Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Koulikova to Thomas (Denmark)

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Letter 1

Dear Thomas!
I did find your announcement in newspaper and I very much have become interested in you and have decided to write to you. Now i am on rates from my work, but in some days i come back home. But the letter i have decided to write and to send to you from Moscow that the letter will vome to you faster. I will tell you about myself. My name is Tatiana. I am 21 years old, height 175, weight 50. I am girl enough clever. I have higher education. My speciality is book-keeper. Now I am working in library. I like to read books very much.I am intelligent, independent, honest, calm, carefull, kind, tender, sensitive with good sense of humour. I was never married, have no children, non-smoker, non-drinking, take no drugs. I am very domestic woman, I like home's cosy, tidy and decorate my flat, and very like cook. Best of all things I like cook, of course except one... ;-) I can cook a lot of meels and can do it very good. Espessially I like to cook meat, fish and pizza and of course every Russian meals. All my relatives and friends very like when I cooking dinner for them. I hope one day I will cook dinner for you! I am very romantic person. I very like nature, sea, mountains, flowers. I like sport, I do gimnastic two-three times a week and therefore I have good, beautiful and slim figure. Else I like to swim and go in basin, but I dream swim in the sea. I very like travel, but I have not possibility (because it is very expensive). I had hear many good and interesting things about your fantastic country, hospitable people, beautiful nature, romantic music, rich culture, and will be very happy to come to you in one day and to see your country together with you . I live in city Novosibirsk. It is the very poor and deserted city. The majority of the population are very poor, and most part of the man's population drinkins alkohol very much. I do not like to live in this place, but I have no an opportunity to change a residence. Region in which I live is most cold place in Russia. We have very short summer and very severe winters. Frosts is constant during all winter -40 - 50 degrees. It is usual temperature for our region. We have a lot of snows and the snow lays at us till June. In an apartment in the winter it is very cold as there is no heating. Very heavy life. All winter we go in an apartment in very much warm clothes, boots and cap. I very much do not like it. As I very much like warmth, flowers, beautiful nature. I too like animals. In my flat live cat. I am interesting in music, movies.
I very good dance ( if we will meet I will dance for you)! And one more problem. I do not have home telephone number. But to the large happiness at my work we have one computer and we have an exit in the Internet, so we can correspond with you on electronic mail. I hope that you too can use the Internet. I with the large impatience shall wait for news from you. Thomas! I want to meet a good, honest man and have long, strong and happy relationship. I want to have relationship full of love, understanding and respect. I send you my photo. I hope you will like it!
If you are interesting in me, please send me your answer to: and my adress:
Koulikova Tatiana Vladimirovna str. Mira 21-63, omsk 644012 russia.
PS: Thomas! I am really very interesting in you. I hope I am woman what you need. Give me chance and you will be very happy with me.
Your Tatiana.

Letter 2

Dear Thomas!!!
I have received your e-mail with your beautifull photo and I am very happy!!! I very much waited your answer and now I am very glad to receive it!!! I very much liked your letter and your photos. I am very much interested in you and in our further relations! I am very glad that we have found one another!!! I very much liked to know more about you, your life and your plans. I shall tell to you more about me.
I live together with mine the mum, I have no the native brothers and sisters. My father was lost in automobile failure when I was the small girl. After that we lived together with mine the mum, she had no other men more and has devoted all life to me. I work now in library and me very much to like my work, though I have the very small salary, but money in life not important for me. I work in children's library, so I work with children, I very much love children, they are very amusing and cheerful. I work 5 days per one week. The days off I spend in home efforts and cares, me very much to like to do something in the house. I very much love to prepare various tasty dishes and in my days off I can with the large pleasure be engaged in it. I dream to prepare tasty dishes for you.
I hope that to you to like it.
So my daily life is monotonous.
But you came into my life and now I frequently dream of that as we can be together. I have no any experience in such kind of acquaintance. I have simply found casually in the newspaper your announcement and have decided to try. I really need in the man and in serious relations so I have decided to try such tipe of acquaintance. It is all it is very new to me.
At the given moment I have no the friend already long time. All my previous men were not serious as well as majority of the Russian men. All of them searched only for girl for entertainment and for short time, the alcohol and bars was necessary only entertainments, to them, to drink alcohol much and frequently and so on. But I neednot it. I want to have the serious man for the serious relations and for creation of family. So I have decided to find such the man in other country, not in Russia. And at my image of life now it is very difficult to get acquainted even with the Russian man as all my life is work and house. I work in children's library so to get acquainted with someone at work not probably. I do not go on discos, in bars and restaurants as it is expensive for me, and in a Russian bars and on a discos it is not possible to get acquainted with decent and intelligent man. So therefore I am alone. But now I am very happy what we have find one another!!!
I send to you my another photo. I hope you will like it!
I very waiting for your answer!!!
Your Tatiana.

