Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Budina to Henry (USA)

Letter 1
How to me to begin our acquaintance? I wanted to get to know you. how you see it
I hope that you are not against my interest?
My name is Kseniya. Your name? How old are you?
Maybe I was wrong... I want it to be confirmed. I wasn't exactly wrong?
Let this day will give you great pleasure and beautiful mood.
If you have an interest, I'm willing to send you my pictures in my next letter.
I hope that tomorrow I will get your answer...
I wish you a nice Friday.
I will wait with impatience your answer. Many greetings
Letter 2
Hello Henry.
Henry, I can write to you in English.
Today 30 April. At me the usual working day.
Now I had a free time.
I have turned on the computer and at once have checked up the e-mail.
I am very glad that you have written to me...
I had at once a good mood.
My name Kseniya. For you Ksusha. I am 36 years old.
Henry, you should read my letter attentively.
I very sincere also want that you heart understood me.
I hope, what you the serious and fair man?????
I never was married and I do not have children!!!!
Now I do not have relations with the man...
Me already betrayed and deceived, therefore I hate lie and treachery.
I very serious, womanly also love romanticism.
At me kind heart both my character quiet and cheerful.
Henry where to be your house? I live in Russia city Kolomna. My city is located near to Moscow.
I work in real estate agency. To me like my work.
Henry, I think distance between us will not disturb to our acquaintance??
I plan to travel to the near future in your country.
My holiday begins in four weeks. Approximate date of my holiday 28 May.
I want to use this chance of 100 percent.
We can meet you during my holiday. If you wish?
I will be happy to be some days with the romantic man. It will be days of tenderness and romanticism.
Probably it will be you?? You would like to meet me in four weeks?
I already have a Schengen visa. In August, 2021 I flied to Czechia.
My agency had a client who has bought the house in Prague. I had to fly to Prague on the transaction.
Prague has amazed me with the beauty. Now I dream to visit many European cities.
My visa is valid for 3 years. I can visit any European country. BUT in the end of February Russia has begun war against Ukraine.
Now the most part of flights have cancelled. To Russia have imposed more than 7500 sanctions.
I precisely know that there is a possibility to take off from Russia through other countries.
Henry, I do not want to speak on a theme of war, a policy and Coronavirus. I was already tired Of these news!
In the TV speak only about the politician and war. I against this war. I do not want that people died.
But politicians solve for us. At simple people as we many problems because of politicians.
I hope that our acquaintance will not influence a policy of our countries?
We with you correspondence will be easy. We will not have any pressure. We will not hurry event.
And we will not make any decisions now. OK? We will slowly go.
If you accept mine offers I stop searches of the man on the Internet.
Now I am sorry. I should finish the letter. I need to continue the work...
Henry, tell to me than you are engaged? With whom you live?????
I will wait and I hope you to me will tell about myself and the life?
The new photos have gone. OK? I send you my photos.
Photos from work.
What do you think of my photos?
I hope that you the serious man and write me the answer.
I wish you fine mood.
Letter 3
Hello Henry.
It was very pleasant to me to receive your answer.
I am assured that you never will regret about our acquaintance.
How your mood? I hope that at you all is good...
You write: I suspect so lets do a little bit of ice breaking stuff
and see where that leads us, OK? My answer: Okay...
If it is fair, at me it for the first time dialogue through the Internet with the man from other country.
Dialogue with the man from other country it is unusual to me. It is very interesting...
I hope that we with you will continue our dialogue. You have very much interested me.
For today I am lonely. I already had relations with the man 1,5 year ago.
My last relations lasted 2,5 years, but my man has betrayed me, having changed me with other girl.
I never forgive such acts. For today I could not find the good and worthy man.
Many men to drink ***** and have much harmful habits.
Therefore I do not want to build the relation with such men...
Now I will tell to you about the family. I have mum Elena and father Vitaliy. My parents live near to my house.
I live separately from parents in small, but cosy and light apartment.
My hobby: I like to walk with girlfriends, driving on a bicycle to go to the cinema, float,
To prepare various dishes, to read books, to knit, I love trips and travel.
I very much love animals. I have a cat by name of Leks. You have animals...???
I hope that you will not worry about my English language.
I studied English language at university during study.
I speak English. But my spelling awful.
Sometimes I use the translator to avoid errors.
I hope, what you understand my letters? How many languages you know...???
