Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Gibadullina to Jerry (USA)

Letter 1
I really want you to be healthy on this day 2 May and that you would be completely safe today
My name is Vicka, I don't have a nickname, so you may call me by whatever name you like!
My hobby is still the same, I just want to chat with you, so I ask you to see this letter as soon as possible
I believe my some emails simply disappear in another wrong folder in your mailbox?
That's why I'm sending you this short letter again now.
this will be a kind of test, and having received an answer to it, I will make sure that you receive my letters and I want to make sure that you see what I am writing to you now
I also use WhatsApp as well as viber app since both are free for international calls.
So tell me a bit about yourself, your likes, dislikes, dreams, etc.
I see that your nickname - Jerry
What's your real name?
I’m sorry for asking so many questions but I’m trying to get to know you a little better
I’ll end now and send you a shot letter of me looking forward to your reply
Letter 2
Today I'm in a wonderful mood when I can sit quietly at the computer
to write to you and tell you something about yourself, I think you will be interested to know about me. Sorry for not replying to you earlier because I did not have the opportunity to write to you, but now I can calmly collect my thoughts and tell you a few words about myself, so that you can imagine me and my life. For starters, I think the most important thing can be said. My name is Vicka, but others just call me: Viki - This is my short nickname.
your nickname - Jerry?
Have I understood that correctly. What's your real name? What is your full name?
I am 29 years old. I am only 168cm tall.
How old are they? How tall are you?
I am not married and have never been there but i am looking for a relationship to start a family
But so far I haven't found the right luck. I am looking for an honest and stable relationship in which everyone respects their partner,
I still have not met my love, but I am optimistic and continue to fight. I want honesty in a relationship, loyalty to my partner and of course love for one another.
Because without love you cannot enter into a relationship.
And I optimistically believe that there is only 1 person in the world who suits me, and I will arrange his completely and live with him forever into old age.
This is the type of relationship I need and that type of relationship I am looking for. I live in Uzbekistan. I live in the city of Tashkent.
Where do you live? What is your town called? In my life I like to go for a walk in the fresh air and breathe the scent of fresh air somewhere in the forest, because there is always clean, unpolluted air in the forest, but since the forest is far away from me, then I go to the park, which is not far from me, where there are trees. I want to take my partner's hand very often, but I don't have one his.
No. From the word Absolutely. Probably because I just did not meet my love and destiny. My lifestyle is that I spend half of my life at work.
I spend the second half of my life doing housework or going outside and breathing clean air.
I always find something to do at home. For example. Wash clothes, iron freshly washed bed linen.
Get some cleaning product on hand and wash the floor at home to keep it smelling fresh and clean.
Because I live alone, I usually don't cook that often, because I can't eat a whole *** of soup on my own.
I usually cook so that I can eat one evening and cook something new the next day.
This is how I spend the second half of my life at home. When I understand that I am alone and I want to have a second half, I begin to think what is wrong with me, what and why I cannot get to know a man.
Of course, it may turn out that I spend too much time at home, and therefore no one sees me.
And when I go out, I always think what to wear on myself from clothes.
Because the man doesn't look at me
I always understand this, and I have a complex that no one needs me, and to at least somehow attract attention
I go to the store and try on something new, for example clothes, jeans, shirt, dress.
After that I walk down the street again and again no one sees me. And now when I realized that I've had enough and enough of this bad luck.
I'm trying to write to you to get to know you well enough. Thank you for now I have you and I am pleased that I can now write to you in peace and quiet and ask: How are you today?
And you will answer me right away and tell me how you are today, what you did today.
Thank you for drawing my attention and responding to me.
My complex that doesn't need me can gradually disappear unless of course you choose to leave me right away ???? !!? I wanted to send you a video of myself, but my mailbox couldn't add a large video, and my mail invited me to upload my big video here So watch me here. I hope I have made you curious and am waiting for your answer. Who knows, maybe our conversation will come together and develop into a relationship. I am very excited. Maybe you can tell me something about yourself, so I'm waiting for your next letter. I wish you a nice Wednesday and greet you back.
Your new friend Vicka
Letter 3
i will be honest
I don't understand what happened at all
You answered me once and everything
I do not hear anything from you anymore give me an answer
Are you even getting my letters?
Just a question Yes or No ?
Another question is that
Do you even see what I am writing to you?
