Scam letter(s) from Karlygash Abilda to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Throughout everything and hug :-) Hey!
looking for a man who can live with me
To tell you to your face what I'm looking for
What is your real name
tell me about you too
So hello and have a nice day
With respect, Aleksandra
Letter 2
Hello dear.
My name is Aleksandra!
I am a free girl, without a husband and children.
At the moment I am in search of a life partner.
If you are interested in starting a family, then we can get acquainted!
I'll tell you about myself in the next
letter if you're interested!
Here are my photos :-)
My email for communication -
Can not wait for your reply.
Letter 3
You are dearer than everyone
Good evening! Dear the stranger, I wish to be assured, as it is strong you are interested in searches and to meet with new and remarkable the girl? My name Natalia. I think, that I to you like on a photo. I search the man with whom my life to change to the best. I very much interesting, opened and optimistical the girl. But I still one and I very much have got tired from this vital situation. So I have gone in marriage agency and have written to you the letter. Actually, I wish to meet adequate the man for serious relations and a combination marriage further. My main objective - to find love. I very much hope, that you are this man. I will be happy if we find one goal in life, and our acquaintance - the most great moment in our future. Now I do not know, as is strong have interest in continuation our correspondence, therefore in more details I will tell about myself in the following letter. I will wait for the reciprocal letter with huge impatience. Good pastime, Nata.
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