Scam letter(s) from Vera to Tomislav (Croatia)

Letter 1
Hello. How are you? You can call me Vera. My age is 34 years old. I'm a responsible and honest woman. I am not interested in something games or some thing like that. If you are a really good and decent man and you are over thirty five I will be happy to see your email and pic as soon as possible.. I'm sending you my pic. This is my last picture for you. Have a good day! I am waiting for your letter. Your friend Vera from Kazakhstan
Letter 2
Hi Tomislav! I joyful to see your response. How are you getting on?? When you asked me about music, I was even confused and couldn't immediately answer this question. I thought about it and I even began to wonder myself - what is my favorite music? I probably can't give an unambiguous answer to this question. I just like to listen to music in my free time. Music relaxes and calms me and while listening to music I am left alone with my thoughts and emotionally relax. I can listen to music both loudly and moderately, it all depends on my mood. It happens that I take a bath to sad music and calm down mentally, sometimes I even fall asleep listening to music. I have been to live music concerts of popular artists several times and I really enjoyed listening to the songs live. I think you'll agree with me that no people in the world have the same tastes and hobbies. Everyone has the right to their own life and personal preference choices. I should probably tell you a little bit about me. I am 169 cm height and 57 kg. :). I have a higher pedagogical education, and I also completed several additional courses for my development, which was also very useful to me. I could have worked in some educational institution, as a social pedagogue, but I chose the profession of an accountant because it can be combined with my hobby. I'm a stylist and I do makeup. I work with several beauty salons in Nursultan. I'm successful woman and making good money. I can fully meet the needs, but now I'm trying to save money because of Pandemic lockdown situation. I live in a two-room apartment that I bought with a mortgage 6 years ago. We have so many beautiful places in the city. I like to sit in a cafe, have a cup of delicious coffee or take a walk along the embankment with my friends. But most of all, I like to walk in in the botanical garden. I live next to him and often run in the morning. I have wonderful parents and a very friendly family. But they live in Atyrau and we meet not as often as I'd like. What about you? Tell us more about your family? Do you see your family often? What else, I think I am an optimist of life because I can enjoy every moment of my life. I always try to see the beauty of this world and people no matter what. Like I said, I'm single now, I've never been married and haven't been in a relationship in a long time. I can't say that I am very picky about a man, social or monetary status is not important to me, the main thing that I was attracted to the man. Now I want to meet a man with whom I will be calm and not afraid to talk any subjects. Share my desires and fears without flattery or falsehoods. I want a man to understand me and accept me for who I am. Do you think there should be a hierarchy in the family? I think in a relation it is important to be able to understand each other. I think it's most important thing in a relationship. But I know we should take our time to know each other. Will you agree with me? I've never tried online dating before, maybe I'm wrong but I think there's a lot of romance in it. Maybe I seem juvenile in my thinking, maybe it's the influence of my optimism, but I am who I am and there's nothing I can do about it, it's my nature. Can I ask you to write down your personal phone number? I wish I had this in my phone book to dare and press the call one day. It is very interesting to learn more about you. Tell me about your life experience, achievements and achievements. I almost forgot, Why do not you send me your photo? I really want to see what you look like. So, it's time to finish my message. I want to wish you a lot of smiles today:) I will glad to hear from you very soon. I send you my photos and I hope that you will like them. And also, I am waiting in response to your photos. :)
Vera from Nursultan.
Letter 3
Hello Tomislav. I am glad that our acquaintance is moving forward. I really like to talk to you in emails. By the way, who is Anna? I don't have a sister like that! You disappointed me for not sending your pictures. What is the reason, is it so difficult to do? I never before thought that communicating with a stranger via email could be so exciting. There is unique romanticism in our communication by email. Do you agree with me? What else can I tell you about myself...?. It doesn't bother me that you're older than me.
I think that a man should be older than a woman. We can communicate, and I would be very interested to know the opinion and experience of the older generation. I think that a sincere relationship has no statute of limitations, and you can always find a topic for conversation, regardless of the age difference. The main thing is to understand each other and look for common interests.As for my opinion about the relationships, I think I need a man who could understand to me and give me good advice, if necessary. What you think, Can you be these man? Or should we leave this topic until our personal meeting and see how everything happens by itself? Anyway, I believe that there should be a place for romance in a relationship. Also, I am also sure that it is important to have a ****** connection in a relationship. But I think it's worth being realistic, personally I don't want pen-pal ***, it seems weird to me. It will probably be easier for us to talk when we know each other better and I think this kind of action has to happen in reality, otherwise it doesn't make much sense. I am not afraid of possible difficulties and changes, but time can show what will happen next. I like to communicate with you, I feel that in our dialogue there is something exotic, fascinating. I would like to hope that our correspondence now to become a starting point in our relations in the future. Maybe I'm naive, but I hope you enjoy communicating with me via email, And I hope that it will continue. I hope that you have found my message and photos interesting, and I will see your comments and answer. I haven't decided where I'm gonna start my new life. It depends on so many factors. It depends on the size of my piggy bank, and frankly I'd like to have a decent man near me for good start. But it is equally important to have mutual understanding and unity.
I hope to learn more about you better and understand how compatible we are, evaluate our prospects this is not easy to do with the help of e-mail, and it would be great to meet in person once. What do you think? Can it happen in near future? If it comes to that, you can fly to me in. I think it's is the right way if we decide to meet one day. By the way, can I ask you something? How has Covid-19 affected your financial situation? In the United States also restrictions? Well, I seen that I wrote you a big message, it's time to finish. Vera
I send you a few more summer photos! My favorite time of the year is summer. And you have?
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