I don't know what to think anymore because you wrote to me 1 time and I reply, write you a long letter, but you didn't answer it and I don't hear anything about you anymore
Do you see this test letter?
You can reply to me at my personal address
Here he is uzbekava @ zippenet . com
I am waiting for what you will answer and say to me today
Can you see my letters or not
Of course, it may turn out that you are not at all interested in communicating with me but it will be a very different conversation
Please enter your new letter to my personal address.
Because I'll wait for you to write to me
Maybe my letter just ended up in your other folder.
look for my letter in all folders of the mailbox
I sure that it is somewhere in your mailbox, just look for this letter
Letter 4
Hello Jerry! Many thanks for your email, your good words. I really do not want to play games.
I want to find the one and only man, with whom i can live the rest of my life.
The man, who want to stand by her woman and wants to build a happy future together. About my hobbies, i have written in my first mail to you. I will answer all your questions in the following mails.
I will also write for you the story of my life, if you want.
So you can understand me and my character more and in detail. But now, more about me. As you can see on the pictures, i´m an ordinary woman, I am young and not spoiled, somewhere naive in some way. Single and never married, and I have no children.
And i´m young and naive than you. Please think about.
I hope this is obvious for you and it will not disturb you. On the other side, i think i have a lot of qualities.
I´m pretty sure, a man can feel cozy and comfortable if he is with me and in my arms.
And i´m very fair, with straight ahead character and sincere.
I´m 168cm in height, around 55kg in weight, blond/brown hairs, dyed , blue-grey eyes.
I have a Christian faith. I don't go to church. But I wear a cross around my neck.
I´m not rich, but i can survive.
I´m Fishes in Zodiak´s sign.
So you can see, Water and Fire in one man mixed, by astrological signs.
Will you really try to stand such a mixture??? :-)) Now i´ll tell you, why i´m looking in the Internet and in your country.
I think, the man in your country are
With warm heart, more open to relationships, reticent in their emotions, and honest with people. To tell you the truth, i´m not looking for something i can get here also easily (i mean pure ***), there were invitations but not what I want, a ***** man came up to me on the street
he could grab my hand and drag me into the bushes, but this did not happen, I immediately answered sharply and said what will I scream
then I said that I want to refuse this invitation
me to be invited to have *** without obligation in the bushes, of course about any relationship and there can be no talk
Like I was just used as a thing and thrown away, this format of relations is not interesting to me and I do not consider it at all! i am looking for a real man, a real partner, a real friend, a hot lover, a complement soul, a man who is exact my second half and want to be the same for me.
A man whom i can trust in all situations, i can rely on, i can talk about everything (with no doubt about he will never use this informations against me), one which will take me as i am and I can take him for who he is And this should be a partnership for the rest of my life, if it´s possible.
But i also know, there is no warranty.
Everybody has to take the chance and also the risk. He should not be ****, but i also don´t need a muscular man which i´ve to share
with a lot other woman.
To be honest, i can share a lot with other peoples, but i never share my man partner with anyone. That´s one of the important things, if i´m together with somebody in a partnership, i will never accept to have *** with somebody else.
And i also expect the same from my partner man.
I´m very strict and oldfashioned in this point.
Sounds this good to you :-)) ?????????? I like to film myself and from time to time I make small videos of myself
Today I will send you 2 videos with me where you will see me dancing in front of the mirror alone.
To watch my video I have uploaded them here.
This is the fastest way to show you my videos.
My mailbox refuses to download large video.
So watch me here. OK, let´s see what happens. You did the first step and i did the second. Now it´s up to you to do the third one too.
And don´t forget to send me some more photos from you. Will answer all your questions in future mails, step by step. Have a nice day and take care. Your new friend,
Letter 5
Hello Jerry,
Thank you very much for answering me, that's why you should get an answer too.
My name is still Vicka, my birthday is 21 May and I'm 29 old.
I probably have to tell you a few sentences about myself to start a dialogue
Then you would know me better.
I am a simple girl from Uzbekistan.
The city where I was born and raised is called Tashkent.
If you have a wish see my city
I am sending you a link where you can see my city. I am looking for a man with whom I could have a family.
I want to share all housework, wash and tidy up for my beloved man, and prepare delicious dinner, breakfast and lunch.
I want my future husband to be honest with me and always take care of me, always protect me.
In other words, I want to stand behind the man and feel protected.
To stand behind this man. Behind, but not in front. When I feel like I am loved and the only one for my husband.
