Scam letter(s) from Sofia Aleksandrovna Tikhonova to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Ich denke du wirst mein Bild mogen Ich habe es satt dass in der Russia es keine Leute fur die Kommunikation gibt. Ist das in Ihrem Land so? schreiben Sie mir hier ich werde mich freuen
Letter 2
Hello. Thank you for leaving your email address. This way, it will really be much more convenient for me to communicate. I hope it will also be convenient for you. If you talk about age, then for me it's just a figure that doesn't matter at all. The main thing is that we can understand each other. Is that right?
I would like to tell you right away that I really have an interest in getting to know you. And you? My age is 19, my birthday is August 18th. I live in Russia, in a small provincial town. This city is called Yoshkar-Ola. You've probably never even heard of it?) I know there is an age difference between us. For me personally, there is no difference in age, weight and height has no problems in communication and even in relationships. These are just numbers and nothing more. Because I believe that love has no barriers. The most important thing for me in a relationship should be mutual understanding, love, trust and respect. What is the most important thing for you?
I come to a dating site because I am a modest and shy girl. That's probably why I haven't been able to find the right man in my life. But I am not upset about it, I am convinced that I will find my happiness. In Russia there is such a proverb "Who is looking, he will always find".
I will be very interested to hear your opinion. I will be glad to see if you tell me a few things about yourself.
I hope that you will write to me as soon as possible, and we will continue our acquaintance.
See you soon!
Letter 3
Hello. Richard.
I am very glad to see your reply letter, my mood has even lifted a little. How are you doing? Mentally I hope that your day was a great success, because mine is not very.
Do you have a lot of free time on weekdays? I have very little, since I study in the morning. I am studying to become an architect. And after studying, I work as an administrator in a beauty salon. And now is the time of the year when there is a fairly large flow of customers, when the recording goes 2 weeks ahead. I like it when I don't have free time and I'm not lying at home. But communication with a large number of people is sometimes morally difficult. After all, girls like to chat, talk about their relationships. And I try to support everyone as a psychologist. So, I have almost two professions. =)
It's very nice to hear that your hobbies are connected with a healthy lifestyle. I like that you prefer not to stick to phones and computers. I don't understand such people at all....
My favorite activity is dancing. I go dancing three times a week after work. You know, when I dance, I forget about all the problems. I only think about dancing and get high. I dance such dances as Dance Go Go, Twerk. I'll send you a video of me dancing, I hope you like it. I also like to cook. Cooking relaxes after a hard day. I like to cook different pies and cakes for the holidays. And in general, I like home cooking more than eating in a restaurant. Do you know how to cook?
In general, I hope that soon I will cook for my beloved man and children. But right now it's very hard to believe. Since I've only met guys who were only interested in bed. They are not interested in long-term relationships and a family hearth. And I don't understand, are these guys only in Russia or are they everywhere like this? And since I'm already 19, this is the age when you need to think about your family. I want to see support and support with me, to be like behind a stone wall. To receive care and warmth, to have a loving man around. So that I would give all of myself to the family and so would he. But such love seems to me to happen only in a fairy tale. Personally, I am skeptical about love. Do you believe in love yourself? I wish you a good day and am waiting for a reply letter.
Your friend, Sofia
Letter 4
Hello Richard again. How are you? What's new? Is everything okay at home and at work?
I'm fine, I had a great night's sleep today. When I went out to study, I saw a stray cat and couldn't help but feed it. I ran home for milk and sausage and fed her. And after I fed her, I went to study. Do you have any pets?
I didn't tell you, but I live alone. It so happened that my parents divorced when I was 4 years old. And I was often sent to my grandmother in the village when I was little. My grandmother was more involved in my upbringing. I try to visit her every weekend. Until I was 18, I lived with my mother, and after that she sent me, so to speak, to "Free Swimming". And she said that I already have to live on my own. But I don't even get upset, it taught me to be independent from childhood and hope only for myself).
