Scam letter(s) from Maria Nedilko to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hey Gorgeous,
I'm only a solitary female coming from Ukraine wanting my spouse.
I could not understand, in what the country you live?
i've been through plenty of distress however that does not stop me from still seeking and definitely wishing to see happiness.
I realize someplace out there he's waiting for me, I wish to spend the rest of living with this very special gentleman.
I viewed your account & liked it. I'm actually a youthful and filled with delight woman, really enjoy walking a whole lot, gym & nature, will show you a few of my photographs soon.
I'm not really pursuing a male who is ideal. I'm just in search of someone who can fully grasp me for who i actually am and support me in nice & toughest times.
I want to view more photographs of you & discover fascinating things about your own lifetime and in case you have additional thoughts i will make sure to respond to you as quickly as you respond.
Write me on my email address:
Best Regards
Letter 2
Good day, Richard . i'm Mariia, several months before we already exchanged messages with you. I wrote to you from the Internet cafe, and today I have a brand new e-mail. I previously told you, I am from Ukraina.
I was really happy to view your answer and my mood improved. I am hoping that you and I get acquainted with each other, and it will develop into something more. I am aware that we have a time difference. But I don't believe it will be a challenge for us. I have a workday today. And I'll be free tonight. When my workday is over, I'm going to go to the supermarket. And then my evening is going to be free. I look forward to your email.
Have a good work day.
Letter 3
Good afternoon Richard
Thank you for answering me, I don't have enough communication with someone right now to just not go crazy here. May I know what city do you live in? I want to tell you a little about myself. As I have already told you, I'm 33 years old and I have lived all my life in Ukraine, in the city of Kryvyi Rih. But after the outbreak of hostilities, I had to leave everything and I moved to Kyiv, now I rent an apartment here.
My height is 167 cm, and my weight is 52 kg. Before the war, I was a student of the Kryvyi Rih Institute with a degree in Management. I had plans to go to your country to get an internship and then get a job on a permanent basis. That's why I don't have a man and children here. In addition, almost all men over the age of 18 were mobilized to defend their country.
You've probably already heard about sirens in Kyiv and curfew. All this is true and many people hide in basements or the subway when they hear an air alarm. But in Kyiv, life is still somehow going on, unlike the destroyed cities that are closer to the border with Russia.
I hope that all this will end very soon and I'll be able to go to your country and start a normal life. I'll be glad if you tell me about yourself, it would help me to distract myself.
Here are some more full-length photos, as you have already understood, I am quite short :)
Sincerely, Mariia
Letter 4
Hello Richard
It's nice to receive your message, communication with the other world is very important to me. Unfortunately, there is only war and devastation in my world right now, without any hope for a bright future. But I try to think less about it, otherwise you can really go crazy. If we meet in the future, I hope for closer communication. I hope you won't refuse? I hope that our communication will develop every day, at least I would like to. I am an orphan and I have never seen my parents, my parents sent me to an orphanage right after I was born. I have never tried to find them by accepting reality as it is.
In our country, the state helps orphans, and immediately after I received my primary education in an orphanage, I entered the institute for free education.
As I already told you Richard, I was forced to leave my life in Kryvyi Rih and go to Kyiv for my own safety.
Have you ever been to Ukraine? In the Ukraine that was before?
Now I'm not looking for something serious, I just need moral support to survive all this, I just want to meet a man with whom I can have a nice conversation, exchange photos. In any case, let's see what our communication will lead to.
I sincerely hope that everything will end, and my program according to which I had to go to your country will work. I probably will never return to Ukraine again.
Please write me what you think about all this, I really want to know your opinion.
I am sending you photos and hope to receive your photos in return.
Sincerely, Mariia
Letter 5
Hello Richard
I watched the news today and so far there are no prerequisites that the war will end. We are told by the media about humanitarian corridors, but in fact they are not often open and not everyone can leave Ukraine, otherwise all citizens of Ukraine would have been evacuated.
You'll probably be wondering what plans I had before the war. I was supposed to leave for your country under the student exchange program, but now everything is in big question. I'll tell you a little more about my program:
All ethnic groups always help each other, and even in your country there is a state program of assistance to citizens of Ukraine. Representatives contacted my university after learning about my success, as well as that I was an orphan, and they decided to offer me an International Student exchange and internship at work.
