Scam letter(s) from Karlygash Abilda to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Throughout everything and hug :-) Hey!
looking for a man who can live with me
To tell you to your face what I'm looking for
What is your real name
tell me about you too
So hello and have a nice day
With respect, Aleksandra
Letter 2
Hello dear.
My name is Aleksandra!
I am a free girl, without a husband and children.
At the moment I am in search of a life partner.
If you are interested in starting a family, then we can get acquainted!
I'll tell you about myself in the next
letter if you're interested!
Here are my photos :-)
My email for communication -
Can not wait for your reply.
Letter 3
You are dearer than everyone
Good evening! Dear the stranger, I wish to be assured, as it is strong you are interested in searches and to meet with new and remarkable the girl? My name Natalia. I think, that I to you like on a photo. I search the man with whom my life to change to the best. I very much interesting, opened and optimistical the girl. But I still one and I very much have got tired from this vital situation. So I have gone in marriage agency and have written to you the letter. Actually, I wish to meet adequate the man for serious relations and a combination marriage further. My main objective - to find love. I very much hope, that you are this man. I will be happy if we find one goal in life, and our acquaintance - the most great moment in our future. Now I do not know, as is strong have interest in continuation our correspondence, therefore in more details I will tell about myself in the following letter. I will wait for the reciprocal letter with huge impatience. Good pastime, Nata.
Letter 4
Thank you so much for being with me
Good evening! Dear the stranger, I wish to be assured, as you are interested in searches and to meet with new and lovely the woman? My name Taissiya. I think, that to you my photo. I search the person with whom my life to change to the best. I very much cheerful, opened and optimistical the girl. But to me am lonely at present and I very much have got tired from such life. So I have addressed in marriage agency and have written to you the letter. Actually, I in searches adequate the man for stable relations and marriage in the future. My purpose - to meet the beloved of all my life. I very much hope, that you are this man. I will be glad if we find our common interests, and our meeting - the most great moment in beginning of our relationship. Now I do not know, as is strong you you are interested in continuation our conversation, therefore in more details I will write about myself later. I will wait for the reciprocal letter with huge impatience. Bye, Taissiya.
Letter 5
Thank you for taking some of your time and responding to my letter.
To be honest, I didn't even expect you to answer. Anyway, thank you for your letter. So that you have a little idea about me. Who I am, from where, and how old I am. I want to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Aleksandra. I come from Ufa, and I still live there. I am 30 years old, if I seem very young to you in the photo.
Then, do not pay attention, my friends and colleagues at work do not believe that I am so old. Although I look very young, there is a merit of my parents, their genes were inherited by me. + To all this thanks to physical exercises in the fitness room, and most importantly nutrition. I manage to keep the appearance of a student of some university. So don't be surprised why I look so young. What else can I say, I just remembered. Knowledge of languages. I know several languages, since I am in Russia, and the official language in my country is Russian. + In addition to all this, I have knowledge of English, of course there are gaps, and most likely you will understand what I mean, because I studied English at school and at the institute, I did not fully manage to learn English. If I took paid lessons from an English linguist. Then, my knowledge of English would be much better. For this reason, I know only the basics, and in my opinion I can talk quite well. From your point of view, it may seem the opposite. I will hope that you will not have any problems reading my letter, and you will understand what I am writing about. In some situations, I will use different translators. I'm just keeping you posted so that you won't have any questions for me in the future. To tell you more about myself, I think I'll tell you about my profession, what I do and how I earn my living. My profession, in short, I am a dentist. I work in a state polyclinic. Where I get a good salary, which by the way is enough for me to live. As for my interests, there are a lot of them (I'm fond of volleyball, cycling, skiing, and a bunch of other interests). Believe me, I can tell you a lot about myself. But, it won't be interesting, and the letter will be delayed, where I can just bore you with a story about myself. I think that soon I will definitely dedicate a letter where I will tell you in detail about my interests, music, movies, books, cooking and so on. To continue our communication, I want you to know. I don't have kids or a boyfriend. That is, I am not in a serious relationship. So that it doesn't interfere with our communication. As for you,xxxxxx? Are you in a serious relationship? It's just a very important moment for me.
If you have a girlfriend and you are married, then perhaps I would finish writing to you, since I do not want to disrupt the relationship and spoil the marriage. On this, let me know. Ok? Because the dating site does not indicate that you are in a relationship. According to the dating agency. In short, I told a little about myself. I really hope that in the next letter you will also tell me about yourself, so that I have more idea with whom I am having a dialogue. I think this is the end of my letter. It's time for me to head home to do the cleaning, cooking and other household chores. I look forward to your next letter and hope very much for the continuation of our communication. Sincerely yours,
Letter 6
My dear, first I told you about the cost when I have departure, departure information. When I have to pay I'm about everything this told you another 20 june. But apparently you didn't get the letter, either You didn't read the letter carefully. I can send you this letter without any problems. If you want this. The next moment to provide you with how and where you can send. I wanted to start hear your agreement to help pay for the tickets. If you gave me an answer right when I asked you for help. I would give you right away all requied information. The only way that I know. it send to my bank account. Just below, I will provide you with all necessary information so that you can send your help. Here information you need: Beneficiary name: Surname - Saitkina, Name - Aleksandra, Midlename - Dmitrievna Beneficiary account: 40817978800002923617 Swift code: TICSRUMM bank name: TINKOFF BANK bank address: Russia, Moscow , BLD.26, 2 KHUTORSKAYA STREET 38A Dear xxx, I hope that today you will go to the bank and will send help to pay for the ticket. Need as much as possible pay for the ticket as soon as possible, because every day everything remains less and less time. Please don't make mistakes when you do. write data. This is very important, because if there is 1 one mistake, then I can't get your help. I hope you understand this???? For payment of tickets , I need 425 eur. I will be waiting for your letter from looking forward. I love you. Your love Aleksandra
Letter 7
Are you saying you're fed up with my letters? But, at the same time, you answer letters yourself, but you do not answer a specific question. I don't like your tone in letters. You don't need to talk to me in that tone. I only asked you to answer one question that I've been asking you since this morning. What's most surprising is that you don't answer the question, while still making me look guilty, it turns out interesting. How did we move from the topic of my question to accusing me? I'm amazed at your mindset. Are you ready to answer my letters, + to all this you are looking for accusations . But, you can't answer one simple question. Just how? Now you're telling me that you're sick of it all. You don't want to help. Good. Do you think I'm going to humiliate myself in front of you? No. Keep the money for yourself and good luck finding another woman. But, I will not allow you to communicate with me in such a tone...
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