Now I wish you good day and fine mood.
Let this day will present to you a lot of pleasure and happiness.
I send you photos:
My cat Leks.
Photo of parents.
I hope that you were glad to know a little about my family.
I am very glad that my photos were pleasant to you.
I will try to please you the photos every day.
I wish you fine Sunday.
Let today will give you good mood.
Henry, I wait for your answer.
Letter 4
Hello Henry.
I am very glad to receive your letter today. Thanks for your new letter.
How are you? As your mood? I very much hope that at you all is good.
At me today all is good. I had a fine night because I well slept.
Today I have woken up in fine mood.
In the morning I have taken a shower. I have made for a breakfast the oatmeal and sandwich with cheese.
What did you eat today for a breakfast?
I want to learn as much as possible about you Henry.
You are interesting to me as the man and I want to continue our dialogue.
I already wrote to you that I like to travel or spend time on the nature.
During the holiday I was in Egypt - Hurghada and by the black sea in Sochi two times.
I respect traditions of other countries. What traditions are in your country?
I already wrote to you that I want to visit your country during the holiday.
I want to visit beautiful cities of your country.
Your country is very interesting to me and I want to learn about your country.
I think that you too like to travel...?? In what countries you were?
I have remarkable girlfriends Marina and Inna with which I am on friendly terms since the childhood.
My friends always to support me a difficult minute and help me in all.
Always it is necessary to have the good friend or the girlfriend. Because friends always will help a difficult minute.
I hope that at you too is good and reliable friends...
I want to ask you, when you birthday...? My birthday 15.05.1985.
You write: Do you know anything about this sport? My answer: YES. I know that such American football...
You write: What sports do you like? My answer: Run, fitness, skis, a bicycle.
To me to be pleasant to look football, biathlon, hockey, figure skating and swimming.
Now I finish the letter. I wish you pleasant evening.
I send you photos:
My photos with Sochi and Hurghada.
Photos with the girlfriends.
All my photos are done by my friend Marina. Marina the good photographer.
Henry when you will send me the photos?
I wish you fine Monday.
I with impatience will wait your letter.
Letter 5
HI Henry.
I am again glad to see your letter.
Thanks for that that has found free time for me.
As you have begun the morning today...?? I hope that from fine mood...
This morning I have woken up, have taken a shower. Has made to itself a hairstyle and has had breakfast.
I had a coffee sandwich for breakfast.
Then I have started to think that it is possible to make for a supper.
For a supper I have decided to prepare vegetables and chicken ****** and I will make salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.
To be pleasant to you vegetables...? I very much like to prepare various dishes, this my hobby.
You prefer what kitchen?
I hope that you already tried Russian cuisine...??
I always try to prepare a tasty dish. I think each person loves is tasty to attempt.
When, you feed the relatives with something tasty that all are always happy and grateful.
I try to make always a pleasant surprise to the close and native people...
I very much love an order and cleanliness in the house. On-Sunday I always I do general cleaning in apartment.
My apartment always the pure. I think that you too love cleanliness and an order in the house...??
Yesterday, I have told to the girlfriends about sew the Internet to correspondence.
My girlfriends were glad for me. My girlfriends give to you big Hello...
Tonight I want to tell about our dialogue to the parents.
I think that my parents will be very glad for me.
Tomorrow I will inform you that my parents have told into the account of our dialogue...
What sport to you to be pleasant to be watched on TV...??
I know that usually men like to look football or hockey. Truth...???
From sports I like to watch on TV: tennis, hockey, biathlon, figure skating and swimming.
When I have a free time I visit gym. I like to ski.
Sports in life are very important also sports it is necessary to be engaged. I think, what you agree with me?
Possibly, you know about that that the World championship on football 2018 passed in Russia.
Games passed in 11 cities of Russia. Probably you watched football matches?
This year the World championship on football will be in Qatar.
The final part will be with 21 November on 18 December in Qatar. I think that will be very interesting...
You write: I may have told you my fiancé cheated on me three weeks before the wedding.
My answer: Why? Probably this girl did not love you?
And what reason was to change to you with the neighbour? Some ladies are ready on changes. BUT for me it low and meanly.
You write: I have a pet goldfish but want a dog; do you prefer dogs or cats?
My answer: I too dream of a dog. BUT there is a problem with a dog it is necessary to walk three times a day.
