Scam letter(s) from Maisha Ullah to Eugene (USA)

Letter 1
Good day my dearest,
How are you dear? Hope everything is fine? I write to appreciate your effort to contact me and to let you know that I will be very glad to be your friend not just for friendship seek but to establish a strong bond of relationship that distance, race, religion and belief can not affect. I will not forget to tell you about myself, meanwhile my name is Miss MAISHA ULLAH, I'm 28 years old girl, I am 5' 9" tall, fair in complexion, single (never married before). I am from MYANMAR {ROHINGYAS} by Nationality, but living in INDONESIA as a Refugee. Am out here to find a soul mate someone I can trust with my life because it means there are no good people anymore but till now that is what I cannot believe because I know I am good and there are still more people out there that are better than me. Am a very good team player and highly understandable in nature. I find it hard to trust people but clip to the one I trust with my life, I give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar and to God what belongs to God. Meanwhile I would like you to tell me about yourself, your country and background, likes and dislikes. I look forward to hear from you. Yours Maisha
Letter 2
Thanks for your response to my mail, I feel good at least to have someone to talk to. I think you knowing more about me will help us establish a very good and healthy relationship. Am an orphan, i lost my mother when I was still little and my late father Mr. MOHIB ULLAH was assassinated on the 29 September 2021. He was an He was lecturer and a business man who later became an Activist regarding the Rohingya Genocid crisis. The causes of his death was reported by police as assassination of the first order basically from a business associate or politically related according to their investigation, but were not able to determine the right person. Known to me the only strong business partner of my dad was my uncle because it is kind of a family business. And recently before the death of my dad I had them discussing a huge capital investment in my canada and that was the last night I stayed with my dad, I tried to tell the police that my uncle could also be questions. I escaped from Myanmar to Malaysia,today i am here in INDONESIA as once of the Rohingya Refugees but after the incident, the threats from my unknown people became so real to me that I have to run from my country and lay low here in refugee camp . We have the general oversee in the camp, he takes care of our welfare in the camp here, he is the Reverend here in this camp, his name is Rev Maxwel Gibson it was through his help that i could be able to contact you with his computer, i told the Rev Father about my situation and he permitted me to access my email in his office computer twice a day. In case you want to call me so that you can hear from me, you can call me through his phone number, tell him that you want to speak with me, he will send for me at the Hostel to come and answer your call, he is such a nice man, always good to people, i will provide his phone number ( if necessary sir ) There is something i want us to talk about, i know that is very difficult to get someone that is honest and sincere, but for the fact that you are concern about me bearing in mind that you know about my satiation and you will promise never to betray my trust, i have no option than to trust you. When escaping out of my country I also took along with me some of my late father's documents. I will tell you more in my next mail. I want you to accept my company because talking with you will make me forget the past and carry on with my life, Am expecting to hear from you soon. Yours Maisha
Letter 3
Hello dear
How is everything going? Hope is great? Really you look like a great and nice person to me and I must not fail to tell you that I really adore good people and I will like to give up my all to be with you. I want you to go through this information am giving you, and tell me if I can trust you, this issue i am telling you is something i will not like you to review to anybody, nobody knows my were about, i am telling you this due to the trust I have on you, i feel you are honest and understanding person. when my Father was alive he never hide anything from me as his only child, after the death of my father i was able to get my late father's documents including the certificate of deposit were he Deposited his money, my uncle later got to know about it, that was his reason he was threatening me so that he can be able to claim the money too. It contains $2.8 million USD and as the only child i am the next of kin, i am giving you all this information due to the trust I have placed on you. Dear at this moment i want to come out of this camp to live my normal life as a woman, i want you to help so that i could be able to get this money, i have already contacted the bank and i found out and i was also informed by the bank that my father have an agreement with the bank that in case of dismay the money should be release to me with an appointed trustee who could stand on my behalf to help me get the money, or a get to a certain age. So i will like you to help me transfer this money to your account Or in the alternative, if you can help me to get the Camp Clearance and international Passport to come to join you in your country then on my arrival i will apply directly to bank myself so that they will transfer the money into your bank account. It is now left for you to choose which option you prefer to help me. (1.) Either to agree to represent me at the bank so that I can give you the contact of the bank in INDONESIA and all information for you to contact them directly so that they can transfer the money into your bank account. (2). Or to help me come over to your country so that the bank can transfer the money into your bank account. If you want to marry me, We are going to invest the money together or if you wish not to, I will give you 30% percent of the total amount of the money for your kind assistance. I believe I can trust you on this issue and if you think I can't please do let me know and if you can be trusted with this small secret between us please send me your Real Names and Country of origin for me to use your name and write to the bank to introduced you as my partner to stand on my behalf for the transfer. I hope to hear from you soon and take care of yourself for now bye. Maisha
Letter 4
How are you today? Hope all is well? Am fine, with high expectation to meet you immediately after the transfer. I wrote an e-mail to the Bank to formally introduced you to them as my foreign Partner/Representative on the transfer of my late father’s money to your account in your country, as the bank required a foreign partner to be able to transfer this money. After the transfer I will join you in your country after which i will start schooling in your county. You can email the bank now. BANK JATIM where the money is deposited through this emails Transfer Dept ( TRANSFER DEPARTMENT:
Note Sir. is my father's foreign account officer of the Bank send this mail to the above emails Send this to the bank TO THE TRANSFER DEPARTMENT I am Name from country, the representative and foreign partner of MISS MAISHA, the next of kin to late customer, MR. MOHIB, of which I know she (MISS MAISH ULLAH), has written to you before to introduce me (Name) to you officially. I, Mr. Name and my partner MISS MAISH ULLAH, have decided to transfer the sum of $ 2.8 MILLION USD being deposited by her late father, MR. MOHIB ULLAH, of which she stands as the next of kin to the account, and based on the note we wish to transfer the said amount to my (Name) ACCOUNT, The holding account information is stated below as: ACCOUNT DETAILS OF MY FATHER. Bank Name: BANK JATIM { B J } Acc. Holder: MR. MOHIB ULLAH Acc. No. : 781490102339 Bank's Swift Code: BJTMIDJA Next of kin: Miss MAISHA ULLA. It would be appreciated if the BANK would respond to me (Name) as soon as possible, in relative to this matter, at the Email Address supplied. The fast response regarding this issue will be appreciated and I (name) would require knowing the safest procedure to follow to ensure the safety of the transfer. Thanking you for the fast action regarding this Email Yours faithfully
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