Scam letter(s) from Clara to Larry (USA)

Letter 1
Today is a great evening, maybe you cheer me up, your answer?
During this troubled time, everyone becomes relatives, do you agree?
did you open my photos I'll wait for yours too, please It will be very nice to speak on my personal
Letter 2
Hello Larry! I'm glad you answered me but your letter ended up in the "SPAM" folder, so I'm only replying now. Please send me your photos!?
My name is Clara. I live in England !
I hope this is not a problem for you?
interesting to know what you do!
Do you have a girl in your life?
or are you lonely?
What city do you live in?
Letter 3
Hello Larry! Good to see your post.
Please send me your photo!?
How are you ? It's nice to continue the dialogue.
I think how to start a dialogue! What is interesting for you to hear? I was born and live in England, my city is Leeds.
Life is short, I think it's time to get to know a serious man for life.
What are you looking for? I'm not looking for a partner for a few nights.
Now I want to start a family and I want to find a man
to live the rest of my life only with him..
I have never been married and have no children. Do you please tell me?
I live in England! My city is Leeds!
I wanted to see the USA in July. If everything goes well with my plans.
Now all over the world there are problems with coronavirus. A lot of people are dying because of this virus.
Can you tell me how the virus is in Chicago?
Perhaps you can advise me where it will be interesting travel around the USA. What beautiful places in your country are you would you recommend me to visit?
I already asked to see the photo!?
please don't ignore my request )
I'll wait for the photo, it's easy to do!
I wish you have a good day and a wonderful mood.
Your new friend Clara!
Letter 4
Hello Larry! I was glad to receive your letter.
I was looking forward to your reply.
Please don't ignore my request, send me your photo!?
I hope that our acquaintance will be good and that both of us will like it.
I think you will also be glad to see this letter.
I don't sing and don't want to go to karaoke. I like your hobbies to sing and do modeling with matches!
How are you? How was your day? What did you do?
My age is 36! My height is 5' 5".
In the USA it will be nice to see perhaps the mountains, the sea, or just the center of the country. irrelevant.
It's important to have a good person around!
I've been dreaming of a family for a long time! But I am a patient girl.
It's important for me to get to know the person first, you understand?
Tell me please...
Do you love your work? I would like to tell you more about my work.
I think work should be fun!
My main profession, I am an accountant! I work as an accountant in a large company.
I also have my own personal small business.
Show me your new photos, please, okay?
I think we have a lot in common. And our communication will continue.
I have parents. I live separately from them.
Your Clara.
Letter 5
Good day Larry!
I like you, I like our communication!
Please send me your photo. I will not be able to continue communication with you until I see your photo. You told me a very shocking story.
I have never had a traumatic event.
Sincerity is important in life!
I am a very simple person!
I showed photos from everyday life ..
photo in the morning)))) I prepared for my work in the morning.
I often wake up in the morning at 6-7 o'clock. Sometimes there is work in the morning.
I am also sending you photos from the holiday.
Tell me where did you travel?
I have visited different countries. I was in Cuba, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey!
But I have never been to USA.
Do you like to travel in other countries?
Tell me about your diet. do you like cooking?
I love to cook, different dishes. Fish, salads, different soups!
My favorite dish is baked potatoes with meat and chicken soup.
I will gladly cook for you one day.
Your Clara.
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