Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Buzz (USA)

Letter 1
My letter will begin with this banal but familiar phrase.,!
Surely you receive a lot of letters about offers of acquaintance and my letter will not seem interesting to you, but what if it will really interest you?
May it be that my photo will tickle you fancy?
Maybe it is a chance given us by fate to get acquainted and grow our relationship,..
You can call me Tata..
I am an ordinary girl who was born and raised in Ukraine 36 years ago,,,
My occupation is not so usual - I deal with health worker,
Human life does not depend on my profession, but a human smile depends on my profession, and I give beautiful smiles to people,!.
Isn't it nice?.!.
As for me the age difference doesn't mean a problem and I think that age is just a number,..
I'm only looking for a frank and unhumorous person,,,
If you are a lightweight human who wants to have just *** and ***** pictures, I beg you not to write me back,,
I am a decent woman, I earn enough money as my job is well-paid and I do not intend to play games!..
If you are fair man, I would be glad to receive your answer,,
I I would also like you to write me a long and meaningful e-letter with telling about you, your country and your city!,,
Looking forward to hearing from you, Tata.,,
Waiting for your letter
Letter 2
I apologize for the long wait.
Hi, It is very nice to get your reply. I'm lucky to get your attention by my photographs. I hurry to inform you that I received your message, I mean mercie. Later I will send my short information and attach my photographs. I will write more about myself and I 'll hope that you write more about you. See compulsively your junk file, if you do not get my message in your email. Have a nice Day. Greeting,
I will wait for your answer. Tati
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