Henry sorry, but I should finish the letter.
In the evening I want to make supper photos which I will prepare.
In the following letter I will send you photos of the supper.
I wish you the most good Tuesday.
I will wait for your answer.
Letter 6
Hello Henry.
Thanks for your letter.
How are you? As your health?
What weather at you today? I hope that at you all is good...
You write: It was really frightening for me, can you imagine how I felt?
My answer: Yes, I can present history from your childhood. I understand as you have been frightened...
I represent what there was a cold water because I already bathed in the winter in an ice-hole.
You write: Did you ever have a really traumatic event happen to you?
My answer: At me similar cases were not most. I did not receive such traumas.
I will begin the letter of that yesterday I had conversation with the parents.
I have told to parents about our dialogue through the Internet.
Parents were is very glad to that I have begun dialogue with you Henry.
My parents give to you big Hello.
Now I want to ask you about your musical taste. What music to be pleasant to you...??
You have favorite songs? You often listen to radio? You watch musical channels on TV?
To be pleasant to me modern music. I usually listen to radio ENERGY and I watch musical channels on TV.
My favorite artists: U2, Coldplay, Madonna, Modern Talking, ABBA, Alize, Depeche Mode,
Katy Perry, Britni Spirs, Enrique Iglesias and many other things modern executors.
Today at Inna, my friend Birthday. We with girlfriends are going to celebrate Birthday Inna.
We have already chosen a beautiful gift for Inna. We with girlfriends are going to present a kitten.
Inna very much wanted to get a cat therefore we have prepared for Inna such unexpected surprise.
It is a pity to me that today you will not be a number. We together could be on Birthday at Inna.
I can promise to you that I will not be late to late and I will come home at 23h00.
I promised have made for you photos of the supper. I send you supper photos.
I hope that you can see my culinary abilities.
In the future I would like to prepare for you some tasty dishes.
I wish you pleasant Wednesday.
Henry, you attentively read my letters? Henry, you precisely understand my letters???
I ask you questions interesting me. Why you answer not all my questions?
Only on a part of my questions you give me the answer... Or you do not understand a part of my questions?
I cannot understand, unless to you is difficult to answer all my questions??? It is important for me. You understand it?
Henry, i will wait for your answer.
Letter 7
Hello Henry.
Yes, still is in this world true friendship. Henry but why you do not react to my questions???
Now I will a little tell to you about spent birthday Inna.
We have cheerfully spent time with the girlfriends and Mischa at home at Inna.
Mischa the man at Inna. Our lovely gift very much was pleasant Inna...
You know, I often start to think of you Henry!!!!
Our dialogue for me became very important. I do not want and I am afraid to lose you Henry.
I hope that you understand me correctly!!!!
I am very afraid that I would not interest you and you will find another woman.
I hope that you me never will leave one and at all of us it will be good.
Than you were engaged today...?? What plans for tomorrow at you is?
Tonight we with girlfriends are going to go for a new film.
This comedy. The comedy is called "The French Dispatch".
I hope that this comedy to be pleasant to us...
I like to look adventures, comedies, insurgents, a fantasy, a thriller and romantic films.
What films you like to look? What interesting film you looked last time...??
I often think about you Henry!!!! I hope that you too think of me...??
Now I send you photos of the city. I hope that my city to be pleasant to you.
I wish you pleasant Thursday...
About impatience I wait for your letter.
Letter 8
Hello dear Henry.
How you Henry? What plans at you for the evening? I hope that at you all is good...
You write: I´ll explain: it´s not so bad to miss someone every now and then,
but it hurts too much sometimes and the absence becomes unbearable.
That's how I'm feeling right now, and that's the feeling I would like to keep in a safe or
in a little scented box that I could open really quickly from time to time, like when you open a perfume or a lotion.
My answer: Henry, I have understood your words. BUT what for to be afraid of the feelings?
And why you think that I will cause you sufferings and a pain?
Comedy "The French Dispatch" with girlfriends very much it was pleasant to us.
I will advise to you to look at this comedy.
We with girlfriends often go to a cinema, we look new interesting films.
Today I thought of you Henry. My colleague on-work Irina, has asked me, Ksusha of what you think.
I have told that I think of you Henry. Irina has asked me to tell about you.
I have told about our dialogue through the Internet. My colleague Irina was glad for me.
