Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Roberto (Uruguay)

Letter 1
Hello! How are you? My name is Katya! I'm 29 years old! I'm looking for new friends, for a serious relationship. I send you my photo. If you like me and would like to continue communicating with me, then you can write to me. I will be glad to see your letter. Katya
Letter 2
Hello Roberto! What an extraordinary surprise. I checked the mail, and there your letter. It is so beautiful. I did not expect that you will write me. To be honest up to that time I had no idea that you to meet you. But you broke all my doubts in a letter. I don't hide their emotions and tell you that I am very happy. I love communication and I am therefore pleased that now I can respond to you and so we let's start our acquaintance with you. I understand that there are many social networks through which we can communicate, but it's not anywhere in my home the city is very expensive Internet and all use e-mail. But I think in the future we will be able to talk on the phone as I have this opportunity. As you can understand, first we have to meet, so we know our names and we didn't have to experience the inconvenience. Therefore at once tell as your true name. My name is Katya, full the name Ekaterina. I am 29 years old. My Birthday is October 15, 1991. I have slim body. My height is 169 cm and my weight is 49 kg. I have black hair. I live in Russia in small city Kanash.
This small the city is in Republic Chuvashia. If you are interested, you can view on the Internet photos of my city. Unfortunately i live far from you. But I think, if we shall decide to meet, I hope, that it will not be a problem for us. I think the distance in our time is not a problem, as from one part of the world to the other can be reached in a few hours. I am very mobile and so I have lots to do in this life. I've never been married and have I don't have kids. As you know I am looking for a serious relationship and this all issues concerning *** and ***** photos I to ignore or not will continue further communication. Hope your understanding and that you too are looking for a serious relationship. First of all I want to tell you where I work. I work as a kindergarten teacher. This profession I received when I graduated from the Pedagogical Institute. Then I almost immediately started working. My work I really like. Communication with children brings me a lot of pleasure. And who you work and you like your job? Roberto I hope that ask not very many questions? I just really wanted to know about you a bit more and so you found out about me. In the next letter I will send you some other pictures, OK? So I'll wait for your new photos. Unfortunately I must finish my letter. But I did not finish the meeting and so really looking forward to your early reply! All the best. Not forget about your new friend Katya! Bye-bye:)
Letter 3
Hello Roberto! How are you? I'm so glad I have again the opportunity to write to you and most importantly to receive and read your letter.
Very sorry that you have not sent me your new photos, I hope you send them the following letter. I'm very glad that I have aroused your interest. I really hope this interest between us will not subside, but on the contrary only increase. I it was nice to know more about you.
Thank you for telling me about yourself. Of course now in the modern world there are many means of communication, for example Facebook, Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, but as I told you, what we have in the city does not use this, because is very expensive the Internet. You're not gonna believe I don't have a phone right now because I lost it. Of course you can leave me all your means of communication, maybe in the future I will be able to contact you, but so far for me the most a convenient method of communication is e-mail. I am starting to learn English so that we can communicate better, but for convenience I use a translator. I think we should write each other to each other as often as possible and learn more about each other. At least I I will try to always write to you and answer your letters. I hope so that we can learn as much as possible about each other and we will be pleased communicate. Roberto today I want to tell you about themselves and their family. About yourself and I have a little bit you wrote. Now, of course if you are I'll write you about my family. I certainly will be difficult about it to write, but I'll try. In 11 years I lost my parents. They died in a car accident. My parents, I remember very well. My mother's name was Elena. She worked as a pediatrician. My dad name was Ivan. He also worked in a hospital as a driver. It so happened that when they went to another emergency call, then got into a terrible car accident and died. But that was long ago and the terrible the picture is long gone from my memory. After my parents died I was adopted by my aunt Alena. It has become my real mom, she was very upset and took care of us she never had any children, his family. So I became her real family. She did all my whims and desires.
It was divine and for me it was great happiness that I did not get in an orphanage. So were all my childhood, then I graduated from school and entered Pedagogical the Institute, where he studied for five years. As I told you, began to work a kindergarten teacher because I wanted to earn a living and provide for my aunt because she replaced my mother and very has done a lot for me! Like all women, I love to cook a variety of dishes! All my friends like my cooking. I hope one day I will be able to demonstrate their culinary skills! :) I like Italian, French, Japanese and of course Russian kitchen. I love to read books. Sometimes, I find much nicer to pick up a book and read it than to sit and watch TV. In my free time I sometimes listen to music.