Letter 3

Dear Thomas!!!
I am very glad and very much surprised to receive answer from you after one year!!! Thank you! I very much waited answer from you and then I have lost hope as I have thought that you have found other girl for you.
I am very much surprised that you have such laws in the country. But I do not think that it should be the reason for a stop correspondence. We could correspond, to know one another better, to meet and time would pass and in 24 we would get married. But if you have such laws and we would like to get married very much that we could get married in Russia and return in your country as husband and wife. Always there is a way to bypass a problem. But I am happy that you have decided to write to me again. I am very much interested in you and in our relations. I very much like you on your photo. I shall be happy to have with you correspondence and to have happy meetings and we shall see that will turn out from our attitude we in the future. So it is not necessary to refuse relations at once.
I write to you my letters independently. I know well English so it for me not a problem to write to you and to read your letters. I studied English 10 years and studied German a little.
Write to me more about you. As you live, where work, what interests and plans for the future. I shall wait very much answer from you.
Hope to receive your answer earlier than after one year!!! ;-)
Your Tatiana!!!

Letter 4

Dear Thomas!!!
I received your e-mail and I am very happy! Thank you very much!!! I like your letter very much!
From your letter I think what you are man what I was looking for! I like you very much!
I am very glad what you are interesting in me and want continue our correspondens.
I am too very interesting in our relationship. I like your letters very much and I think from your letters what you are very interesting, kind, honest, intelligent and clever man. I very need to have man like you.
Long time I was looking for man for create family, but I was unluky in this case. But I still have small hope to find man for make happy family together. I think that you are man that I am looking for. And I hope I am woman that you need.
I like you from your letters and in your letters I saw your good sole and I think what it is most important for me. I think what love, respect and understanding are more important things beatween people in life. I send you one more photo. These photos have been made in sports club, I go there in swiming pool. You have correctly noticed. So it is very beautiful as recently big and beautiful repair there has been made. There beautiful and I was photographed in a hall for rest. It not my apartment! But you very observant. It is very good!
You are right that if I shall live with you that I shall miss about my mum. But sooner or later all children create own families and leave parents. Russia big and even if will leave for other city in Russia this same what to leave other country. I can call to my mum. We shall buy mobile phone for mum and we can call to mum. I shall not call to her 3 times in day, normally to call 1 - 2 times a week. I shall work and I will send for mum some money that mum could eat normally. We can sometimes (once time in year or 2 years) to visit mum or will invite her to arrive to us. So it not problem.
But we in our reflections came very far. We in fact did not meet yet. And already we discuss these affairs. We should meet, to know one another well, whether we shall decide to create our family or not. So all over again we should discuss our meeting and already then all other affairs!!!! I very much want to meet you! I hope that you too!!! Write to me that you think about it! I very want to meet with you. Now I sometimes imagine our meet with you. Our romantics evenings, walk together, our tolking about life, love... our romantics suppers by the candle light. we will look into our eyes and understand each other even without words.
Yes, of course to have correspondence long time is good, but i think what some days spend together will show more about each other than long years correspondence.
I can write about myself a lot and long but I think what better you will know me when we will meet. I think what we must not put off our meet. It is my opinion. What is your? I will be waiting your answer.
I waiting for your answer.
Your Tatiana!