Irina to me has told one bad story which saw on the TV.
One girl had correspondence on the Internet with the man from America.
Through any time of steam has decided to meet, this girl has arrived to America.
After literally week this man began to scoff at this girl, to beat and humiliate before friends.
After all it the girl has decided to return back to Russia.
But the American has taken away all documents of the girl and did not allow to leave America.
It is good that there were kind people and have helped the Russian girl.
Here such bad story was told to me by my colleague.
Irina worries about me and sometimes tells any nonsenses.
I have told at once Irina that Henry very decent and remarkable man to which can be trusted mine.
I know, precisely that you never would offend me. I know that at us never will be such situation.
I know that ours with you dialogue on honesty and on trust. This most important thing!!!
Now I am going to go on a visit. On a visit I am am waited by my parents.
I still need to come into shop to buy a sweet and a pie to tea.
I am obligatory give to the parents from you Hello...
Today I have decided to send you photos of the apartment. I hope that my apartment to be pleasant to you.
Still I send you photos with the colleague Irina and photos from holiday.
I wait for your answer. I hope that I will receive your letter soon.
Letter 9
Hello dear Henry.
Thanks for your letter. Yesterday I could not answer you because there was no Internet.
How your day today? How mood? I think that at you all is remarkable.
Today I had to work for my colleague. Today there was a quiet working day.
Sometimes happens what to have to replace colleagues.
You write: How are you, father and mother? My answer: At my parents all is good...
You write: You became someone special in my heart. A very special in my heart I have known.
Now its answered the things I prayed and long for. It is a love that grows like flowers in the field.
My answer: Henry, thanks for your warm words. Your words have touched my heart...
As usual we will talk to them about various things.
For a supper I will prepare a turkey baked with a potato in creamy sauce.
I know that it will be tasty. It is a pity that you will not be a number during a supper today...
Now I want to talk about our relations to each other.
I think that between us there is a trust and honesty. I completely will entrust you Henry.
I am always fair with you, and always I tell you truth. I respect and I appreciate your man's qualities.
I do not have secrets and secrets from you Henry. I hope that you as trust me...????
The trust and honesty in relations are very important a role. I hope that you understand it!!!
At me now high-grade life. In my life only there is no man.
Men which always would respect and I loved me such what is.
I hope that in the future you will be my man, which to love and respect me...
I am very glad to that I have you Henry. For me this great happiness and pleasure.
To me has very much carried that I have met you Henry...
I want to have serious relations. I think that for any girl it is very important!!!!!!!
I many times heard about people who change love for money, riches and the power...
I think that the true love never cannot be bought for money. What do you think of it???? Our thoughts coincide???
Probably, you think, what the happiness depends from amount of money? Tell to me the thoughts...
I know that many will disagree with my opinion!
But I want to have true love. The love which cannot be bought for money.
I think that between the man and the woman money should not star in relations.
I do not have purpose, to find the rich man with money. I do not want to depend on the man.
Money it not the main thing, main for me honesty and sincerity in relations.
I like to work and I earn money for the life independently.
I hope that you understand about what I wanted to tell to you.
Now I am am waited by my colleagues. I hope that you understand me.
I wait your letter.
Ksusha p.s. Today on work I have made for you a special photo.
Letter 10
Hello my dear Henry.
Thanks for your beautiful letter. Thanks for your beautiful words.
How you today? How you slept this night? How you feel?
Your health is perfectly in order? I hope that at you all is good.
For me it is important that at you all was always good.
At me now all is good. At my parents too all is good...
The yesterday's supper with my girlfriends was good.
Turkey with a potato it has turned out very tasty.
My girlfriends very much liked my supper. The main thing that all were happy and full.
I have some plans. It is necessary to go to shop, to buy products home.
Then I want to prepare for myself a tasty dish. I want to prepare the meat baked in a foil with tomatoes and a potato.
It will be very tasty. It would be pleasant to you!!!! It is a pity that you are not present nearby...
I always and everywhere think of you Henry. I do not know, how it to name.
I have got used to you Henry. You became for me very important man.
It seems to me that I am familiar with you for a long time already. You the man of whom I dreamt always.
I know that you completely can be trusted. That you think of us...?? About ours with you relations...???
I told to my parents about you Henry much. Under my stories you very much were pleasant to my parents.
To my parents asked give to you big Hello. To my parents are very glad that I have such man.
