Scam letter(s) from Lilia to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Good day! I'm looking for a male who will also change something in his current world. I'm 36/50/169 blonde, looking for a nice stranger 40+, spending time together, with humor . I like to be in the essence, at the bathing beach or away for a short time. Since I am close to nature and spend a lot of time in nature (in my garden or while walking), I would be glad if you also enjoy a similar pastime. I am mysterious stranger that you discuss with me. No ero movies! If you feel the same way and you feel lonely, you like my information about me and you think mine will match, I would be very happy if you put you in touch with me. More about me in our news. Julia
Letter 2
Hi Michael! What are your plans Michael?
I apologize if I couldn't answer you a little faster. I don't know why, but your email went into the spam folder. I'm not a technical person, but to me it looks like someone wants to stop us getting to know each other :)
What are you looking for on the internet Michael? First of all I'm looking for a new acquaintance that can lead to a good friendship, which in turn can lead to something more. I'm not married and I don't have children. But I have had relationships in my life. I have always had a positive attitude towards children. I love spending time with children. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting younger myself at times like this :)
How badly do you want to find and meet a new and cool woman? I want to start connecting with an interesting, kind person. Do you fit my criteria? Do you enjoy meeting new people? How often do you meet new people? Can we find common topics to talk about?
I want to send you some photos of me. Also, I hope you'll remember to send me your pics!
Have a good day!
Letter 3
How's your mood today Michael?
I'm very glad you answered me. Thank you for your interest. What are your intentions in online dating? Do you have friendly interests? Actually, I'm a modern fine lady. And I'm sure I'll soon be able to find a nice man all over the web. I'll be sure to send you pictures. And then I'll tell you a lot more about me.
I'm very interested in reading about you and your life. I want to say that you are an interesting conversationalist! I was expecting you to send me your pictures, but I didn't see your pictures. Why? Did you forget to send your pictures? I hope that in the next letter you will send me your photos, because that will only be a plus to our acquaintance!
Do you have a sense of humor? I really like people with a good sense of humor. I think a real smile is the best indicator of friendliness. Even now I'm smiling when I'm writing this email, though you can't see me smiling :)
I try to spend my free time actively. I am not the kind of woman who devotes her free time to the computer
or endlessly staring at the phone. Unfortunately, because of my busy schedule at work, my plans do not always come true. Nevertheless, when I am free from work, even if I don't manage to spend time actively, I devote myself to something useful.
I do not abuse alcohol and I do not smoke. I always try to take care of my health. In general, probably, it would be strange for a person with my profession not to watch out for his own health :)
Please, write me about your life too. What is your hobby Michael? How was your destiny, your life?
Letter 4
Did you get my letter today Michael?
I want to hope that you are a good man Michael! The thing is, I know almost nothing about you. What is your experience with online dating? I'm asking you as a woman who is relatively new to the idea of meeting someone online. I've been skeptical my whole life. Several men had written to me before you, and frankly, I couldn't understand their intentions. One man wrote letters consisting of three words, and constantly asked me what you could find on google for "women in bathing suits." And the other man wrote a lot about him, showed active interest, but kept saying that he was too old for me, and if I wanted, I could stop writing to him, he would take it well. Strange behavior, isn't it?
My little town is called Belokhurikha. If you have any further interest in me Michael, I would appreciate your prompt reply from you.
I insist on continuing our acquaintance. I am taking a step towards getting to know you. I also expect some steps from you Michael.
Letter 5
Hello my friend Michael. How is your day going today?
I am very glad that you wrote to me. I like to continue our communication! I read your letters with great interest! Throughout my life I have received many compliments and been told that I look like a woman with Scandinavian roots, but I am not. I was born in Kazakhstan, my father is Kazakh and my mother is Ukrainian. Now I live in Russia, in the Altai region. My town Belokurikha is a resort town. In my town there are a lot of health resorts in the mountains, which are famous all over Russia! Most of my relatives live in Kazakhstan.
I'm very pleased that you read my letter carefully and wrote to me about your hobbies. You have interesting hobbies! It's great to have several hobbies at once. Do you agree with me? I have never heard of Grid iron football! Do you like fishing? When I was a kid, I used to go fishing very often with my grandfather. It takes special patience! We used to catch pikes, karas, perch. And then my grandfather would make a very tasty traditional fish soup "UHA". It was very tasty, flavorful, and rich.
Why haven't you sent me your pictures yet? I've sent you enough pictures of you. You know what I look like,
and when you text me you can imagine talking to me. Now I want to know what you look like too. It's not
like I'm asking you for supernatural photos :) I want you to send me a picture of you from your everyday life.
I am 36 years old. My birthday is September 4. My zodiac sign is "Virgo". Though I am rather skeptical about horoscopes, but sometimes it seems to me that if you read about the character of people with my name and zodiac sign, you can read something interesting and partly true. My interests are music, movies, cooking, skating, skiing and biking. Also I can play guitar a little and in general, I love listening to music.
In general, I am a bit shy in life. If it comes to work, I can communicate with strangers without problems.
But if I suddenly want to meet someone, I'm very shy. But I stop being shy if someone speaks to me first :)
I work as a beautician in a beauty studio. I have very good colleagues and I like my job.
Your friend Iulia!
Letter 6
Sorry, I forgot to write you a couple of questions.
What do you usually do in your free time? How do you and your friends usually relax? I like to go jogging at any time of the year, even in winter. Even if I was busy with work on weekdays, I have time to catch up at the weekend. I think sports are very good for health. It strengthens the body and the spirit. When I was a child, I played volleyball and often participated in competitions. Now my colleagues and I sometimes play volleyball and invite our friends and family members. We rent a gym for a couple of hours and play volleyball the whole time.
Do you have any pets? Unfortunately, I don't have pets because I'm at work all day. My heart sinks when I think of a cat or dog sitting at the door of the house, waiting for me, but no one comes. But I love cats and dogs very much. My cousin sister has both a cat and a dog, and when I visit her, the pets wait and greet me as a member of their family!
I wish you a good mood. Write to me, don't forget about me Michael! I will be waiting for your reply. I hope you will answer my letters today.
Sincerely your friend Iulia.
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