Letter 5

Dear Thomas!!!!!
I received your 2 e-mails with your photo and figure and I am very very very happy!!!
Thank you very much!!! I liked your paint very much!!!
I very like your letters and I very like you on your photo!!!
I very happy what you like me too! And what you want meet with me soon! I too very want to meet with you so soon as possible! I hope what it will be possible in soon future.
I so am happy that we have found each other!!!
You are man of my dream. I dreamed of such as you all my life and. I think about you constantly and I dream about our meeting. Those days when we shall be together will be happiest in my life.
And I shall do all that you were happy with me.
It is not important for me where we will meet. If you can come to Russia first and after we will go together to you it is wonderfull, or if you want I will come to you first! If you will arrive to me that to you it is not necessary hotel. You can remain to live at me. I live with mum in a two-room apartment so my room will be completely in our disposal. I shall be very happy, I shall prepare for you every day most tasty Russian dishes! You will see my city, my work. You will get acquainted with my mum. My mum too invites you to us!
Write to me that you think of our meeting.
I very much want to meet you so soon as it probably.
I want to be near to you. I think of you constantly!!!
I very much want to meet you in September. Write to me all as you plan our meeting. We should prepare the tickets and visa.
I shall be happiest girl in the world when I will meet with you!!!
You are man of my dream!!!
Many kisses!!!
With love your Tatiana.

Letter 6

My love Thomats!!!
I have received all your messages today. Thanks you huge!!! I am very happy that I have received your letters today and I answer you till Tuesday.
Otherwise you have not forgiven me and have not answered me. My dear, we had no connection with the Internet and I could not receive your messages in any way and answer you. But I thought of you. I very much worried that I cannot answer you.
I am very much interesting in you and in our relations. I very much want our meeting and our serious relations. You are on 2 place in this world for me. First my mum and then you. I am really very much interesting in you and I very much want our serious relation. I hope that we shall be family!
I looked your photos. I have understood that it is the working house and not your house where do you live!!! It would be impossible to live without a roof!!! I would be happy to arrive to you and to see your city, your house, your work, your favourite places. I very much want to meet you. Or probably you can arrive to me. It is not important for me where we shall meet. The most important to meet!!!
Once again forgive me that I have kept you waiting for a long time my answer and have forced you worry. It not my fault. Unfortunately I have no computer house.
I shall wait very much your answer.
With love, your Tatiana.

Letter 7

My love Thomas!!!
I am very happy to receive your message!!! Thanks you huge! Now I hasten to answer you faster.
Forgive for a delay with my answer. I have been very much borrowed on work. But I have already found out about an apartment for us!!!
In newspapers it is a lot of announcement of apartments, but it is a lot of apartment for long term. For short time apartment it is less and more expensively, but to find possible. Apartments on a week cost from 200 dollars. But it is much cheaper than hotel and it is much more convenient. I shall search an apartment for us. I shall look all apartments that is for rent and in good area not far from my house.
Write to me when you will arrive to me that I asked for concrete time.
We shall have remarkable and very happy time together! Together in an apartment we shall feel us much more freely. We can go every day to visit mum, to have a dinner or a supper with mum. We shall walk much on city. I to show to you all. I shall be very happy when we will be together!!!
I have no patience to wait to meet you faster!!!
With love, your Tatiana!!!

Letter 8

Dear Thomas!!!
I have received your messages. My dear. I unfortunately can take holiday in December up to the middle of January and then only after one year. I shall work and we cannot meet till next December to 2005. It is very pity. I understand that you cannot invite me to Christmas, but now we should wait more then year my following holiday. I very much regret.
Your Tatiana.



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