Scam letter(s) from Joana Mariz Yazon to Jordan (UK)

Letter 1
I am looking for someone who can help me with my studies. I really want to graduate. ❤️
I’m an IT student. I provide for my studies myself until this pandemic came. I lost my job and don’t have income. I only have a year to graduate. I want to pursue my dreams and I hope you can be part of it. 🥺💗
I will thank you with all my heart. 💕
If you can’t help I understand but at least have respect and don’t talk rude. ☺️
Message me straight cuz I don’t see likes. Message me on WhatsApp. ☺️
Letter 2
Hi. I’m really in my darkest days right now. I really want to graduate so that I can find high paying job to provide my family. I’m happy that you can relate in my situation. Honestly, I’m not here if it wasn’t because of this pandemic. I am having a hard time looking for job so I do part time but my salary can’t provide my education. I am cleaning houses if someone contact me and even wash clothes to be able to earn for my education. 🥺 Here’s my WhatsApp +63 9214061414
Letter 3
I couldn’t budget my salary since I only have part time jobs. When I save money, sometimes emergencies are coming and sometimes I will buy food for our family.
I nearly give up but I am also thinking who’s gonna take care of my family. 🥺
I am not buying anything for myself. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. My mother’s company closes and promise to provide job for them but until now, nothing. My father can’t work because of his health issues.
I need $750 US dollars for the whole year. I converted it for you to know. I’m studying in STI College.
Since I am graduating some miscellaneous are not included there. Like graduation picture and graduation dress. But I only make like $3-5 from my part time job. I have to pay the half this month [July 2021] so I can be enrolled. And the other half is after 2 months. Because I will enroll on summer class so it is only held for 2 months. Then On-the-Job Training.
I don’t have bank account. I can’t afford to open. 😅 I only have PayPal and Gcash. I have PayPal because this past few days I’m trying online games that said will pay you. But I don’t want to be on my phone all day. 😅 Is PayPal will do? For option?
If I graduate I will send you a photo of me with my diploma. ☺️ Thank you so much and may god bless you more. ☺️🥺😭 I just can’t believe god allow me to meet you. 😭
Letter 4
Hi. Good Morning. I finished washing clothes of my neighbor. I started 6 am and I went to school. They said it’s better if I pay over the counter since I am paying full. They told me that they are having some trouble with their bank accounts. Some payment is not existing but the students are sending receipts that they paid.
If you send the money today before 5 pm I will pay it immediately and send you the receipt. Office is until 5pm only. The registrar also told me that this semester will be one month only since it is a summer class. Maybe our class will end before or after my birthday. 😂
I can send to you my assessment form from my school. And I can follow up my id. I don’t have passport.
If you also understand I will only give a copy of my id if the money is transferred. I have trust issues because my cousin became a victim of scammer. The scammer uses her id to sell fake items and asking for help. I witnessed how my cousin suffered from depression. I hope you understand also. But please believe me I will send my id immediately after. I will not waste this kind of help but I want also to be sure. 🥺
Letter 5
I forgot that last semester I have balance. I asked them this morning and that’s our conversation with online enrollment.
I told you that I am enrolling for summer class. It’s starts this July that supposedly started on June but the school moved it. And the dates from February is because I have balance. As you can see it’s a past date that’s why I need to pay it. Does that make sense? Did I explain it well?
Letter 6
Okay. Just my balance and this semester’s fee. Don’t include the final semester. It’s my mistake. I forgot my balance. I’m sorry. 🥺
Letter 7
The left is the miscellaneous and other fees and in the right that is the total. You can pay monthly and indicated there is the price of every month. That due immediately is like the enrollment down payment. I don’t know but it feels like you are doubting my personality because of that assessment. I am not the one who made it. It’s the school who made that as a student we are just paying because we cannot argue to the school why we have to pay like the library fee even we are online class. I will show you my other assessment form for you to compare. Later if I got home. I’m just cleaning my aunt’s house today.
It was my mistake. I’m sorry. I also forgot about my previous balance. I thought my mother paid it. Now I only ask help for my previous balance and for this summer semester. And about the 2002 maybe it’s supposed to be 2020.