And if my husband doesn't look to the left at other female *******, I'll do what my beloved husband asks of me. I will be a faithful and devoted woman and I will always respect my husband.
But since I am still not married and have no husband, I keep looking and really want to have a man who loves me deeply. But I haven't met a man like that, so I'm lonely.
I really want that one day I will meet my other half and he will become a beloved husband.
My heart is free You can be my man if you want me yourself. Tell me too, what do you want in life?
It would be very interesting to read your mind. So we can exchange ideas
Do we need to write more about each other? Do you agree? In terms of togetherness, I take the point of view that people are not made for being alone.
Did you want to go on living your life alone?
Or do you want to spend your life with a young girl? my family history is a little complicated, but like that I would write another time.
Do you have any experiences you'd like to tell me about?
How have you lived all these years? What did you do?
Did you have a family? and what happened to your family? Back in my life I am very dependent on work.
I am a dance teacher. Yes, my profession is not the most demanded.
I earn money by teaching several types of dances.
Mostly I work personally with girls, but sometimes there are groups of several women.
Why am I so dependent on work?
Movement is life and my work gives me a lot of movement.
I can feed myself, but no more.
It so happened that I work as a dance teacher, and I have no other job, this is all that I can do at the moment, but in the future I would really like to become a furniture designer, I want to learn how to make custom-made kitchens, bedrooms, wardrobes, built-in children's rooms, calculate the amount of material, and offer customers what their future kitchen will look like, this is my second big dream, to become a furniture designer. the first to meet your soul mate!
What do you think the first and second dreams will come true in my life? Now I am attaching my video for you, how I stretch myself, that is, Twine
can you do the same
If yes ! Then please send a video with your stretching.
And the second video is of me standing in front of the mirror again, in a dress you can see how long my hair is
Forgive me for sending you a video through a link. I just can't attach a video to an email as the mailbox refuses and my email suggests large files to download here.
Open and see here. I've attached a photo of me at work.
So you can see me from all angles. Current photos i am will add little by little, it depends on how our communication develops. I would be very happy if my questions does not go unanswered, time will decide what will develop. I hope you can do something with my thoughts and questions and I am very much looking forward to your answer.
I am looking forward to reading from you. Hope to see you soon???
Best wishes to you, Vicka.
Letter 6
ello Jerry Spring greetings to you from far away
I just got home and my work day is over.
Today was a hard and exhausting day
I am so glad that I can write to you again today and
And to answer your questions and share a few more thoughts with you. You already know that I am a dance teacher.
I work and have a stable average income.
It's my job that makes a profit, but my salary, but it's not that much money.
Most likely this is the income I can live on and buy groceries on. I chose this job because I've always loved to dance and move, but now that my appetite is growing and I understand more and more that in the future I won't have enough salary that I get, I really want to change my job and become a furniture designer.
I really like developing different interior styles and furniture for them.
I want to change my job and become a designer.
Do you have any thoughts that you want to change something in your life too? I would like to say what benefit I bring to the girls who come to me for personal lessons.
Probably it's not a secret for you that if a girl moves a lot, then she is most likely good at having *** in bed?
And she can bend over in bed and do something good for her beloved husband. If we talk about the fact that I make girls beautiful and ****, then they can surprise their man with their **** body.
When the girls who dance in my class have their husbands and they have *** in the evenings .....
then you can't say that of me .....
Because I already told you that I have no other half to have *** with and I don't want to lie under a man who came up to me in the street and asked me to use it as a thing.
I still have no opportunity to have ***, only ************ helps.
Yes, I ********** and
and I hope you react with understanding to what I told you
I'd rather ********** than be a man's bed who just wants to use me.
I am really waiting and I hope to have a serious man who will stop letting me ********** and who will satisfy me several times every week.
I think we are adults and we can talk about such intimate things. Every day I work on women's bodies and help them find a slim body.
I do women a good deed and give them a beautiful figure and muscle stretching, muscles are stretched not only where the chest, abdomen and **** are, the skin on the face also tightens and becomes elastic as well as the face becomes younger, the skin of the face acquires a youthful appearance.
and when women come home they show their men their flexibility and slim figure,
In fact, to some extent I am helping save the families of people who have mutually undesirable. how a ****** partner in bed. Thanks to the dances I teach, their husbands want to have *** with them in bed again.
