I am a decent lady and I don`t want to play games, ***** photos and money is not my purpose either.
I just need a sincere relationship.
The only goal I have is looking for a open and unhumorous gentleman.
I am sure that the age gap doesn`t mean a difficulty and I am deadly sure that age is nothing more than a number.
There is a huge number of my friends whose sweethearts are older.
Also, I consider myself a good educated girl.
I am good at cooking and my apartment is always clean.
If you need such a girl, then let's try to build up an online relationship that could lead to a meeting.
It can be that we will like each other, then I would be able to fly to you.
If your purpose is entertainment only or you want me to send you ***** pictures, don`t answer me, please.
It won`t have any continuation as I don`t play such games.
I will be glad to meet you. I am waiting for your photos and some information about you.
What town are you living? Would you rather live in a big city or in the suburbs?
Hope to hear from you soon, TATYANA
Letter 2
Good day!
How are you today? I wish all is all right.
I am writing this letter and I wish that you arenormal human.
This is not theprimaryeffortto meet someone online.
My past contactsfared to be married men.
Building a actualconnectionis the prioritypurpose.
I decide for this even after all the fails.
I will talk a bit about myself. I'm Annochka.
I was born and live in KAZAKHSTAN, after all I've been supposing more and more about turning my place of residence.
I am along thirty seven, I realize that it is too late, the time isrunning.
Therefore, I do not have the possibility to fiddlestupid games.
I'm educated and smart, caringwoman, as well as a goodhousekeeper.
I am working in dentistry. I have no financial difficulties. It is thesummary of my life.
If our goalscoincide, you couldanswer me. Tell about youself!
When we are interested in each other, I think we will havea chance.
Now the choice is yours.
I will be waiting impatiently for your letter.
Letter 3
Hi soulmate ,
I am pleased to applaud you here!
I sincerely hope that emotion will be relative and we'll have mutual passion.
How was your day? I expect all is prettygood.
I am creating my letter and I expect that you arenormal man.
It is not myprimaryattemptto find someone online.
My previous contactsfared to be liars.
Creating a realrelationshipis the maina im.
I decide for this even after all the collapses. I will correspond a bit about myself.
My name is Annyshka. I live in Kazakhstan,
lately I have been supposing more and more about shifting my place of residence.
I am already 37 years old, I realize that it is too much, my years arepenetrating.
Therefore, I don't have the time to actsilly games.
I'm educated and smart, caringperson, as well as a nicehousekeeper. I work in the hospital.
I have no financial troubles. This is theoutline of my life.
When our goalsfit, you couldrespond me. Write about you self.
I am not that 20 years old, I am an adult woman and I do not want to spend time with dumb games.
I hope that my words will never scare a real and self-confident man.
I have nothing to do but hope you are the one I am waiting for and searching for. I will wait for your message.
If we are interested in each other, I think we will havean opportunity. For now the option is yours.
I will be looking forward for your letter. Annyshka
Letter 4
Hi my new-made buddy!
I want to tell you right away that I am an honest girl and I am not interested in games, money, or casual ***.
My goal is to have a meaningful relationship that's why I am trying to find a fair man.
I would like to hope that you get my point and will not play with me.
I'm a book-wise, bright, independent lady so your money means nothing to me and I am not going to hear something about roguery.
If you want to compare me with these cheaters, I would ask you not to write me back.
Though, in case you answer my letter, you'll soon have no doubt that I am a good-natured, honest and frank woman.
Now that's time to introduce myself! I was born and brought up in Kazakhstan. It's a big country and I think you've heard of my country sometime.
I will tell you more about me, my city and profession in my next letter if you are interested.
I got your email address on one of the dating sites, but I don't remember how it was called as it was a month ago and I couldn't dare to message you.
The thing is that there were men vested in nu photos, not looking for serious relationship and some of them were even married.
I believe you are not one of them and you wouldn't play with me, would you?
If you are interested in my letter, then I ask you to write to me as much as possible about yourself.
I would also be happy to learn more about your country and city.
I will be happy to know more about you.
I will always send you my photos and I hope you send me some of your photos too.
I need to know with whom I am messaging to be honest and fair in our relationship.
Hope to hear from you soon, Natalia.
Letter 5
Hi there
That's a fortune you emailed me back and it makes me delighted that you are interested in me.
I want to apologize that my today's message is short. I am at my workplace now and have a lot of patients during the day, thus I can reassure you that all my following letters will not be that short. Get it?
Right now I am texting you from my personal email, because I can see your tender-hearted, benignant personality. It's not a usual practice for me to give my personal email
to somebody as I am not in the habit of trusting people on the net, though somehow I am inspired to trust you. I hope you get that I mean that one can meet a bunch
of bizarre strangers on the Net persuing *** act, finances, nudes or regular trickers. I am a fair lady who does not need something from you,
thus I am asking you not to blame me. I only want you to be sure that all I need is a fair relationship and I have no interest in your money.
I tried 3 times to meet on the Internet, but I only came across perverts, married men, or scammers. My first name is Natalia. I am already 36 years old and I live in city which is named Almaty. It is in Kazakhstan. Did you hear a bit about the country where I live???
I am a doctor of higher category and I deal with dentistry and maxillofacial surgeon. I 'm working in a private clinic in the city where I live. Whether my personality
is interesting for you, we can go on communicating and perhaps we would have a chance to plan a personal meeting in the near future. I am sure that in the 21st century
when there are many flights every day, it is not a problem to have a meeting. Distance does not mean anything when two people want to be a couple. There are friends of mine,
who found their amour from the USA and Germany on the Net, and moved there to live and build relationships. I am sure that the age gap is not a problem.
I am concerned that age is not more than a number. That's my time to go now, as patients are waiting for me. I am texting you from my work computer at the clinic where I work.
