Scam letter(s) from Diana to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
I'm want to find earnest man and I guess that you are such a man!
My name is Diana. To me thirty four year.
I live in KazakhstanIn a city of what country you live?
I think that I am not mistaken.
I'm sweet smart girl.
Waiting for an answer from you!

Write to me personally:
Letter 2 Hello My goodygoody! May be you are free to talk:)
Hello My:-)
can you please do me a favor, I'm lively Lady, now Im searching for scrumptious mister from USA, What State are You from? I'll send You my photo;-)
Reply to!
Letter 3 Greeting beneficent:) Let's try to chat:-) How old are You?
Where do You stay right now?
I'm alone savoury Girl staying in Ukraine. immediately I am searching for fair mister.
Email me at;-) I can reply to You my pictures. Till next time
Letter 4 You can pick me up?
Morning *** is so wonderful. I start working early and it would have been nice with someone who could come and visit me if you wanted? Then we also have some time for a shower. Couldn't it be nice? Don't you think so? Let it hear from you if it sounds right. Do you want to meet me? Cool! I hadn't expected such a quick answer. Now I'm getting really excited here. Wow, it quickly went from fantasy to reality. You can do nothing but love life, or what do you say? Yes, but then it's time to plan or just have a cup of coffee somewhere so it doesn't feel weird to crawl into my bed the first time. Can we skip that? I think we should do this. That we switch to this site. Is more active there than I am here in the mail. I'm waiting for you to hear from you. Then we can come up with something fun together. Take care!
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