Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Waiting for an answer.
how are you doing?
how's your day?
I saw your email on the site,!.
I decided to write to you,.,
maybe you can answer me..,
I hope that now we will communicate well with you here.
I would very much like to communicate with you!!
I'll be waiting for your response,..
Letter 2
Snowflakes on lips?!
I saw your email on the dating website.!,
You may recive thousands of messages there,,.
In any case, your answer is important to me.!.
Tell me how you will manage to comunicate,,!
Have a good day..
Letter 3
I hope You are free to isolated chat;-)
Im single successful Mistress! At this moment Im trying to find beneficent buddy from US:-) What State are you from? this is email box for response is: I can reply to You my pictures
Letter 4
My corel?!
how are you doing?
I would love to kep in touch with you,,.
maybe it will be something more,,!
I saw this email on the site and decided to write to you!
I will be waiting for your email,,,
Letter 5
hey My! May be You're free to speak!
my My magnificent;-)
Today Im seeking courageous guy from United States of America;) What State are u from? I'm lonely honest Female:-) I'll send You my photo attached;)
response me to:
talk to you later
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