I prefer modern music. Most of all I like calm music. I don't love loud music, which puts pressure on the head. So I don't go to discotheques and bars. In the evenings I sometimes go to the Park with his girlfriend. In the evening before bed so nice to sit in the Park, this fresh and clean air. For many now the big place in rest occupies the computer and TV. But I did not support their point of view. I sit down at the computer only when necessary on work and now to write you this letter. The TV I also look seldom when they show an interesting movie. I hope I didn't bore you with a story about yourself? :) I hope that you were pleased. Now I hope I will be able to get your letter and I will also be pleased to read it. Now I I really want you to write me about yourself and your family, about your childhood, about your preferences in food, music and service. As I promised you, I send you some other photos I made this photo session before the new year, I hope you'll like my photos! Also don't forget about the photo. Send them to me. Roberto I can't wait your early letter! All you good and wonderful mood! Kiss!:) Katya!
Letter 4
Hello my Roberto! For me it was such an extraordinary happiness to read your letter. It brought me as much information about you. Every day I am more and more want to know about you. I hope that my interest for you will not seem excessive. You must have question why I have written to you. I can't wait when you will write to me. I want to write a response immediately. But I also I hope that in next letter you will write a response to the same question: Why do you began to write to me? Roberto I have written to you before only that I'm lonely and free.
I used to think that to find the man of her dreams, her Prince so easily. But I'm 29 years old and I it seems that fate doesn't want me to be happy and to have your other half your star which will accompany me all my life. But I hope that my strength will it will be much stronger. Roberto do not think that you are the first person of the opposite *** with whom I communicate. I had a few guys with whom I was intimately acquainted. But we only had friendship. I tried to enter a relationship, but then the friendship we have nothing was. Over time, our interests became different. Often I was let down by my character as I already told you that I am very proud and always try to be independent. The last guy I was a year ago. With him we were completely different relationship. We talked for 3 months. He often invited me to the movies, we went to the Park. But then he started to change. He became less likely to come to me and we very rarely walked.
And then he came to me and said that he has a girlfriend, who is expecting his child. What could I do at this point? I was just upset and very disappointed. When I got home I went to bed and cried for a long time. I anyone did not. I was so upset with this outcome of these relations is what I said that love only destroys people. Since then it's been more than a year and during that time I realized that I don't have life like all people. With every passing day you realize that life is slowly passes. And now my interests have changed.
Previously, for me the most important thing was a good education and job. But now I realize that this is not the most important thing in life. You might think I'm naive, but I like a little girl. Roberto now I really want to find someone with whom I really can create your future with whom I will be happy and first of all of which I'm going to love.
I am writing to you and found you through the Internet, because I don't want repetition of my past bad experiences. I'm starting to learn English that I could communicate better with you, but I use a translator. This will sound strange, but looking for today's youth I ask myself the same question: Where to roll this world? Everywhere we are surrounded by evil and harm. Drugs and alcohol is all that spoils our world. Young people today seek only to it. So Roberto I do not attend discos and other public places. I do not see person with whom I was able would create some kind of relationship. I want to find simple man, with whom I it will be nice and easy to communicate. I'm not looking for beauty and luxury. To me, beauty man is his soul, his relationship to other people. Generally I'm looking for a simple, a quiet life and a warm family hearth. Now for me a pleasure only brings my work! Roberto to educate young children so nice. I work with children from 3 to 7 years. I'll send you the pictures of my kids with the garden. I understand what a burden of responsibility on me. From what I'm to educate them on their own. I always want more time to give them, I give them all the useful and beautiful. I want them have achieved a lot in his life. Recently my work has been funny story. One boy who is 4 years old called me mom. He no home mom. It educates the father. And then all the children I began the so-called. From happiness and joy and I ran the tears from my eyes! They are lovely and such a sweetie. They really are like my children. But when you come home from work, you realize that it is just work. Home you will only be alone with melancholy. I want my life has changed! I hope you didn't fall asleep while reading my letter:) I am waiting for your early letter. And while he's gone I'll miss you:) With best wishes, your Katya!