And what kind of relationship do you have with your family? I hope everything is fine, because family, I think it's very important.
I wanted our communication to take place not only from letters, but also from photographs. Could you send me your photos.
I'm not interested in creating Internet novels. I think that if it is pleasant for us to communicate and we will approach each other. Then we will be able to think about a personal meeting. But I don't want to rush it. Let everyone go their own way.
I hope my interest in you didn't scare you off. I ask because for me, communication in this way is very unusual.
I'm looking forward to the answer. :)))
Letter 5
Hello, my dear Internet friend! I'm so glad we started sharing photos. You're very cute by the way. I believe that appearance is just a "candy wrapper". And I think that all the most beautiful and valuable things are deep inside each person. I hope that you are beautiful not only externally, but also have a beautiful inner world. It's important to me. I remember that you asked me about the elections in France. I don't know, unfortunately or fortunately. But I am not interested in politics at all and did not know about the elections in France...
Tell me about your past relationships. Do you live alone? I hope that you will answer all my questions honestly. I hate people who lie. I think that lying is baseness in people's communication. I understand that at this distance it will be difficult for you to trust my words. But I've been trained since childhood to tell only the truth. Since my grandmother was brought up and lived in the USSR, life and people there were completely different. The upbringing and mentality is completely different from the world where you and I live. She tried to impart Soviet upbringing to me as much as possible. Adopt the values that were important before. When virginity was a virtue. What about now? Look at 16-year-old girls now, for them to be a ****** is a shame. Now people have completely different values. I am very grateful to my grandmother for her upbringing. And I will raise my child as well. Without evil envy and enjoy what you have. What do you think about the current generation?
Since a friendly correspondence has started between us at the moment. I want to warn you right away that I am the kind of person who always speaks directly. Because of this, people take offense at me. But personally, my opinion is that it is much easier to communicate directly. Than to confuse not clear hints. How do you feel about this?
I don't like men who are only interested in ***. Yes, *** is an integral part of a relationship, which is very important. And this is one of the very important parts, but some men put *** first. I don't support it in any way. And I don't like ***** men at all. As for the girl, the girl should always decorate the guy. It should be a highlight. In public, she should always look very gallant and beautiful. But to be only with your man.
And when a girl stayed with a man outside the door in the bedroom, then she should be a girl without complexes. I hope you understand what I'm talking about. In general, how do you feel about ***?
Hug, your Internet friend Sofia. :) It's very interesting how you will react to this letter
Letter 6
Hi. I'm writing again. I hope you are happy with my answers, as I am with yours. :)
What's been your day? Everything okay? I'm all good. I had an exam today at the university. Last night I prepared for it. After work, in the evenings I do homework. I came to the exam and knew that I was ready for it, but there was excitement. And it turns out I had an automatic score of "5". So I've been smiling since morning. I hope you get my positive too. I was pleased with my grandmother, my grandmother said that she would cook a festive cake in honor of this on the weekend. So, I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I love to eat. :) By the way, unfortunately I won't have Easter holidays, I'm studying at the university)) Maybe the classes will be shortened, but I don't know yet. You also asked me about the relationship. Of course I had them, it's been more than a year. I was dating a young man and it seemed to me that he was the one I could build a really strong relationship with. But in the end he betrayed me and cheated on me. That's when I became disillusioned with men my age. And in general, in men from Russia. It seems to me they never see beyond their nose... I don't understand it at all.... How can you live one day? It's alien to me.
Now I want to tell you that you interested me as a man. I like your answers to my letters. I like the way you look at this world. I think we could move on to the next stage of our communication. What do you think about making a video call? I want to warn you that I do not know foreign languages, I use a translator to write you a letter. But it's important for me to see you on camera, then I'll be sure that I'm communicating with a real person.
