Scam letter(s) from Alena to Martin (USA)

Letter 1
Salute! Ist alles in Ordnung? What about me, everything is super, and I was really happy when I saw a letter from you!
Thank you for responding so quickly to me, I'm incredibly pleased!
Perhaps you were wondering how I found you? How did I know your e-mail?
I received your E-mail address at the matchmaking agency in my city.
I was told that you looking for a woman for a relationship. And I wanted to write to you first...
I've heard many stories when people met on the Internet, and they developed a long, happy relationship in real!
Between us now a long distance, but thanks to the internet and email, we can communicate each day!
And so we can know each other better! I think it's wonderful!
By the way, my native language is Kazakh, but I know a little English.
i can speak and write in english, I taught him at school and at the university.
But sometimes I will use a translator, so you can better understand me...
And I ask forgiveness in advance if I make some mistakes in spelling, I really hope that we can understand each other well!
And now a little information about me: I'm Alyona, Now I am 28 years old, i was born - 07.09.1993, and I live in a city in Kazakhstan, the name of the city of Pavlodar.
The population of our city is 360 thousand people.
I work as a nurse midwife at the city maternity hospital.
I have an average height, of 167 centimeters, and my weight is 52 kg.
My hair color is dark blond and my eyes are blue-gray.
I have no children, I'm all alone!
I always try to live a proper lifestyle and eat right.
I can sometimes drink a little alcohol - wine, champagne for a holiday, but I don't smoke.
Like to spend time listening to music. My "tastes" in music are diverse, I can listen to all.
Also in the evenings I like to watch a movie. My favorites are comedies...
Russia is a huge country and I like to travel around it. But I have never been to other countries.
I like to meet new people, it's very interesting!
Like communication when you can talk about anything.
My real and main goal in life is to find love. I have a lot of love in my heart, and I'm willing to give this love, if you meet special man.
I have heard many good love stories and I would like to believe that this can happen to me.
Now I am open to changes in my life.
This is some information about me. Please tell me about yourself, your life and hobbies.
I would be interested to know everything about you.
I wish you a good day and I will wait for your answer.
I am sending you my photos, and I hope that you also send me your photos. Your new friend, Alyona.
Letter 2
hello Martin!!! I'm glad you answered me! To be honest I had a little doubt that I would get an answer. I thought my writing might seem too much or too boring for you. When I saw an incoming letter from you, I was thrilled! How are you? It's all ok? Thanks for the photo! I really like it! You're a beautiful man!
I think you shouldn't worry about our age difference. My father was older than my mother too! And they lived a wonderful life! Men retain energy and strength for a long time. I believe that a relationship with a grown man means trusting yourself and your feelings. A mature man will not seek adventures, has great life experience and shows a woman equality and respect, and that's what I need.
I want to tell you what exactly I am looking for and what I would like to get from our correspondence. I dream of finding my soul mate, a man who will forever be a part of my life for me. I'm looking for true love and I'm sure it exists. I have many friends who have been able to find love, create families and enjoy every moment together, and I believe that each of us comes from nature. You just have to find your chance and meet the same lonely heart.
Tell me what you like in a woman? What qualities should a woman have? I will tell you what man I am looking for. In a man I look for qualities and character traits such as sincerity, faithfulness, a sense of humor and optimism. I want my man to complement and support me, to be one with me. I want to feel love and care from him.
Now I want to tell you about my family. I now live with my mother, her name is Inga. The mother is 67 years old, she is retired. And throughout her youth she worked as a teacher in elementary schools. I also have cousins, but after my father died seven years ago, we almost stopped communicating... My father died in a car accident. He and his friend were going to another city to visit relatives, and their car collided with another car.
Unfortunately, no one survived the accident. It was an emotionally difficult moment in our lives. But now a lot of time has passed..... and everything is fine! As the saying goes: "Time heals!" My mother plays piano in the choir in her spare time. She has many friends there. But she never found a new man. He says he can never fall in love with anyone else again!
I also have an aunt and an uncle, they live in a village 40 minutes away from us.. And I love it when we visit them or they come over at the weekend. I like to help them in the garden and I like it when my uncle makes a barbecue. In the summer we often go into nature or go fishing...
I also have a girlfriend, we work together in the hospital. Besides work, my girlfriend likes to take photos! And she took most of my photos!
I hope you really like my photos?
I'll finish my letter (hopefully not so big this time) and have a nice day! I am waiting for your answer! I'll think of you Your Alyona
Letter 3
I'm happy again when I see a letter from you! How are you? How are your days?
I've been very busy in the last week, I wrote to you that I work as a midwife in the hospital. I assist at the doctor, at the birth of children. I like my job, but because children are born at different times... day and night. I don't have a stable schedule and work in shifts. Mostly I have day shifts, but sometimes there are night shifts.
Well, sometimes I can't manage to write you a letter right away. But please know what I remember and think of you! And I will always try to answer you as soon as possible! Good?
I want to ask you what do you think is the most important and important thing to build a strong relationship?
I think there are some important points. This is a must: respect and trust in your partner! Faithfulness and devotion... Separation of views on life.. And intimate relationships.. All of these aspects are important, somewhat to a greater and somewhat lesser extent..