Because the body of the girls who dance in my classes regains flexibility and a toned state
The chest is tensed, the stomach disappears, the priest is trained.
Probably her husbands noticed her wife getting sexier several times.
and that it is possible that some neighbor or a passing man laid eyes on his wife and maybe someone knows, a neighbor or a stranger passing by is thinking about how to take advantage of this woman as soon as possible and drag her into bed or into the bushes.
I think that with my work on women I saved more than one family for them. But now you know where and how I make a living.
I am lonely and I can only rely on my own strength.
I don't have anyone to ask for help or support
There is no one who can take care of me. I have to work job. This is the only way I will have enough money to buy everything I need.
Every month I pay utility bills for the apartment
Gas, electricity, heating, water through meters. Can you describe how your day went and what was interesting about your work?
It will be easier for me to imagine your day and how your life works? After all, you probably have a creative job too?
and all the same utility bills you need.
Are you smoking a lot? How often do you like to drink alcohol? I already told you, I live in Uzbekistan in the city of Tashkent. I was born in this city.
I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol, I have a sober lifestyle.
I work a lot and I don't have time to drink alcohol. And I don't have time to smoke!
I am alone, have never had a family and am looking forward to a serious relationship for living together. If I ever meet a correct and loyal man, then I would like to try to develop a relationship with him, suddenly we would have a family.
By the way, I've never been married and I don't have any children. Today I want to show you a piece of myself.
For this I will send you a photo of me and thanks to my photo you can imagine me in front of you in real life
Open the attached photos and see
My photo from work, taken during a break. I am sending you my video from one of my working days.
Forgive me for sending you a video through a link. I just can't attach a video to an email as the mailbox refuses and my email suggests large files to download here.
Open and see here. I will continue these thoughts in my next email.
So, my dear Jerry, I wish you a nice rest of the day and look forward to your answer.
now I need to take a shower and relax after a day's work.
Your Vicka
Letter 7
Dear Jerry,
Thank you very much for your lines
and the kind words sent along in your letter, which I like very much
I represent you in real life and if I'm not mistaken
You are a very handsome and attractive man,
I have to put it that way.
I would like to answer your questions first. The day has come when I want to tell you about my past relationship, past relationships were a real lesson for me, I cried a lot and sobbed into my pillow, because it was a truly not honest relationship and over the course of time I was humiliated and offended. Of course, I would not want to remember this now, since it will again be a knife right in the heart, well, since I made a reservation that I will tell you about my relationship, then it needs to be done, and do it today. The last man I considered my love turned out to be not the person I represent, I take off his mask after seeing everything with my own eyes.
Here are some examples of what happened to me in the past when I was with him. I very often suspect that my ex-man is writing to one of the women, and then my fears were confirmed, it happened at that moment when he was in the shower he bathed there and a girl began to write to him, and it turned out that he had just returned from her and they were together and they had *** in bed, she wrote to him thanks for the fact that he ****** her well, and apparently after having *** with her, he came home and climbed into the shower to wash off all traces of the crime and the smells of another woman.
I decided not to shout at him and not create tantrums and drama, but just ask him personally and then watch his reaction, suddenly I was mistaken. Yes, he answered me that this was written by a colleague from work, and so they joke that this is a joke and nothing more, because I didn't catch him by the hand in the bed and this is not considered an treason to write about what was not.
This time he accused me of getting into his phone and I was wrong to read other people's SMS messages.
He blamed me in this situation and was told it was my fault.
I stayed extreme.
And he resented me for watching messages on his phone.
that at that moment he was in the shower and couldn't control his phone. But then she sent a video to his cell phone of the girl giving him a ******* and then I saw her film the moment he was done on the girl's face (***** on his face). My ex-husband's phone was in my hands when I saw all of this I almost passed out realizing that I was actually being betrayed.
And her name on his cell phone was written as a man's name.
I decided to show him his correspondence and showed his messages on his phone, to which he replied that it was such a joke that the video was not his **** but a member of another person and this was just a joke.
and that's actually his friend and he's kidding.
It all boiled down to my misunderstanding and those are their jokes. To be honest, I actually believed in everything that happened.
I even decided that I wasn't sure the video shows my boyfriend's **** and the *** on the girl's face that this is not my boyfriend's ****.
You cannot be sure that you are exactly seeing my friend's betrayal on the video. the video could have been anyone, and the *** covered girl could have been a **** actress.