Do you have Whatsapp? If yes, then send me your number. So that I can add you and write to you. I want to warn you that because of work, I'm often online, but I won't be able to write to you much. Since clients write to me from a beauty salon. And if you haven't forgotten, I work as an administrator. In my work, communication with clients is very important. So I hope that you will treat this with respect and understanding. And we will continue to communicate here.
I do not know if you are interested in reading my letter, I really hope so. :)
And you, what's new at work? I really want you to be all right and be happy with only good news. Because it seems to me that you are a very good person. And you want to wish all the best and the best! :)
I'm sending you a warm hug and a kiss on both cheeks.
Letter 7
Hello, Richard.
I am glad to receive a letter from you. I read your letters and I'm interested in learning something new about you every time. For me, this is unusual and at the same time fascinating. And I like that you're interested in me and my life. I am grateful to you for this! Besides, even the distance does not prevent us from texting and learning something new every day. I want you to always be honest with me. For me, this is very important in life. You can share your life troubles, and I will definitely support you. Through conversation and dialogue, it can become easier in any situation, you just don't need to keep it to yourself. What qualities in a person can you not tolerate? Personally, I hate being lied to. I think this is the lowest in people. People have forgotten about values, and by any means they achieve their goals. Is this what we were taught in childhood? I believe that under any circumstances it is necessary first of all to remain human. What do you think?
Thanks for the phone number. I will try to add you to Whatsapp as soon as possible. As soon as I have free time from work. Honey, but I want to ask you again that you don't stop writing to me here, okay? I will try to write to you as much as possible. But it all depends on my job. Also, I really like to exchange letters with you. Communication with you, therefore, is our highlight. It may not be so fast, but everything has its time. And with small steps every day we learn more and more about each other. I'm interested to know what kind of music do you like? What kind of movies do you like?
Yesterday on TV, I saw an interesting program about life in other countries. It's true that you are the majority of the population living in houses, not apartments. And it is much more profitable for you to rent houses than to buy them. Because of taxes? Everything is completely different here. To be honest, I'm tired today and right now I dream of coming home, lying down and reading my favorite book or watching a TV series. Thus, I take a break from the hard, working days. I want to go back to my childhood. :)
I wish you a good day. Sparking hugs, Sofia!
Letter 8
Hello. Glad to see your letter again. :)
I want to tell you that it is still very unusual for me to exchange letters with you over such a long distance. I really want to apologize for not writing to you for so long. I'm really sorry. I hope you're not mad at me about this? It's just that the spring session is driving me crazy... There are many different things to do at school. And you know, I still have the feeling that I'm somehow imposing. I hope that's not the case :)
Tell me how's your day? What's new for you today?
To be honest, it seems to me that with every letter I understand that I'm getting attached to you. I do not know how it will sound to you, but you know that I try to tell you only the truth. Whatever it is. What I'm most afraid of is that kindness and a good attitude towards a person in the modern world is very often used. I hope you're not like that. It seems to me that you are a decent man. I like the way you look at this life. Our opinion very often coincides with you. I, like you, do not welcome hypocrites and liars in my life. Such people disgust me and I try to stay away from them...
Today I have a quiet day, there were few customers. But one unpleasant client ruined the day. She asked to do makeup, which is called "Strobing". But after she was done. She started swearing, ruined everyone's mood. The master made her a great makeup. She started to get hysterical because in her mind he would look different. She was offered to change everything and make a different makeup. But she made a real scandal. As a result, she did not pay. I had to pay for it, since I am an administrator. I don't mind the money, even though I'm a student, but still. Everyone warned her at once that what she had twisted in her head did not always work out in reality. I don't understand such people. It was very disappointing. I am writing to you and I will dilute a little from this situation.
I am glad that our communication is developing. You have become very close to me in this short period of time. But I read on the Internet that when you find a person who really suits you, it doesn't take much time to find a common connection with him.
Most importantly, I really hope that we don't have secrets from each other. And we communicate on full trust.
