Scam letter(s) from Olga Mishulina to Nick (England)

Letter 1
I accidentally deleted all emails on my email.
Therefore, I don't know if you received my last letter or not.
I have two news. The first - My documents for obtaining residence in your country (residence permit) were approved. I have already explained to you that this is not ordinary visa, this is permission to live and work in your country. This document allows me to live in your country for 5 years. And after that, I can get citizenship.
This is very good news. But I have bad news too. I didn't think it would cost so much. Total cost of permit is 29000 Moldovan lei (approximately 1490 dollars).
This is a fee for registration of all necessary documents.
It includes:
- cost of a visa (residence permit);
- air ticket;
- medical certificate about my health, that I have no diseases;
- medical insurance for the entire period of residence in your country;
- certificate from the executive branch that I have no problems with the laws;
- certificate from the bank that I don't have loans and debts on them;
and many other bureaucratic documents.
Now I don't have full amount of money. I only had 1130 usd.
I paid them that money. But now I need to urgently pay the remaining 360 usd. I didn't write to you yesterday, because I spent the whole day searching for this amount. But unfortunately I couldn't find money. You already know that I live with my grandfather and I have no other relatives. My grandfather doesn't have this amount, because he receives small pension, and spends all money on medicines.
I asked friends for help, but all my friends refused me because they have families.
I understand them, they don't have that kind of money. In Moldova, salaries of ordinary people are very small.
Then I went around a few banks. But all the banks refused me too...
Banks don't give money people that are leaving to live abroad.
They think that I will never return this money back.
I am very ashamed to ask you about it. But I have no other choice.
I'm desperate. I ask you for help. Can you lend me $360 usa dollars?
Once again, I repeat, I ask you to lend me money.
I will give you this money back. I already wrote to you that I put up my computer and other things for sale.
I don't know how long it takes to sell all these things.
I have to pay all documents now. If I do not pay on time, they can blacklist me and refuse to receive documents. I don't think that I will have another opportunity to obtain a residence permit. I think this is my only chance.
You are my only chance!!! Please help me!!!
And I will come to you right away.
I have repeatedly proved to you that I am real.
I am completely open and honest to you. I sent you my passport.
Can you help me and send money to my passport information?
Unfortunately, I don't have a bank account.
But, you can to use any international system money transfer.
I think now this is not problem and there are so many different system.
You can use any system that sends money to Moldova.
If you haven't saved my passport information, I will write you it again:
My address is
Andrei Lupan(street) 2,
Opaci(village), Causeni Region,
MD-4320(zip code), Moldova(nountry).
You can send money to any office of any international payment system in Moldova. I can get it anywhere in Moldova.
Or send money in bitcoins to my crypto wallet -
This is the most convenient way!
Because you won't pay commission for sending money.
I don't want you to spend extra.
It will be only 0.019 bitcoins.
I have attached the qrcode of my wallet to the email.
This will make it easier for you to send money.
I will look forward to your reply.
I will pray to God to you believe and help me.
I believe you are good man and will not leave a girl in trouble.
Forever yours Lyudmila.
Letter 2
I hurt a lot.
Why did you not believe me and send money?
There are tears in my eyes. I feel bad.
I am ashamed of having to ask you for money.
This is a humiliation for me. It is difficult to realize my helplessness,
and your distrust of me. I feel like beggar who stands on edge of road and asks for alms. Believe me, this is very painful.
I think you have never experienced such pain.
If you knew what it is, you would surely help me and send money.
I understand that it is difficult to trust me after many women have deceived men! But understand! I am different from them.
I will really come to you! I promise you!
And most importantly - I don't ask to give me money as gift!
I ask to borrow! I will give you all your money back!
Understand, please, i already paid for most of cost my trip.
Now I need only 7000 Moldovan lei (this is $360 usa dollars).
I don't think that this is too large sum. I didn't expect everything to happen so quickly. It remains so little before I come and realize all our dreams. I very often present our first meeting.
I think it will be very romantic and ******.
Do you think this is ******?
I made for you some ****** photos.
I understand that men love to look at ***** body.
But please don't ask for ***** photos.
Because I work in school and I am write my letters from school library.
If someone sees my ***** photos here, I will have problems with the police. And I can't come to you. You will look at my ***** when I come. Good?
I take great risks when I send you ****** photos.
But I like to think that you are looking at my beautiful body.
So you can dream of our first ***.
Do you want to know my favorite *** position?
And my ****** fantasies? I'm upstairs!
You caress my *******. I feel your **** in my ******.
I look into your eyes and see how you like it !!!
I will definitely do this when I arrive. I promise!!!
But first you must help me. And send 360 usa dollars.
Or my dream will never come true, and we will be not able to have *** when we want.
Today I was in banks. But they refused me again.
They will not give me loan, because I'm leaving Moldova.
I already wrote to you that you can send money by any payment system to my name (I attached my full name and address for this), but the most convenient way is to send money to my crypto wallet.
In my last letter, I gave you my wallet number.
I've attached a qrcode for your convenience.
Please do it quickly so that I can pay all my documents and come to you as soon as possible.
I will wait for your reply. I hope you enjoy my photos.
Please don't disappoint me and help me.
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