I thought I might be wrong because men are always discussing women in this matter and can share videos that show women and different kinds of perversions.
This was the first memorable incident.
When I confide in my ex's words. And it turned out that at that moment they were completely fooling me. I am just a very honest and trustworthy woman!
Maybe after that I was completely closed to men!
And now honest and loyal relationships come first for me! I still have several similar examples of how to make me ******
I'm just saying that in all cases I believed my ex.
I couldn't believe it at the very last moment.
This was the last time he would fool me and laugh at me.
I couldn't take it anymore and I threw him out together with his girlfriend, with whom he did all this.
That was the last straw. I went to work every day, had about an hour to drive in the house where we lived on the third floor but without an elevator, so that was actually just the prehistory, when I came home early once I saw a great horror in my eyes, but I heard strange noises went to the bedroom and looked there I saw the woman ***** with a ***** in her back hole, My ex-boyfriend was standing next to it, that was horrible.
A second was enough for me to understand that I was being mistaken for a fool the whole time.
I asked them both to go out in what their mother had given birth and never to come back.
I never saw or heard him again, I didn't care as all honesty and openness for this man died for me forever.
Now I don't trust a man from the first word, I just want to see honesty and openness towards myself. I would never wish anyone what I have experienced, the humiliations and lies that I have experienced.
I would never wish for something like this to happen to him.
You may have some thoughts after reading this, I would ask you to share them with me. I hope, and really want to believe, that you will never dare betray me. What I like.
I like to stand by the gas stove and cook, bake a cake with cherries or apples, like to communicate with nice people, laugh, look at candles in the dark, go to a concert with my favorite singer, go to the beach in a bathing suit in summer, sunbathe without ******* far away from everyone's eyes, making friends, watching a movie, getting compliments, eating in the fresh air, picnicking in nature, taking photos, kissing for a long time, getting presents, going home *****, riding a bike, watching the sunset, To have ***. What I do not like.
Endure humiliation. Illusion. Lies and all manifestations. Greed. Wrong friendship. Receive insults from a loved one. Walk in old clothes. Live a month without money, that also happens in my life. When only a few customers dance. What I like intimate.
I like all kinds of ***, I have no restrictions. Restrictions can only be that I don't want to have *********. This is no longer love. These are animal instincts. Two people in love shouldn't give their partner into the hands of others. No loyalty - no love - no honesty = lie and betrayal.
I like when a man shaves my lower abdomen. I like to have *** in the shower, this is the best way to wash it all off. and the purest *** can only be in the soul. Let yourself be massaged and massage your man. I love intimate kisses on all parts of the body.
Love to wear new underwear. In summer I like to go out without underwear.
Now that I have no man and no ***, I like to ********** and bring myself to ******.
I like lying in bed ***** or walking around the apartment *****. I hope I don't embarrass you too much with what I've told you?
Yes, I am a normal woman and I believe that it was possible to tell you everything I have in an intimate sense.
I am a normal woman and I like *** and everything related to it.
Everyone on the planet has an intimate life, only someone can talk about it and be open, and someone on the other hand is always hidden in this matter, but he also has an intimate life like everyone else.
I choose to be open on this matter.
Since I am honest with you, I am open to you in all matters. I imagine a partnership that you stick together, if things don't go so well, you hug others and comfort them.
you also do a lot of beautiful things together, you can also go for a walk hand in hand through nature, then take a seat on a bench and then hug your loved one and enjoy nature. I didn't have a man for a long time because I was very disappointed with what happened to me.
I would really like to love you, because for me love is something very precious
Now I want to love once, that would be for life.
I want loyalty and harmony in relationships and of course love.
be faithful i have absolutely enough of unfaithfulness. I can continue the story but I see that I've already written too much
I don't know if you have the patience to read all of my intimate details.
I'll end today's letter with something that will lift your spirits
I want to show you how I like to walk in the field and enjoy the warm wind that blows on me
The second video is about how I like to undress at home and dance under a red light without underwear, which is very exciting, after which I want to ********** myself over and over again.
I fall asleep and wake up alone and look how I do morning exercises alone
This will be video number 4
Last summer I went to the nearest beach and there to rent a small room for 1 night to relax after a sunny day that day I was alone and I didn’t even have anyone to sunbathe in the sun with
I put the camera on the table to capture what I'm wearing when I go to the beach
You will see this when you open video number 5.