Letter 5
Hello my dear Roberto!!! Hope you don't mind if I call you "dear"?
Forgive me for the past candid letter. But I am really a sincere and never cheat your feelings. I always Express them. My dear with you I also serious and in my letters is only true. Tell me how you spent your day? I've been increasingly thinking about you. I am pleased to remember what you wrote in the last letter, then eventually I get just before the moment we met, and I'm even a little uncomfortable. But progress has led us to the fact that even through this distance we can communicate with you. But to be honest, I'd take it distance that we were one step away from each other and we could get more serious to meet you. Roberto in general, you telling anyone about me? If Yes, what was the reaction of those people? I talked about you to his aunt. My aunt asked me just to be careful, because what the TV showed a program in which Russian girls were taken away for the border and forced them into prostitution. Forgive me for this word. But in turn, I said that you are not that kind of person. My aunt wants me happiness and wants to find its rightful place in this world full of all the wonderful and beautiful! All my friends are trying as quickly as possible to get married and find their family. You probably know that in Russia already married at 18 - 20 years. And they already have their own families. I think it's ******. After all they are still children themselves and create family at this very difficult time. So I'm just now think over his future. And now I more and more eager to finally start an adult life. I am not a child. I have learned a lot in this life and now I just want to have a family, have children. And say you have these interests? Or your interests lie something else? Roberto forgive me for this question, but generally what is the most important in life: family, children, work, vacations, house, car, money, health or anything else? I would be very interested to hear the answer to this question. Roberto please answer it and try to give an answer without paying attention to the fact that I will write to you. Most important to me is primarily health - health people. If a person is healthy, he will be able to create a family, he will find a job and will live a happy family life. Yes, for me there are 3 most important of interest is the family, children and health. Here you can also add work to create wealth and provide themselves with the necessities. I think that's the most important thing that it is important for a happy life, to the world was happy and beautiful, for calm and happy to everyone was happy life on earth. Roberto sorry to be so Frank, but when I imagine you, for some reason, I just presented this picture that we on some island where no one, where only the beautiful sea and warm and soft sand. This will seem quite silly but it is me imagination. Don't think I'm so naive, I'm just outspoken and honest. I hope that you'll be with me! Now unfortunately I have to finish the letter, but not to finish our correspondence. So write me, write more!:) Many of the most tender kisses! Your Katya! Your friend from a distant dream:)
Letter 6
Hello my dear Roberto!!! My Prince I am so happy to read your next letter. I more looking forward the moment when I can read your beautiful letter! It brought me so much happiness! Roberto you bring me so much emotion! All these emotions are beautiful. From the moment we met, you are the closest to me. I can trust all of your feelings, all your innermost dreams. Roberto me more and more attracted to you. I want more and more to write to you. I want more and more to read your letters. They bring me so much happiness. From the moment we met, I was a different person. All ask that with me and they can't understand. But I was talking about you only my aunt and she was a bit stunned as well. But then I explained to her and she took it calmly.
But all she's a bit worried because you are from another country, I already told you why she's going through. But the most important thing that I you and I have a good relationship and I want to have fellowship with you. Tell me before in your life there were many such cases when you have some strange feelings, but you don't can understand what it is. I also something about it, what depresses me, what I can't understand! Roberto I don't understand. But I want only to communicate with you. You something so attract. You have a lot as that attract me. Roberto in you I see such person, kind and most importantly reliable. Now I want to tell you something about their dreams, and then in your next letter to learn about your dreams, about your future. Unlike many people who have a lot of desires, I have only one, but very expensive desire. I want to be happy. For many, happiness is only that to have a lot of money to have a beautiful life partner, to have an expensive and beautiful car. For me it's only temptations. A lot of this only spoils people. I want to be happy, but happiness for me is simple life. Today I don't have much to write to you. Me something depressing! I can't understand! Well I will try to write you as soon as possible. All the pleasant!!! Sweet kiss!! Your Katya!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Roberto!!! I'm so glad you wrote to me! How was your day today my dear, I hope you have all been well? I just wanted now wanted to tell you that I miss you very much!!! Today when I woke up, I was thinking about you!!! All my thoughts are with you my dear! At work today I all day thought of you my dear! I would like to tell you all the feelings that I have for you, but I understand that I do not very easy to do this. Because unfortunately, it is impossible to convey all my feelings and thoughts in the letter. But I hope you understand me and my feelings that I feel for you! Maybe this is love Roberto??? My dear, I want to tell you that I constantly think only of you. You became for me the close man and you're very important to me. I can't do anything now normally think you completely took my mind, my thoughts and my heart! Bryan I began to notice that when I Wake up in the morning, or when I'm at work or when I go home from work, or when I go to bed, I constantly think only of you my dear. This may sound to you a bit naive and premature, but I really fell in love with you.