Yea. But because I made unintentional mistake I accept the consequences. But if you want to help me with this semester and the final semester it is okay and I will made a way to pay my previous balance. Just please help me.
Letter 8
I don’t know if you are really willing to help me. I will just ask for my school bank account or other mode of payment and you can just send it to them. Just send me the receipt.
Is that sound much better to you now?
Letter 9
If I give you the school’s account number or other mode of payment they provide it is okay?
Hey? Is it okay with you?? I am asking desperately.
Letter 10
Okay. I’m asking them now and they said they will do their best but since I am not yet enrolled the dates may not be change. Because it will be store in their system after they do it and they will be questioned. But I asked for this semester and for the final semester. I said that disregard first my previous balance.
Can I send my previous company id? Then after the transaction I will send my school id?
That 2002 is like that. The previous form I send you the SY & Term is 1702. I can’t tell them to do what I want. They will just do it like that ‘cause it’s the standard. That is the amount for the whole year. I told them that I just need that and don’t include my previous balance so I can estimate my tuition I told them.
If I give you all that you need how long I have to wait to receive the money so I can enroll already.
Letter 11
Because our summer supposed to be at June but as I’ve told you it moved to July and August. Last time I only asked if they can change the date since you are requesting. But now they made it that way.
That is for this semester only because they can’t give an assessment in advance. If you know what I mean. 🥺
The June is the July and the July is the August since it is moved.
Next semester I will have my OJT (On-the-Job Training). It is not as much as this semester. It is like you are actually working in to a company but no salary. Just experience. If this semester end. Like by the end of August or first week of September I can get my assessment form for my OJT.
I ask them [school] again about it. They still didn’t recommend paying at their bank account because there is missing transactions. They can’t also control it. Some says their bank account is been hacked but the school is not confirming it. Maybe the students are the real problem. Maybe they are saying that they pay but in reality they aren’t.
PayPal is the only choice I have.
Letter 12
THANK YOUUUUUU SO MUCHHHHH! Ow my god my heart. 😭😭😭😭 I don’t know how to take youuuuuuu. I promise to have good grades. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I will send you the receipt after I pay. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ God bless you and the company. 😭♥️
Letter 13
Hi. I’m at my part time job right now. I have 3 houses to clean. I still need to earn $28 because PayPal has fee so the money you send me is less than my tuition. ☺️ Take care. Have a great day.
Letter 14
I have bad news. Our country will be in lockdown again this month so I need to at least have 5 houses to clean every day before lockdown. Lockdown will start August 5. 😩
It is not too much for my family. ☺️ That is why I really want to graduate. I want to have a decent job. I need to earn before lockdown because our government will not giving any help even foods and some of the company is off until lockdown is lifted. 🥺 Just take care of yourself covid is not a joke and it is really putting us in a tough situation.
Take care of yourself. Have a great day.
Letter 15
Tiring and today also. I only have 2 days before lockdown to earn for our food for the lockdown period.
This is actually the third lockdown of our country. The first 2 lockdown they provide help but now they will not provide anything.
Letter 16
Hi. Just want to ask why the money still on hold? I need to pay my tuition immediately.
Can you just verify through an email? Thank you. I’m still not enrolled and I’m afraid I will not catch up with the lessons. 🥺
My friend told me what to do and you only need to verify it. Thank you.
And that’s my school ID. Our school is not issuing new id unless it is lost. 🥺 You don’t accept my former company ID that’s the only 1 lD I have. 🥺 I don’t have national id yet. In our country only this year they issue that id. I don’t have health card and driver’s license. It is too expensive to get license here and I don’t even drive.
Earn from my part time job as house cleaner? I don’t even have benefits since I am just offering cleaning houses or my friends will recommend me. I don’t pay tax from my part time. I don’t have agency or anything I just do it on my own for income and to provide for my family.
I am not registered house cleaner or clothes washer. I am just a citizen want to earn and finish study for my family. It is not taxable. The government doesn’t know that kind of work exist. Like I wash clothes of my neighbors they give me money after and that’s all.
But my school ID has an address. That is my mother’s name [on back of school ID]. Since the back of the id is for emergency purposes.