But I also won a grant from several students in the competition, which includes paying for a visa and tickets, plus $ 12,000 for expenses during my stay in your country.
I can spend the money on my own and receive it upon arrival. I will need to come to the capital and get the money at the embassy.
I will be in the capital for only 7 days when all the formalities are completed, and when I get the money, I will be able to choose a city for my practice and have a place for my practice. I can choose almost any city where companies provide work in my specialty.
Richard, I hope it wasn't boring for you, I just wanted to find a friend in your country. Maybe we can become something more than just friends.
Now I'm waiting for the war to end, or I need to get to the border with Poland and fly away from there. But since it is very costly and dangerous, I am waiting for the end of the war.
I kiss you, Mariia p.s. In the morning I took some photos for you. I haven't exchanged photos or videos with a man for a long time, I even forgot what flirting is :) I hope these photos aren't too ****** and you won't think badly of me.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Richard
I have some good news. Today I received another confirmation that they are waiting for me at the embassy. But since the members of the international delegations have been evacuated, they cannot help me here.
Explosions were heard this morning, but I think it happened on the outskirts of Kyiv. Neighbors knocked on my door and took me to the basement with them. We stayed there for 2 hours. My neighbor turns out to have been born in Kazakhstan and has been living in Kyiv for more than 20 years. She is waiting for her family from Kazakhstan when they can cross the border and pick her up. I immediately asked her to take me with them and leave me at the border with Europe. There I will be able to figure out for myself how to go further. She promised to talk to them about it. This already gives me at least some chance.
How I want to forget about all this horror. But it doesn't always depend on the person himself. I have already stopped taking information so sharply and watching the news all day.
When I got home, I imagined how we met in a restaurant, drinking a couple of glasses of wine, having a nice conversation with each other. As if there was nothing wrong. After such events, I really lack calm. Get up in the morning not from an explosion, but from someone's pleasant words.
Richard, I've never had *** with a foreigner. Have you had any ****** experience with a woman from my country?
I don't drink a lot of alcohol, but I can afford a glass of wine or champagne. I also don't smoke, but I don't mind if someone smokes next to me. This is everyone's choice.
I'm so ashamed that I didn't have time to answer you right away. I hope you understand that life here is far from ordinary. I hope you can forgive me. And to earn forgiveness, I'm sending you new photos. Can you take photos that might turn me on?
I kiss you, Mariia p.s. Life goes on, no one will take away our right to life
Letter 7
My **** Richard
Today I would like to take my mind off the whole news agenda altogether and watched the news just once in the morning.
I talked to my neighbor again. She said they would have 1 seat in the car. But everything will depend now on the border service. Only relatives are allowed into Ukraine now and a thorough check of documents is carried out . Therefore, they are waiting for permission from the border guards to enter. Probably now this is the only chance for me to get at least to the border.
Okay, now enough about that.
Richard, I think we can talk about something else, as we would do in a quiet time. I'd like to ask some intimate questions, I hope you don't mind.
How long have you had ***? I can't remember the last time I touched someone. Maybe you can tell me a little about your fantasies or desires? I'm sending you something intimate and I have a request for you. Please don't show my photos to anyone else, this only applies to the two of us, and I don't want my photos to be seen by another person.
I love making love and I really want to feel you next to me. Probably because I've been nervous and stressed for the last few weeks. You can't even imagine how much I would like to feel human warmth next to me.
I wish I could have *** with you right now. I love to do *******, I love **** ***, so I want you to lick my *****, I like the *********** pose, and I also like the pose from above. Do you want me to be your rider? I hope this message doesn't scare you off. I'm not shy about writing this, because it just doesn't make sense to be shy right now.
I hope that soon I will also read your message and think that everything is fine. Just like before...
your Mariia
Letter 8
Good afternoon, my **** Richard
Today I woke up to good news. My neighbor's family from Kazakhstan has approached the border and is going through customs. And that means if the military lets them through, then I can go with them. This news really lifted my spirits.
I even began to sincerely believe that maybe in the near future we will be able to see each other. The most important thing for me is to leave Ukraine and start a new life where there is no war.