Roberto, my life greatly changed after she got you! I can't think of anything but you!!! Do you often think about me, you can tell me that and trust me? As much as I trust you and do not hide anything from you, even what is happening now in my heart and in the heart. I think you must understand that the most important thing in relations between a man and a woman is trust. Because I'm sure that without trust between people can not be any serious relationship. Do you trust me?
What do you think about this? My favorite Roberto I think you're a very good man, because you gave me much happiness and added meaning to my life. I'm very grateful that you came into my life. You have brought my life much joy and happiness, which I had, until I met you. Your letters always give me a lot of warmth and happiness. I am very thankful for what she brought us together! And I think that it is all in vain! Do you agree with me Roberto? Because for the time that we communicate with you and know each other, we with you became very close friends. And we with you understand each other very well. I want to have with you always all was good. I am very very glad to each your letter and each day, I eagerly expect from you new messages, and new news. I think now is the time to finish this letter. So you could think about what I wrote today and my questions for you. I'm sending you a new picture that you could enjoy me. Also don't forget to send me your photos. Cute Roberto don't forget that I'm waiting for your answer because I am always very glad to receive your letters and they are very important to me! Your most delicate, Katya.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Roberto!! How are you my lovely? I'm so happy to get your letter! Your words are so sweet! My dear I love you! I love you! You are the dearest for me man! Yes it is! I can no longer hide their feelings! All the last I thought about it and I could not to admit you. I was very afraid! My Prince I don't know how you will react, but I took this difficult step! Roberto I came to this immediately! I've been thinking and thinking. I didn't understand what was happening to me. Why me is what is lacking now. Only then I realized that I don't have the love that you can give me. I don't know if you're ready to give it to me, but I want to read the letter and to see in it the most important phrase: "I love you!" These beautiful words there is nothing in the world! My Prince Roberto I have so many feelings for you. You are so beautiful, you so simple, I'm with you so nice to talk to. You are careful benevolent, you are the man I dreamed of and which I imagined in my dreams. Roberto you have come to the my life and you made it different, more bright and pleasant. Before I thought I have become old and don't have no one to love, after that unpleasant event in my life will appear the person to whom I will open my heart. But just knowing you I don't can keep your heart locked up! I open you, I give all love! My Prince, my darling, my love! How many beautiful words can tell you and they are all full of love and affection from me! All because I love you Roberto!!! Maybe you will think that my feelings deceive me, but it's not so! I really love you. I can't live any more with such a burden on the soul and so I told you the whole truth. Now I feel much easier. Now I'll just have to wait for your answer! I hope that my love will not be unrequited. Roberto many people initially just don't understand that they love someone, but have often thought about it. My dear and this love! I miss you, I so enjoy reading your letters and waiting for the moment when I read your gentle words! For me, this happiness when I see your amazing and sweet words. What could be even more beautiful in the world. Even all people have been telling me what happened? Why am I so happy and cheerful. Many even understand that happening to me and why I am. But they can not even assume I fell in love with a person by Internet. But I know you and I don't scary because you are a wonderful person! You are my dream, my sweet and long-awaited dream! You are my treasure, you are my lovely! Roberto I love you! I love you! It's so nice I'm so happy because I think now in my life may come a new band, happy and joyful that I can to start to live an adult life. My dear I hope to receive your letter! And as soon as possible. I love you! I took pictures especially for you, I hope you like it. I hope this doesn't scare you and you will see my words and understand me. Many the most sweet and gentle kisses! Your love Katya.
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