Told you I have no benefits that’s why I want to graduate so I can find a decent company that will give me benefits coz I know that it will help me in the future.
Okay. Take care. Thank you. Just update me if you need something. I just really need to be enrolled. 😭
Letter 17
I’m enrolled now. But they will issue the receipt after lockdown. I pay through Gcash. Thank you again. ☺️ Take care.
Letter 18
Good Afternoon. Just finished my online class. Have a great day. ☺️ It’s my birthday on August 26. I hope that our lockdown will be lifted so I can earn for my celebration even a small celebration for my family. ☺️
And I will graduate soon because of your help. That is one of the best blessing I received this year. ☺️
Take care. ☺️
Letter 19
And I will never ever disappoint you. ☺️ Sorry if I can’t reply early. I have so many school works since I am late enrollee but I can handle it for my family and for you who is willing to help me. ☺️
I’ve been wishing for a new phone. Been attempting to earn so I can buy it without asking it to my family. Especially now that we are attending class online. My phone still works but it is an old model and sometimes turn off by itself. Hehehe. But it is impossible especially now with the lockdown. I don’t have any part time job. 😅 But it’s okay as long as none of my family will get sick. ☺️
If I don’t have enough money for the phone I want, I will adjust on the phone that can serve its purpose than to insist the phone I want. ☺️ Even in my life right now. I know I can’t give my family what a life they want but at least I can give them food. ☺️ You get my point? Hehehe.
Letter 20
Just finished my other activity it is almost 2 am here. I’m having a hard time working on my phone. I need documents but my phone can’t support MS Word or other worksheet. I found a phone. Android only. It is almost Php13,000. It has a lot of storage that I need but it is quite expensive. 😅
My friend recommended me that. It is the cheapest for her that can be functional in our online class. Since I also need to download every application that our professor required. 🥺 It is like $260 in your money. 😅
You also. Take care of yourself. ☺️
Letter 21
$260 is the cheapest Android phone that has enough storage I need for online schooling. 😅 There is so much better but it can serve its purpose as I’ve said. ☺️
I found a phone it’s the latest of Xiaomi phone. It the Mi 11 Pro. It cost $298. It has 8gb ram and 128gb rom. It has a lot of storage. ☺️😅
Letter 22
Thank youuuuuu so muchhhhhhhh. 😭😭😭 Oh my god! 😭 May the god bless you more and more and more. 😭 I’m sincerely thanking you with all my heart. 😭 And I’m sorry if I can’t get anything for you on your birthday. 😭 But if I have my decent job someday I will not forget youuuu. 😭😭😊
Take care of yourself as I always tell you. ☺️ Thank you again. 😭☺️
Letter 23
Good Afternoon. ☺️ I think I have to discuss this matter with you. We just finished an online meeting just a few minutes ago about our internship next semester. And I’m worried that tuition will be like my tuition this semester. Though I’m not really sure because you know it’s pandemic. Our school required us to rent a dorm near the company or the room that is inside the company to avoid public transportation and getting the virus. We will be there for 2 months though we have one day off every Sunday. 🥺 will your company still sponsor my last semester? 🥺 And another problem for me is my daily food allowance for 2 months. But maybe I can just wash my roommates ***** clothes in exchange for food besides it is my part time job before. ☺️ I will discuss the whole thing if our prof explains the whole process.
I can handle my food allowance. Maybe in your country the school will cover the food of the students but here all must be paid. And educational requirements in getting a job is so high. 😅
Take care. ☺️
Letter 24
That first assessment that I’ve send you back then is estimated for the whole year as I’ve said right? It doesn’t include my previous balance. And I told that it is alright that you don’t include my balance but you said that if I don’t pay my balance I will not even graduate. So I gave you the assessment form that include my previous balance but not include my internship because they can’t give the actual computation of tuition in advance. Hmm. 🥺
I’m sorry if I made a confusion. If that’s the case. I will not buy a new phone then. Hmm. You can less it for my next semester tuition. 🥺
Will your company still sponsor my last semester? I mean I can disregard the phone but if your company will still sponsor me I will surely buy a phone and will send the receipt.