Hope you enjoyed my letter and my pics. Would you like to have more photos of mine? I would be pleased if you can tell me more about your personality and if you can send me more photos.
I believe you to be upstanding and heartfelt when it comes to me. I look forward to your letter and I wish you to have a nice day.
Wishing you the best of success, Natalia
Letter 6
Hey there
How is it going today? Hoping you are doing well and you are in great mood, am I right? As it was promised, I am emailing you a more extensive letter this day and I am eager to try to let you know as much as it's possible about myself.
I am writing you an email from my work computer as my home computer is broken and I took it in for repair. As it's not a new computer,
I was told that there are a lot of issues to be done, but they will do their best to make it work again. I devote a bunch of time to my work thus
it will not be an issue for us to communicate and I can use my work computer to message you with no difficulties . I has got your email on a dating site,
I can't remember the name of it as the whole month has passed since I didn't dare to write to you. 1 month ago I have visited a bunch of different dating sites
and tried to meet my man, but I only came across men who only wanted ***, nu photos, money or plain games. I did not want this and was surprised by these people on the Internet.
Though a few days ago, I still made a decision to meet again on the Internet and email you. I hope I am not mistaken and will not be disappointed again. Are you a single person? In case you are engaged, I will not ruin your love. It's a crucial thing for me.
Finally it's time to introduce myself. My name is Natalia. I'm already 36 years old and I am living in the city of Almaty. It is in Kazakhstan.
You can get much information about my city on the Net. I was born on the 18th of August in 1985 and my star sign is Leo.
There was no marriage in my life therefore I don 't have children. My last relationship was up two years ago as this man I was in love with cheated on me with another girl.
We were together for eight years and were ready to get married, however he lost his job 2.5 years ago and drank too much ***** and cheated on me with another girl.
He dangle after me for 3 months, granted me flowers and asked for forgiveness. Still I can never sell-out.
That has no matter now as I've been a single girl for 2 years and now I plan to build a new relationship. I am looking for a man from another country,
because I do not want to live in Kazakhstan anymore and I want to leave here forever. I live in my apartment in the downtown. My job is connected with dentistry
and maxillofacial surgery as I am a dentist. I am working in a private clinic in my city. I am a doctor of higher category and I had internship and professional development
in different countries 3 times. These internships were designed to introduce new tecniques and new developments in the dentistry field.
I have been to the USA working in a large clinic in Manhattan (New York) 3 years ago and the internship took me 4 months there.I liked New York
and especially Central Park. France is a place of romance and love, and Israel is a place known for lots of religions. Almost all of my time I spend at the clinic, where I work, so I am emailing you from the clinic's computer. I am 170 cm high and my weight is 52 kg.
I don't smoke and seldom drink alcohol. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle and go to the gym 3 times a week. I like fair, big-hearted and ffull-hearted men.
I also like when a man has a sense of fun. In my country, we believe that a sense of humor and laughter make our life longer..-)) Hoping you enjoyed my email
and it was not boring????? I will always be fair and free-spoken in my emails and will answer all your questions faithfully. That's the reason I am asking you to be upright,
frank with me and not play games. This time, I did my best to tell more about who I am but if you want to ask me about something, I will answer you in the next letter.
I have a hope that your next message will also be longer and you will tell me more about you and your lifestyle. I can't wait to know more about your personality, life, friends and work. Please do not forget to share your photos with me,
because I want to see a photo of the one who I am writing to such meaningful and candid messages. I am sending you more of my photos as well. I hope you like me, do you?????
Please be honest with me and it's vital to me. If you don't believe me and think I'm a fraud, then we'd better stop it right now, because without trust nothing can be done.
Do you believe in this???
Awaiting your further message. Natalia
Letter 7
Hey there
How is it going today?
I hope everything is going well and you are in high spirits, is it true? In 2 past days, I have already sent some emails to you and have not received any email back. Can you tell me why?
Are you too busy or do you have a lot of work? Maybe my photos are not to your liking???? Or maybe my messages are in your spam?
There is a chance that it happened so I would like you to check your spam folder and you may find all my letters there.
I am trying to hope that you enjoyed my pics and my letters and so far you just couldn't find time to write back to me.
I am a big-hearted and sincere lady and I do want to continue our meeting on the Internet. I understand that there are a lot of strange people on the Now now, but I do not belong to the category of people.
I assure you that whatever happens I will always email you back and answer all questions you may have and share with you my new pics.
I do hope that you enjoyed my photos, my shape and my face. It seems to me that you are an honorable and gentle gentelman who is not in the habit of playing games.
I hope to keep going our meeting. Do you want this????
I am trying to believe that you do want this and I will get a message from you.
I wait for your letter asap and I would ask you to look at the spam unit as often as you have chance to, Natalia
Letter 8
Salut respected
I do not understand what happened?
I need you you to inform me why you still ignore me and are not going to write me back??? Did I do something wrong?
Can't you find even ten minutes to text me and send me some photos? Can it be that you are not interested in my personality or you my photos are not to your liking???
I expect you to tell me faithfully. Done? I beileve that you can just be civil and text about it uprightly. Hoping you are not angry with me for being so high-powered???
I suggest that my messages can't reach you and I can't see the reason why it is so? Do all my emails are kept in your spam folder???
I am writing to you from my personal email address. I check my email statedly and it makes me so unhappy when I don't receive a response from you to my letters.
I expect you to spend a few minutes for me and write me a letter telling the cause for your dumbness.
Whether you do not like me, then just message me a few lines, inform me truthfully about it and I would never worry you and write letters to you again. Agree?
I wait for your answer quickly and I would beg you to look at the spam section as often as you have chance to, Natalia
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