I promise you that I will always be honest with you and be true to you. I want us to have a strong relationship and I want to always be honest with you and not hide anything from each other. And never play with feelings.
I decided to write about this because I had a bad experience with a man in the past..
I don't want to remember much. But I'll just tell you briefly, so you know..
We met when I was 24 years old.. We were together for two years...the first year was good. Romance, flowers, gifts.. But it only lasted 1 year and it changed.. He became rude to me, often disappeared.. And when he showed up, he cheated me that he was busy with work..
But I found out he only had one other wife.. And he was a coward who was afraid to tell me.. He took her around the club drinking alcohol and cheating on me.. I found out and. we had a fight! He was ***** and just hit me... It's all over like that!
I've been through it hard. I didn't understand how to change it. Or speak words of love and lie outrageously at the same time! And honestly, after such a terrible relationship, I was just afraid to see men again! I was afraid my heart would break again!
But now that it's been more than 2 years I feel ready again for a new relationship.. Ready again to open my heart to love! And I'm glad I met you!
I send you lots of hugs and kisses! Your Alyona!
Letter 4
Good evening my dear Martin! I'm really happy when I get your new message. Thank you for your heartfelt letter, it was a pleasure to read it! Please know that I am thinking of you every minute! You write that you are very hot. Yes, I can understand that, it's hot here too... but there's air conditioning at work and that saves us!
I think we really have a lot in common! And reading your words and thoughts, it feels like we've known each other for a very long time! It's great that we found each other among millions of people on the Internet. I have hope that we can have a good future together, let's see
Yesterday, after work, my mother and I went to the market to buy fresh groceries.
We have markets where farmers sell their home-grown vegetables and fruits, as well as meat and fish. anything. And above all cheaper than in the supermarket, fresher and healthier!
We bought perch and when we got home I cooked it. With mashed potatoes and vegetable salad. Actually I love to cook! It's like meditation for me...
It's not like I'm bragging about it to you... But you'll definitely always be fed and satisfied with me! My mother always said a man should be happy and not look at other girls, at least he has to be full! agree?
What are your favorite foods or dishes? I would be very interested in learning how to cook something from your kitchen. I myself eat chicken most often, I love fish, sometimes I cook beef. Be sure to cook vegetable salads, they have a lot of fiber and vitamins! I love seafood, but there is no sea in our region. So not that often. From drinks in the morning I like a cup of coffee. And in the evenings I usually drink tea with lemon. On hot days I drink a lot of water with lemon.
I want to tell you a little about my dreams, about what kind of life I want in the future!
Of course, first of all, I dream of finding true love and starting a family. I feel that there is a lot of love and care in me and now I am at such an age where I want to not only live for myself but give all this love to my man! I also dream that all hardships and diseases will pass me and my loved ones! I dream that coronovirus and wars will end soon! And I still have a childhood dream of traveling... Tell me, what are your dreams or plans for the future? I am only sure that when a soul mate, a loved one, a support appears in life, all dreams are much easier to achieve, go through life together and hold hands!
My love, I want you to know that I take you very seriously and I hope everything goes well between us. I'm really glad we met you! I open my heart and soul to you! And with you I'm ready to go further....
I send you many air kisses and hugs!
Can't wait for your reply! Your Alyona! PS I'll send you a photo without make-up and in a bathrobe. wonder if you like it?
Letter 5
Hello my dear Martin! How are you doing? I always enjoy reading your letters! You bring me positive thoughts and warm feelings! Thank you for telling me about your food preferences. It was interesting to meet her.
Today I want to tell you what is going on in my soul and in my head with your appearance in my life! I want to say that I am very happy that you are in my life now! I met you and I feel that I have a special person to share my thoughts and feelings with who understands me in everything!
Knowing you better and better, I dream of being with you sooner. I was thinking very seriously about what should we do next? And I totally understand that I'm a young and energetic girl, I have enough energy to move to your country! For starters, to get to know you personally! And if we both want, then we can stay with you to start a new life! stay with you forever! I asked myself am I ready for this? And yes! I understand that I'm ready!
Yesterday I also talked to my mother about the fact that I would like to go to you. My mother didn't mind, she trusts my choice! And that means he trusts you! Mom doesn't worry about me, because in the modern world there are many different ways of communicating. I could call them or email them letters. She is an energetic woman, she has friends, she is constantly doing something, developing and not sitting still. In addition, she always raised me in such a way that I could make my own decisions like an adult. She understands that I can't be with her forever and wants me to find happiness and harmony in life.
When I write to you about such serious things, many feelings are born in my soul. I really want you to feel the same way when you read my letters. It's very difficult to put into words everything you say could see in my eyes feel my touch if you were near. I am sure that love has no borders and barriers. And fortunately in my country Kazakhstan, almost all Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. And I know that travel is now open.
I would really like to come to you, see your city, your life and become a part of your life if we succeed. What do you think about it? Shall I come? I think that the first meeting is the first step that opens a new life chapter for us. i don't want to rush things, just dream a little and try to make plans, but i believe that all our dreams will come true! I keep dreaming, hoping and believing in you and me, in our love and our great happiness!
I send many big hugs and kisses! Every minute I wait for a new letter from you! Your Alyona.
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