My priority is to finish my course. I will not get disappointed even I don’t get a new phone for my birthday. 🥺 I just want to graduate. 🥺 I know you knew that. 🥺
Letter 25
We had a meeting today about the internship. Our professor told us that we can choose now the company where we want to take the internship and we can start immediately if we can even the semester is not yet finish. We must settle the payment before starting. They will give us our assessment form by Friday.
Letter 26
The phone didn’t arrive today maybe it will tomorrow. Have a great day. ☺️ Take care. ☺️
Letter 27
Hi. Just got home from my part time job. I’m lucky I have job today even with the lockdown. I need to earn for my food allowance in my internship. Our professor discuss us that the company will giving free lunch so my only problem would be my breakfast and dinner. 😅 Hmm. I also requested the total payment for this last semester they included all the fees including graduation fees. Our internship also extended that’s why they want us to start early.
Letter 28
Okay. I understand. First I told you that the receipt will be given to us after this lockdown and I can surely provide that as promise.
Second, I explain to you that it is only for this semester and my previous balance. After sending you my form I explain to you that. They can give the advance form if the semester is not over because every semester is another miscellaneous fee. I understand that I told you it would be less, but as you can see my tuition is like 26,000 pesos only but due to this pandemic we required to stay on a dorm and my graduation fee is also there.
And lastly, it is not be covered as 2021-2022 because I will graduate this year this coming October or November depends on how long my internship will last. I hope I explain it to you clearly. I told you I am sorry about the confusion that I made. I can cancel the order of my phone as I’ve told you. 😭 I am not lying to you or to your company. You are the only way and only hope I have. I am one step closer to my dreams because of you. 😭 I can cancel the phone or I will not receive it so I don’t have to pay for it. This is my priority. 😭 If I am lying to you I will be not here the first time I receive the money you gave. As I’ve promise I will not disappoint you and I hope you believe in me. 😭 I am very sorry for the confusion. 😭 I just finished my activity for tomorrow. I am studying and working hard at the same time so I will not disappoint you and my family. 😭
I am true and honest to you since the first day we met and I know you trust me because you help me so why would I break your trust? 😭 I don’t have any reason since I don’t have anything to do to be able to continue and finish my college. 😭
I hope you understand. Thank you and sorry again. 🥺
Letter 29
Ok. I will request them to give the receipt online. They prefer giving it personally but since you insist I will ask them for you to believe in me and continue to trust me. Thank you. 🥺
Letter 30
Did I need to cancel buying the phone? Just tell and I am willing to sacrifice the phone for my education. 🥺
So I will just receive the phone and show you the receipt. Thank you.
Letter 31
I just got home from my morning part time job. I just received this [school] receipt. I also requested if they can include signature and I’m glad that they did. I hope that this will do. Thank you so much. 😊
Letter 32
Hmm. Did your company acknowledge the receipt ? I hope so. 🥺 I am one step closer to graduate. 🥺 You can just pay the tuition and I will find the way to pay for my graduation fee if it’s too much. I just need your help for the last time. 🥺 Thank you so much. 🥺
Tomorrow our professor will be giving our grades so we can submit it to the company we want to take our internship but we must pay the tuition first. 🥺 I will send you my grades when I got it. 🥺 Take care. 🥺 In a few days I will be celebrating my birthday and I’m thankful for your help but I hope you will continue to help me up until I finally finish my studies. 🥺 I know I am nobody to you but you mean everything to me because you’ve given me hope and I am more motivated to continue achieving my dreams. 🥺 Godbless and always take care of yourself. 🥺❤️
Letter 33
I am this desperate because I am one step closer. As I’ve told you, you can help me with my tuition and I will work on my graduation fees. 😭 I can sell my new phone if it is the only choice. 😭
The internship fee is for our narrative report after intern. The dorm include electricity and water. My only problem is my breakfast and dinner. The company will have free lunch.