My parents has told that will wait now our future meeting...
I want to ask you that you feel to me...??? Whether there is at you a sympathy for me??
I want, that you have told to me about the feelings...
I have a big sympathy for you Henry. I think only of you.
I to fall asleep and wake up with thought on you Henry. I hope that we will always hang together.
The main mutual understanding and the fair relation to each other. I have nothing to hide from you and I always tell you truth.
For me riches and beauty are not important. The main thing for me sincere and high qualities which are in you Henry...
It is assured, at us with you all it to turn out. I am very serious, I concern you Henry.
I never will disappoint you. If you want, I always will be only with you Henry.
I want to be your princess!
I send you photos with parents.
I hope that you will be glad to see these photos.
Fine to you of day and good mood.
I wait for your answer.
Your princess Ksusha
Letter 11
Hello my dear man Henry.
How are you Henry? As you feel? How your mood? I hope that you well feel.
I always worry and I worry about you Henry...
You write: And how is your health? Your health should always be good, you never should be ill.
My answer: YES. Now I cannot complain of the health.
You write: Probably in the future we can create a strong family. I wish to divide you with happiness.
I wish to know whether I can make you happy in life? I can try? Please give me a chance to love you.
My answer: Henry, I am ready to give you chance. I will be assured of that that at us strong family...
Today I have woken up too late in 08h30 mornings. I even was late a little for work.
Yesterday I long could not fall asleep. I thought of you and about us with you much. I do not know that with me.
I very much would like to see you, to embrace and kiss. It seems to me that you my destiny.
You have given me belief in our relations. I am very glad that you at me are.
I am assured that at all of us it to turn out...
You think from us to turn out good pair...?? I think, what YES!!!
I think better once to meet. Than to waste time on correspondence. You agree with me...???
Only after our meeting we with you know each other better.
The destiny has given us this chance. We should use this chance.
Now all depends on us and our decision. Only ourselves can change our destiny.
I concern you Henry, as to the man with all sincerity and respect.
My feelings to you the most frank and fair. I trust in our relations.
I know that at all of us it to turn out and we will meet. Henry, you my man...
Tomorrow I want to talk to the chief into the account of exact date of the holiday.
Very soon we will have a possibility to meet.
Now has come to send the moment to you the letter. And again to wait the moment when you will answer me.
I wish you successful continuation of Tuesday.
I kiss and gently I embrace you my man Henry.
Kisse, yours Ksusha. p.s. All is similar to ours with you history
Letter 12
Hello dear Man Henry.
My man Henry. How your day today? You already have plans for tomorrow?
I'm fine... Today has woken up early nearby 07h00 mornings.
Has taken a shower, has then had breakfast.
For breakfast, I ate two bananas and one apple. I drank coffee...
I have good news to you. I hope that you will be glad.
I had conversation with the chief. My chief has agreed to give me holiday with 28 May.
I was very happy to that we have a possibility to meet in the near future.
I want to make all necessary documents through travel company.
Many people who travels address in travel company because it conveniently.
In my city there is a reliable travel company in which I want to address.
To avoid various troubles, I will carefully supervise all processes.
I know that in travel company I work responsible and serious people.
In travel company to me will help to prepare all necessary documents for my travel to the USA.
I already have one document is the international passport...
Yesterday I dreamt of ours with you to a meeting. I think often of you Henry. You always in my thoughts.
I am glad that we could meet each other on the Internet. Now we are ready to meet you in real life.
I think and I dream of our meeting. When we will be together, it will be unforgettable days for us.
We will be very happy together! You agree...???
I very much want to see you, your life and simply to be with you nearby. I any more do not wish to remain one.
I want to arrive as soon as possible to you Henry. Nobody can prevent our meeting!!!!
When I will arrive, you can show to me many beautiful places. I want to see everything that you surrounds...
As I already wrote, I love cleanliness and an order in the house. I love, when in the house there are flowers.
You have flowers...??
When I will arrive to you, I will prepare for you various tasty dishes. We as can prepare together.
I can tide up or wash ***** things. It will not make for me work. I will make all for ours with you of a comfort.
I promise that we never with you will regret about ours with you to a meeting.
I want to make you the happiest man.
I want to enjoy every minute you and I want to give all tenderness, warmth, care, caress...
Sincerely with all my heart, because for me it is important...
