Scam letter(s) from Kendra Poraso to Dani (Spain)

Letter 1
My dear Dani. please with due respect do get back to us sooner because now getting the visa done is so much easier and it can be approve as soon as possible because is the right time now in china for visitor visa for so many foreigner sir ,and please you can make a payment and send us a payment receipt to this bank detail sir since you live in spain to make it much easier for you than paying to our country here you can just pay to one of our agent account in your country sir here are the information TOTAL COST PAYMENT IS 1,620 EURO SIR ,SOON AS PAYMENT IS MAKE DO ASK YOUR FRIEND TO COME TO OUR OFFICE WITH HER INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT . Name: favour imaghodor
Bank name :Saurus
Address:Hermosilla 64, 28000 Madrid Spain This company provide all the paper work for visa application process. ***Please find below the basic requirements for visa application:
***Complete name and address of residence (Applicant's friend,relative or family member) including the telephone contact number.
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