Please say something. 😭 I really want to graduate. 😭
Letter 34
My classmates are getting ready and will start their internship this week. 😭 Please please help me for the last time. 😭 My tuition is now is less than my tuition last semester without the graduation fees. Just help me with that and I will find my way to pay my graduation fees. 😭 Please just this one last time. 😭 I am so desperate. 😭
As you can see our internship is 21 units and every unit is to be paid. 750 pesos every unit. If we did not pay the units we are not enrolled. And the miscellaneous fees is for the school equipment that the school is using to serve the student. It is a private school and the professor’s salary is from the tuition we are paying. I don’t know how your university work there but here that is the process. 😭
Letter 35
Okay. So this only means that your company will not be able to help me now? I know none of it was your responsibility in the first place. None of it. It is all my responsibility that is why I enter the dating app because I can’t take that responsibility alone. I know you don’t know me at all but I am honest to you. I am all by myself reaching my goals. I always give way to my siblings to the point that I forgot about myself. Before I met you and your company I am totally lost my hope. I know that finishing college is my only way to get my family out on poverty. If you say that poverty is not real human tragedy and I am not in the same situation as them is because maybe before this pandemic I worked hard. I am one step closer to my dreams and it is because you help me. But now I think I am far again and maybe in the future our path will cross again and by that time maybe I am one of the people who will be homeless. I know that many of people is suffering from poverty specially now but I know that if it wasn’t because of this pandemic you and will never meet. I will never forget your help and I am sincerely thanking you for it. From the bottom of my heart.
I also want to tell you that I have severe UTI and ulcer and been taking some meds this past few weeks. But I can’t buy all the meds I need because I have a family to feed also. I barely go to get check up not until last week that I can’t even stand up so I went to clinic to have check up. And to tell you honestly I don’t have any money on me for my birthday. 😭 My situation maybe is not as the same level of the people you help because I don’t ask help for the same reason as them even I experienced it. I choose to ask help for my education so in the future you and I will never meet the same reason as I met you now. 😭 I also told to myself that after finishing college if I will given a chance I want to work on your company. 🥺 This is me and I am very sincere and honest to you. 😭
If you think I don’t deserve your help it is not on me to decide but for me, people who doesn’t deserve help are those who always wanted to be helped and doesn’t do anything to have a bright future and stand on their own feet someday. Not all the time there is always a company like yours that are willing to help that’s why I asked help that will be beneficial to me in the long run. I hope that you see my sincerity and willingness to finish my study. 😭
Letter 36
But as I’ve told you. You can help in the amount you are willing to give. I just need to start my internship. I am not assuming that your company will shoulder all expenses now. But please help me for the last time. 😭
Letter 37
I told you already that I had to buy my medications as prescribed buy the doctor. I pay for my check up. I buy foods for my family. I told you every details. I told everything how I am trying everything for my family and yet you don’t understand? Maybe because you’re not in my situation and I am glad you’re not experiencing how hard it is especially with this pandemic.
I just can’t refund it [the phone]. You can return if the unit has problem. But if you just want your money back they will not give it to you. Just the way it is here in the Philippines.
I can just sell it to person in a low price and still can’t start internship because you see that upon enrollment I had to pay that amount. 🥺
I love your personality and I know that you are a kind person. I am seeing that you really want to help. 🥺😭 Just this last time. I don’t need the whole amount just help me a bit more. PLEASE. 😭 I don’t really have any choice right now. 😭 You know how I am doing my best for my studies and for my family at the same time. 😭
Take care.
Letter 38
I don’t have to try because they said it as soon as you buy to them. They can change the unit but they can’t give the money back [for phone] as soon as you open the box.
I didn’t say that your trading money for love. I knew it. Even if you and I didn’t personally meet and know each other I know you are a good person because you help me without having a doubt. 🥺 So don’t misunderstood what I say. 🥺
Letter 39
I am Joanna Mariz Yazon sincerely apologizing for all of this. I am really sorry. I admit that the ₱40,635 is not a real copy from school but the first ₱32,938 is really my form. I really paid my tuition with that money. That was really for my last semester and I now graduated because of it. The second money you sent which was ₱16,882 . . . and I really bought a phone. I am really sorry for faking the last form. That time I just really needed the money for my grandma’s check up and medicines but I can’t said it straight because I just received help from you. My grandma died October this year. I know I did terrible things but the reason why I did it is more important than anything. I didn’t scam you I really paid my tuition and bought a phone. I didn’t received the ₱40,635 that’s from fake form. I tell you honestly Sir, I can’t pay all that ₱49,852 in full as of the moment. I know that my actions had consequences, I knew it before I did it. I have a 2 year old daughter with me also. Is there any other way I can clear my name? I am deeply and sincerely asking for forgiveness and I am really thankful for the help you’ve given me that time I needed it the most.