If I get out of here, then I will need to come to the capital of your country to solve all the formalities, as well as receive a cash grant. Most likely I will be able to get some more help from the Embassy of Ukraine. At least all refugees are now being assisted with housing and work.
Richard, I think we could go to a nice cafe to celebrate our meeting. It's been so long since I've been to a cafe or restaurant, just talking to someone. I think I've missed quite ordinary things.
I am in a crazy anticipation of our meeting, I would like to spend as much time with you as possible. And I'm so turned on by the thought of all this, so many thoughts. How do you imagine our meeting? I guess you don't mind seeing more of my photos.
Give me your phone number, at which I will definitely be able to reach you. So we won't lose touch if something happens.
I hope that soon we will not need to exchange photos and we will just be able to communicate with you in real life.
I kiss you, Mariia
Letter 9
Hello my dear Richard
I will start this post with good news. My neighbor's family was able to get permission to enter Ukraine, and soon they will be able to get to Kyiv. Since a curfew has been imposed in Ukraine, they are forced to move with stops, because there are many military checkpoints here. The neighbor said that approximately they will get here for 3 days. They need a document confirming that they are taking a member of their family.
And now the bad news. They were warned that it was impossible to take out other people. If, during the inspection, the military finds a person who does not have an exit permit, then their trip will be at risk. Therefore, they are ready to take me only if I can guarantee them that they will not have problems because of me.
Ukrainians who cannot get permission to leave pay a bribe at the checkpoint up to $1,500, you yourself may have seen this information on the Internet.
It's a long way and very dangerous for them. Therefore, they need to make sure that I will not create problems for them and, if anything, I will be able to pay the military for an exit permit.
Richard, I don't have any values at all right now. Because of the war, I lost my job and had to leave all my possessions in my hometown. I immediately recalculated my savings and all I have left is about $900.
But this is the only chance to get out of here for me. During all this time of the war, no one has offered me help, and if I miss this opportunity, I may just die one of these days. I have to find $600 soon and I will try to do it. God, I can't believe that even during the war, money solves everything.
Well, at least I have a chance and I have to try to do everything in my power. This is my motto in life.
I do not know how you will react to this news, but I hope that you are with me until the end.
I wish you a good day, wish me luck!
I kiss you many times, your Daria
Letter 10
My dear Richard
I couldn't find $600, unfortunately my neighbor doesn't have that much money and she can't lend me that money. I am an orphan and I have no relatives here, even if there is someone, I can't find out about it in any way. I have a chance to change my life for the better and get away from the war, I don't want to lose it so easily.
I'm sorry for this request, but I don't have anyone else. You're the only person who can help me. I really hope for your help, I promise that I will refund you $600 as soon as I arrive and receive $12,000 at the embassy. But first I need to come to the capital of your country.
Richard, I really hope for your help! Every day I am on the verge of death from explosions, and now there is a chance to leave and fight for my life. I really need help! Please tell me, can you help me?
There are fast money transfer offices and terminals in Kyiv - Remitly, Western Union and Moneygram. As far as I understand, this is now one of the only ways of international transfers within Ukraine. I called these offices and there are several working branches in Kyiv.
I looked on the Internet what information is needed for a money transfer. You need to provide my full name Mariia Nedilko, which you can see in my passport and the country and the city in which I will receive money - Ukraine, Kyiv. I will attach my passport to this letter. If you can still help me, then please indicate the amount of receipt in dollars, because my national currency is worth little in wartime. Border guards take money only in foreign currency.
I only need $600 and then I will be able to leave this war. I understand that this is a large sum, but I promise you that I will give you this money by any means.
Please try to help me, I have no one else to turn to. I'll be waiting for your answer.
Your Mariia
Letter 11
full name: Mariia Nedilko
Full address: Ukraine Kiev you need to specify this when transferring . my residence permit is in Krivoy Rog and I rent an apartment in Kiev. do you need my address in Kiev or where I am registered according to the documents? telephone number: +380 578135476. 570 EURO. My dear, I really really hope for you! I really hope that you will be able to find an opportunity to help me come to you and we will have a happy life together
Letter 12
My dear, here is my official address, 25 Kostenko str., apartment 12 . Kryvyi Rih city, Dnipropetrovsk region. Ukraine. dear, please tell me when you can send me your help?
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