Before going to the beach
I make videos to see myself from the outside.
about photo:
Do you like it when i wear a dress
What thoughts do you have when you see me in a dress? I couldn't attach the video to the letter. Because my mailbox refuses to attach large videos to the letter.
And my inbox invited me to upload a video to the website.
so you can see my video on the link
Open and watch my video here. So, my dear Jerry, I hope you don't hold my openness against me or think anything else of me, but I am for honesty and respect.
I wish you a nice day. I send you a big kiss
Your Vicka
Letter 8
Hello Jerry and a good start to a day
I would like to thank you very much for your letter because I have twice had read.
Waking up this morning, I feel like I'm sweating all over, This morning I was very *****, it's all because I haven't had *** for a long time.
I already confessed to you in the last letter, so what I will tell you now should not be news to you. This morning I **********, I got an ****** and felt happier.
Having received it, I immediately decided that I could share a part of myself with you, immediately after ****** I take photos of myself, and today I will send you two photos in which you will see me after ******.
I want your eyes to see how I look after ******.
I am wearing white stockings, I am in the photo without *******, I masturbated in these clothes
I'm sorry I can't show you what's under my dress. Don't even ask me to show you Jerry. I have already told you that I want to be open to you, and I hope that I still don’t embarrass you by speaking so openly about myself.
I just think that we are all human and we all have needs.
The need will not be possible to hide if the body asks for it itself.
I have no partner with whom I could satisfy my desires, and my partner, these are my palms and hands. This is how my hands have been bringing me to ****** for a long time. Today I sleep again without underwear, so I can quickly touch my ********, and start ************ if I need to.
This morning after I finished ************, I went to the shower and washed off all the sweat I got during ******. Do you sweat during ***? Yes, I'm sweating a little. I tell you this. Maybe this will interest you greatly?
Sometimes the smell during *** is very arousing. I am yes. And you? Two weeks ago, I wrote a statement that I want to take a vacation and go anywhere to rest, to reboot the brain from everyday life, but then I still did not know at all that you would appear in my life.
every time I read your letter, I feel what a man you are, and after reading what you write I become even more excited and because of you, I have to think about *** more often than usual.
Apparently you and I are somewhat similar and there is a small alliance between us, I decided that I want to meet you in real life, to see you with my own eyes. Starting next week, I will have a vacation and I want to visit you on this vacation, I cannot hide it from you, if I didn’t know you, then I would have decided to visit another country without you.
But now that I know you, I want to visit you personally in your country. Since you know that I don't make much money, but even so, I saved a small amount every month, because I wanted to visit another country, and so I am saving up a small amount of money, and I want to spend this money on a trip to you, I saved this money for 1 year, saving it every month for my vacation, probably many people who want to go somewhere do this in other words, with this money I want to buy a ticket to your airport, as well as immediately buy a return ticket. My vacation starts on Monday 16. May.
I will come to you on 21. May on a passenger plane.
There is an international airport in my city and I can travel to your country from my airport.
I will fly from Uzbekistan from Tashkent to meet you personally.
I will fly by plane and bring with me all my emotions related to ***.
I'll fly by plane and bring all my ****** fantasies with me.
I want you to see how strongly I am sexually aroused. I am arriving in your country and at your airport on 21. May.
Since I will have 15 free days with you, this means that I will be with you for 15 nights, and then I will be able to return back to Uzbekistan on 5. June, also by plane. Moreover. You Jerry and I am Vicka.
I imagined that our first meeting would be exciting for the two of us, and for me personally, this meeting is associated as the biggest holiday of the year, it will be like meeting Christmas and New Year.
Which we will spend together I want you and me to celebrate our meeting, like Christmas and New Year so that it would be a great day for you and me, a day that we will remember for a long time.
I will bring you a souvenir and a gift from me what would be a surprise for you, I will knock on the door of your house, and on the floor, under the door of your house, I will put a gift and a souvenir from me.
My travel schedule in numbers.
I fly to you on 21. May and fly back home on 5. June How great it is that you and I can celebrate together, what would you like to see as a gift from me?
Would you like to get physical intimacy or something memorable that you can keep on your shelf, as a reminder of our meeting?
What is the best gift for you? Intimacy or a souvenir associated with me? I really want to visit you and see your wonderful country with my own eyes, I really hope that you will not turn your back on me and you won’t do something nasty just before my arrival to you, in other words, I hope that you will support my desire to be by your side and not turn your back on me at the very last moment. I'll tell you honestly, I really want to get to know you personally, and feel your male energy.