I wish you a good mood.
Your Sofia.
Letter 9
Hi, how are you? How are you feeling?
I'm in a great mood today because I can read your letter again. I am very glad that you are present in my life, making me smile. I kiss you on both cheeks and hug you tightly. I am very glad that you spent your Easter holidays productively. Are you probably tired after your run?I'd like to run with you too) I can't remember the last time I went out for a run... I used to like to run in the evenings, listen to my favorite music....
In the morning, my friend from the university called me and said that she was ill and would not be able to go to university. I decided to go to her before work, bought fruits and vitamins at the pharmacy. I don't like it when close people are sick, and she will be pleased. It's nice to see a smile on the face of a loved one, and give him warmth when he lacks it so much. Do you please your friends? If you were in the place of a friend, I would take care of you in the same way.
Now is the time of year when the immune system is very weak. Especially in Russia, everyone gets sick at this time. And even if you are not in Russia, I want to wish you not to get sick. I hug you tightly again)
Dear friend, I couldn't add you on whatsapp for several days. It seemed to me that I was doing something wrong... But today I realized that apparently. You just got your number wrong. Could you send it to me again? Just before that, double-check if everything is correct. I just want to finally talk almost for real. Almost live...
I want to tell you that I am glad to communicate with you. It's very nice to have you in my life. You are a very nice and sympathetic person. It's easy for me to correspond with you. I do not know why, I have a feeling that we have known you since childhood. It feels like I know everything about you. And what do you think about our communication? What do you like about me? What don't you like?
Today, I'm going to cook a vegetable stew after work. If you were close, I would definitely invite you to dinner. Would you come? :)
I hope you read my letter with a smile. It is with a smile that I am writing to you right now. And now I have to go, so I kiss on the lips.
Your Sofia :)
Letter 10
There's a big smile on my face right now. I smile, because I see your letter again. Hello my Richard. How are you doing? How is your day going today? How did your morning start? What did you eat for breakfast? Today for breakfast I drank a cup of green tea and ate a chocolate cupcake. I really like sweets. I love cupcakes and muffins, but I rarely eat them because I try to keep myself in shape. Tell me, do you like sweets? What desserts do you prefer?
I really want to hear your vision about the family. I think that family is first of all a fortress where you can protect yourself from all adversity. And this fortress will never be separated by anyone. I think that a man should always pay very much attention to his family, and could also provide for it. In turn, a woman should be able to keep the house clean, do cleaning, clean clothes. She should be able to feed her family. I see that now many women do not want to do this, they prefer to have a maid do the housework instead of them. They try to realize themselves, hire nannies and do not raise a child. What do you think about it? I don't think it's normal at all. I think that for a woman, family and children should always come first and no job can be more important than that. You need to transfer all your experience and values to your child, but how can you do this if your child will be taken care of by a babysitter? I don't understand it. In my head, the image of a woman looks completely different. She should be economic and, first of all, be a mother. Be sure to meet your man after work with a hot dinner and a hot bed. I wonder what you think about it?
I will be looking forward to your answer soon. I'm sending you kisses...
Your sincere Sofia!
Letter 11
Hello my dear :)
I am very pleased to receive your letter again. Thank you for your support. You know, it's so nice to understand that a thousand kilometers away, there is a person who you care about. I never believed that something could be real on the Internet. But with you, I realized that it's possible. I have never felt such feelings. You asked me about last night's dinner. To be honest, it was practically nonexistent) It's just that I became very tired yesterday, so I just had a little snack before going to bed.
You know, today to think about a personal meeting with you. Let's look at reality. We won't be able to communicate on the Internet forever. I understand that we communicate with you on the Internet every day. But sometimes I miss you so much in real life. I want live communication. Besides, for happiness, you need to be hugged 8 times every day. And you know, honey, I really miss these hugs from you. I think that only communication on the Internet will not lead to anything good. How to tell you from the very beginning I'm not interested in creating an Internet novel. I want to build a relationship, create a family! And I really realized that I wanted our meeting. I'll have a vacation in a month. And I can meet you. What do you think about it? Yes, unfortunately, I have no experience in traveling. But I have a great desire to meet face to face with a person for whom I have strong feelings! Honey, if you also want this, then I'll start finding out soon.