Let this usual, not the holiday becomes kind, good, joyful.
Will bring to you good mood and consciousness of that life is fine.
I very much hope soon to receive your answer.
Kisse, yours Ksusha
Letter 13
Hello my dear Henry.
How your mood? What did you do today? I hope that at you all is good...
You write: What do you think would you prefer to go to a lake or the ocean for our first proper date?
My answer: Henry to be pleasant to me your idea. But we with you will choose what beautiful lake?
Today at me good mood. I am very glad that I have you Henry!
We with you a meeting will bring to us a lot of pleasure and happiness. We will be happy!
I want to tell to you Henry that I never tested such strong feelings through the Internet.
I precisely know that I can trust completely to you Henry.
I will never afflict you because I to respect you Henry. You are grateful to me for it...
I am very happy that soon ours with you dreams will be carried out. Be fast we can together.
You have presented to me hope of our meeting. All our dreams and desires are executed very soon.
You the most remarkable and sincere man!!! You real gentleman!!!
If it is fair, to me has very much carried that I have met you Henry.
I will always try to make for you pleasant. I want, that to you it was always good with me.
Tomorrow I want to receive the information on cost of my travel to the USA.
I still need to find out about what documents are necessary for me for my travel to you.
The information on you is necessary for me: 1. Your full name
2. home address
3. telephone number
4. the closest airport to you I hope that you can give me this information.
Your information, is necessary for me that I could find out:
1.) about what are necessary for me documents for travel to the USA.
2.) that I could find out an overall cost of my travel to the USA.
Tomorrow I can find out all information and write to you about all...
Henry - you in my head... Soon we will together and this main thing.
I cannot bring you Henry. I have, the big responsibility before you.
I want, that you knew, my relation to you very serious...
You have helped me to exchange in another side. I began to dream and smile even more often!!!!!
You take an important place, an important place which is worthy only you Henry in my heart.
This important place which always will belong only to you Henry. Never forget about it!!!!!
I want to wish you good mood.
I hope soon to receive your answer.
Kissss and hug your Ksusha.
Letter 14
Hello my love Henry.
My dear man Henry, how your mood?
How to pass your day? I hope that at you all is good...
Today I much have learnt that it is necessary for me for my travel in the USA.
To begin with I should receive the visa to the USA.
I think that the visa the most important document for visiting of the USA.
My holiday begins in 15 days. 28 May I am on vacation!!!!
I have good news to you!!
Today I could pay the medical insurance. I have paid for the medical insurance of 8250 roubles.
And I can independently pay the air ticket from Kostanay (KSN) to the airport Blue Grass.
Cost of air tickets from 12450 roubles. In it there are no problems.
The problem to reach airport Kostanay (KSN). This airport to be in Kazakhstan.
I can take off from Russia only through airport Kostanay (KSN). Henry I hope that you understand all?
Cost of my trip through Kazakhstan will make 47400 roubles. There is more expensive way to fly through Turkey.
But the most favourable variant to fly through Kazakhstan.
I have to pay for the antibody test. And this test must be passed 72 hours before my departure.
I will cover these costs for the test. I will receive the test result within 24 hours.
I have addressed for the help to the parents. My parents do not have big money.
My parents very much worries for ours with you of the relation. My mum and the father want that we have met you.
For the sake of our meeting, my father wants to sell the boat.
The father has told, in the near future will be engaged in sale of the boat.
The only problem is that I do not know how long it takes the boat sales.
It is necessary for me to pay the travel now. That I have had time to legalise papers prior to the beginning of my holiday.
It is necessary for me to find missing 26700 roubles.
1 euro = 75 Russian Roubles. I now needed to pay 356 euros.
Henry, I need your advice!!!! What to me do in my situation...???
I really did not think that I will have a financial problem.
Now I need to think, where I can find 356 euros to pay the travel to you.
Do not forget that I prepare for our meeting seriously and responsibly!!!!
For me the main thing to see you Henry. To see, how you live.
I promise to do the utmost to arrive to you Henry!!!
You the serious man. I the serious woman.
I respect you Henry. To me I nothing to hide therefore always is frank with you.
You also should hide nothing from me...
Remember Henry!!!!! I cannot postpone the holiday, for other time...
My holiday is limited because of my operating schedule!!!
I finish the letter, because of bad mood. I hope that you understand my problem.
I wish you good mood. I will look forward your answer.