I really want to visit you and see your life and how you settled in this life, I would be very interested to see how you are alive I will worry just like you, because I never do anything like this in my life, i mean i never travel that far but i always wanted to visit other countries and see the life of people and how they live. What do they use as food. Morning, lunch, breakfast.
What people drink in other countries, what kind of drinks are there and what they use during the day. I only know tea and coffee.
But I have tried a large number of varieties of tea, maybe you have a new variety of tea that I would be ready to try with you
And thank God that I have you Jerry
this will not happen that I am going to your country and no one is waiting for me there on the contrary, I can be a welcome guest in your country, and I will know that you are waiting for me and when I am next to you I will be like, behind a stone wall in your country. Until I know how our first meeting will be, but apparently you and I will not know this until we meet our eyes but if you asked if I could go to your bed with you on the first night then I will say that I want to talk to you personally, when we meet to understand if we can be close to each other in an intimate even though I've never seen you face to face before, but I just feel from your letters that you are a good and kind man, and all your words in the letter indicate that you want and will take care of me when I am next to you, and that you will treat me like the sweetest flower you ever had, based on this, I know that you will not hurt me or force me to be violent.
Because I will be ready for an intimate relationship with you anyway. We just need to first discuss who likes what in ***.
The man who thinks so well and wants to take care of me will never hurt me, and even more so he will not deceive me. I have a video for you in which you will see how happy I am after my morning ******
And to watch my video, you can watch it here. I also want to ask you to print my photo and hang it on the wall or in a frame.
So that when you look at me and my photo on your table warm your heart!
And I want you to send me a photo report, how you printed me and which photo frame did you choose for my photo.
And which photo did you choose?
Send me a photo so that I can see that you have printed my photo and my photo is framed on your table.
So that when you look at me and my photo on your table warm your heart! I want you not to push me away and give me a chance to fly to you on 21. May at your airport.
What do you think about this ???
I kiss you Jerry, best regards Vicka
Letter 9
Good morning Jerry
in this night from Saturday night to Sunday.
I can't sleep and my insomnia is caused by you Jerry.
I tried to fall asleep but it doesn't happen to me, it's all because I think about how I want to visit you on my vacation. I can't sleep now, because I keep thinking about what I told you today, I have said so many things to you, I am worried suddenly you think that I think too much about ***, although I honestly consider myself a normal woman, I just really want a normal relationship in which everything I want will be, and the fact that I talk a lot about bed does not mean that I am crazy.
I just think that everyone has such needs, but not everyone can say it openly.
I can tell you, because you are a man, I am a girl.
and it's okay that you and I together can discuss the bed and everything related to it.
Never before in my life have I had to write so much about *** and how much I miss it, I just see a kindred spirit in you and I feel that I can tell you everything that I want.
Once again, I ask you to forgive me, suddenly I have gone too far with *** and you think that I am sexually spoiled.
I'll be honest, though. I just want to have a second half that will completely suit me and we will have stable *** and we will not have any restrictions and will try whatever we want.
I think that you and I have every chance to try together to realize our fantasies. Please give me all the information I need so that I can choose your airport correctly and buy a ticket for it.
I ask you to answer in detail and to write: 1. What is your nearest airport? 2. Write your full home address 3. Write me your full first and last name 4. What is the three-digit code for your airport? It would be better if you give me your exact home address, this is in case you can't come to the airport and I have to take the nearest taxi or even a train from the airport to your nearest stop and get off at the station closer to your house and walk I want to plan a route from your airport to your home.
If you don't meet me at the airport, I can come to you by public transport.
I just need to know:
Your nearest airport
Your city
House number
Postal code
What is your name,
your full name and surname I look forward to seeing you again on 21. May. Don't expect me to send you a ***** photo of myself.
I all have such moral principles by which I will not do this, I can tell you right away how it will be if you want to see me in the shower, where I will take a shower, it will be in your house, and only then will I let you see how I look when I'm not wearing my underwear.
I want to ask you to patiently wait for our meeting, and then we will together realize our fantasies.
Now I want to send you two of my photos that I just took, the moment I am very ***** again, and after I finish writing this letter, I'm going to ********** one more time today.