Letter 40
I really paid my tuition fees with the money you gave me. I did. You can ask STI for the payment I made. I just fake the receipt because I told you that they can’t give me the actual receipt that time when you are asking for it and I really bought the phone and the receipt of the phone is real. I know that by this time you are not believing everything I am saying but this is the truth. I just said that it is for my internship and all because I don’t want you to think that my tuition fees where expensive for just 2 subjects. I did wrong but that time I asked for your help, I really needed your help. Is this really the way it is? Because I don’t need help anymore your company will reclaim the help you’ve given me on the time I needed it the most?
Don’t get me wrong. I did bad things I lied to you. I fake the receipt and the last assessment. I admit all of it, but I didn’t benefit from it. I didn’t get the money from that fake assessment. But from my real assessment I got it and really paid my tuitions that’s why I am now graduate. STI has nothing to do with this, I made that actions alone and STI will punish me from faking there documents. I know you see me now as a LIAR and UNTRUE person. For you, maybe my “reasons” are not enough for the actions I made. I am dealing with its consequences alone because I did it alone.
I did send private photos to some guys just to help for the needs of my grandma, but even if I did everything it didn’t give my grandma a long life and I take it as my karma.
I can’t really pay that amount right now. I am just looking for a job as of the moment and STI holds my papers because of what I did. I can pay and I will find way to pay. I can do installment or save money until I complete it and pay you in full. Please spare me some time to find way.
Thank you and again I am really sorry for what I did.
Letter 41
I just want to ask this questions. Am I the only one that lied to you and to your company? Did you also found out that they lied and ask to reclaim the help you gave? I may lied to you that time but as I’ve said I really use the money for what it should be used and that is not a lie.
I am a victim of ****** abuse when I was 5 years old by my cousin. Been ***** by 2 men when I was 16 years old by my friend and my father’s friends and my ex-partner attempted to **** me because I am breaking up with him. All of that, I lied because I don’t want to see my family suffer. I love them more than my self. So I am dealing with the problem alone. If you don’t believe me I understand. I am sorry if I didn’t get back to you, my number in my WhatsApp is deactivated and I didn’t get your number.
Please give me your account number so I can deposit the money. Is it okay that it may take a long time but atleast I will pay? Or you can do the repayment plan for yourself.
Thank you.
Letter 42
I don’t deactivated my WhatsApp. Here in our country if your simcard is not being loaded it will be off for good. It is like the network didn’t recognize the number you have. You can’t receive calls or text because it has no signal at all. I know every email I send to you is useless.
I will do installment. But please bare with me if it will take time for me to be fully paid. It is good that you want to teach lesson for everyone who did wrong. Showing that you can get the truth and having the power to make it is a good warning, but reclaiming all the amount you have given without even asking how much that person can really give back is more. You don’t realize that they can do another bad things just to repay you? I am assuming that all you helped are really needed that help but we all have our reasons why we lied at the first place. And I will tell this once again, I really did pay my tuition and bought the phone I wanted. I will pay whenever I can and that’s a promise.
Thank you and godbless.
Letter 43
I’ve told to explain my side to you and ask to apologize sincerely, but I think my explanations doesn’t matter to you. I made mistakes and bad things in my life but that doesn’t mean that I am a bad person that can’t do good things. I can see that you have already judge my whole personality.
You want me to come up with specific repayment plan like “I will pay you in 1 month.”, but I really can’t tell. I don’t want to make promises that I know I can’t keep. I am raising my child alone. I only had part time job and can’t find a decent job especially now. STI hold my documents and requirements I needed.