Right now, I close my eyes and imagine walking with you through the park and holding hand in hand. You tell me something, I listen to you very carefully. I look into your eyes and see how they shine. We don't notice time, as if the whole world around us has stopped. And there's just you and me. After these words, I can't think of anything else but thinking only about you. Ah...
You can't even imagine how much I'm smiling now, and it seems to me that I'm beaming. And anyone can notice it now.
I'm already looking forward to your answer. And I'm sending a very passionate kiss! Your Sofia, who is very much waiting for a return kiss!
Letter 12
Hi honey) How are you doing? How was your day My day went well. I'm in a great mood today. Apparently you and your letters are such a good influence on me. I've been thinking for a long time about what to write to you yesterday. I dreamed a lot about our meeting!
Honey, I'm glad you want to meet me too. Since I'm not experienced at all, I decided to go to a travel agency today. My friend flew to Spain last year. And she highly recommended the agency, said that they are very organized. When I came to the tourist manager's office, I immediately asked him for all the documents and work licenses. To make sure of his competence. I looked at everything carefully and was satisfied. The agency had a lot of positive feedback about his work. The tourist manager's name is Anna. She told me that the agency has been working for more than 20 years and they have a lot of experience. Anna inform me that there are some flight difficulties now due to sanctions. But all these difficulties can be solved. And they guarantee full preparation of documents and tickets for each client of their agency. But unfortunately I could not get detailed information. Since for this I need to know your airport where you can meet me. You need to choose the dates of the flight to you, as well as the return flight. My vacation will be from May 20 to June 10. What dates will be convenient for you? Also, will I need a hotel, or will I be able to stay with you? Anna will tell me that when I know all the travel data. Then we can conclude a contract, and the agency will start dealing with my documents. Honey, are you happy about this? After all, you understand that after that our meeting will really become a reality.
How glad I am that now in the 21st century, there is an Internet. He helped me find you. Now I can't imagine my life without our communication with you, without your smile, from which my mood rises. Butterflies are flying in my stomach, and to be honest, this feeling is very hard to describe. I just can't imagine how happy you and I will be when we see each other in real life.
Yesterday before going to bed, lying in my bed, I also think about our first meeting. And honey, I'm imagining our first night together. In the evening, after a very energetic day spent with you. We come home where you would organize a romantic candlelit dinner. Before you get home, you close my eyes. We are going in an unknown direction. You bring me into the room, open my eyes. And I'm standing there, and I can't connect a few words from what I saw. Since at this point we won't need any words. I imagine a small room, the curtains are closed on the windows so that no one can see us. A large, and very soft bed. There is a table, champagne, two glasses, and a fruit basket. There are candles around the room, and red rose petals are sprinkled. And there is a light in the room, not too bright. After that, we sit down at the table. And begins to play, calm, classical music. You start hugging me and stroking my back with light movements. After that, you kiss me with a sweet kiss right on the lips, and our kiss lingers for a long time. And what happened next, I think it's not worth telling =)
I think, and I'm even sure that you would also like such an evening. Oh, and I was dreaming. :) I think it's quite real. What do you think? I think it would be very romantic, just like in the movies. )) I've always dreamed of this. Now I want to finish my letter and send you a photo I took at night when thinking about our first night together. I hope you like her. And you, at least not much, will also imagine this atmosphere)) By the way, I want to warn you that I will go to Grandma again for the weekend. I'll tell her this wonderful news. Therefore, I will write to you again only on Monday.
I'm really waiting for your answer
Letter 13
Hello Prince Richard!