I can't stop because you turn me on after every letter. now I'm waiting for you to answer me as soon as possible, and write everything that I asked you today. Namely:
I need your nearest airport.
His name. Short code of 3 letters, and what is your home address, I need it in case you suddenly cannot go to your airport to meet me, and then I will take a taxi, and I will tell your taxi address so that he would take me from the airport to your house. I am really looking forward to your answer.
Best wishes to you, Vicka.
Letter 10
Hello dear Jerry
I am happy to share the good news with you,
But first things first
I'm so glad I have some news today that I want to share with you
I bought a ticket to your country, but there was no direct flight to your country.
and I had to buy a flight with transfers. This morning I flew from Uzbekistan, from Tashkent, to Bishkek Airport.
I am in Kyrgyzstan now in Manas Airport
I wake up early today, the city was still asleep and so are you
And I am was sitting on the plane at that moment and take off from my airport (Tashkent Aeroport) regular flight and this afternoon i arrived at the international airport
And I am currently writing to you from the airport internet café. Now I am writing to you from Internet Cafe at Bishkek - Manas International Airport (FRU).
I am writing you this letter so that you are happy for me.
The fact that I am alive and everything is fine with me.
And now I'm waiting for a flight to your country, to your airport My departure will be by plane from Manas on 21. May.
as there is no direct flight to your country on other days.
And I'll arrive at your airport on 21. May.
And we will meet with you and we will be together alone for 15 whole days From 21. May to 5. June I'll be in your home.
My return flight to Tashkent takes place on 5. June. I couldn't find and buy a direct flight to your airport.
It just doesn't exist
And the only possible flight to you was via Bishkek International Airport. Let me introduce you to the details of the flight from Tashkent to Bishkek and then from Bishkek to your airport.
I landed a few hours ago in Manas International Airport
Uzbek Airlines Tashkent, TAS → Manas International Airport (FRU)
The airline - Uzbekistan Airways, aircraft: Airbus A320
Departure Monday 16. May 2022, 05:00 local time
Arrival Monday, 16. May 2022, 06:10 local time
Flight HY 777, tour duration 1h 10m Transplant in Kyrgyzstan Manas I will fly to your airport on 21. May with the cheapest flight.
Then I take an electric train or bus to get to your house.
This is the cheapest route to travel to your home. I'm so ***** now, but now I'm at Manas Airport and I have no way of ************ because my hands are *****, it is not possible to wash your hands, and how can it be, it is not possible to ********** at the airport.
I only have wet wipes to wipe dirt off my hands often. now I need to calm down and not think about it anymore but when it burns between my legs, I can't help but think about it that now it is necessary to wait patiently for this Saturday, this is the day when you meet me and take me in your arms. I am so waiting for you to wait for me with open arms and after we see each other's eyes
You take my hand and hug me I expect you to give me feelings and emotions that I haven't had in a long time.
And I'm waiting for you to say a lot of nice words to me and you will kiss and smile at me. I don't carry a ton of cosmetics with me because extra bulky luggage is expensive and you have to pay for it separately and I don't take a lot of things with me, I decided that it would be better if I take only hand luggage, which is included in the cost of the flight by plane and hand luggage is free I won’t have tons of cosmetics with me, and I don’t need pads and tampons either and yes my period days are over no need for pads so we will have hot 15 days, and these days we will dress and undress if it's hot will you show me how you walk ***** at home? and how do you sleep *****?
Or maybe even I will see you completely ***** in the street?
You see, we have a lot that we can testing together.
and have many unforgettable memories
I'm sure you have a lot more to show me. when i'm in your house i'll show you how i bring myself to ****** as soon as you know how I like it, then all 15 days you will bring me to ****** - You Jerry!
I think there is nothing prejudicial in this, we are adults with you and we can play hooligans in any way I want to send you a video where you can see it that I didn't sleep all night today. I couldn't find my place.
I had so much excitement. That it was impossible to sleep.
And I couldn't sleep.. I do everything I can and can't do.
I do night exercises. And I record the warm-up on video, so that you can see what I did tonight. I did not sleep. I couldn't attach my video clip to the letter as my email refuses to upload large videos.
like yours probably too?
However, it was stated in my mailbox to use this website to send videos to you.
Don't worry, my link is completely secure.
To open my video and watch the video
You need to open here. Now I will be waiting for a flight to your country.
Wish me the best of luck!
Have patience...see you soon
Your Vicka
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