Letter 44
I know that you will tell me that, that I only make excuses and such. It is all my fault that is why I only blame myself. I can’t understand why you assume that I can pay that in full when in the first place I asked for your help so I can finish my studies. I am truly grateful for the help I received from you and as a result I did graduate. If it wasn’t because of your help I didn’t know where to get that money for my tuition and get a new phone for my birthday. I do understand your side and I am only asking for you to understand me as well.
Having 1,500-2,000 monthly for my part time is a huge help for me and my daughter and it is not always like this, so I can’t truly tell how I am gonna pay monthly. There is also a fee when paying from PH to dollar so if I can pay small amount monthly with fees, it will be more difficult for me to complete the payment.
I hope that you understand my point. Thank you.
Letter 45
You really think I am making excuses now? I am telling you my financial status for you to see what I am really capable of. If I tell you that I will pay within 2 years in full, will your company accept it? An opportunity to resolve? What opportunity? You don’t even believe every word from me. If you think being financially unstable is an excuse, then really I am making excuses. If it wasn’t because of my daughter I will just let you sue me for this to end so you don’t have to deal with it. All I’m asking is give me enough time. That’s what I’m just asking.
Letter 46
Do you think I am just sitting here waiting for someone to give me money so I can repay you? I am doing everything I know to earn but cannot ask for help within my family because I know well that they also can’t help me.
As I’ve told you over and over again, the payment I made in STI is true. That is my tuition for that semester, so why would they do a refund? I may lied about the internship and all but that amount of tuition fee is real.
I can guarantee 1,000 monthly, but if I have extra I will also give it too. I don’t have extra expenses. I can’t even afford new clothes all my expenses is for my daughter’s needs only.
Letter 47
I don’t know why all of the words from me seem to be lied to you. I told you that the phone receipt is true. I did buy a phone. Why you keep saying that it is not true? Yes, the receipt that I gave from my tuition fee is faked but I also did pay tuition. Even if I gave you the real receipt I guess you don’t believe it either.
I am really willing to pay back, and I am doing everything to repay, why are you forcing me to pay in full at this point? . . .
I can’t find a stable job at the moment because STI holds my documents because we are nit settled, but even we are settled I still can’t find a job because getting requirements for job also needed money, so I am torn between paying you and applying for jobs, but I guess even I explain everything to you, you still don’t believe me.
Letter 48
I knew it. I knew that you answer my message like that as always. Convincing that everything I am saying is lie and so on. About that phone receipt? I have an explanation about why it is looked like that, but I guess I don’t need to say it because in the end you will just end up believing only yourself.
I knew that civil and criminal case that you are saying because STI talked to me and they will not file a case against me for what I have done. They believed that I will have a bright future ahead of me with my daughter. I am a student there for 4 years and I haven’t had any bad records or been involved in any fight at school or caught cheating. STI believed in me and they don’t judge me because I did this thing. I have a deep reason why I did this and they understand it. They have just made me a letter saying that I will not do it again and serve this as a lesson to me. I am really thankful in the other side because of them. But you? You only knew me for days and judge me like being criminal is my hobby and I don’t have a right to explain myself. . . . I knew what I did. You don’t need to repeat again and again saying I am a criminal. I may did bad things like this but I am criminal and not all criminals are criminals by heart, situations sometimes made them do what they don’t want to do and it is part of being human. I don’t have any bad records even in our barangay or town. I didn’t even experienced having traffic tickets. But I am sure what your answer will be.
About that proposal that you said that I can disagree, I guess if I agree and don’t comply with it you will sue me and if I disagree the end will be the same. I don’t really have any other choice. I made a repayment plan that I can surely comply with but your company doesn’t want it because it will took a long time. I get it, you will lost time. But for me, I will be losing the essence of being a mother to my child. At the moment, I can’t even bring her to a specialist to check her rushes that’s been with her for 2 weeks and it is growing and I can’t do anything about be it, but obviously you will not get it because you are not a parent right? So don’t tell me I am not doing anything just to repay you. I also don’t want to be indebted and have any connections with you and your company that is why I really want to pay it. Don’t be too harsh to anyone because you are not in their shoes. It may sound easy for you but it is a struggle for others. I hope you don’t experience being in that shoe.
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