I am so glad to see and read your letter again. For joy, I only need your lines about your love for me. It makes me very strong, it charges me with a lot of energy. I want to be able to charge you with my energy as well. During our communication, we have become very close to you. It flew by so fast for me. They tell the truth that "Lovers do not watch the clock." It seems to me that I've known you all my life. How is your day going? Everything okay? How is your mood?
I am very happy now. I want to make you happy. Today I'm going to the agency again and talk to Anna. I was finally able to get detailed information about what I need to be with you. And today, my love, I sign a contract with a travel agency. I paid 900 euros for the preparation of all the documents that I will need in order to come to you. I hope you're happy to hear that, too. I will book tickets, I will stay with you from May 27 to June 14. On May 27, I will arrive at your place at 13:40 (flight PC 1273). Honey, I hope you meet me with flowers. I will give you the sweetest kiss. There are only 32 days left until our meeting. I will count down every day in my calendar. I am now ready to jump with happiness, because I will be flying to my most beloved man. I'm a little worried, because this is the first time for me. I hope you will support me.
After the agency, I went to work and couldn't hold my emotions. It seems to me that everyone notices that I am very happy! I've been thinking about what we'll do when I'm at your place. Do you already have a plan? Maybe one day, go camping with you? We could have taken bicycles, tents and left with you. I can imagine how wonderful that would be. Night sky, stars, bonfire, tents, outdoor food. We'd be just the two of us. That would be very romantic. I'd cook you some soup over a campfire. Ah... I'm just dreaming about it and I already want to meet you so much. Do you imagine our meeting with you?
Darling, I wish you a good day. Know that I am always with you. I am your support and support, you can rely on me. I love you!!!
Only your Sofia!
Letter 14
Hello dear Richard. I'm glad to read your letter. You know, honey, I really didn't know what Love was until I met you. I can't do without your deep, alluring letters. There is life in them, there is fire in them. The amount that was paid by me to the travel agency goes to the processing of all documents necessary for the trip. As soon as I have the documents ready, I will be informed about it and I will immediately send them to you. The agency promised me that everything would be fine and that I am not the first and not the last person who is going to travel in such a difficult time. I have been saving this money for a new phone for a long time and wanted to make repairs in our house in the village, well, I don't mind spending it for the sake of our happiness, for the sake of our meeting and the emotions spent together. I believe that money should never be spared for what you like. Imagine if our acquaintance with you is the fate that brought us together and will lead us all our lives, we will have children, a small house outside the city. Isn't that happiness? And I think we need to take advantage of this moment, otherwise then we can regret it for the rest of our lives with a broken heart and tears.
Honey, are you happy? You can't imagine how happy I am. Sometimes it seems to me that this is all a dream in which I do not want to wake up. I can't live without you, you're like a magnet, you attract, you ******. I really want to feel the warmth of your gentle hands, your embrace. I will be happy the day you hug me and kiss me. Now I feel like a little, defenseless girl. I want to love you, take care of you, be by your side always, all my life, for better or for worse. And I hope that very soon this moment will come, and I will forget about all my old troubles and problems and will be the happiest person in this world, because I will be with my beloved man.
I want to be your support, your support, your friend and adviser. So that we can overcome all the difficulties that arise on the path of life together. For the first time in my life, I began to feel such strong trust and affection for a person. You captivated me, thank you, my dear!!!
I am sure that we will succeed, no matter what! We have something that others don't have. What makes us live, fight and go to our goal. We have love!!!
I love you, my happiness, and let everyone envy us.
Letter 15
Hello my angel Richard!
I miss you so much. But when I receive letters from you, I feel like the happiest person in the world. You have no idea how many emotions your every letter gives. I'm drowning in you like in a pool! You understand that every day there is less and less time before our meeting. Have you figured out what we're going to do first?