I will miss you Henry.
With all tenderness I hug you and kiss you tenderly.
With love your Ksusha.
Letter 15
Hello my love Henry.
How are you Henry? As your mood? How your health? I hope that at you all is good...
You write: I've no idea. You must ask the right people if they can help you....
My answer: Henry but why I should search for the help at other people? I treat to you. Or you do not understand it?
How I understand that you cannot help me with money? I have understood your situation so...
Henry, you too should understand my difficult situation and my dreams.
Now I should search for money by own strength. I will independently find the decision and I will arrive in the USA.
My father yet has not sold a boat. Now I need to find 356 euros to pay travel to the USA.
I thought much where to borrow money for my travel to you Henry.
Understand that I do not want to be humiliated before colleagues. It is a shame to me! You understand me...?
Excuse, but as it is a shame to me before you Henry.
Now I want to ask about your help. Henry, you can borrow me money on credit for my travel to you...?
I promise that my father will pay you money after boat sale.
I consider that you my man, and I go to you that we have seen each other in the live.
We of all live once in this life, and I consider that we should try all.
Especially we should spend time together. You agree with me...?
I am not going to bring you Henry. My intentions are the most real, sincere and serious.
I your fair woman Ksusha. My father will return you back these 356 euros which you will borrow to me for my travel to you. I swear!!!!
I guarantee to you that my father will pay all debt to you in a current of one months.
I even can write you the receipt at the notary, that my father will return you this money. You only should tell to me about it...
Now I hurry up. Because my holiday soon begins. I want to see you during the holiday.
When my holiday will end at me again a lot of work and there will be no free time for a meeting.
Understand, my holiday is limited. You know that I cannot postpone the holiday!!!
At me mad feelings to you Henry. I will make everything to be with you.
Understand that without money I cannot pay the travel to you.
It is a paper will allow us to be together. Will allow to meet. Will allow to look at the future. Money is a paper...
It is necessary to put correctly priorities in life...
Now for me on the first place there is our meeting. You know, on what our meeting depends.
I am very serious and ready to ours with you to a meeting. I am ready to be ready to do anything for the sake of our meeting and for the sake of you Henry!!!
I will love, and to respect you. I will always support you a difficult minute.
I never will betray and I will not bring you Henry. I promise, I give you the word of honour... I swear!!!!
I very much am afraid not to meet you and that all my plans for the period of my holiday not to be carried out. Understand my fears...
That you knew the main thing that I never will bring you Henry. I will make everything that in my forces...
Tonight I will be at home. I want to wish you fine mood.
Do not forget about me and about that that we with you should realise ours a meeting.
Now all only in our hands.
I Kisss you passionately.
Your sincere love Ksusha.
Letter 16
Hello my love Henry.
How you Henry? How your mood today?
I hope that at you all well and you in fine mood...
I have read it very attentively your today's letter. I have some questions.
You write: why did you not ask me yesterday instead of beating around the bush? Then I had say, of course I can help you.
My answer: it is a shame To me before you. Henry, therefore I was ashamed to ask your help.
Henry, I hope that you understand me?
Henry, now against Russia there are many sanctions.
BUT as my father speaks if to search for an exit that it it is possible to find.
I have thoughts as you can send money. I hope that you will help me to arrive in the USA?
I long thought. I do not know how to react to your offer. I do not want to be weak.
I do not want, that you thought of me in the bad image. Now you think, what I the weak and helpless woman???
But it not so, I not the weak. I have only a time problem. I know that you want to help me.
Henry, I completely understand you. And if I arrive to you, we will be the happiest pair.
Henry, I agree to accept your help. You very good and careful man. And I feel your care.
I am assured that I can fall in love with you when we will meet. I already feel that I start to fall in love with you.
But that it to understand, we should meet, and check up our feelings.
Thanks to your help I will be assured of our meeting on 100 %.
The main thing now to pay my travel in the USA.
My plan: Variant ?1: Henry, tomorrow morning I will go to bank. I want to learn, how you can help me.
I know nothing about remittances, between our countries. Therefore you should not rejoice prematurely.
I hope, in bank know a correct way how to send money in Kolomna.
Now it is a lot of sanctions against Russia and many systems of remittances have ceased to work in Russia.
I have a bank account. Henry, you can send means for my bank account?