The agency called. Tell me that some documents are ready. I didn't quite understand everything they were saying to me. Tomorrow I will address them. And I will find out everything in detail. It will be more peaceful for me this way. I imagine how we are lying together on the couch with you in the evening. We are watching a family comedy together, we are in a great mood. Smiles don't fall off our face because we are having the best time of our lives! Ah... I want to fall asleep at home, and wake up at your place!
Honestly, I can't even imagine my life without you right now. If you weren't here now, what would I do? What would I be like? It seems to me that you were sent to me by heaven! You're the one I've been dreaming about for a long time! You and I are like mountaineers climbing a mountain. Only from different sides of this mountain. And when we meet at the top of the mountain, happiness will be waiting for us. We will be able to enjoy the sky, the stars, love and passion. I'm so glad we found us. Our acquaintance is an endless pleasure for me. You are a very interesting, sociable man. You write me wonderful letters that keep me warm on these cold days. I hope you agree with me.
I can already honestly tell you that I am insanely glad that we were able to get to know you! You managed to make me a happy woman. And I am insanely grateful to you for that! I want to carry out all our ideas with you, go to the cinema, go to nature and spend our time together beautifully! After all, you know that I also want to make you a happy man. I want to make you feel my love!
Letter 16
Hello my Richard!
I do not know where to start my letter... I promised you that I would arrive and that all our dreams would become reality. Yes, I want to be with you, and I want to make all our dreams come true. I've been thinking about you. Do you think about me? All my thoughts are now only about our meeting. I didn't sleep well last night because I was thinking about you and our meeting all night! Every minute I think about you!
How do you know that today I go to a travel agency since they call me yesterday. I want to say, my dear, that my documents are ready. I'll send them to you in this email. And then the manager told me, she applied for a visa. But the plan for applying for a visa has changed. This happened because of the situation in the world, specifically because of the situation in Ukraine. And now to apply for a visa. I need a round trip ticket. This is necessary in order for the consulate to see that I can afford it. I want to tell you, unfortunately, I can't afford this amount of money right now. Round-trip tickets will cost 700 euros.
I am sending you this letter, and I will wait for an answer. I don't want to, and I'm ashamed to ask you for help. But in this situation, I am really powerless myself. I understand that this is a shame for me. I don't want to lose the chance for our meeting. But I can't do anything for our meeting right now. My salary is only 180 euro per month... All my money that I save, I pay for the documents. I have been saving this money for a very long time. Perhaps now you understand that it is simply impossible for me to pay for this trip on my own. I also thought about who could help me with this amount. But I don't have any acquaintances or friends who can help me with this amount. Even my grandparents won't be able to help me. Since they already live on a small pension. I'm going home now. And I don't even know what I want more right now. So that tomorrow will come sooner. Or vice versa, it did not come. I love you very much, and I really want to be with you! I want to kiss your lips - sweet and tender... I want to look into your eyes filled with love and tenderness...
I want to make you the happiest person in the world! I want to enjoy every minute with you and I want to give all my tenderness, warmth, care, affection... I want to fall asleep in your warm embrace and touch. I hope that our first meeting with you will come true.
I'm so sorry that I can't make dreams come true... I'm ashamed in front of you that I couldn't come to you... Now only you can decide the question regarding our first meeting with you. I hope that you will be able to make our first meeting a reality.
Your forever loving Sofia
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Age: 28
Name: Ekaterina Muravyova
Age: 29
Name: Vida Larissa
Age: 33
Name: Natalia Molchanova
Age: 31
Name: Elena Kravtsova
Age: 27
Name: Emilly Taylor
Age: 32
Name: Iraida Nikolaeva
Age: 26
Name: Anna Shapovalova
Age: 30
Name: Inga Goncharenko
Age: 21
Name: Laura Crawford
Age: 30
Name: Olga Pibaewa
Age: 33
Name: Oksana Efremova
Age: 28
Name: Diana
Age: 25
Name: Ekaterina
Age: 34