Probably sanctions do not operate on the bank account? Variant ?2: My cousin lives in Kazakhstan with the husband.
You can send money to my cousin in Kazakhstan and then my cousin to send money for my account. Henry, we have two ways. What way to you is better for using?
My bank account or to send money to my cousin to Kazakhstan? Henry, I will write you all information tomorrow which I will receive in bank.
I will tell to my parents that you have offered me the help. My parents should know about that that you help me.
I understand that it simply formality. I will receive holiday money, after returning to Russia. And then I can return you money.
Henry, I should explain it to my parents that they had no excitement.
Promise to me that when I will receive holiday money, you will agree to accept this money back. It is important for me!!!!
Henry, you confirm, what can meet me at airport Blue Grass? I should arrive To what time? (Morning, midday, evening)?????
We should discuss it in more details? In the following letter.
When we will pay my travel, we should discuss details of our meeting at airport Blue Grass.
Henry, I will wait your prompt reply. I have written you many questions.
And if you answer all my questions today, it very much will help me.
Now I go to shop to buy products. By the evening I will organise a festive table...
I plan to celebrate the Birthday in a circle of the family and girlfriends.
I will not have not enough very strongly you nearby today...
Billion my sweet kisses only for you Henry.
Your love Ksusha.
Letter 17
Hello my love Henry.
How you Henry? How your mood? I hope that at you all is good...
Today I do not have any plans. My head is hammered by thoughts about our the nearest a meeting in the USA.
You write: I'll definitely not send Money to other People in Kazakhstan.
Its funny and to be a new Trend that all Russian have now connection to Kazakhstan or Turkey and all should be done over these countries.
My answer: Henry, I have well understood your position! I hope that you can send money for mine the bank account?
In the morning I have come into bank. In bank to me have allowed to use my bank account.
Henry, you can send without problems into my account money in dollars.
Henry, it will be convenient to you to use my bank account?
At present for me the most convenient way to use the bank account...
I think that there will be no problems for transfer money for my account...
Here my bank account: Name: Budina Kseniya Vitalevna
IBAN or Kto: 40817840600003247082
Bank: Tinkoff Bank
The address: Tinkoff Bank, Bldg. 26, 38A, 2 Khutorskaya str., Moscow, 127287 When your means will arrive into the account I at once to pay the travel in the USA.
After payment of the travel I can write you the necessary information on the arrival in airport Blue Grass...
Before a dream, I always think of you Henry. Me other men for a long time already do not interest.
You are necessary to me only Henry. Our meeting this month is necessary to me.
My heart belongs only to you Henry.
Thanks that you have understood my difficult situation. Thanks that has agreed to help me.
Henry, I am very grateful to you for your help...
Henry, you will execute my dream. I am happy, because I can will meet you this month.
I am very glad that you have appeared in my life.
Henry, I need our meeting. Now I very much wait for the moment of our first meeting.
When I will arrive in Blue Grass it will be the best day in my life. I am assured of it on 100 %...
I wish fine continuation of today's Monday.
My sweet kisssses only for you Henry.
Your love Ksusha.
Letter 18
Hello my love Henry.
My man Henry, how your mood today? How you Henry?
I hope that with your health all is good...
Today I have woken up early in the morning. I have ***** coffee and have come for work.
Today I have enough work.
After work I will go home. I will make a supper a potato with mushrooms. You love mushrooms?
In the childhood I liked to go with parents to wood to mushroom.
My mum fried to me mushrooms and a potato on a frying pan.
Therefore since the childhood I love a fried potato with mushrooms. What juice to be pleasant to you?
My favourite juice - orange and cherry...
Today I have woken up with good mood. As soon as I have opened eyes I at once have thought of you Henry.
Very soon I can wake up together with you. In the morning I will awake you with sweet kissses.
I will make also a tasty breakfast for us. I want to care of you Henry.
Henry, I very much want that we were together. I want to do all together with you.
I wish to deliver to you many the unforgettable moments and a lot of romanticism.
I want, as soon as possible to present you the love and the attention.
Write to me, what games are pleasant to you? How you most of all like to have a good time?
How we with you will have a good time? All is very interesting to me.
It is assured, what you have plans to my arrival?
Henry, you know that for me the most important thing to reach airport Blue Grass.
Now I am going to work.
To me it is very lonely without you wash man Henry.
My sweet kisssses.
Your love Ksusha.
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